Tessa Dawn

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From the bestselling author of the Blood Curse Series, comes a new legend of danger, dark-fantasy, and vampiric dragons... 

Mina Louvet is a fighter, a human with a powerful will to survive in a world dominated by warlocks, soul-eaters, and shifters. Identified by the king’s witch as one of the rare, invaluable females in Dragons Realm who can give birth to a dragon’s son, she was stolen from her parents as a child and taken to the Keep to be reared in the ways of the Ahavi. As one of the few, the elect ~ the Sklavos Ahavi ~ Mina is expected to feed her master’s fire, reanimate his blood, and above all else, give him strong dragon offspring: children who will one day rise to power. But Mina, to her great misfortune, is far too intelligent for her own good: She has a stubborn sense of justice, and she is wholly incapable of blind submission. 

Dante Dragona is as cunning as he is lethal, as methodical as he is dangerous, and as terrifying as he is powerful. As the eldest of three dragon princes, he is destined to succeed his merciless father to the throne of Castle Dragon. But first he must do his duty to the Realm by governing one of its harsh, unforgiving districts and claiming a Sklavos Ahavi. Hardened by the sadistic abuse he endured as a child and shaped by the tragic suicide of his twin, the prince lives only to fulfill his obligations to the monarchy: to maintain law and order in a bestial land, to contain its magical inhabitants, and to keep the kingdom safe from its mortal enemies, the Lycanian shifters across the sea. Like all primordial dragons, he rules with an iron fist, dominates with absolute power, and punishes with fire. Those who oppose him die a swift and brutal death ~ subject, enemy, or slave ~ the Realm has no tolerance for weakness. 

When the iron resolve of a dragon prince clashes with the stubborn will of a slave, bonds will be broken, alliances will be tested, and a kingdom will be set ablaze. 

Tessa Dawn


Vanessa Booke

Bound to You: Volume 4 (PART 1) by #VanessaBooke

I, Rebecca Gellar, am doing the unthinkable. I’m marrying a man who hits every category on my Run-Like-Hell list…
  1. Arrogant.
  2. Dangerously Handsome.
  3. Brooding.
  4. Domineering.
  5. Possessive.
  6. Playboy.
The funny thing is I couldn’t be happier.

Bound to You: Volume 4 (PART 2) - ‪#‎FREE‬ Coming November!
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Bound to You: Volumes 1-3:

You don’t get a job offer from StoneHaven Publishing twice. So when Rebecca gets the opportunity to prove herself as an assistant to the CEO’s wild, playboy son, she jumps at the chance. It’s only six months, after all. Six passionate, frustrating, unforgettable months...


Monique McDonell Day 5

A Circle of Friends

Did you ever read that book by Maeve Binchy,  A Circle of Friends? One of the things I enjoy most about writing is how you get to create character – I always say I’m writing myself some new friends. When I started writing I wrote quite dark angst-ridden characters and I never finished a story because they frustrated me so much. I decided if I had to hang out with them for months on end my characters would be fun and the kinds of people whose company I would enjoy.

One of the things I really enjoy in writing a series is that not only do you get to write the characters you get to revisit them throughout the series. It means that I get to keep my new friends and I get to watch the friendships between the characters develop and grow.

The first three books in the Upper Crust Series are set in Boston and the friends are inter-connected
through Piper who runs Pied Piper’s Pies. The first book – Any Way You Slice It - centers on Piper and her need to stay in America to grow her business.  Any Way You Dream It tells the story of Lucy who has worked beside Piper to build her business and has been so busy helping her family and working her personal life has ceased to exist. The third book Any Way You Fight It tells the story of Cherie who matched both Piper and Lucy up with their perfect partners but who can’t quite seem to find love herself.

I love the way the tables turn in the third book and the friends are up in her business, meddling and
pushing her to come out of her shell and take some romantic risks. That was really fun to write because that how friends are in real life, one minute your dishing out the advice and then all of a sudden you find yourself on the receiving end.

That’s how life is and in writing a series I can explore that more fully than in a stand-alone romance
where the focus is usually on the two love interests alone. In fact that I think that’s why linked series
books are so popular right now. We all like to check in with old friends and see how they’re doing and how their lives are moving forward.

I hope you enjoy the friendships in these books as much as I did. Frienship, romance and pies, what
more could you want really?

About the author – Monique McDonell

I am an Australian author who writes contemporary women's fiction including chick lit and romance. I live on Sydney's Northern Beaches with my husband and daughter, and despite my dog phobia, with a dog called Skip.
I have written all my life especially as a child when I loved to write short stories and poetry. At University I studied Creative Writing as part of my Communication degree. Afterwards I was busy working in public relations I didn't write for pleasure for quite a few years although I wrote many media releases, brochures and newsletters. (And I still do in my day-job!)

When I began to write again I noticed a trend - writing dark unhappy stories made me unhappy. So I made a decision to write a novel with a happy ending and I have been writing happy stories ever since.

I have been a member of the writing group The Writer’s Dozen for eight years. Our anthology Better Than Chocolate raised over $10,000 for the charity Room to Read and helped build a library in South East Asia. I am also a member of the Romance Writers of Australia. I was also had a piece in the Australian non-fiction book Copyfight in 2015.

I have written five stand-alone romantic comedies and three books in the Upper Crust Series ;Any Way You Slice It, Any Way You Dream It and Any Way You Fight It.

To learn more about Monique McDonell and her upcoming books please visit her at


Bill Wetterman Day 5

Julie, I’ve enjoyed sharing my writing style and my latest novel, Yellowstone-A Fall From
Grace, with you and your readers, I’ll conclude with a glimpse into myself.

Balancing Faith and Honesty

As a born-again Christian, I value my walk with God over my walk with people. When I
embarked on my writing career, I vowed that the only person in my novels who would always be
right was God. To say my writing is dark and edgy is honest. The real world is worse. My
writing includes immorality, sexuality, greed, lust, murder, and betrayal. I've had interesting
reactions from Christians and non-Christians alike. Here are examples.

"I won't be reviewing your novel, Room 1515. When I got to Chapter 4, your characters got
naked in a pool! Uh!" (I wonder if the same person went to see Harry Wilson's War, starring
Tom Hanks.)

"What's with your cover? I mean it's GREAT! But I didn't expect the sexy thing from you."

Most of my reviewers see the point in my writing. Here’s a review of Yellowstone:

We think these things cannot happen –– simply cannot –– but devastation from natural causes
can happen, and that’s what Yellowstone, a Fall From Grace is about. Frightening in scope —
nothing regional about this story, it will give you more to think about than you may be ready for.
By the end, you’ll know you should be ready. From the depth of the research, chances are, there
are no fairytales here.

The author has brought together compelling, gritty, characters. Without grit, you die. The
formation of the Southern States of America (SSA) is intriguing. In times of total chaos and
lawlessness, what are women required to do? The SSA has a plan. What would happen in times
of great trauma? We know what an Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) might do. Multiply that many
times, and you have Yellowstone — A Fall From Grace. Makes me think “prepping” should be
in my future, because there is more than a ring of truth to this story.

A geologist, who knows the area well, told me Yellowstone has been changing, and rapidly so. If
Yellowstone blows, do you think the park will shut down and that’s about it? Or, how much of
the U.S. would it affect? You might be surprised — maybe horrified. An exciting read, with
details you’ve probably never explored.

The real world is worse than fiction. But humans tend to avoid reality. My novels carry a theme
of repentance in each. No matter how far a person falls, God can raise them up and eventually

I think my novels have something for Christian readers and non-Christian readers. After all, we
all have a Wild Side. If you read the Bible, and I study it faithfully, God doesn't pull punches. He
tells it like it is. Sin is Sin. Murder is murder. Rape is rape. Consequences are dire. Yellowstone-
A Fall From Grace is at least R-rated because of the nature of the story. I believe authors owe
their readership a warning if the subject deserves one.

How do you feel about this topic? Conflict and controversy are the cornerstones of great novels.
I'm not backing down. Please wade in and comment on my blog. http//BillWetterman.com.

                                                                     Author Bio

                                                                   Bill Wetterman
                                                      Author, Trainer, Public Speaker     

Novelist Bill Wetterman has seven published thrillers. The Fifth Step, Room 1515 - The 
Peacock Trilogy - Book 1, Madness – The Peacock Trilogy-Book 2, and Busted – The Odyssey 
of Holly Bunn – The Literary Murders-A Covenant with Death-The Peacock Trilogy-Book 3, 
and Yellowstone-A Fall from Grace. He has one non-fiction work. So You Want to be a 
Published Author.

Award Winning Author:  

Winner of the Mystery, Suspense, Thriller Competition OWFI 2011
Top 10 in the Writers’ Digest Genre Fiction Contest 2011 (Over 11,000 entries)
2nd in the Armchair Interviews Thanksgiving Day Competition 2010
Writers’ Digest 5-Star review: Madness – The Peacock Trilogy-Book 2

Bill is a member of the Oklahoma Federation of Writers, The Lexicon Writers, and the Tulsa 

While hard at work writing thrillers, Bill Wetterman finds time to give back to the community by 
speaking to groups interested in understanding the mind of a writer. Bill’s shares his experience 
on how he constructs novels and short stories. He can speak on a variety of topics, including:

*The biggest mistakes authors make 
*Writing dynamic thrillers 
*Character development
*Researching and Outlining Your Novel
*Self-publishing—the pros and cons
*And, the steps to becoming a published author

Monique McDonell Day 4

The Upper Crust Series revolves around a group of friends who met through Piper, the founder of Pied Piper’s Pies. Piper is an Australian who lives in Boston and runs a chain of food trucks that sell Australian meat pies.

The meat pie is the classic Australian fats food. Where an American might get a hotdog at a sporting
event, we would tend to get a meat pie. Every suburb has a pie shop. They sell them for school lunches and in the frozen food section of the supermarket.

When we visited the US years ago my husband and I thought someone should really bring the pie to
America. There’s now a company called Pie Face (you may have seen their stores in bigger cities) and they’ve done that.
Piper’s business was a small operation and it is doing so well they’ve been bought out by a large
international fast food conglomerate. Luke in Any Way You Fight It, works for that company which is how he comes into the orbit of Cherie.

If you’ve never had an Aussie style meat pie, they’re pretty easy to make. They now come in all manner of flavours from Beef and Burgundy to Thai Chicken Curry but the traditional version uses minced meat, known as hamburger in America and if you use store bought pastry is super simple.
If you’re curious to know what they taste like here is my recipe.
This is a family pie that I make in a family sized pie plate but it can also be made as 4 individual pies if you have individual pie plates. This is one of my daughter's family favourites.

Australian Meat Pie - serves 4

1 quantity of shortcrust pastry or one pie shell (I'll post my recipe soon)
olive oil
2 small or 1 large onion diced
500g beef mince
1/4 cup Worcestershire sauce
2 tablespoons of soy sauce
1 beef stock cube
2 cups hot water
2 tablespoons cornflour
2 tablespoons water (extra)
1 sheet puff pastry
1 egg yolk.

1. Heat oil in pan and add onions, cook stirring until soft. Add mice, cook stirring until browned.

2. Stir in sauces, stock cube and water (I dissolve the stock cube in water first) simmer 15 minutes. Stir in cornflour and extra water. Stir over high heat until it boils and thickens. Cool.

3. Grease a pie plate with butter or olive oil and roll pastry to fit pie plate. Cover pastry with baking paper, fill with dried beans or pie weights and bake in moderate oven 8 minutes. remove beans and cook a further 8 minutes.

4. Fill pie shell with meat mixture. Brush edges or pastry with egg yolk and press puff pastry on top. Cut to fit. You can use any scraps to decorate. Brush pie with more egg yolk. Bake in oven 20-25 minutes until golden.


Bill Wetterman Day 4

Fleshing out characters:

Fleshing out characters is where many authors start their novel. This is the last thing I do.
Knowing the world into which I’m dropping them, knowing the tension and conflict they’ll face,
I ask myself more questions. What is the character’s worldview? What events shape their past?
What strengths and weaknesses will cause them to succeed or fail? I research where the main
characters were born, if it’s important, the history of the area. I describe how each looks and fill
out a character profile.

Wait, there’s more. Once the characters are solid in my mind, I talk to them. I show them the
outline of the book. I set the rules. “I’ll give you some freedom in each scene. Surprise me by
showing me something unique. However, do not Sin. I am God. I determine the outcome I want.
Don’t change my novel. Enjoy yourself within your scenes. Sin, in the world of my novel, is a
character attempting to change the outcome I’ve slaved so hard to build.

Once I flesh out my characters, I’m ready to write. A novel takes me two months of planning,
two months of writing, and two months of editing to complete.

Now for Yellowstone and my protagonist Creek Indian Mary Kenton. Her abusive upbringing
overcome, Mary holds tight to her Christian faith and to her former military, survivalist husband,
B. K. She doesn’t believe God will allow disaster to overtake America. Her husband trains her in
weaponry and martial arts, but she ignores his group’s preparations. When Yellowstone
explodes, all the things she holds sacred come into question.

My method of creating novels works for me. I’m not suggesting it will work for others. But to
create a neo noir feel to my work, Tension must build past the bursting point. When all the rules
she lived by dissolve, her decisions shock her soul. They will yours as well. Do not expect
lawyers to take cases to court. There is no court. Reality and Christianity philosophically clash
throughout. Will her faith remain at the end?

In my final post, I’ll cover the struggle I face as a conflicted novelist who writes On The Wild

Below are the links to my books and my social media.

Yellowstone on Amazon Kindle http://amzn.to/1N8pWEi
Barnes & Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/s/Bill+Wetterman?_requestid=307651
My Amazon link: http://amzn.to/1jOwdIR
Kobo: https://store.kobobooks.com/search?Query=Author+bill+wetterman&pageNumber=2
Create Space: http://bit.ly/1MeVVwX
Facebook Link https://www.facebook.com/authorbill.wetterman
Blog Link. http://billwetterman.com/writing-on-the-wild-side-blog/
Website Link: http://billwetterman.com/
Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/BillWetterman
LinkedIn: http://bit.ly/1RuckSC
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5760081.Bill_Wetterman

Monique McDonell Day 3


Lucy called me the next day. I was unlocking the door to my office. I was juggling keys, a folder,
a latte, and an open house sign but I still managed to take the call.
"What's up, buttercup?" I said.
"Not much . . ." I could visualize her on the other end in kitchen whites and a hairnet trying to
come up with a witty reply. "You sound perky today. Piper said you were exhausted
last night."
"I was. Still am, actually." That wasn't a lie. I barely slept, tossing and turning all night with sexy
and angry thoughts about Luke. "Your call perked me right up. Oh yeah, and
I'm about to down my third coffee."
"Oh, I hope you're okay."
"I'll be fine. What's happening there?"
"Well, you met the hottie corporate sent to help us with branding."
"Don't you have a fiancé already?" I tried not to let jealousy seep in. Keep it light, Cherie.
"A girl can look. Anyway, you don't have a fiancé . . ."
"Yeah, well, I don't want a fiancé, and even if I did, I wouldn't want that guy."
"He seems pretty cool."
"Not my type." I needed to shut this down. “Anyway, he's probably married. How long is your
new eye candy in town anyway?"
“He’s not, married I mean. A week or two, but he'll be back and forth." Great. "Maybe you two
could . . ."
"Thanks for pimping out your new colleague, but if I wanted
a guy, I could find my own." I tried to sound haughty. "Anyway, Lucy, I have to run. I have about
a million calls to return. "
I dropped my bundle, minus the coffee of course, on the office sofa and turned at the sound of the bell above my front door tinkling. There in resplendent glory -today in chinos and a
white shirt with sleeves rolled to the elbows, offsetting a killer tan- was Luke.
"Not your type, huh?" he said, closing the space between us
a little.
"First of all, don't you know it is rude to eavesdrop and second, definitely not."
"I used to be," he said, one hand shoved in his pocket and the other gesticulating.
"Well, we all used to be different, didn't we?"
"I bet we're not all that different, you know."
"That's hardly a ringing endorsement for either of us." I leaned back against the edge of my desk, using it to balance me, and took a long sip of my latte. Some days there just wasn't
enough coffee in the world.
"I don't know, I thought we were decent kids back then . . ."
"Until at least one of us wasn't."
"And which one was that?" he asked as if he didn't know.
The bastard.
"What brings you here, Luke? I kind of have a lot to get done today."
"I wanted to see you."
"You've seen me." I sounded like such a cold bitch. He would have no doubt that I had changed
by the end of this conversation. It wasn't that I didn't want to be that sweet
young girl again, but he'd changed me and anyway, I was not her.
I was an independent thirty-year-old woman.
"And I wanted to say obviously I had no idea you had any connection to Piper, and I'm sorry
we were both blindsided that way last night."
"It's okay. Small world and all that." I tried to take another sip of my coffee but, sadly, the well
was dry.
"It was really nice to see you, Cherie. I've often wondered
how you were, what you did . . ." his voice trailed away.
I wanted to say, Dude, you could have called or written or maybe not just vanished back then,
but I didn't.
"You're obviously keeping well."
"Can't complain." He shoved his second hand in his pocket.
"So, do you want to still act like we don't know each other?  These are your friends; this is your life . . ."
That was nice at least. "I kind of assumed yes. Then again, I don't like lying to them . . ."
"How about I say that I realized I recognized you from the neighborhood? Nothing more."
"Okay, but they're pretty nosy, so if they wise up or it feels weird for me, I'll tell them, and I'll let
you know. Lucy and Piper can keep a secret."
"I don't suppose you want to have dinner or a donut for old-time’s sake?"
"You know what, I really don't. It's nice to see you're happy and doing well, but . . ."
"Okay." He turned to leave. "As you wish."
He did not just quote the Princess Bride to me. Oh yes, he freaking did!


Bill Wetterman Day 3

Picture yourself as a woman trying to survive in a world gone mad. All you’ve known about 
security flew away with the blast from Yellowstone. If you never paid attention to the 
survivalists, your cupboards are empty, your water contaminated, and your prospects slim. 
Whether Yellowstone explodes or terrorists set off a dirty bomb, a disaster lurks right around the 
corner for America—it isn’t if—it’s when!

Imagine a world where trucks slide off the highways unable to deliver necessities. Air traffic is 
nonexistent. A panicked population overloads the electrical grid and it crashes. Rioting breaks 
out, as people loot and plunder to save themselves. Two-thirds of the farmland will never 
produce another crop for several millennia. Mankind reverts to the caveman days. It’s the 
survival of the fittest. Shelter, weapons, water, food, and sex rule the minds of men.

As an author, I had to weave the characters I develop into a world as described above. Can you 
imagine the internal tension they would face, wondering who to trust—if anyone?  For this 
reason I research, outline, and develop the world of my novel before I drop my characters into 
that world. I have nothing against pantsers—those who write by the seat of their pants. That style 
of writing wouldn’t work for me. 

Great novels tighten readers into knots with tension—both internal and external. There are two 
types of women in Yellowstone—women who are protected by men and women who are preyed 
on by men. If a woman’s protector dies, another man steps into his role. In this world, the woman 
may not have a choice of who her next husband might be. And this is among those who have 
prepared for a disaster of this magnitude. 

Once I’ve reached this point in my research, I’m ready to outline my characters. What will be the 
background of my female lead, the person through whose eyes most of the story is told? What 
beliefs does she hold that will be rattled to the point of collapse? Where will her inner strength 
come from, her faith, her bloodline, or her will to survive?

I decided on this picture of a Creek Indian girl as my protagonist. While looking at her, I 
developed my character sketch, giving her the profile of a woman who can withstand adversity.

Monique McDonell Day 2

Julie's Book Review Q& A Interview

We are having a give away going on for Any Way You Slice It. What item are you giving away? 
(Anyone can win the item by going to the rafflecopter on the right hand side of the pg.)

$20 Amazon Gift Card 

First why don't you tell us a little about yourself?

I’m an author from Sydney, Australia. When I’m not writing a run a boutique PR consultancy 
(boutique just means small of course). I love reading and cooking and I really like catching up 
with friends over a nice glass of wine or a coffee…my coffee obsession is notorious.

Newest release?

Any Way You Fight It is the third book in the Upper Crust Series. It follows the story of Cherie 
who fancies herself as a matchmaker, she was responsible for bringing the two couples together 
in the first two books in the series; Any Way You Slice It and Any Way You Dream It. Sadly for 
Cherie she can’t quite seem to find the right guy for herself and this book is about her quest to do 

What can we expect from your stories, action, drama, romance,sex, blood and guts?

I write romantic comedies so there’s no blood and guts. There’s romance and friendship and 
laughter. I try and write the sort of characters you wouldn’t mind spending an afternoon or two 

Do you have a favorite character in your stories? Who? and Why?

That’s so tricky. I really like Cherie, she’s loyal and feisty and she looks like she has it all 
together but underneath she’s a bit of a marshmallow. I also really like Aaron her cousin who 
found love in Any Way You Slice It. He’s a great guy and he keeps an eye out for everyone. 

Give us an interesting fun fact or a few about your book or series:

This series came about because I read a novel about a marriage of convenience and it annoyed 
me that the marriage was really for the guy’s benefit and the woman seemed at a disadvantage, 
as is often the case. I wanted to write a fun book that flipped that around so they were equals. 
Then I enjoyed the characters so much that it turned into a series. There will be six books in the 
series in all.

Has there been any other authors who have inspired your work or helped you out with your 

I’ve been really lucky to meet some amazing authors on my journey and I do really feel like the 
writing community is one of the most generous ones out there. I’ve been in a writing group 
called The Writers’ Dozen for eleven years and I’m a member of the Romance Writers of 
Australia so I’ve received lots of support from both of those.
I’ve also had lots of support from a couple of Facebook groups full of authors who help with 
marketing, book covers and loads of practical advice.
I was lucky enough to meet Marie Force last year and she was really supportive and 

What can readers who enjoy your book do to help make it successful?

As an author there’s nothing better than a nice review on Amazon. I think word of mouth is 
really important too. If you like the books tell a friend. I know lots of people who still choose 
books that way.   

Do you have any tips for readers or advice for other writers trying to get published?

Honestly the best advice for writers is to write. I run a Facebook group called #1000wordsaday 
because I think a bum on the seat attitude is important and having people to be accountable to 
helps me. The next advice is to learn to take constructive criticism but from the right people. Not 
everyone “gets” you and your style so it is important to find people who do. 

 Do you have a favorite author? If yes, what draws you to that person’s work?

I have a lot of favorite authors because I read across of genres. In the romantic comedy genre I’m 
really enjoying Kylie Gilmore and Erin Nicholas right now and I like Kate Perry as well. I like 
stories with layered characters but at the end of the day I want books that make me smile.

Can you remember one of the first things you wrote? What makes it memorable?

I wrote a lot of poetry as a child. The first thing I had published was a poem about a kookaburra. 
It was published in the children’s section of the Sun-Herald newspaper and I got $10. That as a 
lot of money in 1978.

Do you have any other interesting hobbies, pets or stories you would like to share?

Now I feel boring…I really like to entertain and throw big parties and have a houseful of people 
over, that’s great fun for me. I guess because I really do enjoy cooking (not when I have to but 
when I want to). 
I’m trying to talk my husband into taking ballroom dancing lessons at the moment, I think that 
would be fun.

Favorite places to travel or visit?

I just got back from two weeks in Hawaii with my family which was amazing. We snorkeled 
with dolphins, hiked volcanoes and rode horses along the beach. Truthfully I love to travel and I 
don’t really have a favorite place – I’m happy in a big city or on a secluded beach.


Monique McDonell Day 1

Blurb - Any Way You Fight It

Matchmaking came easily for Cherie . . . unless she was matching herself. A successful realtor, Cherie could sell a piece of property with ease, she could match up her friends with their perfect mates, but she couldn’t seem to find love for herself. Heck, even her seventy-five-year-old Nona was dating again!  Cherie had the perfect love once, or so she had thought. But that was a long time ago, and yet, Luke was the standard by which she measured all potential mates.

After matching her two best friends and watching them live their happily ever afters, Cherie decides it’s time to make a change and get back in the game. Now all she needs to do is balance what she wants (a Luke-alike) with the demands of her crazy Italian family (a good, Catholic Italian boy).

Just when she is ready to shake off her past and move forward, her past walks through the door of her favorite local pub with her best friends. Luke is back, looks better than ever, and still has eyes for Cherie.  And Cherie can’t control the heat she still has for him. But as with most long-lost loves, he has a past as well, and that past just might prevent Cherie from finding her happiness despite what her Nona’s visions predict.

Can Cherie and Luke make peace with their pasts and look forward to a new life together? Or will this be the final good-bye?


Bill Wetterman Day 2

Thank you, Julie. Allowing me five days to teach on constructing a novel will be a
great benefit to our readers. I appreciate the time. For those who select speakers or
trainers for writers’ conferences, I love to present before groups. Contact me at
bwetterman@cox.net, if you have those opportunities. And remember, I’m giving
away three free e-books of Yellowstone-A Fall From Grace to the first three
readers who e-mail agreeing to review the book on Amazon and Goodreads and
identify your blog as their source.

                          The Joy of Research—Building the World of Yellowstone

Research takes up a minimum of two months with every novel I write. I can’t
skimp on it. The public will read this book, and if I have a road in the wrong place,
my credibility goes out the window.

To predict what will happen in the present, I have to know what happened in the
past. My study of the Huckleberry Ridge, Mesa, and Lava Creek ash bed, plus
minor eruptions effected only a few thousand square miles indicates that the
Yellowstone super-volcano erupts every 600,000 years. The last major eruption
was 640,000 years ago. Scientist vary in opinion, but it isn’t if, but when will it
explode again.

Scary isn’t it.

Modeling ash fall distribution from a Yellowstone super eruption—Larry G. 
Mastin, Alexa R. Van Eaton, Jacob B. Lowenstern, first published August 27,
2014 gave me the data to project what would happen if Yellowstone erupted in
October, rather than January, April, or July. To build the worse possible conditions
with winter coming. (Geologists read my novel as part of my beta readers to assure
I struck to the facts.)

                                             External Tension

The explosion, the weather, and the resulting devastation add to the external
tension that opens the novel. Where is the jet stream when the volcano blows?
Important. If the jet stream is dripping down into Texas, the resulting ash plume
will cover the ground farther south.

I set the story in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Tulsa sits in an area where winds aloft can
come from almost any direction and swing up toward the Great Lake in winter—a
great place to set this thriller.

                                               Reality for the Reader

So what would happen in your area, if Yellowstone exploded this month with the
force it has in the past? Are you interested, curious, reasonable frightened?
Actually, dying from the initial explosion might be better than living.

In Yellowstone-A Fall From Grace, the East and West Coasts receive only a
dusting of ash, most likely less than a 1/16th of an inch. But the air will be polluted
enough to cancel air traffic. Within hours, the electrical grid will fail due to
overuse and contamination.

Measureable amounts between a 1/8 of an inch to a ½ inch fall as far west and
south as Cincinnati, Knoxville, and Dallas. But Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Louis,
Little Rock, Tulsa, Amarillo, and Las Vegas could receive ash fall well over and
inch and up to four inches.

Farther north and west, the real destruction occurs. Between a foot to several feet
of ash could fall on Kansas City, Minneapolis, Rapid City, Denver, Cheyenne,
Boise, Salt Lake City, and Albuquerque. The farther west in this area, the quicker
the death toll will rise. Cars will be unable to drive. Without a gas mask, air
particulates will fill the lungs. Millions in this area will eventually die.

Ground zero. Missoula, Great Falls, Billings, Pocatello, Idaho Falls, and Casper
will have total devastation within minutes or hours.

                                                    The Fallout

I’ve spent two months researching and creating the world that will be. What will
the characters I drop in the middle of this situation face? In Tulsa, due to a
snowstorm the ash is under a ½ inch, pesky, but survivable. Now I have to develop
the human conflicts created for the survivors. Two-thirds of the farmland is
unusable. Trucks can’t deliver goods. Airplanes can’t fly. Only select sources of
electricity are available. Oh, and did I mention, looting, rioting, and murder occur
immediately. It’s a dog-eat-dog world.
But that’s for our next blog posts.


Bills Bio Feature extra

Author Bio

Bill Wetterman

  Author, Trainer, Public Speaker
Novelist Bill Wetterman has seven published thrillers. The Fifth Step, Room 1515 - The
Peacock Trilogy - Book 1, Madness – The Peacock Trilogy-Book 2, and Busted – The Odyssey
of Holly Bunn – The Literary Murders-A Covenant with Death-The Peacock Trilogy-Book 3,
and Yellowstone-A Fall from Grace. He has one non-fiction work. So You Want to be a
Published Author. 

Award Winning Author:

Winner of the Mystery, Suspense, Thriller Competition OWFI 2011

Top 10 in the Writers’ Digest Genre Fiction Contest 2011 (Over 11,000 entries)

2nd in the Armchair Interviews Thanksgiving Day Competition 2010

Writers’ Digest 5-Star review: Madness – The Peacock Trilogy-Book 2
Bill is a member of the Oklahoma Federation of Writers, The Lexicon Writers, and the Tulsa

While hard at work writing thrillers, Bill Wetterman finds time to give back to the community by
speaking to groups interested in understanding the mind of a writer. Bill’s shares his experience
on how he constructs novels and short stories. He can speak on a variety of topics, including:
*The biggest mistakes authors make
*Writing dynamic thrillers
*Character development
*Researching and Outlining Your Novel
*Self-publishing—the pros and cons
*And, the steps to becoming a published author

To learn more about Bill and his writing, check out his website at www.billwetterman.com/. Or,
go to his Facebook page under Author Bill Wetterman.
Yellowstone on Amazon Kindle http://amzn.to/1N8pWEi
Barnes & Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/s/Bill+Wetterman?_requestid=307651
My Amazon link: http://amzn.to/1jOwdIR
Kobo: https://store.kobobooks.com/search?Query=Author+bill+wetterman&pageNumber=2
Create Space: http://bit.ly/1MeVVwX
Facebook Link https://www.facebook.com/authorbill.wetterman
Blog Link. http://billwetterman.com/writing-on-the-wild-side-blog/
Website Link: http://billwetterman.com/
Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/BillWetterman
LinkedIn: http://bit.ly/1RuckSC
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5760081.Bill_Wetterman


Bill Wetterman Day 1

Interview with Author Bill Wetterman:
 Welcome back to my blog. Your novel, The Fifth Step, received great comments from the readers.

Thank you, Julie. You’re terrific in your support of self-published authors. We thank you for that. There is an upside and a downside to what’s happening in publishing today. The upside is: The stigma is disappearing. The downside is: There are so many writers self-publishing today. If you don’t know how to market yourself, no one will hear about your novel, let alone read it.

What do you do to market yourself? Give some tips to our readers.

Wow. I could take all week on this subject. Of course, there are the basics. Continually learn the craft. Join writers’ groups. Make friends with people in your genre, including the giants you meet at conferences. I find that great writers love to mentor talented newbies.
My main focus is on reaching out to likely buyers by networking well-before my book comes out. I’ll use my latest novel, Yellowstone-A Fall From Grace, as an example. I blogged for three months, on and off, about the danger of an eruption in Yellowstone. I selectively sorted out Facebook and Twitter people who had an interest in two things—survival after a major disaster and how unprepared America was to handle one. My theme being: It’s not if. It’s when.
So when the novel came out, I had an audience to send the news to and have my information liked, retweeted, and forwarded to others. 

Now that Yellowstone is out, what are you doing to promote it?

First, I posted Yellowstone’s debut on thirty-one Facebook pages, only ten of them writers’ pages. I went on Twitter and tweeted my lists of Preppers, Survivalists, Thriller readers and writers, and general public about its release. (Note: This is extremely important. I believe what I’m writing is vitally important. If one reader, takes heed to the warnings in my novel, I’ve made an impact. I don’t believe in telling stories for the sake of the story. I believe in changing lives.)
Second, I wrote my own Press Release, distributed in locally, and used 24/7 Press release to distribute nationally. I’m lining up blog spots over the next several months to keep the title in front of readers. I’m scheduling book signing and speaking engagements to promote my novel. I’m also in the process of contacting radio, television, and internet radio for guest appearances. And yes, that eats into my writing time. But self-publishing means doing it all yourself.

Well, Bill, this is a great start. Give us the links to your social media pages and buying information. And a hint as to what we can expect tomorrow.

Before I do, I’m giving away three free e-books of Yellowstone-A Fall From Grace to the first three readers who e-mail me at bwetterman@cox.net agreeing to review the book on Amazon and Goodreads and identify your blog as their source.






Review of Love's Eternal Fire by Suzzana C Ryan

Love's Eternal Fire

Shauna is a young widowed woman, running a household and farm herself. Her vow to her husband on his death bed, to keep the household going for the people who they are responsible for.  Her father has wanted her to remarry for protection and security. The Vikings have been raiding and killing along the coastlines. 

As her worst fears unfold and the Vikings approach, it will be a new beginning for Shauna or the end.

This is a shorter book filled with action, sex and some drama. Shauna is full of fight and wants to protect her people but ultimately has to worry about herself more than anything. Who doesn't like a tall handsome Viking? I liked everything in the book except for the rape like scene. It was, to me unbelievable that one that would rape and would also fall in love. Now saying that, this story is probably more true to life than what most will want. In this time era, the Vikings coming to a shoreline was a death sentence and a little rape would be a lesser of two evils. In the end you get a HEA but it was a different road than the normal romance. Good read! For Adults only.

4 stars
Julie Ramsey

Review of Radio Rose by Stephanie Berget

Radio Rose knows Martians aren’t real.

As a DJ for a late night talk show about aliens, she’d never admit to being a non-believer. Talking to crazies all night isn’t the perfect job for most people, but she’s happy with her solitary life. Until a middle of the night car crash and a blow to the head has her mistaking a stranger for a real life extra-terrestrial.

Adam Cameron, raised by his narcissistic grandfather for most of his childhood, made his escape from Careless, Colorado the day he turned eighteen. Forced to return ten years later for the reading of his grandfather’s will, he’s about to be pulled into a contest for a vast fortune and the future of a town he’d just as soon forget.

Relationships aren’t one of Rose’s strong points. Hell, she mistook the hot stranger for an alien the first time they met, but Adam needs help and she’s the woman to help him--maybe.
I really liked the storyline in this book. It had a lot of funny scenes and I really enjoyed the characters!
I give this book 5 stars

Review of Daylight by Karli Rush


Mattie is a vampire. She is young and gets around with her young friends. All she wants is to go to a party. Her "Mother", or creator has issues and Mattie is about done with her. When she finally gets to the party she meets Graham. He is different and she is intensely drawn to him.  After a unusual encounter, she makes the decision to leave. Going to the town of Solace looking for a drug called Daylight, which will allow Mattie to not burn in the sun, and start her new life. The town is full of twits, turns and a surprise or two.

This is a book 1 in a series. Keep that in mind when reading the story. Mattie is a young vamp who is going out on her own. She is longing for a boy she can't find and wanting the daylight drug. She knows she can find it in the town of Solace. A vamp ran town. The story is different than your usual vampire love story books. It is a little slow in the beginning (the set-up) but stay with it. It definitely picked up as the story unfolds. I hope as the series continues we learn more about Graham and there relationship. Overall a good story but hoping for more in book 2.

Julie Ramsey

Review od Seducing a Mermaid by Karli Rush

Seducing a Mermaid

   Sam is on the verge of a big new art gallery. He is becoming pretty famous but has been in a rut with his art. To get some solace and hopefully a muse, he goes to his sisters home out on the island. He finds more than his muse. Will he be able to follow his heart when the time comes?

This is a novella and I didn't want to give away to much of the story. Easy read in one sitting. 17+ and older recommended, there are some pretty good love scenes. It is very well written and I loved the whole idea of the story. I would have loved to know more about certain characters and even more on the story. That is my only complaint, it was not long enough. Thanks for the great read.

Julie Ramsey
5 stars


Review of The Scorch Trails by James Dashner

The Scorch Trials
By James Dashner

Thomas and his friends have escaped the prison like maze. They find out that the world has been destroyed by sun flares. With the sun flares and this deadly uncured disease call the Flare the world and the humans are being destroyed. People with this disease become aggressive and violent. Most of human who survive the sun flares now have the Flare disease. Thomas and the remaining Gladers are put in room that is sealed shut. Later they realize that Teresa is gone and a guy states, that they must enter the Scorch or they all died. The guy also announces, all the Gladers have the Flare and if they get to the safe haven, the will get the cure. Thomas and the Gladers must fight through the Scorch, find Teresa, survive the infected, then make it to the safe haven.  

Scorch Trials was very well written. It starts right off from the end of the Maze Runner. The author really makes you feel like your Thomas even though it is in third person. The book is action packed and has drama and betrayal. You learn of some of Thomas’s memories throughout the book. Some secrets will be revealed. Don’t forget to read the Death Cure and the Kill Order. You should read them in order because the story's start right at the end of the previous book.
5 Stars
Junior High Reviewer

Review of Thompson Road by Scott Wyatt

Thompson Road by Scott Wyatt

Mona is “feebleminded”.  That’s what everyone keeps saying, so it must be true.  School
is so hard for her.  Her aunt and uncle have taken her in because her mother is too sick to
take care of her.  Mona’s aunt is very strict with her and won’t let her have friends or do
anything “regular” kids get to do.

Raleigh saves Mona’s kittens from a barn fire when the two of them were very young. 
He never forgot how sweet Mona was, even though she was different from any other girl
he knew.  When they were teenagers, Raleigh saw Mona dancing in her window one
night as he was walking by and he got it in his head that he would ask Mona to be his
dance partner in an upcoming contest, but how to get around her very controlling aunt so
they could practice?

Their lives went separate ways when Raleigh went off to be a soldier in World War II,
even though they kept in touch for a short time in the beginning of his tour.  Something
happened to keep them apart for years, but will love prevail and will they find each other

This was a very true to the period book.  The writer captured the angst of the times, and
had me screaming silently for the injustices that Mona went through because she wasn’t
deemed fit to be a member of society.  Their story was well written, well thought out, and
very entertaining, even the parts that made me want to scream at some of the characters. 
It’s well worth the read.

5 stars

Review of The Victim by Eric Matheny

The Victim
Eric Matheny

One bad decision can change your life in a blink of eye. . . . . . .

Anton Mackey has the life that most only dream of . Anton is a private attorney with a beautiful wife and cuddly little 9 month daughter. Life is good and he is paying bills. One day he is hired by a client that could easily end his so called happy life in a blink of eye. Passed secrets and ghost in his closets are soon to be flying for all to see. How will Anton deal with this client and the threats that could change his life forever ?? Will it be enough to free him ?

I LOVED this novel. . . there was not one dull moment as this story unfolds. Each character was well thought out and placed in just the right spot. Its one of those novels that you don't want to say to much due to giving away the story. Its full of twist and turns and one that you will not want to put down :) This is an author that I will be reading more of ! Great writing !

5 stars

Review of Southern Heat by Catherine Rose

"Southern Heat" was exactly that HOT, like panties on fire... It is about a young 18yr old southern belle named Caroline Blake who's father is running for Governor and she has just discovered sex. So because she is basically a bored, spoiled, rich girl in the later 1800s she finds herself spying on the stable man and the kitchen help having "fun" in the barn and she wants to have some for herself... So she does, with just about anyone & just about any type. The author is a very descriptive writer and was able to capture the speech and feeling of the south after 1863 Emancipation Proclamation. You could picture the fields, carriages, dress, etc. For that reason I am giving the 3 stars. However, for me the lack of a real plot except for this young girl having sex constantly with anyone, except when she stumbled upon Randy Lowe (her father's rival's son). She sees him and is immediately drawn to him. The author lost me when **** Warning SPOILER ****  the young lady decides she wants to have sex with the stable man (keeping in mind that having sex with someone of "color" in the south at that time was considered very bad) her Father catches her and is livid, but decides that her punishment should also be his (and her's) pleasure and then they have sex too. By this point I found myself scrolling through the sex scenes. 
I think this story could have potential if more of a plot and character development had occurred because her descriptive writing and creativity was obvious. I was hoping more of a story would have happened with the Randy character and herself, except for the mention of them trying to get together for sex but in the end he makes another appearance and there is a surprise.



M.E. Gordon Day 5

So for our last day with M.E. Gordon let's post a review of Torn Hearts from one of our reviewers

Torn Hearts
by  M.E. Gordon

     Elizabeth Monroe is a quiet girl who keeps to herself.  She hasn't had much experience with men and certainly never expected to be caught in a love triangle with someone like the millionaire bachelor and the sexy photographer who have both taken notice of her.  Unlike her brothers who are in the spotlight and followed by the paparazzi she is not ready or happy about the sudden chaos that has become her life.  Who should she trust?  Who should she choose?  Elizabeth's life is about to get complicated.  Or fun  :)

REVIEW:   I very much enjoyed this book.  It was a full of all the stuff I want in a book.  It was funny, sexy and will take you on an emotional journey that you will love.  The author gave us great characters that had interesting, complex personalities.  Elizabeth was such a cool character that is easy to relate to.  She is full of insecurities that so many of us face in our daily life.  The men, Simon and Spencer, are both sexy, strong and willing to go after Elizabeth with all they have.  All this makes for a great story that will keep you reading and wanting to know what's going to happen next.   What a great first book for author M.E. Gordon.  Thank you  :)

theresa f
5 stars  

Ana Elise Meyer Day 5

Ana Elise Meyer

It’s our final day together so time to give you one last day of fun. I was tempted to just fill the page with cat pictures because that would be the most fun but I figured I would let you in on a little bit more about me. I love the TV show Bones and eagerly anticipate each new season. I enjoy watching Football and Baseball… well basically every sport. I enjoy having a night out with friends or a quiet night with family. I would really love to connect with other authors and readers and look forward to meeting up on Social Media. If you have had a chance to read my book, I would love your feedback and if you loved it please share with friends.  :)

Marie is currently a Kindle Countdown deal and is only $.99!

Marie is available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle editions. It is available for Kindle Unlimited where members can read it for free.

You can follow me on Twitter @AnaEliseMeyer

Or Facebook at www.facebook.com/AnaEliseMeyer

                                                     Marie (Teumessian Trilogy Book 1)


Ana Elise Meyer Day 4

                                              Ana Elise Meyer

Day 4 here we go :)  Time to give you more insight into my book and my series.

Marie is the first book in a Trilogy.  The story is full of twist and turns and the first book sets up the events that will define not only the characters but the world they live in. Marie sits solo in this book as the only female character. That is not to say that she is the only woman in the world but she is a woman living in a man’s world. The extent to which she can influence not just her destiny but those who come into contact with her is yet to be defined. You will just have to keep reading to find out :) 

Marie is currently a Kindle Countdown deal and is only $.99!

Marie is available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle editions. It is available for Kindle Unlimited where members can read it for free.

You can follow me on Twitter @AnaEliseMeyer

Or Facebook at www.facebook.com/AnaEliseMeyer

Marie (Teumessian Trilogy Book 1)

M.E. Gordon Day 4

Torn Hearts

Chapter 1


y heart rate accelerated as we pull up to the popular DC night club, Mood. I was currently sitting in a limo that my brothers sent over to retrieve my best friend Gia and me. Taking a steadying breath, I took a peek out the window. Of course, they had a small red carpet set out for celebrities and socialites like my brothers.
Let me make this a little clearer, I don’t do this.
I didn’t go out dressed up like I was right now. I glanced back at Gia who looked anything but anxious. She was in her element right now, and I...well, I was not!
I preferred sitting at home reading a good book. It was a passion of mine. My Gran was an avid reader. What could I say? I took after her and my mother, who happened to have been an editor in-chief for a big publishing company. I guess I could have followed in her footsteps, but I had a passion for History. With only a few classes left, I was well on my way to restoring books at the Library of Congress. Still, no matter how many books I’d read, nothing could prepare me for nights like tonight.
Sure limos, nice dresses, socialites, photographers, it all sounded like a great time, and maybe it was, but not for me. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to find an appealing outfit for a size twelve, tall, curvy, twenty-three-year-old? Well I’ll tell you, it’s nearly impossible!
Sure there were things in my size, but that wasn’t the problem. The problem was feeling exposed, and not in a good way—the bad way, like every-inch-of-fat-had-been-magnified-by-tight-fabric way. Even Gia, the fashion stylist in training, had a hard time finding me something to wear. It was mortifying.
I didn’t know what I was more worried about, falling on my ass or getting my picture taken. Oh, right. It was falling on my ass while getting my picture taken. I tried my hardest to get Gia to go in the side entrance, but clearly, I lost that battle.
Gia stepped out first, thankfully. The cameras were snapping away like crazy, but why wouldn’t they be? She looked like a movie star in her short gray dress and sparkling heels. Smiling at the cameras and swaying her long blonde hair, she posed like it was second nature to her.
Taking a deep breath, I closed my eyes. I could do this. Just get out of the car and don’t fall on your ass. With one last, quick prayer, I scooted over and let my foot glide out of the limo. Holding on tight to the door handle, I exited the limo and cautiously made my way over toward the sea of cameras. I clung tight to the shawl that was covering most of the red dress that I had finally found, after hours of shopping with Gia.
I stopped moving when the photographers started snapping a few pictures. Maybe they thought I was a lighter haired Kardashian or something. It didn’t take but a few seconds for them to find out I wasn’t.
“She’s nobody!” I heard one of the snakes say to his neighbor.
Knives, meet my heart…ouch! I wanted to run back to the limo or into the safety of the dark club, but I couldn’t move. I glanced over in Gia’s direction where she was using her hands to take off an invisible jacket. I guessed she was telling me to take my shawl off? I couldn’t help but think that this was a very stupid idea. And, of course, against my better judgment, I did it anyway.
I quickly un-wrapped the fabric. My long, wavy, brown hair fell against my bare back and exposed cleavage. The unseasonably, cool air brushed against my arms, making a chill run up my spine. This dress was perfect, practically made for me. It hit all my curves and pushed my boobs and ass up too. But most importantly, it flattened my stomach—magic!
The wall of cameras turns back to me. I guess they think I might be someone worth photographing after all.
“Red Dress—Red dress, can we get a name?”
I turned in the direction of the warm voice and felt the heat rise to my cheeks. Embarrassment? Flattery? I tried to make out the person calling to me as I scanned the wall of photographers. My eyes were instantly drawn to a handsome man with shaggy, sandy hair and muscular build. Well, I’d like to think it was muscles under the sweat shirt he had on. I squinted to get a better look but lost sight of him as the flashes went off.
“A name?” another man called.
“Elizabeth Monroe,” I answered back.

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