David Feintuch

The Seafort saga

Sci-fi meets military saga.  Book 1 Midshipman's hope brings you into a exciting world. Nick Seafort a inexperienced solider is thrust into a position of command and now there is an entire colony waiting for him to save them. This series is ACTION packed. Starts on pg 2 or 3 and doesn't stop until the last pg.Most of the series is like this. I am sorry to say this is the the only series I have read from this author.  There are a lot in the series over a dozen.

Ben Bova


First part is set a little bit in the future. The human race is about to discover a new fuel. This new fuel will allow us to travel the stars. Orion an eternal warrior, battling a dark lord, has to figure out if he needs to help or stop us from the task. The dark lord, he is fighting has his own agenda and Orion has a timeline to try and fix.  As Orion travels backwards through time, the dark lord moves forward through time. The only thing Orion knows for sure is that if he doesn't succeed the human race will not survive.  This story has lots of action and makes you think about history a little bit differently. What if one man in our history could change the entire course of a civilization? Very good book! It combines a awesome sci-fi story with a little bit of history.

Ben Bova is the classic sci-fi story teller. he has tons of other books. Jupiter, The moon war, Mars, return to Mars and many more.  If you are looking for a really good sci-fi story you need to check out Ben Bova, you will not be disappointed.

Kerrelyn Sparks

This vampire series is a comical yet has a serious action and fighting. How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire(book 1), has lots of situational comedy. The leader of the good guys is a genius who has developed a synthetic form of blood. For humans he is just a man who developed a way to save  hundreds of thousands of humans. In the vampire world he developed a way to live and not have to involve humans at all. He even takes it a step father and introduces Choc-blood, and many other vampire cuisine. There is a group of vampires that believe this drinking of synthetic blood is against the natural order of things and humans should be hunted and killed like cattle.  These are who are good guys are fighting. Oh did I mention most of the god guys are HOT Irish speaking dudes! With the accent and everything;. This is a series to make you laugh! There is a love story in each that will make you go awe with adult sexual content, but it is very entertaining 1st and for most!

Orsen Scott Card

Ender's Game

Picture this we are at war with an alien race. The world is over populated so there is a 2 child limit on families. We are looking for the next military genius. So take a brilliant couple and they have a child. It is a boy "Peter", he is brilliant off the charts but he has a cruel side. Child #2 is "Valentine", brilliant off the charts but is too passive. They are so close to what the want, so they authorize a 3rd child. Andrew or " Ender" as his nickname, may be the one to save the world. Ender's game is about his journey and trials he goes through to hopefully safe planet earth and the billions of people on it. It is one of those books that keeps you going all the way through the book. Very entertaining, lots of action, and is YOUNG ADULT appropriate. It does have some violence but no more than a PG movie. This book was the book that got me started in reading in my earlier 20's. This book has 3 more in the series. Book 2 Xenocide is very good but book 3 and 4 really are not worth reading (in my opinion). There are a lot of spin off books. Books on other characters form the 1st book. I have read a couple and they are good. Ender's Shadow being my favorite. I enjoyed that one as much and Ender's Game!  This is a AWESOME book for any young adult and has enough action, and story to keep an adult loving the story as well.

ON MY FB page I have a cast list for the movie  Harrison Ford is cast in it! Out in 2013!

Past Watch the Redemption of Christopher Columbus

This book was one that I wasn't expecting to like and I really enjoyed it. I makes you think about our history and know that one little thing happening could have changed our entire world. The story starts out in the future. there is no war, no famine, no disease, but the population is down to like a few million people (don't quote me on that number). They have invented time travel and are working on a way to go back in time and change the course of history to save many more lives for the future. Sounds good right? They have to pick a time when things were changing and change them in a way that will help the future.  Now i will not go into the main part of the story but I will ask you this one question, and it will give you an idea on where the book goes.  what do you think would have happened if Christopher Columbus never discovered the new world? Think about it.  North America, South, and central America How would they have changed? it is an intriguing idea and one this book answers or tries to in this story.  It is a GREAT read and really makes you think about how little things can change and make HUGE differences!


Stephanie Meyer

Twilight series

Everyone has heard of twilight! It is a very good YOUNG adult series.  The only brief sex is in book 4 after the couple are married.  It is one of my favorites. Book one Bella meets Edward after moving to Forks with her dad. Edward is a vampire who is drawn to her blood and Bella likes Edward but has no idea what she is getting into.  By the end of book 1 after meeting , learning of vampires and falling in love ( which you really don't see n the movie)...you know this couple is in love and are rooting for them. And what women doesn't want to be loved as well as Edward loves Bella?  Book 2 New Moon tragedy strikes and Edward believes Bella would be better without him. He leaves, Bella spins into a depression. Her best friend Jake, starts to become more than just a friend. Book 3 Eclipse (my fav) is Bella choosing between the 2 guys as all hell is about to hit Forks and someone is after Bella again. Book 4 Breaking Dawn finishes the series with some nice twits and turns that will not just entertain but surprise you as well. I love this series because even though it is about teenage love, you believe that love in these books. With all of the problems that the couple run into you are hoping for a happy ending.

**the brief sex is nothing descriptive just you know they do it;. and again it is after marriage how many books can boast that?*** safe for young adults!

Barb and J.C Hendee

The Noble Dead series

A 1/2 vamp, 1/2 elf and a fey type dog travel together as thieves. They find towns that believe they are being hunted by vampires and scam the town by putting on a show and taking the town for the reward. In book 1 Dhampir Marjorie has decided the scam has to end and she has bought a tavern with her money and is going straight. Her companions follow her and on the way to the tavern they run into a real vampire. After getting to the tavern they realize that this town has the problems they were faking in the con's. This book starts the journey for Marjorie and her companion's. Through the books they all look for the origins of her birth (1/2 vamp) and why she has the powers she has.  You meet other people Wynn and Chane along the way (book 2). this series is a very technical series...lots and lots of detail. Very dungeons and dragons type book. There are 6 in the 1st series...were each character gets a book learning about themselves and were they fit in the story. Book 7 starts a new direction in the story and you leave 3 f the main characters behind. This series is very detailed but if you like to have a huge mystery with almost a dungeons and dragons/lord of the rings feel...This is the series for you. A more difficult read 2nd to the detail.

I know this husband and wife team write independently but I have not read any of there other works.  So if anyone else has please comment!

Amanda Hocking

Vampire series

Book 1 My Blood Approves catches you quick. The characters are fun and exciting.  It is about a girl who falls for a vampire who saves her from certain death. These books I consider YOUNG ADULT.  Out of the 4 books in this series there is one very brief love scene (3 or 4th book). The human gets into all kinds of trouble with her vampire boyfriend.  Not a complicated story but well written, fast pasted, quick reads and very entertaining.  highly recommended  for readers 14 and up.

Trylle series

The Trylle are a people who lived in the forest and usually have a fey type ability and at one time were called trolls (some were even small and green). They learned many centuries ago that humans lived better lives and there young had better chances.  So with there magic the would exchange a Trylle child for human child (with out the humans the wiser) and let the, usually rich human raise there Trylle child.  Then when they come of age they send out trackers to bring back the child and the money they have from the human families. The 1st book Switched, talks about how the human mom picked for the princess of the Trylle never truly believed the little girl she brought home form the hospital was hers and it made her crazy and the princess doesn't have the best childhood.  The story itself is moderate in action and has lots of drama. Interesting story and has some big twists and turns that you will not except. Again this is safe for YOUNG adults (14 and up).(3 books in the series)


Zombies, Zombies Zombies!  It is the end of the world and a strange disease has spread and Zombies are roaming attacking at will. People are dying left and right and if it wasn't bad enough that there are Zombies everywhere you really don't know who to trust and the main character has to protect her young brother whom she loves dearly. There is one short sex scene in this book and a couple more in the 2nd...so I still consider young adult but you will have to use your judgement. Lots of action and if you love the walking dead you will love this series. i could not read the 2nd book myself do to me being a chicken when it comes to zombies. Lots of suspense and some blood guts and a little gore in these books. (2 are out in this series)

She has mentioned on her website amandahocking.blogspot.com that she has other series she is working on but these are the ones i have read.  Her writing is very good  with lots of action and suspense but ignore the typo's.

Patricia Briggs

Mercy Thompson series
Mercy is a coyote shifter otherwise known as a walker.  A walker can see ghosts, a native American and can shift at will, she doesn't have to wait for the full moon or anytime for that matter. Ms. Briggs makes a world were a young coyote shifter is raised by a colony of werewolves. She is raised and loved but never truly fits in. She has become a auto mechanic in a shop run by a gremlin (fey) and lives across the way from a alpha of the local pack and fixed buses for a vampire!.  Mercy gets into lots of trouble just by being herself. She is a strong women character that falls in between the local alpha Adam and the man who she had a crush on from her past Samuel. These books are full of suspense and action and a little bit of love. Not much as the way of sex in the series so if your looking for "action" this series is not for you. If you want a action filled story with tons of really cool character's then try book 1 Moon Called.  You will fall for the series with in the first few chapters.

Alpha and Omega

This is a spin off series from Mercy Thompson series. Charles is the enforcer for the werewolf world. He is a quiet but dangerous guy but is one of the only full blooded werewolf alive. As werewolves can normally not care children most are made and not born. Charles mom, a native American medicine women held off her changes to carry a child and then died durning delivering Charles. Charles, in book 1 Cry Wolf,  meets Anna an Omega.  The series is about the trials and troubles that the Alpha and the Omega go through and the Love story of the two. These are good stories but not nearly as good as the Mercy Thompson series.  Read the Mercy series 1st.  You will learn about Charles (Samuel's brother) in this series.  He is a very interesting character.

Patricia Briggs also writes fantasy books.  They are well known and I have been told they are pretty good but I personally have not read the books. As a author I like how she writes and the Mercy series is one I look forward to the new one every year!



I will post more tomorrow.....I am hoping to get some comments on the authors...see if people liked or dislike the authors so far?  I shall see!

Katie MacAlister

OK here is one of the funniest authors out there.
 Dark Ones series

Vampire men have no soul and the only way to get one back is to find that one person who can save there soul. There is a 7 step process...which sounds funny because 2 of the steps involve exchange of fluids...lol. The process ends with the person willing to give up herself for the one she loves. The series has strong characters and a wonderful comical Love story.  I have never not laughed in any of MacAlsiter's story's. They all have twists and turns with trouble in the middle but if you want to laugh and have a little action along the way, these books are for you. 1st in the series is a Girls Guide to Vampires.

Dragons series  (Aisling Grey)

You Slay Me (book 1) starts off with a young women, who is a Currier by trade and is on a delivery.  As she is excited to be in Paris (it was somewhere big) she finds the person she is suppose to delivery to is dead and there is a guy there (maybe the killer) steals the object she is suppose to deliver. So as hunts down this gorgeous maybe killer...she accidentally becomes a demon lord (who is a big dog that is fricking hilarious!), finds out she is a guardian of a hell gate.  When she finds  the gorgeous guy, he is the leader of the green dragons and she is his mate. Allot to deal with in just the first couple chapters of this book. Again Ms MacAlister delivers.  Jim the demon sidekick is one of the funniest characters i have ever run across ed. There are 4 for Aisling and then 3 more books for the silver dragons and the 3rd of the light dragons is about to come out too!

Contemporary titles
It's all Greek to me, The Corset diaries, Hard Day's Knight, Ain't Myth behaving...All are Very funny and I am sure there are more than just these. She also has a historical romance that i have heard, from others that is is good as well but i have not read them. Katie also writes as Katie Maxwell.  This is her Young adult or PG-PG-13 type books.  Young adult...I have heard these are very good as well.

Nalini Singh

Psy-changeling series

In this world there are 3 races co-existing. Human, Psy and the changelings. The changeling's are exactly that animal human shifters. All different animals, with different clans and alliance's all there own. They are the builders and the muscle of the planet. Humans are the main work force and not under anyone. each race is independent and for the most part co-existing. The Psy are people who have developed a psychic ability to the extreme. tellaportation, seeing the future, telekinesis, and so on. The psy think the are superior and secretly want to take over control of the planet. Also they have breed and taught out emotion. The teach there children from birth to have none. It is a weakness the humans and changeling's embrace.  So each story is a combination of one or more of the different races.The stories are fast pasted and action packed. There is a love story in each and they continue with each story. So read in order if possible. book 1 is Slave to sensation.  These are some of my FAVORITE books!

Angel series
 In this world Angels watch over different parts of the world.  the Arch Angels are the highest. They
 create vampires from humans. The human get to live forever but have to spend the 1st 100 yrs in
 servitude to the angel who made him/her. All angels are not good. If you are a servant to a angel who is
 not so good 100yrs is a LONG time.  So they tend to run away. The guild is a group of humans
 with affinity for finding vampires. Angels hire the guild to return there property.  That is how the main
 characters find one another. An Arch angel needs help finding a particular vampire and needs help.
  The world is in the fate of if this human, can she help this arch angel?  Tons of action and a pretty good
  love story.

J.R. Ward

J.R. Ward
 The Black Dagger Brotherhood. A Vampire and demon type race fighting in the town of Caldwell. Lots of back story to read so read them in order if possible.  Lots of action and romance. Ms Ward will blind side you with the twists and turns she throws out! A group of Vampires fight to save unknowning humans and others of the Vampire community from the "Lessers". Both fight to destroy the other. I had been waiting for this last book for a while.  It is has already made me teary.  LOVE IT!

Fallen Angel series

It is a war between good and evil...heaven and hell. The two sides have a deal who ever wins the next 7 souls gets them all. So they decide on a man who is not all ways good but also not all ways bad and give him the task of  helping the soul do what is right and get of the right path or as the devil wants to go down the wrong path. Jim has 2 angels there to help him battle along the way. The problem he has he has to use his judgement to make the decision on which way to direct the chosen soul..which as the stories go he sometimes knows and sometimes doesn't know who he is suppose to go after.  It is a action packed series and you cheer Jim on through them and see why he was chosen. Between fate, human error and free will, Jim has a hard road to hall. He also knows if he doesn't win the loved ones he has in heaven will not be there for long. So no pressure or anything.  good series can get a little long but worth the read!

more soon

I will post more authors soon getting tired and needing to sleep. Thanks for reading!

Laurel K Hamilton

One of my Favorite Authors
the Anita Blake Series book one Guilty Pleasures.  Imagine if you had a loved one who just passed away.  the family is fighting over everything because no one knows what the family member really wanted.  So In comes Anita Blake. As a job she is what is called a Animator. She can raise the dead.  Everyone goes to the grave site , Anita raises the dead family member, everyone can say there goodbye;s and get the answers they need and then she puts them back to rest again. In this world, vampires, shifters, zombies and everything that goes bump in the night is known about but feared. As a second job Anita helps out the police when they have a murder or crime that they suspect is done by the paranormal. These books start on page 1 and don't stop until you close the book. BE FORWARNED they are graphic and violent. As you farther in the series Anita learns more and more and so you as the reader learn more and more about the world Ms Hamilton has made. Not for the faint of heart but if you want action, strong story and characters this is the series for you!

Meridith Gentry series

Meridith is a PI. She is also a Fey Princess in hiding. He Aunt the queen has been trying to kill her. The series is about the Queen coming to terms with the fact the fey world is dying. They are losing there magic and fewer fey children are being born. The queen send out her guards (who are part of her harem) to find Meridith and bring her back. the queen has a proposal for her and the Prince.  Which ever one has a child first wins the crown. the prince is a cruel evil bad guy (lol). So Meridith slowly picks up men along the way and lots of fighting and running from the princes men. She falls in love and starts to reawaken the magic.  How she does it you will have to read it. Book 1 is a Kiss of Shadows.  Good series not as good as Anita but worth reading.

Mary Janice Davidson

Betsy  Series

A not so smart blond gets mauled by vampires (doesn't realize they are vampires at the time), fired from work, her cat runs out on her and then gets hit and killed by a car.  Wakes up and is more pissed off that she is in cheap shoes and clothes than the fact she is a vampire.  She comes to find out that she is not only a vampire but a vampire queen. This series will make you laugh. Betsy takes nothing very serious until to late or unless it is shoes. A little sex a ok love story but it is VERY funny. several in the series. Undead and Unwed is book 1

Alaska series

Imagine a world were Alaska was never bought by the US but in a country all it's own. Ruled by a king and royal family.  It is really a world not much different form our own. When a young girl gets herself kicked off into Alaska with out a pass port and no way to get home gets into all kinds of trouble. A VERY comical story lots of situational humor. worth the read!!!

Fred the Mermaid series

It is exactly that  a funny series about a mermaid who works at a aquarium and the love and trouble she gets into.

I find that Ms Davidison's book tend to be light and comical.  Don't read if you want a serious story or one with lots of detail.  She does wonderful with what she does.  Funny situational stories.  Be ware you will laugh and maybe pee your pants but you will enjoy the story!

Christine Feehan

The Dark Series

Her Vampire series was one of the 1st ADULT book i had read. If you can read them in order because these is a story with in the story, that you may not fully get if you read them out of order.  Saying that you can read them out of order or as singles but....you will not get the full experience.  The Carpathian's are a race of long lived Vampires (nice ones general) who are slowly dying out as a species. There women are having fewer and fewer babies and what ones that are living are boys.  There men grow up and at about the 200yr mark they lose there sense of color and feeling.  These things only come back to them if they find there lifemate.  If they can not hold out until they find there lifemate.  They can get feeling back in killing while feeding. BUT by doing so they lose there sole forever and become vampires who hunt and pray on humans. The Carpathian's who are waiitng for their lifemates, fight these vampires to help save the unknowning humans. In  the 1st book Dark Prince ..the Price of the Carpathian people is about to give up and go to the dawn (sun light kills).  Until he hears a voice and knows he has found him lifemate. She is a human but with some extra abilities. The love story is great and learning about this world you just can't wait to see who finds who next. LOTS of books in this series!! over 20 in the series so far...Pace yourself and take breaks but a wonderful series!

Drake Sister series

7 daughters born from  the 7th daughter of the previous genration all with magically gifts. These are stories of love, loss and famliy.  They are what I would consider "witches" but i use the term loosley.  There are 7 books each sister finds who she is suppose to be with and adventure, action and a little sex begin. I would LOVE to be part of this family. Warning you will cry in these books. They do continue 2 more in a spin off series that is good but I like the Drake sisters a little better.

Leopard series

Make leopard shifter hunts bad guys, comes across female who does not know she is a leopard and usually goes into heat!  It is a ok series. Some really good action and a decent love story worth the a read but I like her other work better.


Carrie Ann Ryan

The Redwood Pack Series

An Alpha's Path

Starts off with Kade and Melanie. They meet on a blind date. Kade is the Alpha of the Redwood werewolves, Melanie has no idea they exist. They meet and the sparks fly. An amazing night together, one that has both of them dreaming and wanting more. Kade has found a possible mate. But he has been through this before, she still has a choice. Melanie is also the possible mate to another. Will Melanie be able to accept that werewolves even exist? Will Kade's love be enough?

Even though Melanie is frustrating and we know she should just accept his love and forget everything else. I know if I were in the same spot, I don' know what I would have chosen. Melanie come form a science back ground and werewolves DO NOT EXIST in her world!! In the end a great start to a series. Kept me interested and wanting more.

Taste for a Mate

Working and owning a bakery is all Willow wants to do. Jasper, a very cute man she is attracted to has been coming in everyday for breakfast. Willow has no clue the town is full of werewolves from the redwood pack. Jasper's wolf wants to mark Willow as mate. He is afraid of frightening her. He knows she does not know of werewolves. Finally he asks her out and she accepts and is excited to go with him. When Willow goes to close up, several men abduct her. They keep mentioning Jasper and how he hard marked her. The only thing he had done was wipe flour off her face, she didn't understand. She is terrified and knows they are going to torture and kill her. The kidnappers bring her back to the leaders of a opposing pack. She learns real quick that werewolves do exist and are not just from legends. Jasper goes to pick Willow up and sees her store is torn up and she is gone. His werewolf nose kicks in and he knows who took her. Will he get to Willow in time? The drive to find his mate and to save her is over powering. But the opposing pack may be using Willow to get Jasper (the beta) right were they want him. Kidnapping Willow is not the only thing they are doing to try to take out the Redwood pack.

The story is fast paced and very action packed. The opposing pack is just EVIL! You are on pins and needles wanting Jasper to hurry up and get to Willow. Willow has a strong will and when her mind is made up sticks with it. Jasper just wants his mate and will do anything to get her to safely. Awesome read. Makes you fall in love with the redwood pack. Huge cliffhanger...mad but excited to read book 3!

Trinity Bound

 Hannah is being kept against her will by some really bad werewolves. Reed, one of the Redwood pack members and a brother to the redwood pack Alpha is a cell mate. They are drawn to each other. Reed knows his family will come but also knows Hannah, a witch is his mate who he has to protect. Josh arrives in town and knows there is more to the world than what everyone else thinks. As ex-military he has all ways had a knack for finding people. He is drawn to a area and stumbles upon Reed and Hannah. He knows he must get them out. The 3 have an immediate connection and attraction. Could this be a start to something truly magically? Can their relationship even work? How will a trinity bond affect the pack and can it possible save it from the enemy trying to destroy the Redwood pack?

Carrie hooked me again! Couldn't put it down. I so love this pack and love the family dynamics. You love the characters in the story but also the family as well. looking for to the next one!

A Night Away (novella)

A night Away is Carrie's new novella. Mel and Kade need a night away from the new baby. They feel guilty but need some together time. Sex scenes are hot and the situation is relatable. Any couple knows they need together time and being a werewolf is no different. I liked this short story for several reasons. 1. the fact i know where the couple is coming from, 2.I get to see another small look into the Redwood pack and 3 very hot! Keep them coming Carrie!

List Of Authors and series that I follow

Most of the books i read are for ADULT reader. I am stressing that because I don't want someone having to have a conversation with a young adult that they are not ready for. So I will say this if a book does not say for young adult it is not! After you read it , then you can make that call. So here is what I am following currently. The list is ever growing and I will add and hopefully i don't for get to many.  i guess that is the advantage of putting this up I can all ways add more!

Current read

At this moment I am reading J.R Ward's new release Lover Reborn.  I am very early into it but so far there is a TON of action.  I have already gotten teary.  So we shall see.  My only complaint I have is sometimes J.R Ward gets a little wordy but saying that I love the people and world she created. I am all ways looking to what she is gonna do next because she tends to have major cliff hangers or twist and turns that you get blindsided with. Anyone who is up to date with her work knows what i am talking about.

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