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Jennifer Jennings An Appointment with Murder

Michelle Grogan Forbidden Love

Tony Riches Queen Sacrifice

Richard C Roger's The Symbols at your Door

Alan McDermott  Gray Justice

Frederick Brooke  Doing Max Vinyl

Douglas Pratt  Blood Remembered

Wendy Cartmell  Steps to Heaven

These are just which ones are out and are being worked on now. I am sure a few others may sneak in too!

Julie and the Review team!

Shayla Black & Lexi Blake

Their Virgin Captive

Gavin James is a typical millionaire tycoon, running a oil company. Him and his brother Slade grew up rich, wanted for nothing but love. Their father wanted them tuff and manly men. Sending them to Alaska in the summer to learn parts of the business was suppose to be to make them hard men. Instead they met people who truly cared for them. As they grew up, they new their father, wasn't there for them but the boys stayed close. They were their only family, until they learned of there brother Dex. Gavin and Slade didn't think twice. This was there brother. Their father dead, and Gavin's on again off again girlfriend dies under mysterious circumstances makes for a turbulent time. Gavin becomes more and more of a recluse and Slade and Dex, who have been to college together, now work as leaders of their oil company. When Hannah walks in their door, Dex is head over heals for her. He immediately brings Slade to see her and they know she is the woman for them. So slowly,  they eventually get her to the position of Gavin's Administrative  assistant. Hannah becomes almost a member of the family. Lunches, dinners, time together but never truly telling her that Dex and Slade want her for themselves. Slade knows Gavin likes her too but is still beating himself up for his exes death. Gavin doesn't say why but Slade knows something is up. When Gavin accidentally opens a letter addressed to Hannah and realizes  a stalker is threatening her, he immediately seeks his brothers out and they agree she has to be protected. When Dex finds out she has kept  knowledge from the 3 of them, he knows they may have to go to extreme measures.  Hannah has known someone was after her. The police have been called and reports have been filed, phone numbers changed, but the man keeps finding her. She doesn't want to trouble her 3 bosses, but when they kidnap her to Alaska, talking of a business trip, the truth comes out. Will Hannah's stalker fine her yet again, will the men who fall for her be able to keep her safe and finally how will any relationship work with 3 domineering men and 1 beautiful women?

As a menage book, this was a really good one. The story line was entertaining. You really do fall for the men and Hannah really is cherished and loved by her men. The bondage and Dom stuff isn't for me but I can see the allure. To put that much trust into someone let alone 3 someones was pretty cool to read. The book kept  me interested into the very end. The only thing about it all is I knew who the stalker was from about a third of the way of the book. Still made a really cool ending fight scene. The sex scenes were great. This one was a HOT HOT HOT! Be for warned.....no guy on guy scenes but 3 males and one women ..the women is getting ALOT of attention. If you want a hot book with a good story this is one pick up!


Leia Shaw

Destiny Bewitched

Sam is a witch. Her family has been beating, abusing and neglecting her for years. Nikki her younger sister, who Sam has protected and loved where her family has failed. Nikki has been kidnapped. She knows her fathers debt to a secret underworld fighting ring, is why she was taken and so Sam heads into the underworld. Geo, a half demon demigod, stumbles across a girl being attached by 3 werewolves. She is holding her own but knows she can not win against the 3. He says to himself keep your head down, it is none of your business. He is drawn to her but doesn't want to get involved. Until he hears her cry out and sees she is a witch. Geo was banished to the underworld as a punishment. Maybe, if the witch talks to Gaia(mother earth) and she says how much he has helped the girl, Gaia can get him out of the underworld and back home. So after rescuing the red head beautiful women named Sam, they make a deal. Geo will get Sam to the games, so she can get her sister. Sam will contact Gaia and tell her how much he has helped her. Too bad he plans to leave her there when he goes back home, and she knows she can't contact Gaia because her family is cursed. So the two travel together. Dangers all around them and both having lies of their own. Will the truth come out? If Geo finds out will he forgive Sam and will Geo be able to walk away from the women he is growing to love?

This was the first book I have read by Leia Shaw. If you like action, romance, and more action, you will LOVE this book. I couldn't put the book down and it made me cry. Both signs of a really good book. The love story between Geo and Sam is sweet, endearing and very funny at times. You watch their love blossom and grow, as they fight through the underworld. Sam is forever wanting to get to her sister and will do anything to get to her. Even it means lying to a man who is helping her. The story is fast and filled with action, from the fighting in the area and under the sheets. You are rooting for the two to the very end. I also liked the set up for the next book. Wonderful story..thanks for the great read! Will be watching for the next one.

Come try to win a free e-book of this great story!! 9-24 to 9-28th winner announced on sat. To win check out the rafflecopter to the right!!

Timothy McDougall


Timothy McDougall's first novel takes us through a maelstrom of emotion, adventure, chaos, and retaliation.  Noel Anderson is a successful average Joe with a vaguely troubled past whose life is ripped apart when violence destroys his family and everything he has worked towards.  A weak justice system, impossible odds, and the short end of the stick seem to greet him at every turn.  As his life is forced to continue whether or not his heart is ready, Noel, finds himself alone, lost, and confused.  Or is he? Detectives following several cases related to the loss of his family seem to think a series of bloody crimes committed years later may be the work of Noel's vigilante justice.  An action packed, breath-stealing ending leaves readers wanting this broken man to find love, happiness, and harmony again.  Find out if he succeeds in Violence.

A fresh book with excellent character development, riveting action scenes that leave very little to the reader's imagination, and attention to detail surrounding every new topic.  This book will be enjoyed by many, but especially the under twenty-five set who look forward to a video-game-style background story come to life. A non-linear timeline would have really made this book outstanding, but overall, and excellent first novel.  Looking forward to more. Three out of five stars!

Nikki M.


TS Welti

The YA series is doen. All 3 books are under the authors name. Come and check it out. Very good series, entertaining, surprising, & thrilling. Read the series if you like YA stories. Fast easy read but well worth it!



Celinda Santillan


As a normal popular teen trying to finish High School, Alyssa has a hard road ahead of her. Four years earlier, she was left broken; physically, in heart and spirit.  In order to cope, she pretends like everything is OK. With the help of her two best guy friends she is able to do just that, and concentrate on school. trying to move on is hard in itself,  almost impossible for the memories all around her.  But, what do you do when your past comes back after, you are finally strong enough to move on? What do you do when your past isn't what is seems, and your future is forever changed. Alyssa finds out she is not who she seems. But, soon she will find out why her parents are so distant, why her eyes are purple, and why she is not just another teenager. School, and all she knows is set aside because she is continuously in danger from things she didn't know existed. In the time it takes her to grasp her new reality, it changes again! Alyssa not only has to find herself but stop a catastrophic war threatening her life, and everyone she loves.

I found this to be a pretty interesting story. The main character is so experienced at such a young age, I don't recommend for impressible teenagers. Young adults closer to legal age would be best 17+. I liked the story itself. The author did a great job  making the characters interesting, and pulling me into the story with the twists and turns of the plot. I think the ending made the story much better. While reading this book, the grammatical errors, incomplete sentences, and lack of editing toward (mostly) the second half of the book became extremely distracting.  It became harder to read and understand the story. Evan with the decent story line, the severe errors in the book, made me consider not finishing it. I am glad I did; however the lack of editing made a lasting impact, stronger than the story.

Cyndi F

Carrie Ann Ryan

Dust Of My Wings

As an warrior angel Shade had many responsibilities. Keep the secret of the paranormal community and keep other angels from spilling that secret. When another angel messes up, Shade delivers punishment. He receives a summons from the council to fix a problem. A women has obtained a vile of dust. Not just any dust and not just any women. The women is a scientist, whose job it is to find out what it is and where it comes from. The problem is, it comes from Shades wings. He doesn't know how she has gotten the dust but he has to find out why and fix the problem. Lily Banner, a scientist is working as a technician in a lab, has just been given a vile of dust.. Her boss is a jerk has told her she has to figure out what it is.  On her off time she plays board games in the park and hangs with her friends at Dante;s bar. One afternoon she meets someone. A man approaches her and sees her alone waiting for a friend in the park. They play a couple games and get to know each other. Shade knows that he must be careful and find out what she knows and destroy the sample, but is drawn to this women like no other. Lily is extremely attracted to Shade and decides a date may be fun. So they meet at Dante's Bar where Lily's friends can also meet Shade. As they women are waiting and drinking together, lightening strikes the bar. No one is hurt just banged up and bruised. Lily soon realised something has changed. Something in her is different. Shade and best friend Ambrose show up to the bar and know something happened. Shade and Lily, becoming closer as time goes on and Shade soon realises Lily is more than just human. How can that be because she was just a human when they met? As Shade and Ambrose try to figure out how Lily has been changed, how the dust got into Lily's hands, and  try to keep her is the dark to keep her safe because Shade is falling in love. Lilly is trying to figure out what the dust is, getting sick because something happened when the lightening hit, and falling in love. With all this going on they soon realise someone in the council or high in the ranks of the angels is a traitor and is setting up Lilly to be killed. Who would want her killed and why?

This a 1st book in the Dante's circle series by Carrie Ann Ryan. In this story Shade and Lily are so drawn towards each other and there is so much working against them. The lightening strike was very cool and unexpected. it changes Lily and the other women. It starts and explains what and who are in the books to come. The story was very well written and has action galore. The love story is touching and you are really rooting for the two to get together. A great start to a new series. I am really looking forward to see what is in store for Ambrose. Awesome start to what will be a great series.


Amber Sweetapple

Djinn and Tonic

Detective Carson is a honest hard working cop. When a case has him confused and not knowing what to do, he starts to think. The case is closed only because it has gone cold. No prof of anything. He knows Jack and Miriam are part of it and some how magic...of all things is involved. He has been coming to the bar after work in Detroit. Leila the newer waitress is another reason he is there. Over the past weeks they has gotten to know each other and the attraction is there but something else is too! As Carson goes over the case he has been fretting over, he gets pulled into a world that he never knew existed. Leila is part of a world, most humans no nothing of. She is a Ifriti. A middle eastern magical being similar to a Djinn!  Like most magical beings they can live for hundreds of years. Leila's father has made an arranged marriage. Leila hates the man who is a known murderer, bully, rapist, thug at best. Leila also knows that the deal her father made with him for her hand, also binds her family. If she refuses, her father and brother will die and her mother will be given to someone else. Leila has been fighting this for a long time. Her future husband to be, has now tracked her down and is going to take her back kicking and screaming.  What can she do? Carson walks into her life and steals her heart. The attraction is enormous and she knows she should not lead him on. What kind of future can they possible have? Her problem is she can't stay away, but she is afraid her world will kill the only man she has ever loved.

This is book 2 in the series. I love the fact it is located in Detroit. I know the area.  The story line with Carson and Leila, was touching and sweet. Carson a cop and Leila the daughter of a crime boss and a magical being can make for some major entertaining drama. Carson a lovable strong character, you just want him to know what is going on because he really has no clue for a while. Leila is a women torn. She want to just fall in love, with Carson, live in peace and have a happy life. She also knows the well being of her family is in her hands, how can she abandon them? The book has one awesome sex scene and a beautiful ending! I recommend this book to anyone who likes a good romance, mystery and a little action!


Elaine Cantrell

Her Kind of Man
Kara Cochrane is not having a good couple of months.  It seems like every time she is trying to adjust to a  major change in her life, another one is coming her way.  When she runs into Ross, a guy she went to high school with and who had always had a crush on her, she decides he will be a nice distraction. Before too long she is hit with more devastating news.  She believes the news will change the way people in her life will feel about her.  Even though she is trying to cope with so much, Ross wants to marry her and soon.   She just cant believe that anyone can love her after the latest revelation.  But her family and new husband show her that their love and support are here for her, if only she will accept it.
This book is a great read.  Lots of twists and turns, which keep you wondering what will happen next.  There is a little sexual content in the book but not too much.  Our main character Kara, encounters so many changes in such a short time it's heartbreaking.  The story shows us how unconditional love from those around us can  heal the deepest hurts and help us overcome our own insecurities and feelings of inadequacy.  The author did a great job of pulling me into the story, emotions and all.   
Theresa F.


Sarah Yoffa

The main character is Dicky, a thief (of necessity) who lives in an underground colony with his parents who "adopted" him after they found him wandering around at age 3.  During a cave-in within the colonies Dicky encounters a young boy, Itzick, who seems to know who Dicky's and seems to be searching for him.  Itzick has come with a group of his kind (Jewish/Blackcoats) looking for the Lost One who he believes is Dicky.  Despite his belief that the boy is wrong, Dicky feels a connection of sorts with him and does what he can to keep him safe after the cave-in and this is how he ends up with Itzick and his caregiver, Leah, in his and his adopted family's cave-in shelter while waiting for the repairs to be done to make the colonies safe again.  He quickly learns that the boy has some "special talents" that are a bit unnerving to Dicky. If they are touching, they can communicate without speaking out loud.  Itzick tells Dicky that this is something that only the men in his family can do and this is another thing confirming that Dicky is indeed Itzick's uncle and the Lost One.  During their time in the shelter Leah and Dicky continue to build on an attraction that has been building since he saw her while hiding in a pantry when he was stealing food on the colonies upper levels before the cave-in.  Due to her religious beliefs, Leah is ultra conservative and very much wants Dicky to embrace his heritage as a Blackcoat  accept that he is the Lost One.  Dicky and Leah fall in love and are married in the colony and have the wedding night that they have both wanted.  But her religion does not recognize the union since it was not performed according to their laws so they agree to travel to Madrid where Itzick's great uncle is the leader of the blackcoat's in his area.  Dicky had never been outside in the open let alone traveled so far away from the colony and his adopted family.  During the long journey Leah and Itzick taught Dicky their language whenever they could but Dicky became ill and slept for much of their trip.  Dicky's education continues in Madrid but from the man who claims to be his uncle and Itzick's great uncle, since in their religion it is improper for Leah to spend time alone with him until they are married and he must first learn more of their ways before that can happen.  After much learning and soul searching Dicky finally accepts that he is indeed the Lost One and a part of this family.  After discovering that Leah is pregnant from their union in the colonies they are given permission by the matriarch of his family to be married in Madrid with all their customs and beliefs.

This book is set in a post nuclear future.  It is also inspirational fiction, per the author.  The book is a good read that kept me wondering if the main character, Dicky, was going to accept all the evidence that he was indeed the Lost One.  He and his adopted family are a likable group even though you know that they are all thieves because you know that they do it out of necessity.  They are quirky and fun and the
author help you to feel their bond of love and the loss they all feel when Dicky leaves for Madrid.  Throughout the book there are people speaking Hebrew and it is very confusing when there is nothing to tell you what is being said.  It is done to confuse the main character but it also confused me.  However, due to reading this book I now Know a little Hebrew.  This is a book that shows acceptance and strong bonds from both Dicky's families.  There is a little sexual content but the overall feel is inspirational. 
Teresa Fehse

Help me introduce Teresa

Teresa is one of my new guest reviewers. She just finished Coming Home by Sarah Yoffa. Read her review and check it out! She has taken on a 2nd book for me Her Kind of Man by Elaine Cantrell.


Luke Romyn

Beyond Hades

Imagine your twin brother, whom you have spent most of your life avoiding, had opened the gate to hell. Well, Indiana Jones is fiction and Archaeologist are not all flash and muscle. Talbot, the main character is more of the brains type of archaeologist. All of the creatures that are linked to hell, which is really Tartarus, are focused on Talbot, and he can't figure out why. He does know that the humans are all focused on him because he is the only human on earth that can open the portal. Which means that he is the only one than can go in and force the portal to close again from the other side. Sacrifices must be made to keep him alive, at all costs, in all dimensions. Devastation follows Talbot where ever he goes. The creatures attack and people close to him tend to die. Many are not who they seem,  and this is all before even going into the portal. So, to not ruin all the fun of the book, that are several fun scenes in the book that take A LOT of imagination and there is a lot of different aspects of sci-fi included in this book, but some parts are best left to the reader. I can say that Talbot and a not so sane guide travel through Mt Olympus, Hades, Tartarus and back. Every time they turn around there is another creature of some sort either trying to gain their trust, or kill them. There's also the tiny matter of surviving a war before trying to get back to the portal...which by the way is in a self destruct count down while they are doing all of this running around. Can they make it in time???

I enjoyed watching Talbot process the information as quickly as he could, but not quite quickly enough in some instances. It leaves for a lot of great action and adventures though. Wes is the name of the not so sane character that travels with Talbot to the other side of the portal, and as I read the story, I couldn't but wonder if there will be a book two that tell us more about Wes, because there are some things about Wes that pop up in the story that never get fully explained.

Jamie K

1st guest reader

My 1st Guest reader is Jamie K. She read Beyond Hades by Luke Romyn. She recommmends the book for regular sci-fi fans, due to violence content may be too mature for young adult without parental consent, minimal sexual content (mostly insults). So come and check it out.



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Pauline Ross

I was sent 2 short stories from Pauline Ross today. Both were very short but sexy. The first one I read was Pop My Hood. It is essentially, a lovers quarrel. It opens with the wife walking away from a bar. She has dolled up because it is their anniversary and her husband is being an ass. He had seen her hugging a friend and jumped to conclusions and she storms out of the bar. He follows her. She is pissed that he reacted so bad and also because he didn't even recognize the fact she had gotten herself all dolled up for him. He finally gets her in the car and she realizes that he does remember the anniversary. After arriving to a secret location, the making up begins. Insert very good sex scene here!!

The 2nd one, is Taxi Cab Seduction. It is about a women who has had a really bad day. After having the worst day, she goes out to get a cab and it starts to down pore. Waiting for a cab and tall dark stranger walks up, smiling. He is drenched. As a cab comes up, he offers to share the cab. Who wouldn't want to share a cab with the tall dark very cute stranger. In the cab the sparks fly. Insert pretty good sex scene. They depart ways with promises of getting back together. I wouldn't mind reading that!

Both stories were good, but very short. It you just want a sexy time read...these will get the job done or started!! lol   In fact these are perfect for husbands who don't like to read, because they are so short. I will defiantly have my husband reading them. Worth the read for anyone who likes Erotica though!  I could relate a lot more to the 1st one. A fantasy most wives could relate too!

Bast Anya

The Twisted Kiss

The world as we know has ended. The government has created a virus that has spread world wide and has killed off over 1/2 the population. They were trying to make the perfect solider. What was left of the population was made into weres or vampires or another super type being. There were a few humans to be genetically resistant to the virus. Some of the humans also carried a super virus and when triggered by the right DNA, disaster for the carrier. The person would be changed into a monster that is half shifted into a form not human anymore and driven crazy. Then hunted down and put down for the good of the community. Kylie is a human and is dealing with just that. Her last boyfriend, whom she loved, turned with just one kiss. Now 3 yrs later, she still feels responsible. The local psychics do proclamations. Truth seerers, what they saw is what shall be. Because of the shortage of women, from the virus, it is not unheard of to have a triad relationships. One women and two men. When the proclamation comes out that Kylie is to be matched with Michael and Christian. She wants nothing to do with one man let along 2. even worse one vampire and one werewolf together is just unheard of. Kylie, just wants to be left alone and the 2 men have wanted her for a long time. So as the 3 get to know each other and come to an understanding. The male from Kylie's past decides to revisit.

This is a short book. Most that I have read from Anya Bast are short. They are good adult books though. Lots of action, a good love story and really good sex scenes. For a really good quick read, I highly recommend this author! Adults only. I have also read Keeping Kaitlyn,Fury, and Tranquility.  All are VERY good shifter, werewolves, magic, vampire type stories.


Wynne Channing

What Kills Me

Zee, is studying abroad. Italy, the place of romance and lovers. She is staying with a host family and studying Italian. On the way home, she gets lost. A gorgeous guy approaches her. At first she thinks he is going to rob her. After introducing himself he helps her home and asks her out on a date. Zee is thrilled, like any teenager would be. When she gets inside the host family puts a 9pm curfew on her. How is she going to go out with the cute boy? When he shows up at her place the next night, she sneaks out. Like any teenagers, she has to see this cute boy again. He takes her for gelato, buys her flowers, a necklace and treats her like a princess. Any girls dream. He then takes he to a church that has been abandoned. Just as she starts to get nervous, the boy admits he is going to kill her. He says he is going to drain her dry. He chases her threw the church. They reach a spot where there is a massive hole, it looks like there is no bottom. A robed man approaches and tries to stop the boy from hurting Zee, not before she falls in the hole. When Zee awakens, she slowly climbs out of the hole and the robed man helps her out. She finds out the robed man and his helper Lexi are vampires and the boy who tried to kill her was one as well. She is horrified to find out she is one too. Guards show up and Zee doesn't understand what is going on. When finally in front of the vampire Empress, she learns that she is a vampire with no sire or an abomination. They charge the boy who chased her and Zee to death. As the sun rises, Zee has no other option than to watch the boy burn from the sun and know what is coming next for herself. But as the sun rises, she doesn't burn. After climbing out and getting away she washes up on a shore line. Noel a vampire, helps her to his cabin where he and his family lives. Zee doesn't know it yet but the Empress has not forgotten her. After telling her story to Noel and his family, Noel knows Zee is not safe and he must protect her.  When the soldiers show up, Lucas (Noels son) and Zee have to run. The chase begins! Why does the Empress what her killed so badly and why is Zee the vampire so different than everyone else around her? Is she what everyone fears the monster of monsters? Zee and Lucas are chased across the globe in the hopes to finding answers and someone to help them, will they find the answers they seek?

What kills me, is a action packed, thrill ride. Starts off with a teenager with a crush and continues on non-stop. One action scene to another with a few touching moments in between. You feel Lucas and Zee grow closer to one another and you can sympathize with Zee. Her fear and wonder of her new environment. By then end you know that this is just the start of a very cool series (I hope). I would love to find out what happens to Zee, Lucas and the vampire world. I would consider this a young adult book, but it has some violence and gore in it. So ages 15 and up is my recommendation. But worth the read for any adult as well!


Left on my July list

I really have been moving right along with my list for July. So here is the list I have left to finish July, then I will start on my Aug list.

Violence- Timothy McDougall (guest reviewer is currently working on)
Beyond Hades- Luke Romyn (guest reviewer currently working on)
What kills me - Wynne Channing
Forbidden love- Michelle Grogan
Part 2 &3 of the No Shelter series (finished book 1 a few days ago already on the site)
 that is it for July!
Still looking for guest reviewers. I have a couple that might be interested still. Would like to get the wait time for reviews down to 8 wks if possible. Current wait list is into Nov. Hopefully this time line will shorten though!  If anyone has any questions please contact me at the above e-mail. I will all ways take requests on FICTION only.

My goal to to help authors, new and old, tell about their stories they have created. A good story is a wonderful thing to share.
Julie Ramsey

Jade Varden

Justice (Deck of Lies)

Rain wakes up to a new day. Excited, scared and a normal teenager, starting a new school. Rain received a scholarship to Sloane, a private very rich school. Out of thousands of applicants she is one of 5 poor kids to receive the scholarship. Her parents and brother talk of the future. Rain leaves her house happy with her family's support and excited about a new future. When she gets to school, she is met by Laurel. She shows her around but doesn't befriend her. The school is full of privileged kids,who treat Rain as if she doesn't belong. Carsyn, Von Shelton, one of the most popular girls at school, doesn't let Rain forget she is not wanted or welcomed there. Carsyn comes up to Rain and offers to take her shopping. Rain wanting to fit in, and hoping maybe for a friend at the new school, accepts the offer. Trying on clothes and all the expensive things was something new and exciting. So when she puts on a bracelet and Carsyn says she has already paid for it, she believes her. When the security guard grabs her and charges her with theft, she is very surprised. At the police station she explains what happened and they believe her and call her parents. Rain knows she is in a lot of trouble. After they finger print her, her world goes from bad to worse. The police seclude her and will not let her talk to her parents. When the social worker gets there, they inform her she is a missing person. Rain was kidnapped as a small toddler and has been missing for 14yrs. Her name is not Rain but Chloe. Chloe Van Shelton!

This was a VERY good YA mystery. It is told from young Rain's point of view. She goes through hell. To have a loving family and discover it is all lies, or to think it is, would be horrifying. The author does a great job with Rain on how she deals with everything. Rain is a girl who is put in a unimaginable situation and deals with things as best she can. Rain wants to find out why she was kidnapped. She doesn't want to believe that her parents she has known are bad. She knows there has to be an explanation for it all. As she discovers answers more questions unfold and you want to know more of the mystery evolving their families. River and Rain's relationship is complex but cute and has potential. This story is a entertaining and makes you think and wonder. As an adult, I wanted to know more and wanted to follow Rain on her journey. I am hoping the author will send me the next book of Rain's story. It was defiantly worth the read for any adult or teenager!  Thanks for the awesome read.

complimentary book given for a free review

Casea Major

One Knight in Brooklyn

What if there was an agency that could grant you the one night of your dreams. With the girl or guy of your dreams! Mare Caldwell asks for just that. She arrives in Las Vegas for her 1 night stand. She has asked for night is shinning armor, a little adventure and some good sex. The agency has matched her with a man, will he be all that she desired or a disappointment? Rob is widowed and his in-laws, after encouraging him to date again, paid for a one night stand through an agency to jump start the process. He is looking for a little adventure and what can one night stand hurt?

This is a short story. One for adults! The two main characters are not people they would have chosen for themselves and although the attraction is there, the adventure they have brings then together. These stories by this author are short but very good. Nothing deep. The story, pulls the main characters out of a comfort zone that had them stuck in bad or non-existent relationships in the 1st place. Love comes quick and the characters are surprised at the matches. You all ways get the feeling the agency know what they are doing and give the perfect match for the person. If that agency truly existed it would make a fortune!

bought from amazon....and given a free review


Jaidia Shaw

Destiny Awaits

Alayna is traveling with her parents. They all decide to pull off and get some food. Tragedy strikes and only Alayna survives the accident. With some of the money from their deaths, she decides to move away and start a new life. A Realtor sends pictures of homes for her to buy. She decides on moving to Juniper Grove. As she arrives in the strange little town, she notices there are not too many people and one of the town rules is no one out after dark. Her new house is huge and beautiful inside. The outside needs work. Jayden arrives at her doorstep and offers to help fix the outside. Together they work to fix up her new home. She sees in Jayden's eyes, the eyes she has seen in visions since she was a child. She knows he is the one who will complete her life. Jayden has already fallen for her. Wants to spend everyday with her. As the outside gets done and he has no excuse  to hang out with her anymore, Alayna realizes she doesn't want him to leave either. One night she goes for a walk on her property. Gavin sees his target. As Alayna fights for her life from the vampire Gavin, she hits him and some of his blood enters her. Right before Alayna passes out she sees a dark cat like creature attack Gavin. Several days later she awakens to learn that she has both Vampire blood and now also shifter blood. Jayden, had seen Gavin attacking her.To save Alayan from a vampire fate, he gave Alayna some of his shifter blood to counteract the vampire blood in her system. No one has ever survived with both types of blood. So in just a very short time, Alayna learns not only that there are vampires and shifters but she now is both. What powers with she receive? How will her blood affect others? How does she fit into this world? Jayden is determined to make it work and to teach her of his world. Gavin may have other ideas.

This is a paranormal YA romance. There is mild sexual content but more implied sex that actually talking about it. The story is very easy to read, and has lots of action. I was hoping for more between Jayden and Alayna. I like more romance, but the action makes up for it. You learn as you go, they have been waiting for each other and are meant to be together. This is a  good YA book. People who like LJ Smith, Stephanie Meyer or TS Welti would like this book. As some YA books are good reads for most ages, I would approve this one for 15 and up.

Complimentary copy was given to me for a honest review


T.S. Welti

No Shelter

Imagine the water rising and flooding whole areas. Storms destroying homes. Government as we know it stops. Everyone is for themselves. What can I get ....How do we survive...who do I have to kill to get food, water, shelter. These are the challenges that the main characters have to figure out. Nada and her mom are on their own and are currently in the old high school. This is were everyone else, who is not on their own was holding up. The guardians, are basically a mob, there to "help" make sure everyone gets their fair share. But they know that they are up to something very bad. Issac is just a boy Nada sees. He looks strong and is intimidating. She wants and needs his help, if she wants to survive. After a tragedy and her mothers death, Issac and Nada are on there own. Survival depends on the two learning to work together. Gathering their own little tribe and learning to live in the new world is not an easy thing. With the threat and realities of constant fighting, raids, or just finding and defending food, is challenging. Issac and Nada are best friends, but Issac hints at more. They come across a boy, from another district. Turning him in would mean death, and he is asking for help with an impossible task. He asks them to help get his sister. She has been kidnapped by the people who Nada and Issac want to stay as far away from as possible.....the guardians. He has just saved Issac's life from a cougar, and that makes it a really hard request to say no to. The new boy also knows of a  shelter, where they would have  enough water for many years to come. Is it worth risking to save one lone 14 yr girl?

YA novel. A start to a series. It kept my interest going. I loved the drama between Issac, Nada and the others. Makes you want to see them through to the end. Issac, you get a love/hate relationship. Nada is a strong teenager, confident and capable of taking care of herself.. The characters are well written and the action will keep you going as a YA or adult. Worth the read for almost any age. Be for warned, it is a start of a series! I am hoping the author sends me the next book in the series.
complimentary copy which was provided for an honest review

David Bain

Island Ghosts

This was a short ..very short book. Only about 35 pages. Other than it was short I can't say anything bad about it. The book starts off with a Marshal that is physic. The 1st time he got a vision, his best friend dies and he is blamed and then proved innocent. Later he catches a guy torturing a girl, but he feels guilty because he didn't find him early enough. Now he is following another vision and he id determined to caught this one in time.

This was a worth wile read, very well done and pretty exciting. I wish it would have been longer but I knew that part going in. So anyone looking for a good story, check this one out.

complimentary copy which was provided for an honest review



Charlie Nitric


This book is a collection of short comical stories. I will give you an example of one. A Iowa country boy is in New York City. He is at a bus stop and sees a famous super model waiting with paparazzi all around. He looks her up and down and is smitten. He notices all the things that she has that the girls in his home town don't have. He sees that she is looking him over too and decides that she wants him. She walks away, he follows her. While he is following he witness a mugging, gets hit by a car and all sorts of trouble. The whole time she keeps looking back and he keeps following. By the end of the story he has talked  himself into thinking, she loves him and wants the Iowa boy stud and follows her to an alley. He gets the crap kicked out of him and still he believes she is his girlfriend. The country boy gets patched up and she leaves him. He is back in Iowa talking while milking the cow, like he is just waiting for the super model to show up in the barn. Then he tells the cow how she is doing good these days. She had started a new reality TV show that makes fun of idiots on the street. And then you know for sure, he will show up on that show! There are 18 of these short cute stories in this collection.

LOL is a cute collection of stories. Some are more corny than others. Some are laugh out loud funny, others are cute and silly. It is a easy read. For someone that just needs a laugh and nothing serious. This would be the book for you, if that is what you are looking for. Worth the read but not a serious read by any means. if you want a serious story, this is NOT it! Older young adults would be OK reading this. I would approve of 16 and up.


Jessica Scott

Because of You

Jen is a nurse. She had a battle with breast Cancer and lost one breast but is alive. She thinks who will love her again, flawed and damaged. Shane a Sargent in the military is about to deploy. At the party the night before deployment the two bump into each other. The connection between the two surprises the both of them. One kiss as he walks  to her car, starts feelings they both have longed for. After being wounded in combat, he comes home damaged but, alive. Jen now one of his nurses and Shane both, remember the kiss they shared before deployment. They both know there is a connection  that should be explored. Both flawed in different ways but trying to get to know one another. Will the two see each other for who they truly are...meant to be!

Because of you,is a very good read. One of my best friends is in the military and I have seen glimpses of the life that she loves. In the book it shows the dedication of the people in the armed services. From Shane's point of view, you see him putting his life before his men and the concern for all of his fallen and hurt friends (shed a couple of tears). I myself work in the health care field and could relate to Jen. Jen is dedicated to her patients, as much as Shane is to his men. This book shows two people who each believed they were flawed and were never going to find love again, and do together. The story reminds me of one of my favorite shows Army Wives. Jessica's writing was beautifully done. Easy to read and you really get pulled into the story! A very good book. The only complaint I had was I want to find out what happens next. So I am hoping Jessica is writing it! Jessica don't forget me when it comes out! Defiantly worth a read!

Some sexual situations. Adults only.


coming soon

I am going to list the next few. Violence will be on her soon. Timothy it is being worked on! I have a guest reviewer reviewing it. She loves the crime, mystery type stories.
so next on the list is.

Because of You by Jessica Scott

Justice by Jade Varden

Beyond Hades by Like Romyn
What Kills me by Wynne Channing

So these are who you should see soon!


Jayne Rylon

Mike is a Foreman to a construction crew. There are 5 guys, all who have been working together for years. The are closer than brothers or even best friends. The work hard at buying old homes then fixing them up to resell. Kate owns her own home and 5 of the sexiest men on the planet have been working shirtless on the job site next door. Kate leans out a window to catch a better look at Mike and she slips and falls out the window. Mike sees this and jumps to the rescue. With her being hurt, the guys just know that someone has to stay and take care of her. Mike know just the way too! Kate also just lets it slip her secret fantasy...all 5 guys giving her the attention she craves. Mike may just be able to arrange her ultimate fantasy.

OK these books are all out PORN. If you want to read a dirty book. These are the ones. Be for warned there are some guy on guy stuff in here. As you notice there are 5 guys and 1 chick, so due the math. Although, Kate gets about 75% of the action. It is a love story in a way. It does end with 2 of them being together but they still play around. So if you want roses, flowers, candy kisses and straight simple sex story this is not it. BUT if you want a really good porn story that is short and may get you going for your husband, wife or significant other....this is a GOOD read! lol I have read 3 in this series Kate's Crew (1), Morgan's surprise (2), and Devin's Pair (4). I have not read 3 yet, I probably will, when I am in the mood for a good sex scene. The books avg about $2.60 a book and all are 100pg or less. Not for the timid or closed minds. I am giving far warning.

Something new

OK made a decision today.  I have been getting LOTS of requests for reviews. I am in heaven. But while I am loving every minute, I also can not get to them in as timely a manor, as I would like to. So I am going to have some guest reviews, from time to time. This will allow me to get more reviews out and maybe get to even more authors on the blog. They will still post here on the blog, twitter, FB, B&N, Amazon, Pintrest and goodreads via me and my blog. All of my followers will still get to see and benefit from the reviews. The review will also say was done by someone other than me. So, I just wanted to let people know that I will be having guest reviews, at least till I find someone more permanent. If you have any questions please let me know.



I finished Wolf Line, and the 2 Novelles on the home page of Vivian Arend.  To check out her website, which has a lot of free reads on it here it is... vivianarend.com

Reveiws of Wolf Line and the 2 short ones are under her name on the right, she was originally read in April

On too Violence by Timothy Mcdougall

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