Shayla Black & Lexi Blake

Their Virgin Captive

Gavin James is a typical millionaire tycoon, running a oil company. Him and his brother Slade grew up rich, wanted for nothing but love. Their father wanted them tuff and manly men. Sending them to Alaska in the summer to learn parts of the business was suppose to be to make them hard men. Instead they met people who truly cared for them. As they grew up, they new their father, wasn't there for them but the boys stayed close. They were their only family, until they learned of there brother Dex. Gavin and Slade didn't think twice. This was there brother. Their father dead, and Gavin's on again off again girlfriend dies under mysterious circumstances makes for a turbulent time. Gavin becomes more and more of a recluse and Slade and Dex, who have been to college together, now work as leaders of their oil company. When Hannah walks in their door, Dex is head over heals for her. He immediately brings Slade to see her and they know she is the woman for them. So slowly,  they eventually get her to the position of Gavin's Administrative  assistant. Hannah becomes almost a member of the family. Lunches, dinners, time together but never truly telling her that Dex and Slade want her for themselves. Slade knows Gavin likes her too but is still beating himself up for his exes death. Gavin doesn't say why but Slade knows something is up. When Gavin accidentally opens a letter addressed to Hannah and realizes  a stalker is threatening her, he immediately seeks his brothers out and they agree she has to be protected. When Dex finds out she has kept  knowledge from the 3 of them, he knows they may have to go to extreme measures.  Hannah has known someone was after her. The police have been called and reports have been filed, phone numbers changed, but the man keeps finding her. She doesn't want to trouble her 3 bosses, but when they kidnap her to Alaska, talking of a business trip, the truth comes out. Will Hannah's stalker fine her yet again, will the men who fall for her be able to keep her safe and finally how will any relationship work with 3 domineering men and 1 beautiful women?

As a menage book, this was a really good one. The story line was entertaining. You really do fall for the men and Hannah really is cherished and loved by her men. The bondage and Dom stuff isn't for me but I can see the allure. To put that much trust into someone let alone 3 someones was pretty cool to read. The book kept  me interested into the very end. The only thing about it all is I knew who the stalker was from about a third of the way of the book. Still made a really cool ending fight scene. The sex scenes were great. This one was a HOT HOT HOT! Be for warned.....no guy on guy scenes but 3 males and one women ..the women is getting ALOT of attention. If you want a hot book with a good story this is one pick up!

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  1. Their Virgin's Secret Book 2

    Cole & Burke were more than twins. They work together, live together, share women and are almost two halves to one person. When they meet Jessa working in a bar they are drawn to her. But they weren't in New York to fall in love. They were their tracking down a slave ring that was selling women into the sex industry. Not being able to tell Jessa anything that is going on, to keep her safe, was hard on both men. they had fallen in love with her, wanted to spend the rest of their lives with her and she felt the same way. When they leave her unable to tell her why, she assumes the worse. And when several months later discovers she is pregnant, she is heart broken. As the men finish their mission there secretary gives them the report that about kills them. Jessa has married a man and they are happy in Virginia. So they decide to leave her be with her new life even though it was killing her. When they get a text from her saying she needs to see them ASAP, they don't hesitate to answer the call. They arrive to find Jessa being attacked and the house is ready to explode. They think she is running upstairs to get her new husband, when they find she has a 9 month old little boy named Caleb. How did the PI they had not know she was pregnant, why did there assistant tell them she was married? and most of all who is trying to kill the women that they love? Will Jessa be able to take the men back or will the problems divide them forever?

    This book 2 was as good if not better than book 1. the story line was non-stop with action and the the sex scenes were HOT! You really fal in love with the men and hope Jessa has in in her to forgive the men! LOVED IT Would had been a solid 5 stars but the ending was short would have LOVED to see a little bit into the future!


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