Review of Trapped Between Two Alphas‏ By Sam Crescent

4 out of 5 stars. Steamy and still gets in some great action of other kinds too.

Cynthia is taking control back. She has been stuck in hospitals the last several years fighting illness and wants freedom before the end. Renting a cabin in forest that border two states sounds like the perfect get away. She just wants to get as far away from hospitals as she can to enjoy herself and live a little. There's also the matter of getting rid of her pesky virginity.

Matt and Kris haven't seen eye to eye for years. Location dictates that they have to tolerate each other because they border each other's packs.  When Cynthia rents the cottage that boarders both of their lands though, they quickly realize that they are both meant to be with her. Can they put aside years of resentment and hate for her?

Matt and Kris quickly realize that Cynthia is sick, they just can't place their finger on what that deathly smell is. As if that wasn't bad enough while trying to figure out how to save Cynthia, they are being hunted. Every one is a suspect, no one is above suspicion. Who is hunting the packs?

I enjoyed this book. I was great to see Cynthia take control of not just her life when her health was at risk, but she turns out to have a back bone and kicks butt. Matt and Kris also are not just Alpha men that are all brawn and no brain, but there is good character development giving them great depth.

Jamie K

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  1. Trapped Between Two Alphas
    by Sam Crescent

    Cynthia Lewis is dying and she knows it. And so does her doctor. But Cynthia is determined to live out
    whatever time she has left by her own rules. No more treatment. She has rented a cabin far in the woods
    away from any medical center.

    Kris and Matt are the owners of the property and both seem to have an instant attraction to this frail beauty.
    They are both alphas with a past full of hatred and anger. And they both feel an intense connection with Cynthia.

    From the moment they meet her they can smell two very distinct things. She is their mate. And she is very
    sick. They know her illness is spreading and they need to turn her soon. But with hunters on the loose, is there
    time to save the woman they love?

    Review: Another great book from this author. I really enjoyed the story of these characters. Strong alphas
    that are able to have a tender side for their mate and still lead their packs against the hunters who threaten
    them on so many levels. great book I recommend to you all :)

    Theresa F

    5 of 5 stars


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