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Coming up next Wolfline by Vivian Arend, A new one I can't discuss yet from a friend of mine..TBA later, and Timothy Mcdougall's Violence

Got a few exciting new ones coming up! Can't wait!

Fayth Devlin

Blood Lust Rising

Ella and Micah are demon/vampire hunters. They have to work & train together. Ella is convinced that Micah is out to get her kicked out of the agency they work for. Micah thinks Ella is dangerous. Both are all ways picking at each other and fighting. The tension between them is intense.  Ella is a half vampire, Micah thinks he is all human. Their world changes when they run across a demon and a little lust spell. They both wake up in a motel they don't remember getting to. Covered in blood and other fluids, after 4 days of continuous sex and not remembering any of it, they both are a little freaked out. They also notice that they have tattoo's....matching tattoo's. When Eli, Micah's brother shows up and opens the door, Ella knows that something drastic has changed. She is a full vampire and Micah may not be totally human. So the book is all about Micah finding out who he truly is, Ella finding out how and why she is a full vampire and why they now can't stop having sex or just being near one another.

This was a great roller coaster of a book. They start with the 2 main characters fighting and arguing continuously. You can feel the sexual attraction  while they are fighting. The demon they encounter just wakes them up to the attraction that was already there. The sex scenes were great and if they weren't having mind blowing sex they were kicking ass and taking names against other vamps, were's , and demons. As their love starts to grow and they figure out some of the things going on in their world, they know what ever is out there, they can beat it together. This a wonderful action paranormal love story....stress on the action both on and off the bed.


Britt Bury

The Darkest Day

In this world Britt Bury created, things are very different. The world is full of magic, creatures and full of unknown demons, beings and everything that goes bump in the night. The one thing that is newly extinct is humans.  Immortals are the norm and humans are thought to be a thing of the past. Izel, thinks she is a normal Fionn(works magic), she knows that something is about to change. She has received a letter form her grandfather. He has told her to leave all she knows and come to him. She loves him and he is the last of her family. So, she comes to Scotland. After walking for miles she comes to his home and finds it empty. She is startled by a large man behind her. He calls her a McCall, the name that her grandfather had warned her of. If a man comes and calls you by this name, you RUN! She tries but, he is too big. He is going to kill her. Everything changes at that moment. Kelvin, a Pookah (razorback shifter),  is sworn enemies of the Campbell clan. He is immortal. The clans have been fighting for hundreds of years, since they killed his father. He is searching for the mystic of the Campbell's, who has been missing. After arriving in his home he meets a woman. The woman who is the McCall(next leader) of his sworn enemies. He is going to kill her. For 25 yrs Izel has lived with feeling nothing. No love, no passion, no hate, nothing, for 25 yrs the mystic has been hiding Izel, hiding the fact she is the last human left on Earth. A prophecy says she is meant to bring peace to the clans and have great powers....Unless she meets a Pookah who will change her fated path.

This was an AWESOME story. Tons of action. My only complaint is some of the terms of the different types of people are a little confusing. Saying that, once you figure that out, oh my! The sexual tension is phenomenal.The actual scenes even better. You watch these two characters,  Izel and Kelvin, grow, fight their attractions, lose that fight, and finally fall for one another. Just when you think things are going well, the floor drops and Izel's world changes. She, loves and hates this man. Loves what they shared but everything is based on a lie.  This book was one of the best I have read in a long time. It also sets the stage for upcoming books that I will be looking for. If you like fantasy, paranormal, romance this is a must read! Adults only!!


next on the list

finished Loving Lucius ..review under  Skhye Moncrief'... Next is The darkest day by Britt Bury and Fayth Devin's Blood Lust  Looking forward to the reads!


Molly Cannon

Ain"t Misbehaving

Contemporary Romance

Marla Jean has not had a good year. She has had a rocky marriage and now has been divorced for a year. To make matters worse the husband who had professed to have loved hear for years had been cheating on her with the women who ran the bookmobile Ms Compton.A women who was 20 yrs Marla Jean's senior.  In this small town everyone knows everybody and she is tired of hearing poor Marla Jean.  So she is hurt over the lost relationship, her ego has been hit and to top it off she is lonely. So we start off with Marla Jean at a bar (Lu Lu's). She really just wants to get back in the saddle, if you know what I mean. So after dancing and flirting with all the eligible guys in town, finding herself in a car about to do something that she hadn't in a long while. Jake, is Marla's brothers (Lincoln) best friend. She has known him her whole life and has had a crush on him for all of her teenage years and here he is pulling her out of Donnie's truck. She is relieved (wasn't truly wanting Donnie), but is mad that he is just "watching" her for her big brother. The book is basically about these two characters fighting their attractions to each other. Marla Jean, not thinking she wants anything serious and just wanting some meaningless sex. Jake is very attracted to Marla but she is also very off limits being his best friends little sister. Evan though she is an adult and can make her own decisions. So they go through the story fighting their attractions tooth and nail. Marla Jean fighting with her EX, dealing with a business, dealing with ex's new girl friend who also just happens to be Jake's Aunt. It makes for some very comical situations.

The book starts off a little slow. Learning about the town, what and who the characters are. They are well developed and Marla Jean is very likable. She is shown in the wrong lite to the town and is constantly either hurting herself or someone else. Never out of malice but is all ways shown as the jilted wife and is humiliated. You feel very sorry for her ex specially when she is constantly being interrupted by family, when all she wants is a little nookie!  Her ex, is very self absorbed and now that he is divorced has nothing to do with Marla Jean unless it is to but in were not wanted. The story is very cute. Lots of comedy, situational mostly. I will a admit I even shed a couple tears. My only complaint if I was was to have any at all, would be the sex scene was a little under whelming. You know the 2 main characters are going to get together and should. When they do the sex is is quick when I was waiting for hot and steamy. So if you are looking for a hot and steamy..this is not it. There is tons of sexual tension and lots of wanting! Not my favorite book but very good overall. I would defiantly read this author again and it is defiantly worth the read.


promoting something cool

OK my friend Leia Shaw has a book debuting today Destiny Bewitched. It is only $2.99 and 10% of royalties are going to Operation Smile. So go to Amazon.com and check it out. A Paranormal romance that I know will be great. Get a great book and help a great organization!



Just finished Kiss the Dead. You can read my review under the Laurel Hamilton on my blog. She was put on in March! Next I will be working on Skhye Moncrief's Loving Lucius and Molly Cannon's Ain't Misbehaving. Looking forward to the reads....will post when I finish them.


Ashley Barron


Ava  is a successful business owner, wealthy, attractive, has a loving family and friends who would die for her. What else could a girl ask for.  Kader is the man who got away. Her true love in ever way. She broke it off 3 yrs prior to the story. She still wants him but she knows he has moved on, otherwise why isn't he here trying to get her back? Ava has a hard time moving on. Her friends, all close as sisters. Get together, even if it is just via the computer and try to encourage her. Ava is a event coordinator. At a big political party, her assistant seems to go missing and she knows something is up. After a small explosion goes off in Washington DC, and her best friend Bonner is investigating and tells Ava it may have been a bomb. Ava is scared that Bonner may get into trouble or mixed up into something she can't handle.  When Kader appears back in town, Ava doesn't know what to do. She gets her friends together, the Priya. These friends have all known each other since childhood and know each others deepest darkest secrets, which in Washington DC can make or break you. As Ava sees more and more mysterious stuff with her assistant and with things around town, she knows something is up, just not sure what. The book is all about Ava, her friends and the mystery that surrounds them. Also if Kador and Ava will ever make back together.

Ashely did an awesome job of describing the situation and life style of Washington DC. The characters were were developed and described with great detail and the story itself was interesting. My complaint is much of the same.  There was almost an overwhelming amount of detail.  I got lost several times in the story because of this. Now saying that, and Ashley being a new author, it was  a decent read.  The action that was in it was very good, I just wish their was more of it the story.  Overall it was a good 1st book.  I would keep and eye on this author. Lots of potential.


next on the list

Ava by Ashley Barron and Kiss the Dead by Laurel K Hamilton....can't wait!

Stephaine Julian

Goddess in the Middle

An ADULT story about Greek/Roman Gods.

Starts with Rom and Remy.  I loved the names.  I am a huge history nut. If you know the story of  Romulus and Remus, you get my point!  The two are werewolves (again ha ha). So you learn, magic and werewolves only happen every so many generations. In this family it happens to 2 cousins. Rom and Remy are both powerful werewolves in there own right. With the magic they both can wield, deadly. There is a prophecy, 2 werewolves with magic and a goddess, would help usher in a new era. With this knowledge, their families hide the brothers, because people want to use them for their own purposes. It does nothing to stop the slaughter of their families. So the cousins are looking for vengeance. Which brings them to Amity's door. Amity is the goddess of Health. She works in a hospital and heals badly burned patients. She is in a bar and is loony. Her and a friend (another goddess) see 2 men and they are watching Amity. Amity doesn't know it but a evil god from the underworld in stealing goddess powers to escape the underworld. Which makes Amity a target. This is why Remy and Rom are tailing Amity. SO the goal is to get Amity into bed (they don't care which one of them do it), so they can get close to Amity and her situation. They know the person chasing Amity, is the same person who is responsible for the deaths of their families.

The story was extremely well done. Loved Rom, Remy and Amity. WARNING a MMF scenes. The only issue I had and it may be in the hard copies, is the different gods got confusing. I know the basic gods and goddess but they had several others I had no clue who they were. Other than that the story was great. I would love to read others by the author and even in the series!



working on Goddess in the Middle by Molly Cannon. About 1/2 through. Pretty good so far. Lots of Greek, roman mythology!

Peter Blush

Boreal Dreams

OK I will say 1st this in not normally the type of book I read.  Saying that, it kept me interested right to the end.

This is a contemporary murder mystery. The book starts off with a conspiracy. A company genetically engineering corn. It cross breeds with the corn, which is being grown for a 3rd world country. They find that the contaminated corn carries in it,a gene that will cause infertility and possible other side effects.  Instead of getting rid of it, the sale goes through. So there is a huge cover up. The company is buying up land in the surrounding areas. One farm will not sell, the wife of the farmer disappears, there is a suicide of another worker at the company.  All of this is going on and the sheriff is trying to figure out what is actually going on. The sheriff and his wife are on the outs. He doesn't know his wife is having an affair with a upper boss of the company he is investigating. While all this is going on. There are 3 people running out in the wilderness in the hopes to bring information about the company to certain people. There are also wolves/wild dogs attacking hikers & people in the woods and also a mysterious Indian. There is a series of people over the past several years who have been found with arrows in them dead in the woods.

 You basically are learning about this town and its occupants, while a huge conspiracy and investigation is going on. The book was very well done, with tons of characters. Probably my only complaint. I felt like I almost had to take notes to keep certain characters straight.  Saying that, the fight scenes were awesome. The story was complex but intriguing. I would highly recommend this author and/or this book to people who want a story that makes them think and likes stories with in stories. This one will make you think right up to the end when you figure out how things are connected. I could almost see this book as a sitcom. The typical story with in a story and you don't know for sure what is going on till the end.  If you are looking for an easy read, this is not it.


Kyann Waters

All Lycan's Eve

Callie a 40 year old divorced, now single women.  She is lonely and wants a man. Her best friend Jewels is engaged and 10yrs her junior.  Jewels talks her into looking for a cougar club (older women meeting younger men). After looking and finding one, she decides why not.  A one night stand will be great. Callie gets a a e-mail directed to a C. Jones (not meant for her). It is an invite to a Halloween party. The party is to hook up with younger men. Jewels again living vicariously through Callie, encourages her to go. After some mild persuasion, she decides to go.

Kean is a alpha werewolf. He has set up a last party on this full moon. He needs to find a mate (not currently looking) and step up to his alpha position. His party has lots of escorts that all know of his kind and are discreet. So when a beautiful women walks in and and gets his blood to boil, he knows that she is his mate.

Callie learns pretty quick that, this is not a normal party and sees Kean as a great chance for a one night er. Kean sees his future, if he can convince her.

This was a cute very quick read!  I would read this author again.  A adult book, some steamy situations!

Going to start!

Peter Blush  Boreal Dreams...another comteparary book...we shall see.


Richard Dean

Under the Surface

Nathan and Matt were brothers with a troubled past.  A accident with their sister, caused a rift, that never heals between them. Nathan is a successful author and a drunk, and is found naked and shot in the head. Assumed a suicide by all.  Matt comes to id the body and make finale arrangements. Do to there relationship, they have not been close and Matt had no idea of Nathans life other than he is a drunk.  When Matt starts to make arraignments, he starts to notice things about Nathan.  His life and just his surroundings that just do not make sense. Slowly, he starts to question, if it was truly a suicide or if it was actually a murder. This is the story of Matt trying to piece it all together. What actually happened? Matt learns that it may not just be a suicide but may be much bigger then he can imagine. Buy getting into things that people want to keep buried, Matt puts his life in danger as well. Will he find the answers he seeks or will the people who want to keep thing hidden silence Matt as well?

This was a great murder mystery. Richard Dean kept me going right to the end. You will be wondering right along with Matt and trying to figure it all out as the story unfolds. Thanks for the great read!  


Eliza Lloyd

Wicked Desires

The setting is 1831, horse and buggies, prim and proper everything. Clarissa and Michael Dunnaway have the perfect marriage. 3 beautiful boys, a large estate, titles, and are well know and liked in there circle of friends. They also have not had sex in over a year. Clarissa, has now idea why. She has done everything thing she can think of and misses him terribly. A year ago a man approached Clarissa and kissed her. She slaps the man. Michael sees the kiss but doesn't wait for the slap. Now he thinks he is too old and can't please his beautiful wife any longer. So as the year goes by Michael never confronts her and doesn't answer or cant answer when Clarissa asks what is wrong.  Because of the misunderstanding, Michael starts fantasizing about things he could never ask his prime and proper wife. When he finally starts to visit a bordello, he tells himself that he will never break a vow toward his wife. He will just watch. Clarissa knows he is doing something. If he is not getting anything from her, where is he going? When she decides to follow him, and finds his destination is a Bordello, her heart is broken. After talking with the madam of the bordello, she has a possible solution to her problems. The madam has assured Clarissa he has been faithful but doesn't know how long he will hold out. So she talks with Clarissa and suggests a solution or possible solution to the problems. Will the solution bring more problems or help them become close again.

This was a very adult book. Keep your husbands/boyfriends  handy while reading. Lots of sweaty sex. But the story was good too. As a women I found Michael infuriating but I can see a man thinking the way he does. By the end you can see what Clarissa sees in Micheal. Good story, GREAT SEX! WOW!


6/6 current read/review

Richard Dean's  Under the Surface....A contemporary murder mystery! Will let you know more when I am done!

Lia Slater

Were Slaves (Were Legends book1)

"In a far away land 6 yrs after a great war between Werewolves and humans...nothing was settled"

In this world Werewolves are hunted down or treated like second class citizens. It makes it even worse when the Queen  Nayla was attacked as a young teenager. Her parents are killed and she was hurt.  When a strange pack wonders into her country, she wants nothing from them except,  to rot in her dungeon. Mace the alpha of the pack, sits naked and in filth, as they starve and wait to die. The pack had been wandering looking for a new place to call home and were attacked and thrown in a dungeon, just because they are werewolves. Nayla, according to the country's laws, can't marry and can not have a human lover. So it becomes a very lonely place unless you have someone to occupy her nights with. It has been tradition to chose a Were Slave. That is the only acceptable lover that the people will allow and she is very lonely. So Nayla walks among the captives and sees a hansom blue eyed werewolf. She is horrified at what she is thinking of doing but knows that if she wants a companion at all this is her option. Mace see her and is just angry.  Mace, is an alpha, and a very proud man. When he learns he is to be a slave to the queen, he is not thrilled, even if it is sex with a beautiful women.  So the story is about the 2 main characters working through there differences, learning that evil comes in all packages not just Werewolves, finding love and LOTS of sweaty sex. The sex scenes are plentiful and very good!

ADULT erotic paranormal romance!!


Skhye Moncrief

Resurrecting The Beast

This one grabbed my attention on pg one. The main character Sylvie has been kidnapped. She ran away from a arranged marriage and now is being taken back to her farther. In this world there are shifters and humans. Aliens have landed and are slowly getting ride of humans. So this is a dangerous time for human, let alone cute young women. The Beast is a man who has his own personal demons to fight, and the last thing he needs is a young women at his side.  He knows that she probably will not make it back to her father or to aware in one piece. Her captures have set her loose and are now chasing her for the fun of it and have promised to rape her when caught. So Sylvie, runs for her life. The Beast against his better judgment saves her. The story itself reminds me of a paranormal erotic romance of Beauty and the Beast! But, defiantly not a Disney cartoon.

Cool story, cool new world, would love to read more!

Erotic paranormal  romance..adults only!


Anyone got anything new for me?

Ok I just finished my last have to review.  I am doing some reading for me now but if anyone needs or wants me to review, please send me the book to my e-mail with a request.  I will have some open time here...Vacation starts in 3 days!!  Yeah!!! you can send the books to djjramsey@hotmail.com

come on need a new one!

Mike Wells

Lust, Money and Murder

This is a pretty fast paced story.  You start with a older guy and a young women. The women is a escort and the guy is up to no good. After a fun weekend of sex and living the plush life, the guy puts his plan into effect. He wants her to cash in some $$ to a casino. She doesn't think twice. He knows they are counterfeit and want to see if the pass. They pass through and they continue on there weekend. He knows that she has been seen on camera with the $$. So he knows what he has to do, Murder...  The rest of the story is about a young girl Elaine. You follow her story from when she is 4 and believes everything her dad tells he to adulthood, where she has to learn lessons the hard way. Not everyone tells the truth, and there are bad guys all around. After a tragedy happens with her, she decides then and there the course of her life. She would go after the man who took her family from her.  With revenge driving her, she sets out to complete her task. She works to become a secret service agent, to work on counterfeit $$.  Elane finally gets the job she wants and a man to love but she also may have just stumbled onto the case that will change everything. Will it...won't it?  Don't know because Mike ended it with a to be continued! 

I liked the story, it was fast paced and easy to read. The main character was well developed and you really feel the emotional turmoil that she goes through. If you are looking for a sexy time book...lol, this isn't it. there is sex in the book but it is brief and not descriptive. If it was a movie it would be rated R. So for a mature audience but not explicit. I would consider it a contemporary. Worth the read if you like a good mystery!


June 2....what I am starting

So my next review is Lust, Money & Murder by Mike Wells

Anyone ever heard of him?

Starting it today....let you know soon. 

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