Jaidia Shaw

Destiny Awaits

Alayna is traveling with her parents. They all decide to pull off and get some food. Tragedy strikes and only Alayna survives the accident. With some of the money from their deaths, she decides to move away and start a new life. A Realtor sends pictures of homes for her to buy. She decides on moving to Juniper Grove. As she arrives in the strange little town, she notices there are not too many people and one of the town rules is no one out after dark. Her new house is huge and beautiful inside. The outside needs work. Jayden arrives at her doorstep and offers to help fix the outside. Together they work to fix up her new home. She sees in Jayden's eyes, the eyes she has seen in visions since she was a child. She knows he is the one who will complete her life. Jayden has already fallen for her. Wants to spend everyday with her. As the outside gets done and he has no excuse  to hang out with her anymore, Alayna realizes she doesn't want him to leave either. One night she goes for a walk on her property. Gavin sees his target. As Alayna fights for her life from the vampire Gavin, she hits him and some of his blood enters her. Right before Alayna passes out she sees a dark cat like creature attack Gavin. Several days later she awakens to learn that she has both Vampire blood and now also shifter blood. Jayden, had seen Gavin attacking her.To save Alayan from a vampire fate, he gave Alayna some of his shifter blood to counteract the vampire blood in her system. No one has ever survived with both types of blood. So in just a very short time, Alayna learns not only that there are vampires and shifters but she now is both. What powers with she receive? How will her blood affect others? How does she fit into this world? Jayden is determined to make it work and to teach her of his world. Gavin may have other ideas.

This is a paranormal YA romance. There is mild sexual content but more implied sex that actually talking about it. The story is very easy to read, and has lots of action. I was hoping for more between Jayden and Alayna. I like more romance, but the action makes up for it. You learn as you go, they have been waiting for each other and are meant to be together. This is a  good YA book. People who like LJ Smith, Stephanie Meyer or TS Welti would like this book. As some YA books are good reads for most ages, I would approve this one for 15 and up.

Complimentary copy was given to me for a honest review

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