Review of Escorting Jessica by Carrie Pulkinen

Escorting Jessica

Jessica runs her own business, lives on her own, and is extremely lonely. Working in a all girls gym, does not allow for much dating. In high school she was the typical nerd and had a crush on the nice popular boy, Trevor. Now years after high school, getting coffee for her and a friend, she runs into the old crush. seeing Trevor again made her feel just like that awkward teenage nerd again. Trevor runs an escort service. When he walks into get some coffee he sees the girl he missed out in high school. He wasn't going to let her get away again. But would his job profession be a turn off or a turn  on??

This is a short read. You can sit down in one sitting. It has a decent story line. I loved the high school crushes. Jessica seems to change through the book. She goes from a shy, nervous, girl to a woman who really wants to have a fantasy seen through to the end and still has a thing for Trevor.  I think if the book had been a little longer, and Trevor and Jessica could have gotten to know each other better and then the fantasy, it would have been more believable. Over all a good read. The sex scenes are pretty hot and I truly look forward to seeing more on the author.

Review of ELLIE’S GENTLEMAN By Georgiana Louis Steam Reads feature


Ellie is a young woman who has been in with the London crowd trying to find a husband. Her father keeps sending her away to find that perfect match. Someone to make her happy and live comfortable. She has been growing tired of the London circle of people and knows her husband is not in this group. She longs for the country life, quiet, peaceful, not the partying life she has been living. So this time coming home, she tells her father, she wants to stay home. Her father has a friend visiting for the holidays. Robert was in a loveless marriage but she died in labor. Thinking he is too old to start again, he has decided the single life will be his lot. Until he sees Ellie and it stirs something in him that he thought was long dead.

Ellie and Robert, in Ellie's gentleman, is a innocent pg love story. Both characters have conflicts that could keep them apart, fears to overcome, and have their hearts on the line. Because this is a historical piece, it is like watching a Jane Austin film or something of that period. Very sweet love story.

Review of Bound to a Highlander by Kerri M. Patterson

Bound to a Highlander by Kerri M. Patterson

Rosin McPherson did not want to go into an arranged marriage with the laird of her clan’s enemy, but her family insisted it was the only way to save their clan from all of the fighting between the two.  Rosen agrees to the union after her father was killed in a raid.

When Rosen’s husband is poisoned on their wedding night, Rosen is accused of his murder.  To keep her safe until he finds out the truth behind the poisonings that were happening to different members of his clan, her husband’s brother, Gabhran McBray agrees to be handfasted to Rosen.  Rosen is locked away in a drafty cell for a time, but manages to escape to a cabin not far from the keep.  Gabhran finds her there and the two of them spend some time alone together.  Gabhran tries to keep his distance because he misses his wife, who died several years before, but he is weak and can’t keep his hands off of Rosen.

Once they return to the keep, they find out more people have been poisoned.  Gabhran works on finding out who the culprit is while Rosen figures out how to clear herself from suspicion.  In the mean time, they are falling in love and can’t keep their hands off of each other.

This was a very good book. I really hope the author does sequels because some of the other characters need their stories told as well.  Highlander romance books are my favorite and this one does not disappoint.  There was just the right amount of steam in the sex scenes.  There were a few typos, but nothing took away from the story.  I give this one a 4.8 out of 5 stars!


Review of Blood Memory by Rosalind Hartmann

Blood Memory
Book 1
Rosalind Hartmann
Two rival species come together to search 
for answers to the Blood Memory that has been 
passed down to all Hammerthynn and Jameson
werewolves, the Alpha’s Pipers. Vampires Simon 
Huntington and hispartner Ellis Duban are the 
subject of this memory of intense betrayal
and deception, yet no one has any recollection 
of what they did - notthe werewolves or the 
vampires. Vivienne Sena is part of the Alpha’s
core of Pipers led by her mate, and secret lover, 
Commander Brig Jameson. Taking up an offer from Simon 
to delve deeper into the blood memory, they travel 
to Ireland to speak to her adoptive father, Elder
of the Hammerthynns, Vigo Hammerthynn, who is also 
the father of thepack’s Beta, Iov Hammerthynn, cousin 
to Brig. With only a name,Vivienne and Simon leave 
for Siberia as the Piper compound in Ireland
is besieged by unknown assailants and wiped out. 
Proof of an innerconspiracy is revealed and the race 
to capture Vivienne, now being blamed for the attack, 
begins with her lover leading the pack.
This is a really catching book.  I usually don't 
read vampire books,but I enjoyed this one a lot. 
Once I started I was sucked right into
the story.  The plot was fast paced & kept your 
attention til the veryend.  The characters were easy 
to like even though they were supernatural beings...& 
I couldn't wait to see how it all played out.
This is the first book I've read by this author & 
it was well worth reading.
I rate this book 4 1/2 stars
Jennifer Wadkins


Review of Shameless Ambition by Robert Fanshaw Steam Reads Feature

Shameless Ambition  
by  Robert Fanshaw

Caroline is competing for a promotion that will unfortunately take her away from home and husband of three 
years, Robert, more often.  While on a management development course, Caroline is temped into an act of 
exhibitionism.  This leads to indiscretions with some colleagues to keep them quiet so her reputation can remain intact and so her husband does not find out about her display.  But it seems that with each act she is falling further and further into a life that seems to be spiraling out of her control.  And now she is being blackmailed. So she turns to the only person she knows she can trust.  Robert.

Robert had not heard from Caroline in nearly a week.  She had caught him in a less than favorable position 
with a friend of hers and he feared she was avoiding him.  Then he received an email from her that is full of 
video and pictures that seem to show Caroline in some pretty compromising situations.  Can he put his own 
personal feelings aside and help his wife find a way out of this blackmailing situation. 

Review:   This book certainly kept me paying attention.  Mostly in a good way but sometimes, 
especially in the beginning, I felt a little outnumbered by the characters.  There are a lot of 
characters and they do all have a purpose but it just seemed a little too much at times.  I understand 
the idea that its easy to let work and a busy life can get in the way of relationships but felt that 
Caroline was too quick to get herself into a sexual situations that leads to her troubles. Ultimately, 
I did like the book and the plot was good.  I can recommend it to erotica readers.  Just pay attention.

theresa f

4 of 5 stars

Review of The Dumped Club by Ally Simmons Steam Reads Feature

The Dumped Club
This book starts with poor Mardi finding out that her boyfriend is actually married and with that she loses her boyfriend, her home, her job .... things are grim until she goes to sob on the shoulder of her oldest friend and finds that Dianne's brother has moved home from London and he is willing to offer a shoulder and more!

If you are in the mood for some chick lit then you really can't go wrong with this, it is well written, has great characters and  makes you smile. You really feel for Mardi even though she was a bit naive and want to slap Paul for being a lying, cheating slimeball. Yes the outcome of the story is predictable but thats why we love chick lit and there was a small twist I didn't see coming.  I was feeling down when I read this and it lifted my mood - real chocolate for the soul!!!

I would give this 4 of of 5 stars



Review of The Bucket List – Part 1 by Annie Oakfield Steam Reads Feature

The Bucket List – Part 1 by Annie Oakfield

Amber, Lucy’s BFF had a surprise for her.  Amber blindfolded Lucy and lead her downstairs to living room where, when the blindfold is removed, there are several ladies sitting in a circle in chairs.  Amber reminded Lucy of the bucket list they had made on a night when they had consumed too much wine.  Lucy had written that she wanted to be a model for an adult toy party.

What goes on at the party is hilarious and sensual and hot.  Lucy’s embarrassment is quickly forgotten in all the fun.  When the doorbell rings, everyone wonders who it could be.  Everyone who was invited is already there.  The new visitor is as big a surprise as the rest of the night was!

I thought the story was funny.  It made me think that this was what an adult toy party was really all about.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars.
Donna F

Review of The Passers by Loretta Laird Steam Reads Feature

The Passers by Loretta Laird - Review


“At the time of Awakening, Jadara is awakened to her own destiny. She is the one who has

been foretold to bring about the time of Change in the land of Fellnesia. Meanwhile, the

evil Greenflack tries to expand his reign of terror by enslaving the peaceful freegan; noble

beasts from The Fire Hills of Dargoon. With the help of the Passers, she begins to know

courage and love in this heady mix of adventure and romance. Will true love conquer all in

this epic quest?”
 Product Details


Grade: A This novel is a romance mixed with the world of fantasy. Though the fantasy element for me

was a little on the downplayed side, the story overall was quite outstanding. It had a perfect

balance of sex to story.

I’m a lover of fantasy over a lover of romance, so I was hoping that the fantasy element of

this story would be a little more prevalent. This isn’t a story for the lovers of heavy fantasy,

but if you love romance and fantasy, this book will be a perfect fit for you. It hits both sides,

though favors the romance.

The chemistry between the main characters is strong, and it build quite well throughout the

story. There’s no instant connection, no sex on the first day scenario here, but you can feel

the connection between the two character from the very beginning, and the author does a

masterful job building on that. The steamy factor in the novel is not to be ignored. It’s just

steamy enough to make it a little hot in the room, but it doesn’t overpower the idea of the


The author writes in a very particular style, it feels a bit old fashioned, and suits the world

she is building in this series. For the first of a series, the author does a great job building

up the world, giving details about characters, and making the whole world feel concrete and

real. I really liked the idea of eye color dealing with Kins. She throws in great details, and

overall writes a compelling story.

A great romance read, not too much steamy, but just enough to make things interesting,

and keep the fantasy element in check for those non fantasy lovers. If you are reading

this review, I suggest picking up this book if you can say, “I love romance novels” and “I

like fantasy novels”. If these two statements are true for you, I promise you’ll love Loretta

Laird’s The Passers.



Review of The Baron's Bargain by Misty King Steam Reads Feature

The Baron's Bargain
by  Misty King

  Etta Damian has a mission and it is to save Bonte Bayou from loa Simbi.  He is an evil loa that kidnaps children and forces them to work for him under the water.  With the help of a skilled priestess, Marceline, and Blaise, the vampire who changed her, she hopes they can break the curse and free Bonte Bayou once and for all.  But the loa have a law unto themselves and getting to the Baron that can help might turn out to be more than any of them had bargained for.

Review:   This book is in the paranormal genre.  A genre I would usually not read so I was surprised at how fast I was completely drawn into the story.   The author took me on a journey that kept me completely enthralled in the fast pace of the story.  And even though there was a lot going on in this short story,  I never felt like I had missed something or felt confused.  This was a very well written paranormal story I can easily recommend :)

theresa f

5 of 5 stars The Baron's Bargain


Review of Finding Billie by Priscilla Brown Steam Reads Feature

Finding Billie by Priscilla Brown

Billie Williams has a fight on her hands.  A company called Village Malls wants to bulldoze down her auto repair business and her home and some of the 100 year old historical buildings in her town to build a shopping mall.  The big wigs are putting a lot of pressure on her to sell.

Zach Jarvis used to live in this town when he was a young teenager, but his family left suddenly and he never knew why.  He happened to be driving through one day and stopped at Billie’s station for a fuel fill up.  Billie recognized him immediately and after refreshing Zach’s memory, they had a wonderful catching up chat.  Zach, a historical photographer was intrigued about what was going on with the buildings and wanted to figure out a way to help Billie and the town.

What Zach doesn’t know is that he has ties to this town that are rooted deeper than anyone could guess.  But can Billie give up her dreams of having a family of her own to risk a relationship with Zach when she doesn’t know if he is going to be sticking around for the long run?

I really enjoyed reading Billie and Zach’s story.  There are unexpected twists and the story line was very well written.  I’d love to read more from this author.  I give it 4.5 stars!



Review of Puppy Love by Ana Vincent

4.5 out of 5 stars for a modern romance that is possibly appropriate for teens as the scenes do not proceed beyond second base.

Kirra Lane already has her hands full. She is a full time student that runs a make shift animal hospital out of her property while she finished school. Her best friend this past year has been Phil, her dog. Unfortunately as she is working hard to make her dreams come true and help all of her animal friends, someone has been buying up all of the land around her and is trying to force her out of her home. He crosses the line though when he steals her dog!

Brock Haigh has been buying up all of the land around Kirra's home, but stubborn woman that she is, she just wont let progress happen.  Then he claims that Phil is really his dog, and his name isn't Phil, it's Angus! Dang it, when Angus won't eat because he misses Kirra, Brock has to break down and contact Kirra. Pay no attention that something about her just gets under his skin like no one ever has before and that he just can't fight his attraction for her, no matter how much she drives him crazy. Then he goes and does something truly crazy, like offering her a job!

This is a nice story that doesn't just have a romance story , but also talks about how the love of a pet can be healing and unconditional, and even a mother's wisdom and love, but I can't talk about that too much without giving to much of the story away. I can say that I appreciated that Kirra didn't hold her tongue just because Brock was her boss or some rich guy that was used to getting his way. It's easy to see why Phil/Angus and Brock are drawn to that fire.

Jamie K



Review of Money for Blood by Darry Fraser Steam Reads Feature

Money for Blood Review

When Joseph McInerney returns with his millions to his childhood home on Australis Island, he hopes to capture something of the simple days of his youth. What he doesn’t bank on is his dysfunctional family, his friendly grocer, the publican or the hostile population of his hometown having their say when he finds the love of his life, the fearless but prickly Cloudy Bannon. The island is then hit by a series of murders and Joseph is about to find out that all the money in the world can’t always get you what you want, especially not the woman you love.
A great read.
This is one of those lovely romance novels that mixes suspense with romances, and wraps you up in the plot. I was intrigued. I’m not normally a romance reader. Overall, I don’t like the style of most romance novels, but this one was worth talking about in my opinion. The characters were interesting, the plot arc was solid, and the suspense kept me turning pages.
The dynamic of a small little town is definitely illustrated quite well throughout this novel. The author uses the ways of the small town to aid in the plot, and the suspense. It’s got so many elements involved in it that really help in the characterization of the people in the book, as well as the island itself.
Joseph is a wonderful character, he has a lot below the surface and that’s a hard thing to do. Most romance novels don’t bother giving us much below the superficial details. Not this one, we really get to know our characters, and experience things with them.
That’s not saying that this isn’t a good romance because it is. It ticks off all the boxes to make an interesting novel with a great mix of romance and suspense. There’s always a challenge and these characters step up to it, and it makes for a compelling read!



Steam Reads Feature

Steam eReads is boutique Australian online publishing house specialising in romantic fiction. We publish all genres of romance on a steam scale from 1 (sweet) to 5 (scorching!) with something for everyone. We believe in the pure joy of a great love story and we are proud to be the home of quality romantic fiction in the marketplace. 

Vicki Sly
Publicity Manager
Steam eReads


Over the next few days there will be some of Steam Reads reviews posted on the site! Please enjoy and pick up some of there books!

Interview for Catherine Bybee Aug 25th

Julie’s Book Review
Interview, Catherine Bybee
Special Feature, August 25th

Welcome to JBR! 

We are thrilled to have you visiting today. With the huge giveaway going on what item are you offering to our wonderful readers?

I have a raffle with rafflecopter, which will include a Kindle Fire Giveaway, as well as several Amazon gift cards. This will run the length of my blog tour for Fiancé by Friday.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Well let’s see, I’m a wife, a mother, and a wine drinker…not always in that order. At least that’s what my Twitter blurb says. Oh, yeah, and I’m a NYT’s Bestselling Romance Author. But I think you knew that. LOL

What genres do you like to write?

All of them. However, lately I’ve been on a contemporary kick. It helps that my publisher keeps contracting books from me. I also write paranormal time travels…which I love.

What is your newest release?

Fiancé by Friday is the third book in my Weekday Brides series. This is the story about Neil and Gwen. *rubs hands together* I can’t wait for my readers to sink their teeth into Neil.

What are you working on right now?

I’m actually working on my fifth time travel…AKA Amber’s story. My readers have waited a long time for this one.

Any future projects you can hint about?

Sure… I can just tell you, no hints necessary. I’ll be writing Not Quite Forever, the forth book in my Not Quite Series and the fifth book in the Bride series this next year as well. Some of my fans have worried that I was only going to write five bride books, but I think they can count on seven.

As a writer can you give an aspiring authors any advice or some of your wisdom?

I’m asked this all the time and I answer it the same way every time. WRITE! You can only improve your craft by writing, can only improve your ability to find a publisher, an agent, or an audience by writing the next story. There are no short cuts to this
writing gig…

If you could meet one character from your books who would it be and why?

I think I’ll just narrow that question down to this series and say Blake Harrison. I wanna know exactly where he invests his money so I can follow his lead.

Are there any other people or authors that have inspired you or helped you along the way?

I’m always in awe of Nora Roberts and her ability to crank out books. I admire her so very much. I’ve had plenty of people along the way who have helped me improve as a writer and have had plenty push me out of my comfort zone. My critique partner, Angel Martinez/Sandra Stixrude has been my rock for many years.

How about some fun stuff?

What is your favorite activity besides writing?

Eating? Wait, no drinking…no, wait…traveling. Yeah, I love to visit other parts of the world.

Do you own any pets?

A dog, a cat and a goat. I’m fresh out of chickens right now but plan on getting more soon. Damn bobcat took them all out a couple of years ago. Now I have to buy eggs. Errr!

Favorite place to travel?

Anywhere close to the ocean.

Favorite author you can recommend to our readers?(can have more than one)

That depends on what my readers are looking for. Let’s see, for historical romance I enjoy Katharine Ashe, Elizabeth Essex and many more… for contemporary there are Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Jennifer Probst…Nora of course. Paranormal… Caridad Pinero. LOL Funny will be Dakota Cassidy, she always has me peeing my pants. Suspense, Kendra Elliot is a new author for me. – I could go on all day.

Favorite book 

Not fair… can’t pick just one.

And finally where can we find you and your books?

View Bybee Author Photo.jpg in slide show

Thank you for coming to JBR. I enjoyed talking to you and we hope to see you again here on Julies Book Review.

Thank you for having me!


Review of the Jackson Brothers book 1-3 by Jasmine Haynes

Somebody's Lover
Jackson brothers book 1
Product Details
The Jackson family has lost a member. Lou's death has hit the family hard and no one feels it worse than Taylor. Mom of two and now widowed, she struggles with what she wants in life now with him gone. She is a young woman and wants to feel the touch of a man again. But feels like she may be cheating on Lou's memory, even after 3 yrs. So maybe she can pick up someone and have some meaningless sex and just get it out of her system.

Jase the youngest of the brothers, stops to have a drink at some whole in the wall bar. When he sees an attractive but scantily dressed woman walk in. It looks like Taylor but, no it couldn't be. Taylor, mom, wife to his dead brother, could not be in a bar, hitting on some guy. Why would she? He had been doing as much as he could to fill Lou's shoes, fixing stuff around the house, helping with the boys, taking them to baseball, coaching the team, what else could she need?  How much more could he do to help ease the guilt of getting his brother killed?

Somebody's Ex
Jackson Brothers 2
Product Details
David, has tried to take care of the family. Since his brother died, he is now the eldest. It is his job to keep the family together. But when decisions are done and situations come up that he can't handle, he decides that it is time to step aside and take a break from the family. Maybe some time away will help him deal with the  things going on in the family.

Randi, divorced, living is a shack, working for her family who doesn't respect her, a car that is way past its last leg, and just enough money to barley scrap by, is stranded on the side of the road. Taking her dog to the vet, should not be this much of a chore.  When her car breaks down and she almost gets hit by a passing car, she has no idea how one chance encounter can change a 2 lives.

Somebody's Wife
Jackson Brothers 3
Product Details
Connie wants a baby. She is a mom of 2, and her baby is about to start 1st grade. Now is the time. A close call a few months ago has only made the need greater. Mitch and her have always wanted to big family, but now he barley touches her. She doesn't understand and fears he may be cheating on her. She will just have to seduce her husband and get things moving in the baby direction.

After his brothers death, a crippling fear has entered Mitch that he can not shake. How will his family survive if anything happens to him? Penny pitching and worrying about money has put a huge strain of his marriage to Connie. She now wants a baby too. How will they afford it? How will they get by? How will their marriage survive if he can't be honest with his feeling and fears? He would never cheat on his wife, but after he tells her he doesn't want any more children, will his marriage survive?

These 3 stories are about a family who has lost a cherished family member, who is a brother, son, husband, father and how the family has coped or hasn't. The 3 stories should be read in order because the stories build upon each other. They are especially about a family grieving, getting past it and coming out with even more love on the other side. I will say book 1 was my favorite. Book 1 one was HOT!! Like scotching HOT. I am glad my husband was near by HOT. Book 2 and 3 both had their moments and were both very good but WOW! One of the things I liked most about these books was that the family dynamics. It was like a glimpse into the family next door and the problems that they face. The Jackson family doesn't realise how strong it truly is until they face the trials of life. Death happens  and families can implode with the weight of it or band together to help one another. Wonderful stories, lovely romance that will melt your heart and steamy enough to get your toes curling. Thanks for the great read!


Review of The Masque of Innocence (A Sarah Woods Mystery #5) By Jennifer Jennings

The Masque of Innocence

The story starts with Sarah Woods, training under Carter, still learning how to be a PI. They get hired by a widower. The widower is worried about her neighbor. One of her closest friends who spends time with the elderly woman. She was suppose to come and visit with her on the anniversary of her husbands death. Sarah discovers, the friend who is missing is a wife to a successful investment banker. The husband says she went to the spa, but things just don't add up.The husband is abusive, a stalker is discovered and with a few other questionable people in the mix, the list of suspects is long. But Sarah, thinks there may be more to the story than meets the eye and does more digging. The digging just brings more questions and not enough answers. As the story unfolds, will Sarah find the woman before it is too late or is it too late already?

This is a short Sarah Woods Novella length book. Even with the short length, I love these books. Jennifer weaves a story that keeps you guessing until the end. In one chapter you will think it is one suspect, only for the next chapter to lead you to another. Sarah Woods books are some of the BEST mysteries I have ever read. They are PG rated so are good for YA readers as well. Most of all if you are looking for a mystery with a little action, drama, a mystery that keeps you guessing  and great characters, these books are for you! Thanks again Jennifer for the GREAT read.

Cover image

Interview with Cameron from Ashwood Falls by Lia Davis

Interview with Cameron from Ashwood Falls

Hi all! I’m so happy to be here today with Cameron to talk about the males in her life.

Hi, Cam. Can you tell everyone a little about yourself?
Cam: Hi. I came to Ashwood Falls when I was 15 with my brother Jared, who thought I needed the structure of a Pack to help my aggressive nature. Of course my big brother was right. That was when Blaine and I met. But at 15 I thought he was an annoying, bullying ass. I discovered different as I matured and became an adult.

Lia: When did you first know that Blaine was your mate?
Cam: It was right around my 19th birthday. We were training and I kissed him. It’d been out of control ever since.

Lia: Out of control in a good way, I bet.
Cam: *smiles* You know it.

Lia: What is it like being in a triad?
Cam: Oh, well it’s something. It’s invigorating and exhausting at the same time. *laughs* It’s the most wonderful thing I’ve ever experienced.

Lia: Do any of you ever get jealous? I mean with three of, do you ever feel like one is left out?
Cam: No because the mating bond connects the three together. We know what each if feeling and know how we love one another. When I come home for a portal the mingled scents of my mates reminds me how lucky I am to have them. Plus it’s a major turn on.

Lia: Yes, I could only imagine. What about Graham? How is he adjusting to being with to dominates?
Cam: He’s adjusting quite well. He balances us in a way that is hard to explain really. The relationship is still very new to us and Blaine and I are having fun discovering all of Graham’s pleasures along with dislikes. Besides Graham has helped Blaine and I grow closer as well.

Lia: Aww. That’s wonderful. Thanks so much for coming with me to chat.
Thank you, Julie for having us.

For more on Cameron and her sexy males check out A Mating Dance

A Mating Dance, Ashwood Falls #2
By Lia Davis
Tagline: She’d fought fate against one, but she’s no match for two.
Senior enforcer, Cameron Nickels has found her perfect mate. Blaine Andrews, leopard Pack Marshal, is strong, dominate, loyal, and passionate. He knows all her strengths and weaknesses—not to mention her pleasure points. Cam’s known Blaine most her life, but she’s always felt like something was missing and her jaguar refuses to fully accept him. Yet, she can’t walk away from him. When architect and sexy mountain lion shifter, Graham Griffin, comes to town to design the new den nursery and school, Cameron finds herself in a mating dance that throws her and her jaguar into flight mode while Blaine must decide if he cannot only share his mate, but welcome another.
After his lover walked out on him a year ago, Graham has no intentions of entering another relationship any time soon. But he realizes that the fates have other plans for him when he meets Blaine and Cameron. When his ex-lover’s children are chased into Ashwood territory by a group of rogues, he discovers the male he shared a life with had died freeing the kids from the Onyx Pack. Graham must work side-by-side with the two enforcers to uncover lies from the past while his heart opens to his true mates.
Warning: Contains one-hot headed leopard, a man who thought he’d lost it all, and a woman who is about to rub up against both in the best possible ways.

Other Ashwood Falls books: Winter Eve (prequel) A Tiger’s Claim (book 1)
Cameron sat at Dani and Nevan’s dining table with Max balanced on one knee as she helped him cut his waffle, dip it into the syrup, and bring it to his mouth. When he dropped the fork and stuck his hand in the syrup, she squeaked and grabbed his wrist. Graham came over with a wet cloth to clean him up. Max grunted his frustration then gripped Cam’s hair with his sticky fingers, tangling his fingers around the strands. “Oh, Max.” Cameron stood, only to come nose-to nose with Graham.
Her skin heated and her heart skipped a few beats. His blue eyes darkened slightly, then a flash of bright blue told her that his puma wasn’t far from the surface.


Review of Heart of a Soldier by Tamara Hoffa

Heart of a Soldier by Tamara Hoffa
This a Lunchbox Romance.  It is short enough to read in an hour, which is nice when you don't have that much time to get into a long, drawn out story.
Charlie's (Charlotte) lost her husband and isn't sure her heart is healed enough to love again.  Her son, Evan, wants to join the Army. How will Charlie survive if her baby goes to war and is taken from her as well?  Would she ever be able to let go of her baby boy, who has grown up before she was ready for him to be?
 Jamison Hunter is Evan's Army recruiter.  Charlie finds him sexy and sweet.  Can Jamison help Charlie's heart to heal from her loss and help her trust herself enough to let Evan grow up and make his own decisions?
I really liked this sweet fast read story.  I'm hoping I have the opportunity to read more Lunchtime Romances.  4.5 stars.



More with Tara Rose!!

Please make sure you comment to win a copy of Tara Rose's book.

Tara Rose loves to write about small towns and the quirky people that inhabit them. You'll find engaging characters, budding romance, intrigue and plenty of hot steamy ménage sex within the pages of her books. You never really know what goes on behind closed doors, but her books will take you there, and leave you panting for more.
When she isn't writing, Tara spends time with her husband--her real-life hero. She loves to cook, collect antique pottery, and she will read just about anything. Tara also plays the cello, and loves decorating her house for Christmas.

 [Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Consensual BDSM Menage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, sex toys, HEA] When Cherilyn Barker casts aside her inhibitions with Doms Thayer Denning and Evan Rydell after hours in the gym they co-own, she awakens her submissive desires. Her late husband has been dead for eighteen months, and Cherilyn is lonely. Evan and Thayer seem like the perfect answer to her fantasies, until someone breaks into the gym and leaves behind a tie that belonged to her late husband. Thayer has recently broken up with his on-again, off-again sub, and is just looking for a woman who will love him. Life seems perfect when Cherilyn becomes not only his sub, but also the woman he loves. Until the man playing cat and mouse with the Racy police kidnaps her, that is…Evan Rydell has never truly given his heart to a sub, until Cherilyn falls into the role with him and Thayer. He’s in love with her, and when she disappears one stormy night, he will move heaven and earth to find her. ** A Siren Erotic Romance

 [Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Consensual BDSM Menage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, sex toys, HEA] When submissive Kari Tye returns home to Racy, Indiana, and opens a sex shop, she contends with more than the town’s surprise. Doms Noah Wells and Adison Kincaid are back in her life and vow to win her heart. But what will happen when the secret she left behind in New York City catches up with her? Noah was not only the town loser—he and Kari despised each other. But now that he’s turned his life around, can he and Kari put the past behind them? Adison took Kari’s virginity in high school, only to later enter a short-lived marriage with a woman he barely knew. How can she ever forgive him for that, let alone become his sub? Both men want her, and they soon realize they’ll have to share her, because she won’t choose between them. But Kari has a secret she left behind in the Big Apple, or so she thinks… ** A Siren Erotic Romance

 [Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Consensual BDSM Menage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, voyeurism, paddling, flogging, whipping, sex toys, HEA] Annalise Kerr’s ex-husband used their BDSM play as an excuse to cheat on her. She leaves a high-profile job for sleepy Racy, Indiana, and gets more than she anticipated when veterinarian Dustin Alexander and Detective Chad Bristol ask her out on the same day. Can Annalise shed her fear of the past and give away her heart, and her submission, to two gorgeous men? Dustin Alexander’s ex-wife used their BDSM play as an excuse to cheat on him. But Annalise is every fantasy he’s ever had, and he falls hard for her. But will his ex-wife’s return to town ruin his chance at happiness? Chad Bristol hides behind his tragic childhood and uses his busy career as a Racy detective as an excuse for not dating. Annalise rocks his world, but can she calm his fears and help him learn to love? ** A Siren Erotic Romance

There are these and many more...so come and check out this amazing author and her wonderful menage stories!


Reviews on this site:  http://juliesbookreview.blogspot.com/2013/04/review-of-tempting-their-racy-shrink-by.html


Interview for Tara Rose

Welcome to JBR! 

We are thrilled to have you visiting today. 
With the huge give away going on what item are you offering to our wonderful readers?

Giveaway: an ecopy of SEDUCING CARMA
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Please leave comments to win the book...make sure you remember to leave contact info
What genres do you like to write?

I write erotic MFM menage exclusively for Siren. Seducing Carma is the first of my Passion Peak, Colorado books. It released on 7/26. Book 2, Mastering Angela, will release on 8/16 and book 3, Training Summer, will release on 9/6.

What is your newest release?

I'm working on books 4 and 5, and after that I may be working on a shifter series. I also plan to return to my Racy Nights series later in 2013. 

As a writer can you give an aspiring authors any advice or some of your wisdom??

If you want to write, learn your craft, and keep learning. Write every day. That's what writers do - they write. Take the time to cultivate friendships with both readers and other writers. 

If you could meet one character from your books who would it be and why?

One character from my books and why... hmmm... I think it would have to be Carma Mandanici from Seducing Carma. I still have questions for her. 

Are there any other people or authors that have inspired you or helped you along the way?

There are a ton of authors who have inspired and helped me along the way. Tymber Dalton, Jan Bowles, Tatum Throne, Shae Shannon, Beverly Price, Lori King, Avery Gale, Gabrielle Evans, and Lara Valentine deserve special shout-outs for the support and encouragement they've given me. 

How about some fun stuff?what is you fav activity besides writing?

Besides writing, I love just hanging out with my Hubby - my real-life hero. And I love it when we get to see our daughter, who currently attends college in another state.

Do you own any pets?

We have one cat - Shadow - and we've had her a long time now.

Fav place to travel?

My favorite place to travel is either Chicago or New York City.

Fav author you can recommend to our readers?(can have more than one)

I highly recommend anything by Tymber Dalton, Becca Van, Lara Valentine, and Jan Bowles.
and finally where can we find you and your books (include links)
My links: 

Thanks for stopping by and we wish you lots of success!

Julie Ramsey


Review of the Grey Wolves Series by Quinn Loftis

This is the review of a 6 book series.

The Prince Of Wolves Book 1
Jacque, Sally and Jen, best friends are excited about a new exchange student that is moving in with the couple across the street. Entering their senior year, hoping to have a great  one, looking forward to their futures.  When Jacque sees the exchange student, she is attracted to him but knows that something is different about him. When she hers a male voice in her head, she knows something is up or she is going crazy.  Whoever the boy is, he is calling her Luna...what is a Luna? So Jacque has to call in the girls. The girls are baffled as much as Jacque but also want to see the drop dead gorgeous guy across the street. As the story unfolds, you learn that Fane (gorgeous boy across the st) is a werewolf. Not just a werewolf but a prince, and not just a prince but also Jacques mate. Finding out about werewolves, the supernatural, and the whole mate thing would be enough but nope...a new pack that Fane and the rest of the werewolf population did not know about surfaces. And someone else has also claimed Jacque as their own.

Blood Rites Book 2

We return with Fane and Jacque. Getting ready to go through the blood rites of werewolves,  after a life or death fight, is stressful for any one, let alone a couple of 17yr olds. When Jacques finds out that she is indeed 1/2 werewolf, she is curious about her father more than anything. So when the girls are in a horrific car accident, her dad comes and makes a visit and you find out things about her BFF's that no knew about. When Jacques is kidnapped, her new found dad, the grey wolves and Fane are hot on the trail but will it be in time to save her from someone they thought was a friend.

Just One Drop Book 3

Jen, Jacque and Sally, are back again. Now with Jacque married and starting her life with Fane, the girls have found out something about Jen. Jen has a very small part of werewolf blood running through her veins. Not only that, Decebel the Beta of the pack, is acting strange toward Jen. If she didn't know any better, she would think he was acting like they were mates. But with no mating marks, and no other signs than the attraction between them, no one knows what to think. When the alphas arrange a gathering for all the unmated wolves to try to find mates, Jen and Decebel end up fighting each other. The tension builds and the packs may have a traitor in their mist that wants to destroy the Romanian pack.

Out of the Dark Book 4

Jen and Decebel finally together but not yet bonded, are going to face their hardest challenges ever. With her girls, Jacque and Sally at her side. They face off with the witch who had helped the Serbian pack. Still bent on destroying the wolves, she throws spell after spell at the werewolves and Decebel gets hit with not 1 but 2. Decebel loses a part of himself that affects Jen and the entire pack. With a witch hunting them and Decebel cursed, the Romanian pack will have to work together to live through it!

Beyond the Veil Book 5

With the Serbian pack now under Decebel's leadership, Jen and Dec together, Jacque and Jen happy, they find out what Sally's place in all this is. Sally, finds out she is a Gypsy healer. A certain werewolf s also paying a lot of attention to their little healer. Sally finds out as a gypsy healer, her mate will be a wolf. On her 18th birthday the signs appear and what everyone knew becomes confirmed. With the witch still on there tail, danger is never far away. After the close call with Jen in book 4, the Fates come to collect and tell her what the price will be for cheating death. Jen finds out she is pregnant and the price is the life of her child. If that were not enough the witch has something worse than death planned for these mated males and before the end is here they may wish for death to come.

Fate and Fury Book 6

The girls are back fighting for the men they love with life and death hanging in the balance. Working with  Peri a Fae, they have to try to rescue the men they love before they loose their minds in the In-Between. Trying to find a way in and out is difficult and almost impossible at best. Now the witch, is getting under way with her ultimate plans, opening the veil to the demon world. She wants to unleash them into the world. The problem is the only one who knows how to open the veil is the Warlock King. With the witch orchestrating her plans and the girls all trying to rescue their mates, everyone is on edge and ready to fight.  Will the time in the IN-Between put a wedge in between the mates, will their minds survive the torture, are they strong enough to make it and beat the witch once and for all or will they lose all they have been fighting for.

I was recommended this series by a friend. I read and review paranormal but not too many YA books. I will say I went through all 6 in under 5 days. I could not put them down. I was repeatedly drawn back to the books time  and time again. The stories are so well done, with lots of action, suspense, love, romance and above all friendship. The 3 main girls, being only 17 rise to the occasion and stand together to fight for what they want and believe in. Friends that will love each other even in the worse of times. I will say my favorite character is Jen. She brings out the fighting spirit of the girls and is the smart mouth friend we all have that every one is laughing at. She brings humor to situations and will make you laugh out loud. This is a series I would HIGHLY recommend anyone who likes paranormal will love these books. It is a YA book that adults will love as well. Miss Loftis has found a new fan who will be watching for more. I can not say enough about how much I enjoyed the entire series. The only bad thing I say is my heart broke along with Decebel's at the end of 6. I can't wait for the next one, I am hoping she doesn't make us wait too long. This is one series I could see on screen!! Looking forward to reading more from this author!

Product DetailsProduct DetailsProduct DetailsProduct DetailsProduct DetailsProduct Details

Review of Kya's King by Becca Dale

Kya's King by Becca Dale

This story is about a pride of cat shifters with Alpha problems. When the previous alpha was deposed his daughter was hidden and a protector appointed, now the daughter has grown up it might be time for her to return although the current rulers will do anything they can to prevent this! And is doesn't help that she is completely oblivious of her heritage.

When I started this story the first chapter was very hot and steamy but when chapter 2 arrived I thought I was reading a totally different story, but I eventually worked out what was going on. I did enjoy this, there were a couple of parts that really surprised me and the steamy returns :-D  My only problem was that the ending seemed a bit rushed and easy but it was still good.

I would give this 4 out of 5 stars

Review of Bella Ink by L C Dean

Bella Ink by L C Dean

Jet Ryan is hooked on a woman he spent one night with six months ago. Then he fills in an application for Madame Eve's 1Night Stand dating service but his idea of a perfect woman sound a lot like the one that got away....

I really love these 1Night Stand books as they are all so different.  This one must have been a follow up to a story about their previous hook up but it not necessary to have read the previous one.  This is a short story so understandably not much plot however without giving to much away I do like the "real life" feel of the two trying to find a way to make their lives fit together. It is also wonderfully steamy :-)

I would give this 4 out of 5 stars



Interview with Jessica Kong

Welcome to JBR! 

We are thrilled to have you visiting today.

With the huge give away going on, what item are you offering to our wonderful readers? 

I am offering two free copies of my debut book, a paranormal romance entitled, “A Lost Kitten”, either in book or e-book format.
Please Leave comments below with how to contact you to win one of the 2 free copies of this wonderful book!

Can you tell us a little about yourself? 

I am an avid reader of all things fantasy, futuristic, and paranormal. When I am not reading or writing, I enjoy puzzles, arts and crafts, crocheting, horror movies, and video games. I created the Sea-anan Saga out of inspiration provided by my love for movies like Star Wars and Deep Space Nine, along with an avid appreciation of romance novels.

What genres do you like to write? 

I love writing science fiction and paranormal romances.

What is your newest release? 

 My latest novel has been rescheduled to be released in the beginning of August. This is book 2 in the Sea-anan Saga entitled, “A Forgotten Kitten”. The story revolves around Sev, a young, handsome prince and member of a royal family who rises to become king of the Oceanan race. Sev is raised in the midst of a vicious family feud, but all seems worth it when his adoptive aunt gives birth to a beautiful little girl whom Sev falls instantly and irrevocably in love with. But when Sev’s planet collides with its own sun and collapses, he must bear the loss of his entire family, including his love as well as any memory of her.

Areo, the heroine of the story, is that little girl that Sev fell for during his childhood. When her empire is brutally attacked, everyone is scattered throughout the universe. Where does she land but the planet that Sev is currently occupying.

What are you working on right now? 

 I am jumping back in time and polishing the love story that started it all, book 1 in the Oceanan Trilogy called, “A Seacat’s Love”

Any future projects you can hint about? 

 There are many members of the Sea-anan ruling clan to write about, so there are more books in the Sea-anan Saga to come. My next book will start my prequels to the Sea-anan Saga. I call it the Oceanan trilogy. And I have a Vampterewolf Series in the works. Vampterewolves are an alien race of canine and rapture origin. Yes, all three series are connected. J

As a writer, can you give aspiring authors any advice or some of your wisdom? 

All I can say is write what you see in your head and feel in your heart. Never cave-in to negative critiques and NEVER QUIT. Quitting is a no no.

If you could meet one character from your books who would it be and why?

Good one. I would have to say Mathew McCall. I have always dreamt of having a twin brother like him—intelligent, powerful, protective, and family oriented.

Are there any other people or authors that have inspired you or helped you along the way? 

Johanna Lindsey, Christine Feehan, and Anne Rice.

How about some fun stuff? 

Fun for me, other than spending time with my family, I read...a lot. I then write reviews and post them across my networks. I blog author interviews as well. I enjoy helping out fellow writers. So if anyone is in need of an interview, drop me a line with your name, genre and email.

What is you favorite activity besides writing? 

I rollerblade with my son about five days a week. He’s my exercise partner and my drill sergeant.

Do you own any pets? 

No. I live with triplet teenagers and a mother-in-law. I can’t handle any more drama in my life.

Favorite place to travel? 

Anywhere as long as it’s away from drama. J

Favorite author you can recommend to our readers? 

Recently, I have read many great books by fantastic authors, too many to list here. If anyone is interested, please visit my website at http://www.seaanan.com My blog is called Newbies Unite!

Favorite book and finally where can we find you and your books? 

Again, my favorite books—books I feel others might be interested in—can be found on my blog Newbies Unite under the section Suggested Reads.

To learn more about me, please go to: Website: http://www.seaanan.com Facebook Book Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-World-of-Sea-ana/462338863811603 Facebook Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jessica-Kong/155150417957328 Twitter: https://twitter.com/AreoMc Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6533956.Jessica_Kong Google +: https://plus.google.com/113667786275043784213/posts?hl=en Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/ Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/home?trk=hb_tab_home_top Tumblr: http://jessicaakong.tumblr.com/

To read more about my book or to purchase, go to: Amazon Kindle: http://www.amazon.com/Lost-Kitten-Sea-anan-Saga-ebook/dp/B0091MKY2W/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1348963181&sr=1-1&keywords=A+Lost+Kitten Barnes & Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/a-lost-kitten-jessica-a-kong/1112436828?ean=9781475143409

Thank you for coming to JBR.  I enjoyed talking to you and we hope to see you again here on Julies Book Review.
Julie Ramsey ADM JBR

Review of Crow Magic by Mary Quast

Crow Magic by Mary Quast

Seth is finding his family are interfering with his love life and Lucy is getting pushed by her best friend, they both apply to Madame Eve's 1NightStand dating service to see if they can find their happy ever after.

This is another 1Night Stand story and in the tradition of the stories being so completely different this story is about shifters and it based on Native American lore.  This was enjoyable and was different as the main character is a crow! I found some of the story a bit too far fetched where Lucy discovers her spiritual side however I did love Seth's family and wish there was more about them - a follow up perhaps??

I would give this 4 out of 5 stars

Review of Cradle of Lies - Rebecca E Grant

  Cradle of Lies
 Rebecca E Grant
This is the story of Cord Archer, he had the most terrible childhood being raised by his father who was a rapist and murderer. Cord finds that even once his father is in prison his name still attracts unwanted attention. He finally finds a ranch where he can get a measure of acceptance along with 2 possible romances but trouble continues to follow him throughout his life.

I read books for reviews without reading the blurb and initially I thought this was a historical book but it is actually modern covering the whole span for Cord Archer's life. I'm not entirely how you would classify this book as it covers both romance and a kind of murder mystery as Cord seems to attract trouble. I actually really enjoyed it as it went places I really didn't expect. It also had some quite angsty moments as his life falls apart time and time again and I found myself wondering how it could end well, but I won't tell you if it does!

An interesting read I would give this 4 out of 5 stars



Special Feature R.E. Butler - Letter from Alex to his mate

A Letter to My Future Mate by Alek Fallon

(Hero of Loving Lachlyn, from the series Ashland Pride, by R.E. Butler)

Dear…I don’t even know how to start this letter. Do I address it to my sweetheart? The future-Mrs.-Fallon?

I’m sitting in my room in the boarding house in Ashland, Indiana, and wondering how long I’m going to be alone. The bed is the most comfortable one I’ve ever owned, but sleeping alone makes it seem as if the mattress is stuffed with razor wire and rusty nails. My brothers share a mate. So do my uncles. I think that I’ll have to share you, sweetheart, and that’s okay. Because I’d rather share someone I loved than be alone. And I don’t even know who you are yet, but I love you a little bit already. Because as my mate you’ll be perfect for me. I know I’m not perfect yet, but I’ll try. And I’ll promise you a few things before we meet so that you know I’m going to try my hardest to be the best mate possible.
* I promise not to leave my underwear anywhere but in the laundry hamper.
* I promise to hold your purse while you try on clothes.
* I promise to clean up my beard trimmings from the sink every morning.
* I promise to always ask how your day was.
* I promise to always kiss you goodbye.
* I promise to find out your favorite dessert and learn how to make it.
* I promise to watch chick flicks with you and hold the tissues.
* I promise to hold your hand when we walk and always open doors for you.
* I promise that when we have kids, I will help with the diapers and feedings so you can rest.
* I promise that when we do fall in love, that I will love you from the very deepest part of my heart for the rest of my life.

I want to promise a hundred other things to you, sweetheart, but until we meet I’ll save the rest. I hope you’re safe. I hope you’re happy. And I hope to meet you soon.


Review of Every Dawn Forever By R.E. Butler

 Every Dawn Forever
By R.E. Butler

Orion and his brothers, were-hyenas, work by day in  a gym. By night or on the side, they work for an organization that rescues were's in trouble. Sometimes clans, groups, packs, will force there will on individuals because of the old ways of the pack. This organization is the only place to turn too. So when Orion and his brothers get a call about getting a young woman away from her  abusive husband, they get ready for the job.

Sydney Nichols, never had a good relationship with her mother. Sydney was the adult and kept things going in the household. Her mother resented having to be a parent to her. So on Sydney's 18th birthday, her mother did the unthinkable, sold her to a pack of were's. With her plans for a future gone and trapped with a man she doesn't love and violently abusive in every way, she knows her time has come to get out or die trying.

The brothers, just want to help another were in trouble. Finding their mate was never in their thoughts until seeing Sydney. Sydney needs to heal both mentally and physically. Will the brothers be able to help Sydney heal from the years of abuse, will they be able to hold off their attraction, will a husband bent of revenge and mad because she left him come back to seek revenge on them all.

The Ashland Pride series, is one of my favorites. Sydney, is trying to escape a very bad situation. Ms Butler really throws you in and gets you fighting for Sydney. As you read, the story unfolds and the attraction builds from the beginning and just keeps going. It shows that LOVE really does heal all wounds. The love you feel between all of them is amazing. The story was very well written and the action above and below the sheets is amazing. Great book ...Great series..

Review of Deceptive Liaison by Becca Jameson

Deceptive Liaison
by  Becca Jameson

  Madeline Cooper was attacked and nearly raped and now her father and the police are determined to 
put her in witness protection since her attacker has escaped from jail.  They send her to a university with 
her new name and a secret protector that she is not aware of.  She meets her sexy neighbor, whom she 
literally runs into in the hall and decides that maybe being here isn't so bad after all.
   Parker thought this was a job just like any other.  But he was wrong.  The sexy woman next door is 
soon haunting his every thought and the sexual attraction between them could bring him to his knees.  
So they both give into a sexy, steamy night together.  The next morning, all hell breaks loose.  The madman
after Madeline has found them and he has to step it up and protect the woman he has come to care about 
more than anything else.  

Review:  I really enjoyed this book.  The relationship between the main characters was written so well.  
They had ups and downs just like real life.  And they didn't just jump right back into each others arms like 
some stories do.  It felt real.  Great writing with such a good story.  Thanks Becca Jameson 

Theresa F

5 of 5 stars


More with Zoey Marcel

My name is Zoey Marcel and I'm an author of erotic romance and erotica. Some of my favorite genres include paranormal, BDSM, menage, historical, and dark fantasy.
I live with my husband, son, and our quirky pug in the Pacific Northwest. When I'm not writing, I enjoy time with my family and friends, shopping, going for long drives, reading, and working out.
I love to hear from readers. I can be reached via email, Blog, Facebook, or Twitter. I'm also on Goodreads.
Blog: http://zoeymarcelbooks.blogspot.com/
Email: zoeymarcel4@yahoo.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/zoey.marcelbooks
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZoeyMarcelBooks

 Menage and More: Erotic Paranormal Cowboy Menage Romance, M/F/M/M/M, shape-shifters, sex in shifted form, spanking, sex toys, HFN] Jade Flowers wakes up naked in the desert next to a dead man with no memory of her past. She accepts a ride from Kellan Brooks, a hunky cowboy from Winchester, Arizona. He takes her to the ranch he owns with his older brothers, Stetson and Sawyer, and their friend, Doc. Jade is alarmed that their scents call to her and threaten to unleash something savage from within her. Kellan Brooks is smitten with the tattooed woman and decides to change her mind about leaving the ranch so he can keep her with him. A werewolf and ex-soldier shows up on their doorstep claiming to be Jade’s fiance and mate. He is appalled that she can’t remember him and has taken refuge with the four cowboys. They embark on a journey to get answers about Jade’s past, but a psychotic killer is still hunting her, intending to finish what he started. Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings. Note: This is Book 1 of the Winchester, Arizona series. These books are not stand-alone. Each is a continuation of the previous book and must be read in the numbered order. ** A Siren Erotic Romance

 [Menage and More: Erotic Paranormal Menage Romance, M/F/M/M/M, with M/M, werewolves, dubious consent, public exhibition, voyeurism, BDSM, spanking, sex toys, caning, fetish, sex in shifted form] Morrigan, a resurrected banshee, is attacked by a harpy and saved by two werewolves. Jack is the eccentric alpha and Mark is his handsome beta. They invite her to stay with them on their ranch in Wyoming for protection. She meets two more werewolves, Quinn and Damon, who are lovers. Her mates introduce her to the world of BDSM and act as her guardians to protect her from the forces of evil that are after her. Jack is torn between his love for Morrigan and the mission hell sent him on—to drag her to the underworld where Death can claim the woman who escaped him. Jack's heart forbids it, but Death has others in line to kill her and eternal punishment in store for Jack if he goes rogue. The pack must overcome their differences and band together if they are to protect Morrigan and redeem their soulless alpha. ** A Siren Erotic Romance

 [Menage and More: Erotic Paranormal Consensual BDSM Menage a Trois Romance, F/F/M with F/F elements, shape-shifters, witches, public exhibition, spanking, sex toys, HEA] Hilary is a witch on the run from Nex, a were-tiger who wants her dead. She finds a naked young woman alone in the woods and decides to help her. Callie must cope with the trauma of having been sexually assaulted by her boyfriend and left naked and alone in Yellowstone National Park. She befriends Hilary, the quirky Scottish woman who becomes her roommate in the little town of Temptation. Cameron owns a magic shop and hires Hilary when he falls for her at first sight. When she invites him over to their apartment, he thinks they're going to fool around, but she kidnaps him and turns him into their sex slave and plaything to help Callie heal from her fear of intimacy. Passion and friendship unite the trio, but their relationship is threatened when Nex finally catches up with Hilary and seeks revenge. Note: This book contains forced seduction. ** A Siren Erotic Romance

 Thousands of years ago in another kingdom, there was a great battle between the forces of good and evil. She stayed behind to serve the king. He followed Lucifer and was cast out of heaven. Distance and loyalties come between the guardian angel and the fallen angel, but there was one thing time couldn’t destroy.

Despite the fact that Sonya watches over human souls and Nimbus seeks to ruin them, neither one has ever stopped loving each other. But angels and demons are forbidden to mate. Frustrated that Sonya resists his wiles despite her obvious need for him, Nimbus employs his soul devourer friend, Jude, to help him trick the dark-haired beauty into losing her soul.

Devastated that her compassion was used against her, Sonya finds herself trapped in a world of demons and vampires where humans are made into sex submissives and reduced to little more than objects. She teeters back and forth between reluctance and acceptance, between resentment and lust.

 Every forty years a demon is freed from his stone prison in the Underworld temple and given a choice. To be free the demon must drink from the River Lethe and forget his former life. Should he refuse, he is cast back into darkness. In 1855 a grown Sully frees the demon who sired him.

Nimbus chooses to drink from Lethe to gain his freedom. It’s been decades since his mate, Sonya betrayed him. They say time heals all wounds, but there are some things that time was never meant to heal.

In 2010 Sonya is still slaying vampires to win back her redemption. During a battle to save her home city, she slays a dragon, who just before he dies calls her mother. Sonya is devastated to learn that she unintentionally killed her own son in an effort to protect the city. Her heartache leads her to cross paths with Dante, a hunky tattoo artist. The two forge a strong bond of love and lust, but he holds a dark secret that could cost them both dearly.

 Masters of Temptation  (Temptation, Wyoming #6)Life is sweet for Jill Easton after her reconciliation with her husband, Ben. He’s even allowed Neil Banks into their marriage. She has everything she wants, except for Logan Weston and Judah Shaughnessy, the other two loves of her life.

She discovers that Ben has a spanking fetish and a startling obsession with the 1950s that challenges her inner feminist and entices the natural submissive in her. Their power struggle is halted when fate takes a turn for the worst, and Jill must prove how far she’s willing to go to save the man she loves most.

When their BDSM relationship progresses, Ben calls Logan in to help train Jill. Jealous, Judah hatches a plan to make Ben want to share Jill with him, but things go horribly wrong. The four men must unite to heal Jill from her inner demons and prove to her that only complete surrender to them will set her free

Note: This book is a sequel to Badge of Temptation. Although each book ends with an HEA for its main characters, the two books share an external story arc.

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Hello, all my followers, visitors, and guests. Welcome to Julies Book Review. This is a site dedicated to helping authors and readers alike. Readers to find new authors and stories and authors to find new readers. For authors please contact me if you are interested in low cost promotion at juliesbookreview@gmail.com. I accommodate where I can. Readers please go through and search the blog. We have been active here for a while. Hundreds on authors, stories and genres to choose from. We have everything from sci-fi, erotica, romance, contemporary, mystery and horror. And nothing gets on this site without a 3 out 5 star rating minimum. I have several reviewers that read different genres. If you are interested in reviewing for me and the site please contact me at the above email. I hope you enjoy the site. I look forward to meeting and talking with you all.

Julie Ramsey & Theresa Fehse
Along with many reviewers (which we could not do this without)