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Julie Ramsey


Leia Shaw review 3

Destiny Unchained

Natalia is a wanted women. She is hunting and being hunted by werewolves, and her ex-husband. Her ex-husband Marcelo has been looking for her for 800 years. She knows she needs to confront him but just can't face him with the history they share. Werewolves are hunting her because of all of the werewolf kills she has, she is very talented. Some witches have given Natalia the ability to handle, work and not be affected by silver. This is the one main weakness for vampires, a huge advantage for Natalia. Her latest hunt is for a werewolf serial killer. He has been going across the country killing children. Her paths cross with Christian, a local wolf alpha. He sees her pain but both being very dominate and stubborn, neither wants to give up on anything. They slowly come to the realization that to catch the monster hunting the innocent, they must work together. Christian is determined to catch the killer and make him pay but also wants get Natalia to laugh, smile, and melt the icy exterior she shows everyone else. He also wants to know why she hates werewolves so much? Will Christian's charm and good looks be enough to melt Natalia? Or will she kill one werewolf for being a serial killer and another for trying to love her?

Theo is just a lovable guy. He really just wants to see Natalia smile. He is the type that when one person says it is not possible even if he doesn't want to, will do it just to prove you are wrong. So when there paths cross and she wants no help from anyone. Christian wants no other werewolves around and he wants to learn her  mysterious history and thinks she is beautiful, he is intrigued to say the least. Natalia, is all alone. She is truly lonely but will not admit it. It has been so long since she has had any real human (or non-human) contact, she is starving for attention. But with 2 dominant beings trouble is at every turn. This story has adult sexual situations, adults only.

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Leia Shaw review 2

Destiny United

The second book in the story starts right where we left off. Sage is queen of the underworld and with James at her side, they can handle anything. Sage's sister Erin, has no idea what has happened to her sister. Erin is now a target for the enemies that are against Sage. Sage must send her most trusted friend, Marcelo. He has helped her over throw her evil father. Now he has gone on out of the underworld to search again for his wife (from when he was human). Sage contacts him with a request, go pick up her sister and bring Erin to Sage. How can he refuse his Queen? So when Marcelo finds a bar close to were Erin lives, he see a cute girl who is drunk and dancing on a table. He looks at the picture Sage sent him and he has found Erin. It is her 21st birthday and she went out to celebrate. When Erin hits her head, no one comes to protect her and make sure she is OK, except Marcello. He takes he back to the hotel. He thinks, go teleport back to the underworld  and then he can continue on his quest, easy so he thinks. But things are NEVER as easy as they should be. Marcelo has no idea what he is getting into and Erin has issues of her own that may cause all kinds of trouble. Erin has dealt with all kinds of loss and pain in her life, will a 800 yr old Vampire be the possible cure?

This was another great book from Leia Shaw. Full of action, adventure, twists and turns. The love connection between the two is sweet and Marcelo is patient and understanding and a true protector. With Erin's issues she deals with, I am surprised she is not more messed up that she is. Evan if she had been, I think Marcelo would just helped her over the huge obstacles. That is the type of man he is. Although intimidating in size and  looks, he will do anything thing for the ones he loves. This is a story that does contain some sexual content, so adults only.

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Virginia Mckevitt


This story begins in another world where Tegrin is awaiting his concubine, Natiana, she is his only one while other members of his Lion Clan had several.  At first he thinks that she is playing a game with him but he soon is informed by his king, King Yorandt that she has found the portal or fracture to our world and she has gone thru.  This portal has been a secrete to all except King Yorandt and the Lion Clan who are fierce warriors and are the Guardians of this world.  They keep the peace and enforce the laws of Patwain.  Tegrin is told by his king that the Couton woman Natiana has escaped from her world into ours because here she and the other Couton women would be free to steal our memoirs and kill us in the process.   The Couton
women are a troublesome breeds who only use the males in their world to procreate.  They take herbs to ensure that the offspring will be born female.  They steal memories like a drug and if they take too much they kill the person whose mind they have tapped into. They are kept in check by the Guardians in Patwain
here on earth they can take their fill. Tegrin makes the journey thru the Fracture which on earth’s side is a cave.  He makes it at night in hopes of not running into any humans.  You see Tegrin has yellow eyes wild shaggy hair and when he opens his mouth you see canines not unlike those of the big cats of Africa.  Using his hunting skills and other worldly senses he tracks the Couton women to there first kill.  It is the mother and stepfather of Kristina.  Tegrin is surprised by her presence and is forced to make her unconscious and take her with him into the caves. In the town of Blessing is where the fracture opens on to.  It is a town of about 3000.  The towns’ people have been having collective dreams of angels along with other strange occurrences.  And these are the precise dreams that the father of Kristina had been having before he was killed.  

Fracture was an extremely entertaining book.  I loved the slow way the author lets us into
the true identity of Kristina’s heritage.  The world of Patwain is very well developed.  There
are back stories to the characters and the women of Couton could have their own
book to reflect there culture and customs.  As the intrigue and conflict that envelope Patwain
 become more evident you get pulled more and more into this world of Kings and concubines, fierce worriers and the pull and tug for power.   Along he way our heroes are helped and hindered by
both external forced the work against them as well as their refusal to accept their own destinies. 
 If you like exploring other worlds that are well developed this book will definitely entertain.


Leia Shaw interview part 2

Back again with Leia Shaw!!

What would that character say to your readers?

Hmm.... Cristian would probably talk all about Natalia, his mate, and tease her to get her riled up. They're funny together. Geo is quieter, he'd just observe everybody then offer to walk you home to keep you safe. Just mind the sword ;)

Do you have anything specific you would like to tell or share with your future readers and followers?

If you like compelling characters who are three-dimensional and feel authentic enough to fall in love with, and you enjoy reading adventure with magic and supernatural elements and sometimes scary creatures from other worlds, and if fiery sex scenes make you flush and your e-reader smoke, then you'll probably like my books. Lol.

Where can everyone find your books? What social media sites are you on besides Julie’ Book Review?

Amazon, B&N, all e-readers, All Romance Ebooks, and smashwords. Pretty much everywhere you can get digital books.
You can follow me on Twitter at Leia Shaw. Of course I'm on Facebook too. You can like my author page or friend me to interact. I love comments! My blog is www.leiashaw.blogspot.com  I'm everywhere, pretty much. Lol.

Lets do something fun!

E-reader or paperback and why
E-reader. I'm a forward thinking kind of girl plus I can bring my whole library everywhere I go and never have to worry about running out of space to stash books!

Chocolate or vanilla or something fruity?

Chocolate always!

favorite food?

          Anything with chocolate and peanut butter mixed

Reading fiction or non fiction


Favorite book of all time and why

Ugh. Such a hard one. I'll pick a childhood favorite just for the hell of it. Matilda by Ronald Dahl.

Favorite author of all time

Kresley Cole!!!

Dogs or cats


demons, vampires or werewolves and why?

Gotta go with the classic vampire. Fangs are just sexy. But werewolves are family creatures and that's got better long term potential. Lol.

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Thanks Leia and it has been a pleasure talking with you! We hope you have great success in the future.

Julie Ramsey
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Leia Shaw
Paranormal Romance Author LeiaShaw.com

          Paranormal G Spot


Carrie Ann Ryan

Charmed Spirits

Jordan ran away from Holiday, Montana a long time ago. As a witch, she was made fun, treated like an outcast and hated by many. Except for the Cooper family. 5 boys all accepting of Jordan's differences. Matt even more so. As high school sweethearts, Matt was heartbroken when Jordan left. He never understood why, she never even said goodbye. So eleven years later, when she returns to town, he is still hurt but the love is still there. Jordan is back for one reason. Her grandmother has died and she is there to clean out the house, sell it and get out of Holiday, Montana. As the Cooper boys welcome her back and Matt gets closer and closer, the rest of the town lead by the mayor and his sister, remind her why she left in the first place. Jordan, finding a good girl friend, and now a budding relationship with the man of her dreams, now must get her own powers as a witch under control. But will a secret that Matt has been keeping for the last 11 years, from even his brothers, ruin the budding relationship, how can there love even continue and was Jordan the one who had caused the his worst secret ever?

This was an awesome book. You really feel Jordan's plight and want to beat back the jerks who make her life a living hell. The Cooper boys,WOW, I want to live in Holiday, just to meet them. The family connection they share and the love they feel is infectious, both from Jordan and Matt and the whole Cooper family. They protect, love and cherish each other. Well, they protect from the problems that are know of!  I am really looking forward to seeing  the other guys stories. Carrie gave a few hints on the who may be some of the next stories. Thanks Carrie for the great read.

Leia Shaw review 1

Destiny Divided

Sage is a young 20 something girl who has had a rough go so far. Growing up in foster care, she has all ways known she was different. She was moved around a lot, called badly behaved, destructive but most often the foster parents were scared of her. Things happen when she is around. When she is mad, things break, move or are totally destroyed.  Until her foster sister Erin, she really has never been accepted by anyone. She told and showed her sister everything. From the balls of destructive light she could throw, to  how she could make a storm pop out of nowhere. She didn't understand it, but Erin accepted it as Sage. When she was older, out of foster care. Sage would steal for money/food and shelter. When James finds her hiding out in the university, he knows she is different. She has some amazing untapped power.  James offers her food and shelter and training in her abilities. He explains, he is a sorcerer and can train her. James has a past all his own involving being turned into a vampire by his enemy. Now he is looking for revenge. Sage may be the weapon he needs. But with her feisty attitude and strength he may be drawn to her for more than just a weapon.

Destiny Divided is a roller coaster ride. Leia pulls you along, teaching about the world she has created, that is suppose to be hidden from our view. There is a Underworld were James's enemy is building an army of werewolves, vampires and demons. James at first wants Sage to fight for him, if only he can control her. As time goes on, he really gets to know her and knows she is unbelievable strong both in her magic and her personality. Slowly, both learning to trust one another. Bonds form. But, Sage has issues, do to her life experiences. It is why I really like her character. Strong, independent and flawed. James is the strong, I will protect you type. He learns that Sage can hold her own, but can he live without her is the question! Awesome read! Love how it leads right into the next book!

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Leia Shaw interview part 1

Please Welcome Leia Shaw to Julie’s Book Review.  Leia is giving away a copy of her new book Destiny Bewitched. Destiny Bewitched is already on Julies Book Review, check it out!  You must check out the rafflecopter on the right of the page to win and post below to win!

         Hello Leia, How are you doing?

        Great, thanks for having me!

Welcome to Julie’s Book Review. We are thrilled to have you on the site.

As I and most who follow Julie's Book review are avid readers and always wonder how did they come up with the  wonderful stories? Did you have any special inspiration for your books or series?

I'm often inspired by music or movies, sometimes other books. Usually the characters come first, in my opinion, they make the story. My first book came to me in a dream. After that, they kind of spiraled out of me.
          You must have some awesome dreams! Or at least awesome characters!
How many series of books are you currently working on? can you give us a little taste of what each are about?

The next in my PNR series, Shadows of Destiny, is a story about having to choose between your lifelong dream and obsession or the woman you love. Like all my books, there will be plenty of humor, adventure, magic, and steamy romance. Right now I'm working on an erotic contemporary book that has yet to be named with two writing partners. It's a funny book with some quirky characters - including a ghost hunter. But it's got a lot of heart and sexy love scenes.
          I can't wait to read it! Maybe we will see it on Julies Book Review? lol!

As a writer do you have any authors you look up to or even any that have helped you along? Who do you follow and read when not writing books?

My number one favorite PNR author is Kresley Cole. She's my writing idol. I've read her whole series, Immortals After Dark several times. Her books are the whole package - funny, sexy, exciting, and clever.
Do you have any advice to give to aspiring writers?

Find a good critique group or partner. You can't go this road alone. Take the feedback and roll it around in your mind before getting defensive. Even the best writers make mistakes and need help.

Good advice for life as well as writing!

Of your published books out, is there a favorite? Favorite scene? Favorite Character?
Would you want to meet the character in real life?

Destiny United (my second book) is one of my earliest. The writing isn't as strong but it's a book very close to my heart. I put a lot of myself in that one. And it's got the most emotional depth, in my opinion. It also has the worst reviews. Lol. But who can tell what people will like? As a writer I'd love to meet all my characters in real life. Cristian and Geo are probably  the best husband material. They're family men with a tender side but also the instinct to protect what's theirs. Very sexy.

        What would that character say to your readers?

OK that is it for today folks. Make sure you try for the contest going on now! Check out the review for Destiny Bewitched already on the blog. More of the interview to come and several more reviews! 
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Joshua Merrick

Wrong Way Street

Trained assassins hired to kill. Mission opp completed. A soldier injured in battle. His country turns leaving him and his brothers in battle to die. Does this sound like a love story?

JC is a stone cold military agent. He has been trained to defend his country without thinking twice. Jc and his colleagues are sent to battle after the attacks of 9/11. There is just one thing wrong; the terrorist they are hunting are now hunting them. JC places everything on the line, including his one true love Karen. Now alone without his buddies or his wife, JC must use what he learned in combat to find, Yassaud Sharuff A'Danni, the double agent terrorist. But who will he find really? Will he find a deranged killer, a hurt child, or a father who gave up his child, so she would not live the blood shedding life of his own? In the end will he find love again?

Of course what I love about this book is its action, explosion, guns, and victory. but after all that there is a love story at the core. A true gritty story of love lost and love gained. As I read this book I could only see the characters on a movie. With each page i rushed and rushed to get to the next page, just to see the action. Joshua Merrick is able to provide a thrilling, detailed tale that is so realistic you feel you are watching real life. true talent. Be sure to pick up this action packed thriller that I am sure we will soon see on the big screen.

Akisha C


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Wendy Cartmell

Steps to Heaven

Sgt. Major Crane is a special investigator for the British Army intelligence. One afternoon the Sgt Major gets a call about a murder that will change his life forever and lead him and his colleagues down a dark and dangerous path with a religious fanatic who believes that only "he" knows the true path to god. With time running out and a colleague who seems to have taken the wrong path, Sgt. Major Crane finds this murderous religious fanatic and save his colleague from making a terrible mistake.

Steps to Heaven is  fast and easy. With easy to follow characters and a twisting and turning plot right up to the very end. This is one book you won't want to put done once started. As a side note, the author of this book pulls from her husbands many years of service with the British Army intelligence to enhance character development and add to the ever twisting ploys. Steps to Heaven will not disappoint for those who love mystery, deceit, and murder.

Adam B


Kimber Shook

 Destiny Unhinged
Vanessa is quiet and a bit on the shy side.  It's almost her 17th birthday and all she wants is a boyfriend and maybe some excitement to save her from her dull and boring life.  But even before her birthday she finds herself town between two guys.  She feels drawn to both of them in different ways.  Max is a dead alien king from another world who claims that she is his destiny.  Toby is a guy from school who seems to show an interest and desire to be with her,  but his destiny is meant to be with someone else.  Its a destiny he doesn't want. The connection that Vanessa has with Max is strong but the desire that she feels for Toby is stronger.  What will she  do? Who will she choose?  Which destiny awaits her????

Review:   This is a difficult review for me.  This book has a bit of SCI-FI in it and that isn't my usual kind of book so as I read it I kept expecting to not like it.  But I did.  I kept thinking, well, pretty soon the book will cross the line to completely unbelievable and I wouldn't like it.  But again, it didn't happen.  I really enjoyed the book and was totally into the story.  The story went back and forth between the two guys and it was intense for Vanessa at times.  It was sweet and funny too.  But as the book was getting to what I felt was its peak,  It just stopped.  I was left with a lot of unanswered questions.  Too many questions  :( So, I can say that I was very pleasantly surprised at how good this book was but disappointed at the ending.  Maybe I just
wanted more of a story I was enjoying.
Theresa F.

Jessica L. Degarmo

Hooking Up

Caitlin and her friends  are out drinking when one of them suggests that she get over the breakup with her boyfriend of 10 years by hooking up with a stranger for a one night stand.  She knows that it is not in her personality to have a one night stand so she just lets the idea go.  But the idea is stuck in her head somewhere and one night she was feeling restless and full of courage so she decides to give it a try.  But there is a problem with her one night stand man.  He wants more and he doesn't seem to be going away even after she tells him that she doesn't want a romance.  There relationship is not easy and they have man ups and downs.   But to keep it together, they will have to learn to trust and let go of their pasts.

Review:   This was a great book that kept my interest at every turn.  The story of Caitlin and Ryan has it all, romance, drama, humor and it's sexy.  Their story is very well written.  It was an easy read that had me cheering for these two to make it thought the twists and turns of life.  And did I mention that its sexy.  These two are burning up the pages. I certainly have no problem recommending this book to all of you.  So pick up a copy and enjoy
Theresa F.
5 of 5 stars


Candace Schuler

Lovers and Strangers
The Hollywood Nights Series  Book 1

Jack Shannon, early 40's world reporter heads back to LA's ,Wilshire Arms, 25 years after the tragic death of his brother there.  Jack returns hoping to answer the questions surrounding the suicide of his brother and appease his conscience after taking personal blame for the argument that led up to his brother committing suicide all those years ago.  LA is where he meets 24 year old Faith McCroy, newly relocated from Georgia.  Faith fled Georgia leaving an overly controlling father to find freedom, peace and happiness.  This is a shorter story detailing the ups and downs of their relationship where both come with emotional baggage.  Can they find a way to overcome their past disappointments and forage a new life together?  Is it meant to be or only a moment in time?  Will a 18 year age difference be a factor?

Review:  I enjoyed the detailing surrounding the characters personalities.  Its the story of love, pain, sympathy and compassion that every good book needs.  Details how two people can find trust and reclaim passion after tragedy in their own lives.  Overall an easy adult read, mild sexual content.



Matthew Matter

Child's Play

The book starts off in a futuristic world using terminology that is slightly hard to follow. Throughout the book the main character is explaining the new world but the core of the book is his attempts to save his marriage. His wife does not like to use the new world technology and wants the basic family. Even though he is not ready for it he proposes the use of "cyber children" where they pick the life line and main characteristics  of a child to see how they would handle children. The main character is pleased because he feels he had delayed having the real children, however, they did not pay attention to the warning label with the cyber children. There are many unexpected turns and you feel sorry for them both once you start getting through to the end. The book starts off confusing at first but does bring you in near the end, an okay read for the first time readers with this author.

Catlin Kaff


Sharon Hamilton

Heavenly Lover  (The Guardians)
Claire is a guardian angel.  Her newest charge is Daniel, an artist, who has decided to take his life after a breakup with his girlfriend. She has a perfect success record for saving her charges but so does the dark angel who is after Daniel's soul.  They become aware of each other immediately and so begins the battle of good vs evil.  While protecting and guiding Daniel back into a happy healthy life, she quickly falls in love with him as he does with her, the angel in his dreams.  Will their love win out or will darkness prevail.

Review:  This was really a good book with the element of good vs evil without being overwhelmed by it.  It made me wonder how Claire will handle her growing feelings for Daniel (both emotionally and sexually) and balance them with the rules that apply to her being a guardian angel and knowing that the dark angel isn't bound by the same rules.  It was great to read how creative Daniel gets when trying to seduce Claire into making love with him.  There is sexual tension and some good sexy scenes in here too.  A really good read.  Pick up a copy and start reading

Theresa F.
5 of 5 stars


Donna Galanti

The Human Element

On the night the meteor struck Coopersville, NY, young Ben became an orphan and Laura was conceived. Their Lives were markedly different. Ben had a horrific childhood and grew to be a damaged adult. Laura's life was idyllic - aside from a few grisly murders and weird "powers". Eventually, they meet fall in love. Both of them struggle with themselves and each other to come to grips with their past, Ben has to forget a history of abuse while Laura deals with being human- Maybe. in addition, many questions needed to be answered- Was it really a meteor that struck the town? Who were Laura's real parents? And finally, who or what is trying to kill Laura? Aided by an Erie "man in black", who claims to have been watching them all of their lives the two are determined to get to the bottom of the mystery and make a normal future for both of them. How they do it is, well, interesting.

This story is a genuine stew pot pot of horror, sci-fi, mystery and romance. The author keeps it together and gives a tale intriguing enough to keep you reading to the end. unfortunately, the plot seemed contrived at times and the characters feel one-dimensional. I'll give it 3 stars and recommend it for the over 18 set as there are a few steamy sex scenes.

Mary Staver

Lila Shaw giveaway winner!

Raven Fesik is the winner of the Lila Shaw giveaway! Congratulations!

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Lila Shaw review 4

Prometheus Unstitched

Imagine a world were super hero's are real. The work, fight crime, justice and need super hero costumes! At Blindbarrow Crime Fighting Couture, that is what they do. Design and make crime fighting costumes for the superhero's. There are lots of different shops that do this but Cory Blindbarrow(now owner and designer) believes that Blindbarrow is the best. Her grandfather has taught her everything and her designs are one of a kind. She hasn't done any of the top 7 super hero's YET!  Currently there is a shooter out randomly shooter people that are involved with some of the super hero's. Cory doesn't believe she is in any danger. So on her way to work as usual, she runs into Theo. When they get up to her office she realizes he is her next appt. Theo Richelieu AKA Prometheus man, can see 5 min into the future but is cursed that no one will believe him. 5 min is not a long time but maybe just longer enough to save someone. So when Theo suggests Cory get coffee up in her office instead of going and getting some in the coffee shoppe downstairs. Cory shrugs it off, up someone shoots up the coffee shop. As things unfold, Theo and Cory realise 2 possible things, the chemistry between them is over powering and 2 is the shooter after Cory?

A very funny, sexy book by Lila Shaw! The story line is fun ,original. and easy to follow. The characters, you feel the sexual tension form the beginning between them.  The love scenes are great and the other scenes will make you giggle and laugh. Awesome read highly recommend.  If you want a sexy, fun light hearted book, read this one. Liked it as well as All's far in Love and War! Lila keep me posted on new releases you have a new fan! Loved it! Adults only!

Hours left of the giveaway! Winner to be announced on Sat. Come try to win a copy of this funny, sexy, adventure!


Lila Shaw Giveaway One day left!!

We are down to one day! One day left of a awesome giveaway. Come one and come all. Lila is giving away a copy of  Prometheus Unstitched! I will be posting the review tomorrow! The winners for the giveaway will be posted on Sat. I have picked up several followers, future reviews, and so far almost 1500 views on the sight! That is awesome for 4 days! It keeps growing and I am having so much fun. I hope you all are enjoying all the cool author reviews and interviews. There are tons more to come!! Coming on the 24th Leia Shaw! Can't wait. So keep spreading the word of Julies Book Review!  Thanks for all the support from all my followers and the wonderful books all of you authors are sending us, we love them! We will continue to bring free, honest, reviews from everyday people, who love to read!

Julie Ramsey

Lila Shaw review #3

Soul of a Succubus

Yve has done it. One million souls. She is done. Yve is worried though. When dealing with demons, you never know what can turn up. Of course the demon lord or devil wants her one last time. Yve has worked as a succubus, taking souls for thousands of years. Now she is done, free. Ta, a demon who creates succubi for the demon in charge. Ta's quota is up as well. After the demon in charge gets what he wants from Yve, Ta and Yve start to leave the hell they are in. But will the demon really let them go without a fight or turning the tables on the two? With freedom on the line, they will stop at nothing to get out of the hell they have lived in.

This is a short erotic paranormal story. Nothing too deep or thought provoking.  Just a good read. The sex scenes are great. I really liked the story between Ta and Yve. Ta seems to be out for himself but he truly shows affection for Yve. Yve just wants to live a normal life, maybe have a family, grow old with someone, just a normal life. After thousands of years of meaningless sex she is ready to just be a normal girl. The story itself is action packed and even has a few twists and turns.Awesome short story. Would love to read more of Lila's Succubi tales!

Giveaway still going on folks! Lila Shaw's newest book. Check out the rafflecopter to the right of the page and try to win an awesome read!

Lila Shaw review 2

Vixen and the Pea
     an erotic fairy tail

Once upon a time there was a land where women outnumbered men. The prince of the land was prince Koldo. He loved going to the neighboring kingdoms and pretending to be a commoner. With plenty of willing women, he had lots of fun. As Barlow, he had no worries. The king has decided he is too marry and become king. It is time to settle down. A royal ball is planed and if he hasn't picked a maiden, his parents will. Lady Otsana is a favorite of his parents, Koldo can't stand. Her robes cover her so he can't see if she is pretty but they argue all the time. He can never be right around her. The lady does not wish to be married, but her parents and the king and queen want the two together. Barlow (Koldo) goes out on the town to find a girl and release some frustration. He comes across a beautiful young girl. She is not only pretty, but smart, talented, and matches him in almost every way. Why can't I pick a girl like this, he thinks. He knows there time is limited. Soon he will have to marry. The young women he meets is of course Lady Otsana, in disguise. As there time grow near an end she is conflicted. She is falling for Koldo, but knows she still does not want to get married and the fact he thinks she is a commoner even a hoar, she cant give herself away. When the prince finally tells the king his challenge to pick a princess, Lady Otsana may be the only one to handle the challenge. What will the prince do if he finds out the 2 women are the same one and will the lies keep them apart.

This was a very cute story. VERY ADULT. But Guys will like this one as well. Imagine a porno of the princess and the pea! Has some awesome sex scenes. Made me laugh in several places. It does remind me of a fairy tale though! Easy read, short but worth the read!


Suzanne Jenkins

Pam Of Babylon
   Jack Smith had a very full life.  His work and family kept him busy, or so it seemed.  But upon his death, revelation after revelation seem to be coming out.  The people who were the closest to him might not have known him very well at all.   Jack had many secrets. Faced with one life altering discovery after another, Jack's wife, Pam,  is really trying to keep it all together by being strong for her kids, her husbands family and her own mother and sisters.  But she feels life slipping out of control with all this new information that has been brought to light since Jack's death, she is not sure how much more she can be expected to take.
Review:   This turned out to be a very good novel.  I will be honest and say that at first I was not sure that it could be a good read. There are a lot of characters to this story and at first it seemed a bit confusing as to all of their rolls but as the author progressed with the story it really brought it all together nicely.  They are intriguing characters individually but as their lives collide the effect is a really good read.  When you are ready to read it,  kick back and enjoy, I sure did :)
Theresa F.
5 of 5 stars

Stephany Simmons

Voodoo Dues
All is fair in black magic and revenge.

Figg is a hot-headed girl with a criminal past and a big heart. Dr. Cairn is an attractive anthropologist who is running away from a past that is closing in on him fast. Rene, the town witch, life is in danger from past wrongdoings. Carl, a cross dressing psychic, is being hunted by his master who wants to possess his abilities. What happens when these characters lives cross? Well; zombies, magic, werewolves, vampires and cults, of course.

The story starts with a sneaky suspicion of a budding sexual tension between Figg and Dr. Cairn. Figg being the aggressor and Dr. Cairn afraid of being broken hearted, again. However, Figg becomes his caretaker, and he becomes her protector. Together they battle death, omens, and witchcraft. Soon the two are hired unknowingly to protect Rene from a past acquaintance that is willing to raise the dead to kill her. And if that isn't a large enough job, they also have to keep Carl who travels with a gay ghost, safe from a master who will kill both Figg and Dr. Cairn to get to him. Whew!

This book started right away and took me on a wild roller coaster. The romance between the two love interests made me turn page after page with excitement. The twist and turns with adventure and danger keeps you interested in what's next. This book was a nice opener for the series of "Voodoo" books from Stephany Simmons. If you like all things mystical with a twist of love, fate, and excitement then choose this book, and beware.

 Akisha Clark

Lila Shaw interview part #2

Here is the second part of the interview with Lila Shaw. Contest is still going come on and post and follow to win! Will announce the winner Saturday everyone good luck!

Do you have any advice to give to aspiring writers?

Be humble and accepting of the cold cruel reality that you're not as good as you think you are. But take comfort in the idea that you have an infinite capacity to improve the more open-minded, hard-working and persistent you are.

Of your published books out,  is there a  favorite? Favorite scene? Favorite Character?
Would you want to meet that character in real life?

Oooh, that's sort of like choosing amongst your children. My books are very different from each other so what I say today could be totally different tomorrow. That said, I'd crown Soul of the Succubus as my favorite. I do love all my succubus tales and have a lot more planned. Scene-wise, I like all the dream sequences in All's Fair--they still make me laugh--and this one scene from Soul of the Succubus where the hero tricks the heroine into a bit of foolish behavior.  As to favorite characters, Yve from Soul of the Succubus is a favorite for her droll outlook. I love Ta from the same story for his nearly opposite demeanor. Cory from Prometheus Unstitched is my favorite curmudgeon. Chrissy, the succubus from Naughty and Nice (Stockings and Suspenders Christmas anthology) is a goofy one whose upbeat attitude always made me smile. I wouldn't mind meeting Ta from Soul or Joe from Last Call for Love, my Halloween anthology story. Told you I'd have a hard time choosing!

While you were writing, did you ever feel as if you were one of the characters? Anything in your books that is based on real life?

I also write as Claire Gillian. My debut novel under that pen name, a romantic mystery called The P.U.R.E., featured a newly hired CPA named Gayle Lindley. Maybe it was the first person perspective of the story, but Gayle has always "felt" a lot like me. She's a composite of many of my own life experiences or those of people I knew when I first started my career as a CPA. Shelby from All's Fair is also drawn from my work experiences, though she's a lot prettier and sexier than I could ever hope to be. LOL 

What would that character say to your readers?

Gayle would say, "I'm a lot cuter, thinner and smarter in real life!"

Do you have any new books coming out? Any interesting tid bits we  can expect, sex, violence, romance, mayhem….

I'm working pretty diligently to build a backlist and since April (between my two pen names), I've published two novels, two novellas, two short stories and two anthologies. My most recent acceptance is a second succubus short story for Evernight's Romance on the Go line. My evil plan is to release a series of these short stories, all about succubi, all part of my Succubus Chronicles. Most are already written but will need to be expanded somewhat to reach the minimum length. Evernight will eventually compile them into a single print book. They don't know this yet, of course, and I'll have to sell enough books to make it happen, but that's the short-term master plan. As would be expected of any story about a succubus, they will definitely be on the steamy side!

Well you already have one person who will be buying that book!

Do you have anything specific you would like to tell or share with your future readers and followers?

As a new author I love to hear from readers, even if it's just to say, "hey there, read your book." Word of mouth and referral is the greatest gift you can give an author whose works you enjoyed. This is a tough and highly competitive business, and authors constantly face smackdowns and disappointments.  As I wrote in my very first published book's dedication, "Encouragement from any source is like a drop of rain upon a parched desert. Thanks to all the many who rained on me when I needed it, and even when I foolishly thought I didn't."

Where can everyone find your books? What social media sites are you on besides Julie’ Book Review?
Bookseller sites:
Social Media:
 Website  Twitter  Facebook  Goodreads Email

Lets do something fun!

E-reader or paperback


Chocolate or strawberry

Chocolate (though I'm a crazy fool for fresh strawberries)

Pizza or Hamburger


Reading fiction or non fiction

Fiction, hands down.

Favorite book of all time

Argh...The Cliff Notes Guide to the Most Dog-eared Scenes from the Greatest Books of All Time? Just kidding....sort of.

Favorite author of all time

Double argh...It's always changing, to be honest. I've gone gaga in the past over Carolyn Keene (Nancy Drew), Margaret Mitchell, Diana Gabaldon, Jane Austen, Victoria Holt, Mary Stewart, Loretta Chase, Charlaine Harris, Michael Crichton, John Grisham, Erma Bombeck, etc, etc, etc.

Dogs  or cats


Lila Shaw is giving away a copy of her latest release, a superhero romance novella, Prometheus Unstitched. To win please check out the rafflecopter to the right of the page, don't forget to put your e-mail in the post.   Good luck!

Thanks Lila and it has been a pleasure talking with you! We hope you have great success in the future.

Thank you, Julie and thank you to all your readers!

Julie Ramsey


Eva Langlais

Croc and the Fox (Furry United Coalition or FUC)

This book can be read separate from the series, but readers will get many more jokes if they read the first 2 in the series first (Bunny and the Bear & Swan and the Bear). each book in the series covers a different aspect of a certain case, ad this book starts with the FUC agents finally freeing one of our main characters...Project/Renee. She's been captive so long that's the only name she knows. As the book proceeds we meet more of the cast of characters and the laughs follow as they should when any good friends get together. Renee learns about herself, Viktor learns to loosen up a little but, and in the process...learns that Renee is more than even she sxpected. Apparently there were some lingering side effects  of  "the incident" in the lab.

The series as a whole is fast reading funny read with very adult sex scenes that make the pages melt. Good will triumph over evil, but it's never easy. there are always creative twists and turns, and yes..the women is allowed to save the day too! (OK, the guys are not lame, they save the day a lot in the series).  How good is the series, now that I've read this book for this review. I'm going to re-read all of them in one sitting to get the full enjoyment for myself.

Jamie K

Lila Shaw review 1

All's Fair in Love and War

Shelby is a CPA. She has been working with Colin. Sexy, tall, smart and a jerk. She just got her evaluation form a job they worked on together and she is not happy. She knows she does good work and he makes her sound like she has so major work issues. As she puts her romance novel away , she remembers the dream she has the night before. Colin and her are on much more friendly terms. Her brother has always been a womanizer, so when he says he is getting married, she is surprised. When she meets Megan, she knows she is a good girl but has reservations on her brother. She loves him but is insure of his commitment. Colin has a sister named Megan. He is furious with her, she is getting married after only 3 wks of knowing some guy, who he knows is not good enough for her. As tensions rise at work and neither Shelby or Colin want to admit anything toward each other. A family dinner becomes very awkward. Everyone around them all see the attraction but Shelby and Colin. Misunderstanding after misunderstanding keeps them apart.

I laughed a lot I the book. The tension of Shelby and Colin is huge. You just want them to just get it over with and jump into bed. But as the misunderstanding keep getting in the way, and tensions build, will they ever fall for each other as you know they can. Shelby's brother and Megan, help along the way. I really enjoyed this book. It was frustrating because you see the attraction and their misunderstandings keep them apart. I will have to say my favorite part of the book is how Ms Shaw ends it. It was unexpected but an awe moment! Worth the read and contains adult sexual situations! Thanks for the awesome read!

Check out the rafflecopter to the right and try to win with adding some entries into the drawing for Lila Shaw's new book! Awesome story! Fun Read! 


Lila Shaw Interview on Chew the Fiction Fat! Part ONE

 Please Welcome Lila Shaw to Julie’s Book Review. A review of her book All's Fair in Love and Wa and a few other reviews will be posted  on the site.  Lila is giving away a copy of her latest book, Prometheus Unstitched to one lucky winner. Check out the entry rafflecopter on the right hand side of the page to put in many entries! Come and lets meet Lila Shaw!

Hello Lila,  How are you doing?

I'm doing great, Julie, thanks.

Welcome to Julie’s Book Review. We are thrilled to have you on the site.

Thank you so much for having me today! I'm thrilled to be here.

As I am a avid reader and I all ways wonder how did they come up with that story? Did you have any special inspiration for your books?
I started writing flash fiction very early on, mostly for writing practice. One of my writing boards conducts a flash fiction exercise every Sunday night. The rules are to write a complete short story in ninety minutes based on a prompt revealed at the beginning of the time period--so ninety minutes from concept to final edit and posting at the site. I faithfully participated in the challenge for about two years and got pretty good at spinning yarns about almost any word or word combos they threw at me. Many of those flash fiction stories of a thousand words, give or take, I later expanded into longer tales. For those challenges, I typically did a quick word association in my head and usually within ten minutes I was off writing a story based on only the vaguest of notions of what it was going to be about. My fingers sort of did the rest. I'm a natural write by the seat of pants person, a pantser. I'd say I probably tap into my own experiences, fantasies, nightmares, those of others, televisions shows and movies, books--anything stored in my noggin is fair game for a little genetic manipulation and mutation.

That is a cool idea. It would defiantly help writers strengthen mental muscles.

Do you/ Will you only be writing contemporary romance type books? What about other genres?

I am an eclectic writer because I love the challenge of a new genre / sub-genre and I love diversity both in what I read and what I write. Thus far, I've written contemporary, paranormal, historical, steampunk, horror, post-apocalyptic, mystery, suspense, young adult--you name it, I've tried it.  I have no plans to settle down with a single genre any time soon.

I just read two other of your novelles and they were very good. I liked them as much as All's Fair!

As a writer do you have any authors you look up to or even any that have helped you along? Who do you follow and read when not writing books?

Absolutely! So many authors have helped me, it would almost be impossible to list them. I joined Absolute Write when I first started and wow, did I learn a lot my first two years there. Everyone was so knowledgeable and I was so...well, green and naive. I do read a lot and definitely have my favorite authors who inspire me to try harder. A few that come to mind are Charlaine Harris, Loretta Chase, Julia Quinn, Charlotte Stein, Jayne Fresina, and the author I'm reading now who's blown me away is Ruthie Knox. I follow many new authors I discover reading Six Sentence Sundays like Ruthie who I stalk and Sandra Bunino who's my cyber-BFF. Then there are the lovely ladies of The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pens, a group of women I've been critiquing and beta reading with for years now. Wonderful and talented the lot of them.

I have read Charlaine Harris, who doesn't know "Sookie Stackhouse" from True Blood. She is on my sight. The others I will have to look up. I am all ways looking for good books.

           Do you have any advice to give to aspiring writers?

Ok that is all for today folks!  The second 1/2 of the interview is to come. More reviews! Check out the rafflecopter on the right side of the page to win Lila's Prize!


Katie MacAlister

A Tale of Two Vampires: A Dark Ones Novel

Iolanthe has had some issues. After being sexual harassed at work and then fired for reporting it, she has a new career to start. Iolanthe or IO, as she likes to be called, has all ways liked photography. So when she visits her cousin Gretal for the summer, she thinks the local scenery may be perfect to start her new career. When she meets some of Gretal's friends, she thinks they are weird.  When one of them thinks he is a vampire or Dark One, IO knows someone is not working on all cylinders. Imogene and Ben, brother and sister, talk of there father, Nicola. Imogene says he has died, Ben says he is in Brazil sleeping with lots of women.  As IO talks with the two, she knows there is something off with them. They keep asking  IO, what she is? It just makes IO more and more confused.  Imogene agrees to let IO take pictures of her but not near one area of the forest. IO's curiosity is peaked. When she goes to the area by herself, and finds a swirling mist and wonders what it is. She goes to put her arm through it and take pictures of it and ZAP! Waking up 300 years in the past is just the start of her problems.

Katie MacAlister does it again. I vote her as Queen of situational humor! I laugh in every one of her books! IO, is very funny and even when she really does not know what the heck is going on, is confident and sticks to her principles. Nicola, although stuffy and uptight at first, really grows on you. He really almost has to learn how to love again. They two, you know are meant for one another but they of course fight it all the way. They use the excuse of lust rather than love. As the story unfolds, IO is reluctant to say the words even though you know she feels it in her heart. Will IO be able to make the Ultimate sacrifice? You will have to read A Tale of Two Vampires!! AWESOME dark ones tale. If you want to laugh and read a good story this is one for you. Has adult situations, so 18 and up. Also lots of  misunderstandings and LOL comedy!


On Monday 9/10/12

Starting on Monday Lila Shaw Interview and Contest! Be watching! Two part interview and several reviews PLUS a Giveaway! Awesome week to come!!



Liliana Hart

Dane   (Book 1,  The Mackenzie Brothers series)
Dane Mackenzie left Surrender, Montana 10 years ago and hasn't been back since.  Now he is coming home to face his demons.  To face his past. The first person he sees in town is Charlotte.  His Charlotte.   The girl he walked away from because he hadn't had the courage to stay. He has never gotten over his love for her.  Well, he is back now and so is she and he plans to win her back.

Review:   I will start by saying that I really enjoyed this book.  Dane and Charlotte's story shows that first love never totally dies.  It was sexy.   It was an easy read that made the book seem shorter than it is.  The writer was able to not only pull me into this story but to give me enough of a glimpse of the other brothers to make me want to read their stories too.  So, I did. 
This book is an erotic romance meant for adults
Theresa F.


Author Debra Jayne East Interviews me & Labor Day Hop

I was on Facebook and came across Author Debra Jayne East. I liked her FB author page and I was her 700 like. She wanted to interview me. So I did. Here is what it said! check out the link.


Had lots of fun doing the interview and it was interesting being on the other end of the table.

I am also on a Labor day Hop. Here is the link to check it out...all kinds of prizes!! http://yearoftheangel.blogspot.com/2012/09/welcome-julies-book-reviews.html

Julie Ramsey


Wendy Lindstrom

Shades of Honor

Going back to where you came from is sometimes the hardest thing to do.  Radford Grayson does just that in this story of returning to your roots and facing your past.  He brings with him his four year old motherless, fearful daughter Rebecca.  Radford comes home to Fredonia, New York in 1870 after years of staying away- 1st during the war and then trying to fight his post war memories.  He comes back home to his three brothers Kyle, Boyd and Duke to help run the family sawmill.  Kyle harbours strong feelings against Radford walking back in to the family business and instead convinces Radford to help run the town livery owned by Evelyn Tucker( Kyles fiancee) and her ailing father. From there it's an emotional story about Radford fighting for inner peace, embracing love, forgiveness and accepting his past while moving forth with his life.  Throughout the story Radford attempts to remain loyal to his family and protect and shelter his emotionally scarred daughter.  The story showcases the emotional battle that all the main characters must overcome while bringing a divided family back together.
Review- I enjoyed the well written story.  I appreciate that the author focused on many characters in the book and their many states of emotion and turmoil.  It was an easy read for an adult based audience with very mild intimate personal scenes.  The book ended well and although the ending was predictable, enjoyable none the less.


Julianne Maclean

The Rebel

In 1715 Scotland was fighting against the English. Alexander a Scottish highlander has just finished fighting a battle, when he is confronted by a young English lad. He is about to kill him when he see how young and scared he is and tells him to run and get out of there. Instead of running he uses his bayonet to cut Alexanders leg. Now Alexander is pissed and he hits the young lad on the head, to knock him out. As soon as he does, he sees he has just hit a woman in disguise. He is mortified he has hit a woman. When Elizabeth wakes in a thatched roofed house she doesn't recognize, she knows she has to run. But every part of her body hurts. Elizabeth has lost her entire family. Her mother years before, her father and brother to the war. Now she wants revenge. Alexander quickly sees her for what she is, grieving her family and lost on what to do. He vows to take her to her last remaining relative, her uncle, to keep her safe. So he must protect her. Elizabeth puts her trust in the man she just tried to kill. He could have left her there to die or gave her to one of his country men to torcher, it is a war and instead he protects. On there journey they get to know each other and there is an attraction that neither want to talk about but neither can they deny.

The Rebel is a short prequel to the authors series on Highlanders. If her full length books are as good as the prequel, I would love to read them! The sexual tension is there. But no real scenes. But the attraction you feel between the 2 is awesome. I like this book because they talk of true events with fictional characters. Very good. I hope Julianne Maclean contacts me and would like more reviews. Would love to have more of these of the site! Adult situations but fine for 16 and up (this one anyway).

Jennifer Ashley

Hard Mated

In a world were shifters are real. They have been placed in shifter communities and feared by normals. The shifters are treated like second class citizens. Not as many rights, quick to jail and punish. There are people who follow the shifters to bars as almost groupies. Jillian was someone drawn to the shifters. Several years ago she had a one night stand with a shifter named Spike. Spike is an enforcer of the Austin, TX shifter town. He does what his Alpha says, a tracker and a fighter. He is one of the best if not the best fighter in shifter town. Myka has to get Spike to the hospital. Jillian's dying wish is to get her son, who is the result  of a one night stand, to his father. Spike not only finds out that Jillian has had a son by him but she is about to die. Myka is fearful of the shifter because of her own past. Spike, now with a young son, who has just lost his mother and has the energy of a young shifter is causing all kinds of havoc. Spike loves his son already but knows he needs help. Myka is drawn to Spike in a way she never thought possible. Spike wants Myka to stick around and not just to help with his son.

This is a novella, so short and quick. It is part of a series. In the shifters unbound series you learn of Spike but you don't really get to know him until this book. I love Spike! Sexy, strong, and who doesn't love a man who loves his little boy. Scenes with his son are very comical because he knows how to protect but you get the feeling he really has no clue on how to handle a child. Myka, with baggage of her own, had a preconceived  idea of how shifters were. But not until she is immersed into their world does she truly believe Jillian's son is in the right place and with the right people. The attraction is one Myka fights at first but gives up the fight quickly. You are really rooting for the two characters, threw out the story. LOVED IT!! Jennifer Ashley's shifter series are some of my favorite stories out. I look forward to each one. Keep them coming Jennifer. Adults only, but if you want a good romance/action book this one you can read alone but I will tell you the entire series if GREAT!!


Cynthia Wicklund

   In The Garden Of Temptation
   Lady Catherine Bourgeault has been stuck in a loveless marriage for the past 7 years and has often felt lonely.  Her husband has always been odd but lately his behavior has been growing increasingly worrisome.  He invites men to their house for visits and demands that she is to wear dresses that he has selected, dresses that leave no room for modesty.  She is constantly humiliated.  Then Baron Bourgeault brings Adam Stanford, Earl of Ashworth, to their home under the guise of selling his pride pair of  matching greys.  Soon the Earl is wondering at what the Baron is really after, since it seems apparent that he is not about selling the horses.  The man seems to be flaunting his wife under the Earls nose at every chance.  Soon Lady Catherine and the Earl are having an affair.  Does her husband know,  did he place Catherine in the Earls way so often on purpose,  does he have motive for the way he has treated his wife by making her dress as a trollop in front of the men he would invite to their house?  What could he possibly be up to???
   Review:  This book is a historical romance with a lot of twists and turns that kept me interested throughout.  I feel like the story flowed well without a bunch of back story or unnecessary information that isn't pertinent to the story.  Once I started reading,  I didn't want to put it down.  And even though there is plenty of passion between the two main characters, there is only a small amount of sexual display.  I really enjoyed this book and easily recommend it to everyone who likes romance novels.
Theresa F.
5 of 5 stars

Eva Marquez contest winners!

Great week ..getting better each one. Had double the entries and over 1000 hits on the site in 5 days! AWESOME!  Here are the winners! They will be notified by me and then By Eva Marquez to get addresses to send the books to!

Madee Wyrick


Martha S

Congratulations! I hope everyone enjoyed the interview.

Coming Sept. 11 Lila Shaw! Awesome author! Lila has some awesome books that I have reviewed. Lots of cool stuff to read and of course more great reviews from review team! Thank you to my new followers and lets keep them coming!  Go read a good book!

Julie Ramsey

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