Becca Taylor

Alyssa Amsel is tired of promises, especially broken ones. The plan is to build a home and a life with her long-time boyfriend, Mike. With each passing day, her dreams of that future seem to slip further away. When their living arrangements grow chaotic, Alyssa makes a decision that she hopes will bring peace back into her life. What she isn’t expecting is Bentley Jacobs.
From the moment Bentley first lays his eyes on Alyssa, he wants to claim her. However, timing and luck are not on his side. When fate steps in, giving him a second chance, Bentley is determined to be her knight in shining armor. He wants to sweep her off her feet and give her the life he knows she deserves.
Will Alyssa ever look at Bentley as more than just a friend? What will it take for to her realize her missing peace is only steps away?
“Aly, any guy would want you. You’re smart, fun, cook like a pro, not to mention beautiful. Not just beautiful, you’re sexy as hell.”
With my last words, her head snaps back towards me. “What did you say?”
I repeat myself. “You’re smart, fun…”
She cuts me off before I finish, “Not that, Bentley. The last thing.” And I think I may have revealed too much.
“You’re beautiful and sexy.” All of a sudden, she does what I wanted her to do since I first met her. She grabs my head, pulling my mouth to hers. I’m not talking about just a little peck on the lips either. I’m talking about the kind of kiss that has me hard as a rock in seconds.
I wrap my arms around her waist to pull her closer. At first, she just uses her lips and damn, if they aren’t the softest lips I’ve ever felt. I tease her bottom lip with my tongue. She moans and I slide in, instantly rolling her tongue with mine.


Interview with Rich Leder with Clabe Polk

Interview with Rich Leder

We are honored to have Rich Leder with us today. Mr. Leder is an icon in his own right among
comedy writers and his work stands by itself among the giants of comedy. In his Amazon Biography,
Mr. Leder says “I love to laugh, and I love to make other people laugh” and “I hope you'll read my
book and laugh out loud…that's why I wrote them.” Certainly, his latest book, Let There Be Linda, fits
that description and having stayed up reading it and laughing until the wee hours of the morning, I
can agree. Many thanks to Rich Leder for sharing his lifetime of writing experience with us today.

Please tell us about yourself.

I’ve been a working writer for more than two decades. My screen credits include 18 produced
television films for CBS, Lifetime, and Hallmark and feature films for Paramount Pictures, Tri-
Star Pictures, and Left Bank Films. I’ve written four funny novels: McCall & Company:
Workman’s Complication; McCall & Company: Swollen Identity; Juggler, Porn Star, Monkey
Wrench; and Let There Be Linda. I founded Laugh Riot Press as an imprint for my funny books
and, hopefully one day, the funny books of other indie authors. I have been the lead singer in a
Detroit rock band, a restaurateur, a Little League coach, an indie film director, a literacy tutor, a
magazine editor, a screenwriting coach, a PTA board member, a commercial real estate agent,
and a visiting artist in the University of North Carolina Wilmington Film Studies Department,
among other things, all of which, it turns out, was grist for the mill.

What kind(s) of books do you write?

I write a funny mystery series, McCall & Company, standalone, dark comic thrillers, and
romantic comedies

What inspired you to write books and when did you start writing?

After 25 years of telling stories in the strictly regimented format of screenwriting, I had the
strong desire to work a deeper, wider canvas. In a script, the writer can only access the
thoughts of the characters with action or dialogue. In a novel, the writer can explore the mind
and heart and soul of the characters at his/her leisure—discuss the characters’ actual thoughts
and feelings. Budget is a non-issue with a novel but a big concern with a movie. Sheer number
of characters can be problematic in a script but not in a book (so long as the characters are
meaningfully created). Number of locations, page count, and other considerations a movie
must make are non-existent in the world of a novel.
I wanted to experience writing without regimentation, so six years ago, I began writing novels.

Did where you grew up influence your writing?

Yes, no doubt. But I didn’t realize that until way later on. My New York/New Jersey childhood
will resonate in my work for as long as I write, of course. However, so will LA and the San
Fernando Valley, where I became a professional writer, where my children were born, where I
became, in my own eyes, an adult. An immature adult, granted, but still an adult.
What is there about your writing that especially appeals to readers?
Carefully crafted stories. Crazy-great characters. Fabulous dialogue. Hilarious writing.

Do you write books in series? If so, why?

I write a funny mystery series—McCall & Company. I’m more than halfway through the third
book. I enjoy creating characters that can live on from book to book to book. And I like writing
mysteries. And I like being funny. So a funny mystery series with characters that live on from
book to book to book seemed like a natural course of action.

Tell us about your latest book release.

Let There Be Linda, the dark comic thriller of the year, is on pre-sale now and launches July 1 on
Amazon. Here’s the blurb:

Leder's black comic thriller tells the tall tale of estranged brothers Mike and Dan
Miller—accountant and con-man talent agent respectively—up to their necks in the virtual
quicksand of LA's San Fernando Valley during the hottest summer in Southern California

The root cause of their problems could be the missing seventy-five thousand dollars, or the
sadistic, loan shark dwarf and his vicious giant, or the psycho comedian cop on the case, or the
coke-snorting dentist, or the deranged zombie real estate developer. Or perhaps it’s the
poodle—the poodle is suspect, no doubt. Or maybe it's the grocery store checker who breathes
life into death. Oh yes, it could be her too.
And so to repair the head-on collision the Millers have made of their personal and professional
lives, the brothers summon their mother back from the dead to clean up the wreckage. But
what the Miller men discover is that screwing with the laws of nature is a violent, bloody,
hysterical, and hilarious idea.

Are any books coming up?

I'm more than halfway through McCall & Company: Emboozlement, the third book in the series.

As an author, what challenges you the most?

Finding readers. Marketing in general, the relentless task of keeping my books and me in the
digital marketplace.

As an author, what bring you the greatest pleasure?
Two things. One: stringing words together in such a way that they form a fabulous sentence
and elicit a laugh in the process. Two: readers telling me they had fun with my books.

What do you do when you are not writing?

I am an avid fitness guy. I hang with my wife. I read. I love movies. I adore good food. I drink
fine bourbon.

How do you make time to write? Do you have a set writing schedule?

I don’t have a set writing schedule. I wish I did. But my life spins a little too fast these days to
find the same hours every day. So I write when I can—early morning, late afternoon, middle of
the night.

Do you plan your writing and use an outline or just write as it comes? 

I’m an outliner. I’ve used the same system for close to 30 years. It’s worked through 56
screenplays and four novels. I’ve taught that system to 200 writers. It’s worked for them too.

How do you approach cover design?

I’ve been using the excellent Derek Murphy of CreativIndie . I tell him what I’m thinking, and I
turn him loose. Then we work together to fine tune and finalize.

Is social media an important marketing tool for you ? How do you use it?

Yes. It’s the most cost effective way to reach the widest net of readers. I use Facebook ads to
target readers I think would like my books. Laugh Riot Press, my publishing company, is active
on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

What is your most effective method for book promotion?

Facebook ads have worked well for me.

What advice do you have for other writers?

Write anyway.

What is the best advice about writing anyone has ever given you?

Write anyway.

What do you like to read?

Richard Ford, John Irving, Philip Roth, Donald Westlake, Elmore Leonard, John MacDonald,
Stephen King...it’s a long list. I’m going to stop now.

Do you write for readers of multiple genres or just one?

I write for people who like fun, smart stories with hilarious characters. I write for people who
love to laugh out loud.

Thank you for sharing some of your lifetime of writing experience with us today. We appreciate

your time and wish you all the best of luck with “Let There Be Linda.”

For additional information about Rich Leder please check his Amazon Author Page and his

Good Reads Author Page.

Dori Lavelle

Not for the faint of heart. 
Amazon US ➜ http://amzn.to/1XMeqQL
Amazon UK ➜ http://amzn.to/213tN9o
Amazon CA ➜ http://amzn.to/23Ny7yB
Amazon AU ➜ http://bit.ly/1MMtoWb

‪#DoriLavelle #DarkRomanceThriller‬

‪Chloe Parker has the world at her feet. Her career in magazine publishing is flourishing, and she’s about to be married to Miles Durant, a gorgeous billionaire, and the man of her dreams.‬

‪But one month before her wedding, she receives a countdown card. No sender. No return address. No message. Only a piece of lace stained with blood. As the wedding gets closer the cards keep coming to her every day without fail.‬

‪It seems, while she’s counting down to the happiest day of her life, someone is doing a countdown of their own. Chloe fears she’s in danger, but she can’t turn to the cops for help. There’s something in her past she wants to remain hidden, a dark secret that could destroy the life of her dreams. To make things worse, Miles is becoming increasingly impatient and suspicious about her past, to the point where he’s so angry he becomes a man she doesn’t recognize.‬

‪While working to keep her relationship intact, Chloe must find out who wants to hurt her before she loses everything, or ends up dead.‬

‪**WARNING: Due to sexual situations and adult content, this dark romance thriller series is not intended for readers under the age of 18, and anyone who is unable to read books containing, kidnapping, murder, rape, and extreme abuse. **‬


Review of Let There Be Linda by Rich Leder

Let There Be Linda


Rich Leder

ISBN: 978-0- 9905442-5- 8
Copyright 2016 by Rich Leder
Laugh Riot Press

It’s under that shell! No it isn’t! Harvey and Omar want it back. Then, it’s under this shell. Hell
no, it isn’t! The Greenburgs want it too. It’s got to be under this one, then. Nothing here; the
zombie doesn’t have it either. Then where is it? Oh? Oh! Then, Gary Shuler Vista must have it!
Shuler may have wanted it, but he doesn’t have it; he may have told the zombie what to do with
it, but neither of them have it now. So what? It’s only $75,000…of a loan shark’s money. So

And so it goes when estranged brothers, Danny and Mike Miller, are forced to tolerate each other
because their mother, known lovingly as “Saint Linda” has died. Both of the brothers bring
baggage and personal agendas to the funeral arrangements. Danny brings the residual of his
unsuccessful gambling habits and his debts to an unscrupulous loan shark named Harvey.

Harvey, of course brings his ‘muscle’, Omar. Mike brings failed family relationships and a bad
relationship with a former client who has lost everything and has placed the blame squarely on
Mike. Likewise, the partners in Mike’s accounting firm place the blame squarely on him as well
and fire him from the firm. Now, the former client has gone insane and is stalking Mike with
intent to murder.

Where do the Greenburgs fit in? Greenburg is dentist who is hopelessly in debt to Harvey. He
has a poodle dog named ‘Chachi’ who becomes a pawn in a game facilitated by yet another
player, Jenny, who none of them know well including Danny who contracted with her to manage
her talent for spontaneous resurrection. Everyone else believes it to be a con game, but none of
them are willing to give up the chance to profit from it.

Finally, there is the off-beat, more ‘off-duty’ than ‘on-duty’ cop/comedian, Gary Shuler, who
wants to profit in his own way at the expense of all of them. Hated by the public and the LAPD
alike, Shuler lives for a few minutes of attention on the stage of comedy clubs. To Shuler, life is
a joke, and he is there to tell it.

As you may have guessed, Let There Be Linda has a full cast of wacky, nutcase characters. All
are sufficiently well developed to support the storyline, but only the Miller Brothers and the
Greenburgs have any depth. The story moves very quickly and the amount of information
presented seems overwhelming…like, whoa, I didn’t see that coming! Let There Be Linda is well
written and well edited and is a stimulating read. It can be read in one evening if you’re willing
to sacrifice some sleep; I did.

5-Stars Clabe Polk

Daryl Banner

New Release

Read My Lips 
by Daryl Banner

"The one person ... who I want ... to hear that song." she mouths, her whole body trembling, "can't ... hear ... anything."
"I hear you."
#ReadMyLips  #Dessie #Colton #Romance #DarylBanner #FreeInKU #KindleUnlimited


Janet A. Mota

Book 2 in the Coming Home Series

Release Date:  May 31, 2016

Shane and Anyse have been friends for years.  They know everything there is to know about each other except for one thing.  They insist on keeping their feelings for each other bottled up.  Shane is a love life kind of guy.  Anyse is a stubborn as nails kind of girl.  Together, they are a force to be reckoned with.   They love unconditionally and give their hearts freely. Fate intercedes and forces them together in a whirlwind of struggles.  There doesn’t seem to be an end in sight to all the ugliness coming their way.  Will they finally admit how they feel toward each other or will it be too late?  Will they be able to overcome the odds and live out their dreams of happiness? 

Be sure to pick up Undeniable, Book 1 in the Coming Home Series:


Kindra Sowder

There are only a few things Mila is afraid of. Most are pretty common fears, but there is one that sets her apart from those around her. The fear of a secret. With one drop of blood, her secret of a power beyond anything anyone had ever seen before is unleashed, landing her in a place where she is a prisoner. And an experiment. And there are only a few that know their dictator’s ultimate goal. Some are willing to save her, others want to exploit her for their own dark and sinister intentions, and it is up to her to stop them before it’s too late.

GET YOURS TODAY at http://smarturl.it/HARVESTED 

To keep up with Kindra Sowder:
Website: www.ksowderauthor.com
FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/kmkinnaman
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kindrakinnaman
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ksowderauthor
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kindra-sowder-09744b70


Nina Levine


I let him steal my breath and I want to give him my heart too.
But it’s complicated.

Internet dating and Callie St James do not go together.

Desperate for sex.
Earns shit money waitressing while desperately trying to get a publishing deal.
Only does yoga to keep core muscles strong—trust me, guys thank me.
Reads too much because gets no sex.
Did I mention desperate for sex?

She’s about to give up on love when the guy she’s been lusting after for a year breaks her three month sex drought.

Luke Hardy.

Mysterious, moody and all alpha, Luke is hiding a secret—one that Callie never saw coming.

The secret, however, is nothing compared to the discovery she makes about Luke’s family when she starts a new job at the local paper. Callie finds herself caught between her morals and her desires. Whichever path she chooses, someone will lose. Is she ready to give up the man she’s just found or will she go against everything she believes in so she can finally have the love she’s always dreamt of?

This story contains all the panty-melting sexiness and alpha goodness that Nina Levine books are known for.

Read the first couple of chapters and enter to win a Kindle Fire - http://ninalevinebooks.com/steal-my-breath-is-available-now-giveaway-first-chapters/

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Julian M Coleman

 Smashwords  FREE Coupon Code for Stolen Prophet is ZL94W 

Evie is a beautiful single mother with a gifted son who is nicknamed, Prophet, by his classmates. The only thing she ever wanted was a normal life. She had fled a cursed past where her death was inevitable. After Victor's father died, her beloved son became her only reason to exist...and then he is kidnapped. To save her son, she unleashes her power, the dark forces of an angry demigoddess. She coats the southern city in an icy hell while evoking madness and death. She will find Victor and there's no one to stop her...or is there? 

Callie Hart




6 Months 

A lot can happen in six months. A heart can break and heal countless times. A life can change so dramatically that it’s unrecognizable anymore. 

Sophia was a ghost, a made up pseudonym on a fake ID that helped Alexis buy beer. She was never meant to become a real person. She was never meant to live. Breathe. Hurt. Love. It’s funny how one moment can alter the course of a lifetime. Now Alexis is a ghost, and Sophia is all that remains. 

But what happens when the threats you’re terrified to acknowledge come true? What happens when your loved ones are in danger, and facing the past is the only way to save them? 

The newest prospect of the Widow Makers Motorcycle club is about to find out. 


Louis James Aubertin III has always been single minded in his goal: bring down the Los Oscuros cartel, and kill Hector Ramirez for ordering the death of his uncle. Over the course of the last 6 months, things don’t seem that cut and dried anymore, though. If chasing down Hector means endangering the woman he loves, is it really worth the risk? If sending his club to war against one of the most dangerous cartels in the world means ruining the one good thing in his life, is the price worth paying? 

Jamie will do anything to protect Sophia, but with Hector kidnapping her family members and demanding the greatest of ransoms, keeping her safe is beginning to seem like an impossible task. 


Vivian Lux

★★★★ New Release ★★★★
Wilder by Vivian Lux is b#LIVE and is only

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F.G. Adams

Title: Aldin's Wish
Series: Enchanted Immortals Book 1
Author: F.G. Adams
Cover Designer: Mayhem Cover Creations
Release Date: June 15, 2016

In the beginning there were five Immortals. They walked, lived and loved amidst humans. After a while they began to create new creatures. Beings with gifts bestowed upon them. Guardians for the human race. Three races were conceived: Necromancer, Shifter, and Vampire.

This is one of the stories...
Aldin Kovac dreams of a life of riches and wealth where every wish is his command. When a stranger approaches him in an alley offering him a new life, he can’t believe his newfound luck. Until he wakes up a Vampire. As fate would have it, Aldin meets a beautiful doctor who changes his world again. Unknowingly, she holds the key to his entire existence.

Dr. Wren Bishop has dedicated her life to her patients, committed herself to her work. She doesn’t have time for relationships or a family of her own. A one night stand with a stranger from a bar, stirs a passion and desire she’s never known. A connection forged by something unearthly. A longing for things she has never felt before takes hold of her and she’ll never be the same.

When their paths cross, sparks fly and passion ignites. Fueled by a force that’s beyond this world, the couple forms a bond that will not be denied. When a long time evil is resurrected, Aldin must protect his unknowing mate at all cost.

Will the dominant beast tame the strong-willed doctor? Or will fate cruelly destroy all hopes of a future together?

Add to your goodreads today: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/29776024-aldin-s-wish


G.W. Eccles

“This a terrific thriller beautifully paced as it gets faster and more furious in the final third of the book. I give it five stars.” (Temple Emmet Williams, Former Editor, The Reader’s Digest)

An up-to-the-minute compelling thriller that combines political sophistication with traditional gore and glory.”
(Ray Snoddy, former media editor of The Times and Financial Times and BBC presenter)

IPC Best Mystery Thriller - Bronze Medal 
Awesome Indies Badge of Approval 
eLit Awards - Bronze Medal in Mystery/Suspense/Thriller category 

Against a backdrop of political corruption, state sponsored terrorism, and increased Taliban insurgency, Independent troubleshooter, Alex Leksin, is asked by President Karpev to report on a planned pipeline to take Russian oil through Turkmenistan and Afghanistan. Karpev’s strategy is to reduce Russia’s reliance on the West by shifting his country’s vast energy resources to the East. Failure would be catastrophic to his presidency. 

Leksin’s investigation takes him from Moscow to one of the world's most sinister countries right at the heart of central Asia. 

Initially, his enquiries reveal nothing to cause alarm. Yet, wherever Leksin goes, someone tries to kill him; people who may be able to help him are assassinated; and information turns to misinformation. 

When at last he discovers the truth, he is no longer sure whom he can trust. 

“An up-to-the-minute compelling thriller that combines political sophistication with traditional gore and glory.” - Ray Snoddy, former media editor of The Times and Financial Times and BBC presenter 

“This a terrific thriller beautifully paced as it gets faster and more furious in the final third of the book. I give it five stars.” - Temple Emmet Williams, Former Editor, The Reader’s Digest


Lynne M Hinkey

The Un-Familiar: A Tale of Cats and Gods

He's back! The dog-god of Mercy, sometimes called the chupacabra, has returned and Señora Milagros is ready to retire. But her apprentice, Carmen del Toro is missing. Before she can curl up and enjoy her new life as Fifi, she'll have find and unite Carmen and the god.

Milagros knows the god is like a vortex, pulling people in to the events they must be part of, to fulfill a purpose that only He knows. With natural disasters occurring in a most unnatural manner, she suspects there's a connection behind Puerto Rico's unusual weather, Carmen's disappearance, and the god's bigger plan.

Without his familiar, the god will remain weak and vulnerable to predation by other deities. Milagros needs to find and unite Carmen and the god before it's too late. It's not only her retirement at stake, but the entire world's future. 


Although The Un-Familiar is a sequel to Ye Gods! A Tale of Dogs and Demons (2014), I wrote it with the intent that it could stand-alone. In it, science, magic, and myth collide when the chupacabra returns to Puerto Rico.


Marsha A Moore

Eager to be on her own away from home, twenty-year-old Aggie Anders accepts a relative’s invitation to live in Coon Hollow Coven. Although she’s a witch from a different coven, what locals say about the Hollow confuses her. How can witchcraft there live and breathe through souls of the dead?
Aggie’s new residence in this strange southern Indiana world is a deserted homestead cabin. The property’s carriage house serves as the coven’s haunted Halloween fundraiser. It’s a great opportunity for her to make new friends, especially with the coven’s sexy new High Priest Logan.
But living in the homestead also brings Aggie enemies. Outsiders aren’t welcome. A cantankerous, old neighbor tries to frighten her off by warning her that the homestead is cursed. Local witches who practice black magic attempt to use their evil to drive Aggie away and rid their coven of her unusual powers as a sun witch.
Determined to stay and fit in, Aggie discovers not only that the cabin is cursed, but she alone is destined to break the curse before moonrise on Samhain. If she fails, neither the living nor the dead will be safe.

Series description:
The series is about a coven of witches in a fictitious southern Indiana community, south of Bloomington, the neck of the woods where I spent my favorite childhood years surrounded by the love of a big family. The books are rich with a warm Hoosier down-home feel. There are interesting interactions between coven members and locals from the nearby small town of Bentbone. If magic wasn’t enough of a difference between the two groups, the coven folk adhere to the 1930s lifestyle that existed when the coven formed. 
A note to readers: this series is written to be read in any order. The series is about one community, and its residents may pass in and out of various books, but each book has its own unique and special story to be told.

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