Review of Raven Bound by Karli Rush

Raven Bound (Crescent Bound, #2)
by Karli Rush

Alyssa and Marc are crescent bound.  This means they are meant to be together in all ways.  Dark forces kidnap Alyssa doing unthinkable things to her so that she no longer even knows who she is.  Marc and Alyssa's dad will stop at nothing to get her back. 

This book is get go from the first page.  I love how Karli Rush can just grab the reader and take you for a wild ride.  She brilliantly writes characters that you will yell at , cry with and make them as if they really are your friends and not just characters in a book.
She has become one of my most favorite authors of all time!

I highly recommend this series!

5 Stars

Review of Daylight by Karli Rush

Daylight by Karli Rush

Mattie is a young Vampire, Graham is something else.  When they finally meet at a party, it leaves both wanting more.  Yet Mattie has had it, her Mommy Dearest is a Alcoholic and not up for mom of the year.
Mattie sets out for a town she has heard of that has a Daywalking serum and is full of Vampires. While all along wishing she could see Graham.  She is in for more then she bargained for.  Set up as an escort Mattie not one to do what is expected of her.  Mattie is learning that the Vampires are not as they would seem.

This Story is so different from all those others. I loved it!  The entire book was a fast paced couldn't put down, page turning affair.  The characters were a breathe of fresh air. I don't want to give to much away or I could go on and on.

Karli Rush has written another chart topper!


Review of Birthday Bash by Kelli Scott

Julie Falzone is stuck at home for her thirtieth birthday. Her
friends has left her behind with nothing to do but sit at home
And wonder how her trip would have been.
Julie has visitors. In her mind she is wondering what are two
cops doing at her door. Not thinking it could be a birthday gift
from her friend she automatically thinks her identity is stolen, or
Something bad has happened. She lets them in with out a clue
of what she’s in for. 
This book was a quick read but interesting. 
The ending could have been a little longer but
the story kept my interest through-out. I could not put it down.
If you are looking for a quick read with a little hand cuff action, 
spanking, and foreplay,then I highly recommend this book I give 
it five stars. I cant wait to read the next book this author has out   


Review of The Good Fight by Andrew Grey

The Good Fight- Andrew Grey

Jerry Lincoln is a man with a past that he is not proud of and is still haunted by it.   He moves to Sioux Falls to take care of his Granpa.  Within six months he dies.  The rest of his family has turned their backs on him because he is Gay.  Thankfully he meets two fantastic men who basically adopt him and give him much need acceptance and support.  Jerry works from his home as an IT Consultant.  When more works comes his way he needs to hire help.  With the help of his friends he interviews and hires Bryce and John.  The only problem is he is attracted to John.  Tall, Dark and Handsome John Black Raven is Hot.  Will Jerry be able to keep his mind on his work or watching John all the time?   John has his own problems , his sister was killed in a car accident and before anyone could step forward the children are taking into CPS custody.  Now he must fight the system to even be able to see his niece and nephew.  Jerry Steps in and the Fight to get custody of the 2 is on.  The attraction between Jerry and John is now coming to a head, neither willing to let each other go, they will love each other and fight for what is right.

This is my first book of Andrew Grey I was blown away!  The book just pulled me in and and I was right there fighting to get the children back and watching the artfully written Erotic/Love/Romance Scenes.  This is a very well written book, tastefully written with an edge to it!  I am so glad I took the chance on this author I was extremely pleased with Andrew Grey's writing style.
I Highly Recommend This Book.



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More with Shandra Miller

Image of Shandra Miller
I'm a mid-western gal who left home at 16 and never looked back. Eventually I made my way to Florida, worked for three years as a carnie and another three with a circus -- yes, a real, live, honest-to-god circus. Traveled all through the South and Mid-Atlantic those years, town to town, on the road eight months at a time.
Now I'm a small-town office girl, filing papers, answering the phone. I don't own a cell phone or a TV. I take long walks at night, lay in the grass and watch the clouds go by, and I write erotica. Blazing hot erotica. And mystery stories dripping with lust, sex and suspense.
My debut novel, LETHAL OBSESSION, will be released March 1. My short stories PRIVATE DINING and ROOM SERVICE, both part of the TIDES INN EROTIC TALES series; and JENNIFER LOST and JENNIFER BOUND (part of the Ville D'Esclavage TALES) are all available on Amazon.com.
Follow me and news of my writing at shandramillerwriter.blogspot.com and at https://www.facebook.com/shandra.miller.52

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Blurb: from Lethal Obsession

Angela Martin is like everyone else. She wants acceptance. Love. Passion.

For five years she’s lived with the pain of knowing her husband cheats on her. She’s dealt with the heart-rending rejection by rebuilding her life around her work, becoming the first woman detective in the history of the Moose Creek, N.C., police department.

Then she stumbles upon him. A man who reawakens desire, who makes her feel more alive than she believed possible by pulling her into a world of bondage and dominance, devotion and trust taken to a new level, fear mingling with desire, a craving stronger than any drug.

Soon women start turning up dead in Moose Creek, bound and tortured, tied in ways that Angela finds startling familiar. Angela’s heart tells her that her newfound love cannot be the killer, her detective instincts tell her otherwise, and her obsession with this new lifestyle draws her back to him, even at the risk of her life.

LETHAL OBSESSION is a tale of sex and bondage, love and fear, desire and suspicion, with an ending that will leave you breathless, craving more.

Review of An Isolated Range by Andrew Grey

An Isolated Range (Range #5) by Andrew Grey

Marty is a nineteen year old young man who is a basketball player college student and pretty sure he is gay.
Inner turmoil keeps him from admitting it to himself.  His father is an important person in DC.   Is has been taught not to make waves.  While a basketball game he suffers a stroke.  After months in the hospital , he is offered a job on a ranch.  Along with therapy and being away from his hovering parents, things start to look up for Marty.  Upon arrival he finds out that the owners of the ranch are gay as are many of the neighbors. 
He meets Quinn who is a veterinary assistant and is drawn to him on a personal and physical level.
Marty tho is still fighting being gay, inner turmoil, fear of what his parents will think. With help from those around him he realizes that being true to himself is what matters the most.  Slowly he comes to relize that he does care for Quinn as more then a friend.  Quinn helps Marty with coming to terms of who he is.  When he is ripped from his friends by His father who is Public Declaring that the Sanctity of Marriage is in Jeopardy  do to the Gay Community.  Marty must make a choice  one that will effect the rest of his life.  

The inner turmoil that Marty feels really got to me, I was feeling his anguish. I cried for him and Quinn in so many parts of this book.  That is a sign that the Author really knows how to use words to convey what he is trying to get across to the reader.  The rest of the characters were so heartwarming you just feel pulled into their embrace and accepted for you.  The romance and erotic scenes were so well written, tastefully as to make you one with the characters.  This book will stay with me for a long time.
I Highly Recommend.


Review of Shamless by Cheryl Douglas

Shameless (Nashville Nights - Book 1)
by Cheryl Douglas

   Trey Turner knows that his life has been spiraling out of control since his wife, Sierra, left 
him five years ago.  He hates that his family and friends look at him with pity and concern.  
So when he sees his ex again he quickly devises a plan to make amends and convince 
her that their love is still strong enough for a second chance.
   Sierra is trying to move on with her life.  She has a career she loves, and a man who loves
her.  Her fiance makes her feel safe and secure but not much else.  So when she sees her ex 
again and he makes her feel so many emotions, she has to decide if she is ready to take a chance 
and risk everything with a man who has already broken her heart before.

Review:  I really liked this book a lot.  The characters are great.  Even though the love is there for
Trey and Sierra, their relationship is complicated by a tragedy in their past.  The author did a 
great job of showing us their emotions and drawing us into their story.  I highly recommend this 
book to you all.

Theresa F

5 of 5 stars 

Review of Claiming Their Racy Sub by Tara Rose

Claiming Their Racy Sub (book 2)

Book 1 was Kari's story. Picking up right were we left off, Kari and Alexa have moved to Racy Indiana. They have opened their sex shop and it is thriving, even in the little town. Kari is happy with a new love and an old flame. The 3 are working toward a great relationship. Luke & Chase have been dating Alexa for a while. She has been upfront and honest that she likes both men. For reasons she has not told anyone but here shrink, she has not slept with either man. Chase and Luke both know she is hiding something from her past, something that hurt her badly.  Both guys are staring to love this young women, and would do anything to protect her. Now, she is ready to tell some of her secrets to the both guys, but will she be able to handle the reality of the them knowing how her last DOM used and abused her? Even though she craves the lifestyle, she is afraid of what she will feel. Can they handle Alexa's issues? And The guys know she is still hiding more from them. As Alexa pushes away in fear, a old danger resurfaces. Can Alexa open her heart and learn to trust these 2 men, who would do anything for her? Or will the past hold her back and end a wonderful thing before it even really starts?

Starting right where book 1 leaves off, was really nice. You still get to see Kari and her men and see how Alexa grows. Both her and Chase have been through hell, and need Luke to be there for both of them. You feel the love between the 3 people. A story of one women, who has endured some terrible trauma, things no person should ever have to deal with, learn to accept love from 2 awesome guys. A great love story and a great menage, even with a little bit on danger. Thanks for the great read.

 Claiming Their Racy Sub (Racy Nights #2)


Review of Lethal Obsession by Shandra Miller

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Angela Martin, a detective first, is having some very personal issues. Her husband and her have a shame of a marriage. No longer sleeping together, barley talking to each other but living in the same house. Both just doing there own thing. Recently Angela has been talking on line to a man, similar interests in bondage. there talking has progressed to flirting, and now sexual situations and fantasies. He mentions it would be nice to have an encounter where she is blindfolded and he could approach her as an unknown and they could have an encounter without never seeing each other. Angela being a detective, knows this is dangerous but it also turns her on. So they set a date up. The agreement is that she will be blindfolded and will never see his face. But if her phone rings (work phone) the encounter has to end. So Angela gets her  bondage and dominance, that she is so craving. During the encounter, the worst happens, her phone rings. So it ends early and wanting more but her job comes 1st. She is called to a murder scene, which is very unusual for the little town they live in.  A women has been killed and in a way that is extremely familiar to Angela. The woman was in a extreme bondage situation and had been killed in her encounter. The worst part about it, she didn't have to leave her hotel to go to the crime scene. So her "friend", has just become a suspect in her head. But how can she 1. keep her encounter a secret and investigate him, and 2. how can Angela still want more of the bondage and dominance, that he provides?

This was such a great book. I had a hard time putting it down and even though it is shorter book, it will keep you on the edge of your seat. Angela is thrown into a world she craves and doesn't understand why yet. With her job she is bond to find a killer, but with a killer on the loose, her obsession could kill her. This book will keep you guessing, and has some major twists and turns that will have you on the edge of your seats and your heat pounding. The ending will surprise you as well. I truly hope Shandra Miller will send me book 2. She has me hooked.

GR Holton Biography and more!

On a warm summer morning in 1962, G. R. Holton is born in a little town in Massachusetts. I am the second eldest in a family of eight children. I have five sisters and two brothers. I am happily married and living in eastern Tennessee. I was 23 years old when I was first diagnosed with having Bipolar Disorder. I was told that I could no longer work. But in 1999, I met my soul mate, Charlotte. She brought me to know Christ and life started looking up. In 2010 I took an interest in computer games to pass the time, and then one day I made a friend, Marlene Milton, on one of those online games with chat. She was also a Christian and her husband was a Movie Director. We became great friends and after a few weeks of talking, I met her husband, Derek Milton online and we hit it off quickly. He gave me a couple of his screenplays to read and I was hooked. I knew at that point I wanted to try writing. Derek was right there to help me.

One night, after days of not being able to come up with a story to write, I had a dream of three teens on another planet and in a cave. This was it; I knew what had to be done. I sat down at the computer and over the course of three months I had written my first science fiction novella, “Soleri” which won the 2010 Best Science Fiction from Booksandauthors.net. I knew I couldn’t stop there, so I continued writing and “Guardians Alliance” was born. I have also published a children’s picture book called, “Squazles” about not judging others and did the book design for Cameron Titus’s “A to Z book: A Habitat for Humanity Project”. My horror/paranormal novel, “Deep Screams”, has won the BooksandAuthors.net’s Best Science Fiction for 2011. I have also won TheAuthorsShow.com’s “50 Best Writers You Should be Reading for 2011”. My latest work, "Dragon's Bow", is a fantasy about good and evil. The next release is the second edition of “Guardian’s Alliance”.  My latest is a collaboration novel and screenplay with Producer MarlenMendoza called, “The Mob”, a 1930s tale of a woman’s revenge for the death of her father.

In my other life, I have taken on writing screenplays which have done for three of my books, “Deep Screams, Dragon’s Bow, and Teleported (based on Soleri)” all have been optioned for movies by Gilt Entertainment. I have also written an additional screenplay with Marlene Mendoza based on the novel, “The Galaxy Watch: A Galacteran Legacy” that is owned by Gilt Entertainment. The latest screenplay is a collaboration with Marlene Mendoza called, "The Mob".

All of my works can be found at all the internet book sites.

All of my works are available by going to that book page on this site and select the type you would like and it will bring you right there.

I hope you enjoy reading my dreams as much as I have in dreaming them.  http://www.grholton.com/


Review of Love Comes Silently By Andrew Grey

Love Comes Silently by Andrew Grey

Ken is a single father raising a daughter.  Hanna, Ken's daughter is the light of his life.  When she comes down sick after a recent move their lives are thrown for a loop.  Hanna has Leukemia.  Kens partner Mark leaves after Hanna comes home from the hospital.  Ken and Hannah are making the most of their new town and home not knowing anyone tho is hard.  Kens neighbor Patrick is fighting his own battles, after an accident leaves him with no voice.   Having once been a world famous singer he has be in a depression for 2 years now.  Also living with memories of his parents reaction to him being gay Patrick stays to himself.  Until he see's that his very handsome new neighbor at the hospital most of the time with his precious daughter. The little girl who captured his heart in their brief meeting.  Once they come home Patrick and Ken start being friends Hanna grows very attached to Patrick and his Homemade Mac & Cheese!  The sparks start very slowly for Ken and Patrick both have past the must over come.  Then Hanna becomes even sicker.  Ken and Patrick lean on each other to get through each day as it looks like Hanna may not make it this time. 

This book had me crying in the epilogue.  I knew this was going to be a rough book to read. I am so glad I read it tho.  What a fantastic story.  Hanna is such a loving child and so outgoing, that she breaks down Patrick's barriers.  A little girl helps bring love to 2 men and more love into her life.  This was tastefully written showing love for a child and new love for 2 men.  The Heartfelt writing was definitely felt through this whole book  The emotions I felt were all over the place , in a good way.  This Aurthor really knows how to put words together to make one feel so much.
I Highly Recommend This Book!

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More with Andrew Grey

Image of Andrew Grey

Andrew grew up in western Michigan with a father who loved to tell stories and a mother who loved to read them. Since then he has lived throughout the country and traveled throughout the world. He has a master's degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and works in information systems for a large corporation. Andrew's hobbies include collecting antiques, gardening, and leaving his dirty dishes anywhere but in the sink (particularly when writing) He considers himself blessed with an accepting family, fantastic friends, and the world's most supportive and loving partner. Andrew currently lives in beautiful, historic Carlisle, Pennsylvania.
Visit Andrew's web site at: www.andrewgreybooks.com

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Blurb from:
A Volatile Range

Since mustering out of the Marines, Gordon Fisher has been off the grid and out of money, so when a group of ecoterrorists promises him big bucks to set some mistreated animals free, Gordon agrees. Unfortunately, the animals are Wally Schumacher's large cats, and one of them decides to take a chunk out of Gordon.
Still hurting from a breakup, Mario Laria finds Gordon and escorts him back to Dakota's ranch at gunpoint, only to have his heartstrings tugged on when he discovers Gordon is living out of his truck.
With Dakota doctoring, Wally wanting Gordon gone for good, and Mario falling in love, Gordon hangs on for the ride. But what looms on his horizon threatens to tear apart what little hope he's found. No one knows Gordon's past keeps him up at night, and the military wants answers he just can't give.

Review of The Bucket List by Annie Oakfield

The Bucket List by Annie Oakfield  **5 stars** A Steam Reads romance

This story is about two woman, lifelong friends who would do anything for each other. Lucy is shocked when her BFF Amber decides she needs some excitement in her life starting with completing the things on her bucket list. What ensues is a very steamy and sexy romp through Lucy's fantasies.
I have to say I rather enjoyed this story. It wasn't your normal F/F erotica. It had a few sexy twists  and surprising turns I was not expecting overall. What I liked most about this book was it was different and as much as the sex was really hot you could see how much these friends cared for each other. Amber truly wants whats best for Lucy. It was sexy, steamy and hot but it was also funny and cute. I would definitely recommend this book. 

Adriana D'Apolito

 The Bucket List: Part One


Interview with Shandra Miller

Please Welcome Shandra Miller to Julies Book Review. Shandra is giving away a $20 Amazon gift certificate and several free pieces of her writing this month on her own site and here on JBR e-copy of my novel, LETHAL OBSESSION, and e-copies of my shorts, PRIVATE DINING and ROOM SERVICE (they are parts 1 and parts 2 of a story line). Make sure you check out the rafflecopter to the right of this page! 

Welcome Shandra Miller! It is awesome that you have come to visit JBR. My readers at looking forward to hearing all about you! Let's start with, tell us a little about yourself? Besides being a wonderful author!
Well, thanks for that – I hope your readers think I’m a wonderful author! I sorta grew up in the mid-west, but I left home at 16 (don’t ask) and have lived on my own ever since. I spent some time living in Florida, though I was only there a few months out of each year. I worked with a small carnival for a few years, spent a couple of years working for a small traveling circus (no, I wasn’t talent – mostly did set-up and break-down and stood on the ground in a skimpy little outfit while the highwire people did their thing). I’m a small-town Southern office girl now, and I write at night and on weekends.

 What kinds of books to do write? I’ve played with a lot of different styles of writing, but what I’ve published so far is erotica and suspense.

 What can we expect from your books? Sex, violence, romance, gore, action, adventure?
Well, I’ve actually only published a few works since November, and all of the ones up to my latest have been almost strictly erotica. 
Your newest release?
Well, that’s different. There IS a lot of erotica in LETHAL OBSESSION – a LOT of bondage-related erotica. But the story is much, much more. It’s a thriller, a suspenseful murder-mystery tale set in a small North Carolina town. The main character, a police detective, finds herself in the middle of a BDSM-relationship, something she’s curious about but soon becomes, for lack of
better term, addicted to. Then she gets caught up in a murder investigation and it appears the man who is her, for lack of better term, bondage master may also be the killer. I wanted an erotica tale that was more than erotica, that stood up as a strong story apart from the erotica. So far I’ve gotten a fewnice reviews at Amazon and on Goodreads where people have pointed that out, so I guess I was somewhat successful in that regard.

Who is your favorite character from one of your stories? why? It would be easy to say the main character of LETHAL OBSESSION, Angela Martin. And I do like her. But I also really like Lady Sable, who runs a professional dominatrix and master home. She’s at first introduced as a peripheral character, but later in the novel her place in the story grows, and I plan to explore her more in subsequent novels. She understands her place, she knows she works in a world that’s dark and looked down on by many in society as deviant, but she also knows there is a place for her, there are people who want her services, normal, sane people who shouldn’t be looked down on. She provides those, she does it in a way that makes others feel better about themselves, and she has figured out how to turn this into a very comfortable living for herself.
Most importantly, she is an exceptionally loyal friend. Once she’s your friend, she will do anything for you. 

Would you, if possible, ever want to meet that character?
Oh yeah. Not professionally, I mean not to engage in her services, but I’d love to be her friend, to explore a little about what made her what she is.

 What book have you read that touched you deeply? And why? (yours or someone else’s)
Oh wow, that’s a tough one. I’m going to answer that as a writer rather than as a casual fan. Nightmare House by Douglas Clegg. It’s a horror novel, but when I read that, when I saw how wonderful prose could be in the hands of a truly gifted writer, that was magical for me. It’s a heck of a story – creepy and scary and engaging – but what really sets it apart is the writing. When I read that novel, I found myself stopping to reread passages just because his writing style was so lyrical, engaging. I reread the novel immediately after finishing it simply to pay more attention to his writing style. I’m far from that, and doubt I’ll ever reach that level of writing ability, but that was deeply inspiring, that made me want to learn the craft of writing like I had never before desired.

Are you currently writing anything? Can you give us any hints? I’m working on a sequel to LETHAL OBSESSION. There are definitely some unanswered questions in the novel, a couple of cliffhangers, and I hope to answer all of those in the next novel. And maybe dangle a few new unanswered questions. 

Any advice you would like to give aspiring authors? Oh, well, I don’t know. I’m still an aspiring writer. If I could give two brief pieces of advice it would be this. First, write. Don’t go for this writer’s block bs, or believe you have to be “inspired” to write. Treat it like a real job. You have to show up at work every day whether you feel like working or not, or you find yourself jobless. Treat writing the same way. Do it every day no matter what.
Second, read good work. Find writers who are truly above the field, who write beautifully and tell great stories. Read their work, try to figure out what makes it so good, then emulate them. Don’t copy – tell your own stories, in your own way – but try to elevate your writing and story-telling to their level. 

How about some fun stuff? Favorite past time activity?
I’m going to seem a little boring here, but I love lying under stars at night and just staring at the sky. I like talking long walks, particularly near evening, just to hear the sounds of the outdoors and feel the night enveloping me. I read, too.

Favorite animal? Do you have one? I like all animals. I love dogs. I like to watch out for wild animals when I’m outside, just to see them. Last fall a bear crossed the path I was walking – it was amazing! 
 I have two cats and a bearded dragon. 

Favorite food? Yes. Most everything. If I had to make a choice, maybe Mexican or Thai? Sorry, I don’t think I can choose just one.

A favorite book or one you can recommend (not your own)
Anything by Douglas Clegg or Robert Parker. But for a specific title – either Nightmare House by Clegg or The Hour Before Dark by Clegg.

 A favorite author you can recommend and why? Well, I’ve already talked about Douglas Clegg, so let me also mention Robert Parker. I’ve never seen anyone who can paint such vivid characters, be so funny, and tell so much with so few words. It’s amazing to read his work. 

What kind of music do you listen too?
All kinds. I am NOT a bluegrass fan, but I’ll listen to really, really well-done soulful bluegrass (Bleeding for a Little Peace of Mind by Blue Highway is an exquisite example). I like so-called new age music – Enigma is incredible – and I like good old rock. You know, like AC/DC. 

 Spring, Fall, Winter, Summer? Why? Probably autumn. Who doesn’t love the crisp feel of a perfect autumn afternoon? There’s something about that feeling that makes me feel alive, yet there’s also this melancholy quality to it, that autumn is wonderful yet fleeting, and soon to come the leaves will fall and the cold, dead feel of winter will set it. Autumn is so contradictory – it’s welcomed, yet dreaded because of what comes next. I like that. 

And finally where can we find your books? (please include any links you want including buy links)
Right now it’s available on Amazon.com for Kindle and at Barnes and Noble for Nook. I hope to have it up in additional formats at other retailers soon, but for now that’s it. Amazon: http://amzn.to/148DO67 Barnes and Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/lethal-obsession-shandra-miller/1114727993?ean=2940016377414 

Well I know I learned a lot and have added to our TBR list. I hope you all have as well. Thanks
you again Shandra for coming and talking with me here on JBR. I hope you had fun and I hope to see you again. Good Luck and wishing you lots of success! 
Julie Ramsey
Thanks so much for having me. I enjoyed the questions and it was definitely my privilege to be here.


Interview of Andrew Grey

Please Welcome Andrew Grey to Julies Book Review. Andrew is giving away a copy of A Volatile Range this wk. Make sure you check out the rafflecopter to the right of this page! Welcome Andrew!

 It is awesome that you have come to visit JBR. My readers at looking forward to hearing all about you! Let's start with, tell us a little about yourself? Besides being a wonderful author! 
 I live in Carlisle PA with my amazing partner who supports me beyond belief. I couldn’t write without him. I also work full time in Information Technology, so yes, I’m a very busy guy.

 What kinds of books to do write? I write gay romance. I will lucky enough to have been blessed with my own great romance, so I love to write about the ones I create for my characters. What can we expect from your books? Sex, violence, romance, gore, action, adventure? You can expect romance, love, sometimes a touch of danger, throw in some angst, the occasional disappointment or setback, but always a Happy Ever After. There aren’t enough of those in real life, so we should definitely write stories about them.

 Your newest release? I have two recent releases, A Volatile Range which is the sixth in my Western series. It takes place around a ranch in Wyoming. This story features Gordon, a former marine with PTSD whose trying to find his way and ends up getting mixed up with the wrong people for the wrong reasons.
On March 4th, the Fight within released. It’s the second in The Good Fight series. These stories take place in South Dakota and center around the Sioux reservation. In this story we meet Paytah, a warrior for his tribe who was abused as a child and not believed when he said something. All he had left is his pride and dignity which he wraps around himself like a cloak. But the walls begin to crumble when he witnesses a small act of kindness directed toward one of the tribes most vulnerable members, by of all people, a white man. 

 Who is your favorite character from one of your stories? why? That is so hard for me to say. But if forced to answer I would have to say Geoff form the Love Means… stories. I know him better than the others. I’ve written Geoff as a child, teenager, young adult, and now a more mature adult with a partner and child of his own.

 Would you, if possible, ever want to meet that character? Yes. I like to think that Geoff is a part of me. That Geoff represents the best part of me, but that may be a stretch. I think more than anything I would love to meet Geoff and all the people on the farm. It would be a magical place to visit. 

 What book have they read that touched you deeply? and why? (yours or someone elses) 
There have been many books that have touched me. I think the one that I like best is Pillars of the Earth. An amazing story with amazing characters and action. Above all it’s a story of love, a romance.

 Are you currently writing anything? Can you give us any hints? I’m currently finishing up work on A heart Without Borders. It’s the story of a doctor who goes to Haiti to help the people living in the camps after the earthquake and finds so much more than he ever expected. He arrives alone and broken hearted and ends up with a family.

 Any advice you would like to give aspiring authors? Write what you love and what you enjoy reading. You’re going to spend more time with the story than anyone else, so make sure it captures your imagination and excited your heart. 

 How about some fun stuff? Favorite past time activity? I love to garden and collect antiques. I love animals and reading as well as travel

Favorite animal? Do you have one? No. I would love a dog, but Dominic is allergic to most animals.

 Favorite food? A good steak. I’m a real meat and potatoes kind of guy

 Favorite book or one you can recommend (not your own) I have to recommend Moonlight, Tiger, and Smoke by Connie Bailey. This story is not what I usually read, but it blew me away. It’s amazing. 

A favorite author you can recommend and why? I adore the work of Ken Follett. All his work has a lot of action, adventure, with a dose of love thrown in. They’ll keep you on the edge of your seat. 

What kind of music do you listen too? I rarely listen to music except in the car. I love Braodway show tunes. I’m a real gayboy at heart.

 Spring, Fall, Winter, Summer? Why? I love all of the seasons except winter. It’s just too cold

 And finally where can we find your books?(please include any links you want including buy links) All of my books are available from Dreamspinner Press. http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/index.php?cPath=55_106 My Web Site: www.andrewgreybooks.com email: andrewgrey@comcast.net 

Well I know I learned a lot and have added to our TBR list. I hope you all have as well. Thanks you again Andrew for coming and talking with me here on JBR. I hope you had fun and I hope to see you again. Good Luck and wishing you lots of success! 

Julie Ramsey


Interview of G.R. Holton

Please Welcome G. R. Holton to Julies Book Review. G. R. is giving away a signed copy of his Horror/SciFi novel Deep Screams this wk. Make sure you check out the rafflecopter to the right of this page! 

 Welcome G. R.! It is awesome that you have come to visit JBR. My readers at looking forward to hearing all about you! Let's start with, tell us a little about yourself? Besides being a wonderful author!
 Well I am happily married man of a spry 50 years old. I have three awesome kids a son and two daughters and I have a step-son and a step-daughter. But the real apples of my eyes are my three beautiful granddaughters. I live in Tennessee in a tiny little town called Etowah at the foot of the Starr Mountains. My mom lives with us part of the year and she is great to have around. I started writing four years and a half years ago as a form of therapy. I am a disabled vet and highly involved in my town. 

What kinds of books to do write? My first three books were science fiction. I then followed that up with a children’s picture book about not judging by appearance alone, I then did the artwork for a young man’s alphabet book, and my last released novel is a fantasy. I guess you could say that I am not really tied to a genre, but write whatever comes to mind.

 What can we expect from your books? Sex, violence, romance, gore, action, adventure? Well with my current books you won’t find sex as they are mainly YA based. Any sex is mainly insinuated. You will find some violence and gore especially in Deep Screams. Soleri, Dragon’s Bow, and Guardian’s Alliance are filled with action and adventure. I did put a smidgen of romance in Deep Screams… but really not that much. 

 Your newest release? The latest is Dragon’s Bow. It is a fantasy novel where white magic and black magic meet. Twin sisters are born of the white witch Athena and the evil dark wizard Malahan. When the girls turn eighteen one sister is turned pure evil because of the dragon’s stone. The only way to change her back to her original loving self is by using the power of the fabled dragon’s bow. Both sisters go on a quest to find the bow. Adria wants to change her sister back and Audra wants to use the power to join her evil father in conquest. 
Who is your favorite character from one of your stories? why? It has got to be Captain “Crash” Craddock from Deep Screams. He is the leader of the Marine force that goes up to locate the missing Omega Space Station. He was taken from my Drill Sergeant in the Army. He is a cocky, brash, egotistical, and he thinks a ladies’ man.

 Would you, if possible, ever want to meet that character? Hahaha…. I already did. But if I ever got the chance I would love to see him again and thank him for what he did for me. He really changed me for the good when I was in basic training. 

What book have they read that touched you deeply? and why? (yours or someone else’s) Well the book that I did the pictures for is one that means a lot to me. It is called “Cameron’s A to Z – A Habitat for Humanity Project”. The book was written by a ten-year old named Cameron Titus. He had watched the tornado damage caused in Joplin, MI and knew he had to do something to help. He came up with a unique alphabet book where every letter of the sentence begins with that letter of the alphabet… i.e. “Annie Anteater Ate An Appealing Apple”. But it is not the book itself. He is donating all proceeds from the book to Habitat for Humanity. I didn’t take any money for doing it. He and I are just happy to help out all those hurt by tornados. So go on to Amazon and buy the book to help others while getting a cute book at the same time.

 Are you currently writing anything? Can you give us any hints? I am also a screenwriter and have done the scripts for my books and also two others. Right now I am writing the book for a screenplay called “The Mob” as a project with my Manager/Producer Marlene Mendoza. It is a tale of a young girl who sees her father gunned down by a mobster. She grows up to marry the guy with the only reasoning being to make him pay for her father’s death. I usually write the book first then the screenplay, but this time I am doing it just the opposite

 Any advice you would like to give aspiring authors? I know the old stand-by is write, write, write. But I have three words that my mentor Derek Milton, Director/Screenwriter gave me. Faith, Focus and Patience. Have faith in what you are trying to do, keep your focus on what you are trying to achieve, and patience to take the time to see it through properly. I keep these words above my computer monitor and they help me get through the rough spots and writers block.

 How about some fun stuff? Favorite past time activity? That is a tough one Julie. I don’t get out much due to my disabilities, but I am a geek through and through. I love reading about technology and anything futuristic. Now my wife would say my favorite pastime is playing Angry Birds. I can’t argue with her on that. I have all the versions and use it when I have writers block. I do though get to act sometimes in the local theater group called the Gem Players. I have been in Twelve Angry Men and played Uncle Billy and Mr. Martini in It’s a Wonderful Life.

 Favorite animal? Do you have one? Oh I would have to say I love snakes… but have never had one. Mom wouldn’t let me and my wife would absolutely freak... I do have a Shih-Poo though and he is a little monster. When I got him from the rescue he looked just like a little Ewok from Star Wars, so that is what his name is. Little did I know that he would turn out to be as mischievous as one.

 Favorite food? Chinese!!! Japanese!!! Korean!!! I will eat anything that’s oriental. I really love sushi andhot/sour soup you name it I will eat it..

 A favorite book or one you can recommend (not your own) Well I could put Cameron’s A to Z again… but maybe something different. Hmmm… it would be Bradbury’s “Farenheit 451”. It was not only one of the best written books of all time, but it was about what it would be like without them, plus I loved the mechanical hounds. I love robotics!

 A favorite author you can recommend and why? I would have to say my favorite is Ray Bradbury… now I know that seems like a typical answer for a Sci/Fi geek, but it’s true. He is probably one of the few authors that have influenced my writing and why I write science fiction. 

What kind of music do you listen too? I am a rocker. I listen to AC/DC, Journey, Boston, Eagles, ZZ-Top, anything from the 60s through the 80s.

 Spring, Fall, Winter, Summer? Why? Summer definitely. I lived in Hawaii for three and a half years. I was in my glory. I can’t handle the cold due to my issues and hate cloudy rainy weather. I would rather sleep through the winter.

 And finally where can we find your books? (please include any links you want including buy links) The easiest way is to go to my website www.grholton.com. 

Well I know I learned a lot and have added to our TBR list. I hope you all have as well. Thanks you again G. R. for coming and talking with me here on JBR. I hope you had fun and I hope to see you again. Good Luck and wishing you lots of success! 

Julie Ramsey 


Review of Stone Cold Charade by Kathleen Royce

Stone Cold Charade
by Kathleen Royce

   Alexandria Stone just wanted a quiet, peaceful vacation.  But her grandfather, Max, is already driving her crazy with his pestering phone calls about her taking over his production company.  She has enough on her plate with her band and her on stage persona, Fire.  Her sister has asked for her help with setting up security for the ranch she runs and when Alex finds out that the security company owner is none other than Ty, the man who broke her heart 6 years ago, she wants nothing more than to run.

   Ty can not believe that Alex is here.  He wasn't sure if he would ever see her again after their last encounter.  He knows that he hurt her badly when all he was doing was trying to protect her.   Now she is all grown up and he wants nothing more than to make her his.  If only he could teach her to trust him again.

Review:  This is book one in A Stone Family Novels.  The author does a great job of giving us the story of Alex and Ty and still giving us small glimpses of the other sisters' lives to set up for the other books.  The grandfather, Max, is so very out of control with his manipulations, it was easy to feel sorry for Alex, her sisters and Ty.  The relationship between Alex and Ty is intense and full of strong emotions.  It was a great book and I can't wait to read the next book in the series, which should be out with the next week :)

Theresa F

5 of 5 stars  

Review of More Than Friends by Monique DeVere

More Than Friends
by Monique DeVere

  Justin fell for Lily the moment that he met her.  But she was dating someone and he had just started dating her best friend.  But now they are both available and he wants nothing more than to be with her.  But she has some crazy loyalty pact with her friend about not dating one anothers ex's.  

  Lily can not believe that she took a cab to Justin's after a night of drinking and finding out that he broke up with her best friend.  She said that she went over to give him a bop on the nose and give him a piece of her mind for not being the good guy that she thought he was.  But she deep down that is because she has felt something for him since she first met him.  But she never meant for things to go as far as they did between them that night and now she has to find a way to tell her friend that she has broken their pact and slept with Justin and she thinks he might be the one for her.

Review:  I enjoyed the story of Justin and Lily.  It was a nice, easy read without being boring.  The dilemma that Lily is facing is one that any young lady could find herself in.  So it was easy to identify with her story.  So I can recommend this book to you all as a great, easy read that I know you will enjoy.

Theresa F

5 of 5 stars  

Review of Kiss of the Phantom by Julie Leto

Kiss Of The Phantom
by Julie Leto

Mariah Hunter is in hot water.  After a failed job where she had retrieved some Mayan coins and then lost them in the jungle when she went back to collect them, her client is not happy.  Soon there is a bounty on her head.  So when she learns that there is a priceless stone in Germany up for grabs if she can get there before her rivals, she could pay off the client and maybe save herself. For nearly 300 years Rafe Forsythe has found himself captive in a stone.  He was unable to save his family from the same evil that has trapped him.  Rage and grief have been his only companion for all this time until he is suddenly awaken by this beautiful adventurer who is carrying his stone.  He cannot believe the rush of attraction that he feels for her and hopes that she is the one to save his soul and liberate his body.  

Review:  This was a sexy paranormal story that had a lot of action.  The author does a great job of pulling you into the emotions of the characters.  The story between Mariah and Rafe was sweet at times and sexy at others.  The adventures were action packed and  kept me wondering what was around the corner for these two.  And even though this is book three of a series, I had no problem following the story.  I did however want to read the other books :)  I can easily recommend this book.

Theresa F

5 of 5 stars

Review of the Billionaires Bargain by Sam Crescent

The Billionaires Bargain
by Sam Crescent

   Duncan James is furious.  His father is controlling him even from the grave.  His will states that  
Duncan is required to marry to get his inheritance, and produce a child for the second part.  So 
when Tess Williams walks into his office to plead for Duncan to not press charges against her 
father for stealing from his company, Duncan decides that she just might be the answer to his 
terrible dilemma.
   Tess can't believe that she has to go begging to some big company exec to try and save her 
father from going to jail.  He doesn't care one bit about her but he is still her dad and she can't 
let him go to jail.  But can she really take this mans offer.  They marry, and her fathers debt goes
away.  No marriage and he goes to jail.  Marriage in the form of blackmail.

Review:  I enjoyed this book a lot.  The characters are fun and exciting.  The story of these two 
characters is so sweet.  I love to read the changes that Duncan goes through.  He is the one 
blackmailing Tess but he hopes that he can win her heart and she can be his forever.  Tess 
seems down to earth and makes the best of the situation throughout the book.  A good, strong 
woman.  And there are plenty of sexy scenes in here too.   I know you will all enjoy this book.

Theresa F

5 of 5 stars

Review of Forbidden by Amber Maynard


Harriot, is from a wealthy family. Her independent nature does not make her a favorite person in the house. With her mom dead and her father remarried, she is not the favorite of the household. During Anglo-Saxon times, danger was everywhere. When vikings come and attack the house, Harriot gets away only to see her step family has not. Guilt sends her back into harms way, only to be captured herself. Her step family, not only doesn't care what happens to her but uses her to save themselves. Taken by the vikings, Harriot is thrown into a world that she doesn't understand. Surrounded by men who hate her and don't care if she lives or dies, she meets Ivar. Ivar has lost his world. His wife tortured to death, at the hands of a English lord and his brother missing by the same man. As Harriot learns about her captures and sees there way of life, she also sees the kindness given from Ivor, who has sworn to never hurt a women or see a women being treated as his wife had been. Slowly they become friends and a attraction beings. As Harriot learns about the specifics of Ivor's family, she also learns why she was taken. Her father is who killed Ivor's wife and has kidnapped his brother. Now they are after her father and his best friend. Harriot's life is turned upside down and life is very hard in her new surrounds. Can she survive? and More importantly can her heart?

This was a very good book. The author really pulls you into the time period. You fall into the world she creates and fall for the characters. Ivor, is in so much emotional pain but still holds to his values. In a time where a woman was not safe around men, ex specially around men who hate her, he keeps her safe. Harriot, coming from a very unhappy family and thrown into a situation no one should have to go through, handles herself with courage. I got pulled into the book and couldn't set it down. I loved how you get pulled into the time period and you feel like you are there with Harriot and on the edge of your seat to see what happens next.

Review of Winning Her Racy Heart by Tara Rose

Winning Her Racy Heart - Racy Nights 1

 Kari Tye is returning home to her small town Racy, Indiana. Her and her best friend are opening a sex shop. Both girls have had troubles in their past, resent and from years ago. Kari is a witness to a rape/murder and is hiding from the killer. Her best friend is there running from her own past. Kari is reluctant to start any relationships. The killer is going to court but what if he gets off or sends someone he knows? She will not endanger anyone else. As there new shop is being renovated and everyone is getting ready, Kari learns that the little town of Racy isn't as closed off as she thinks. A past friend has a place where couples and friends can come to "play". Maybe her shop can survive here. As things are coming together, her first love Addison starts to come around. But will old memories hold the 2 back form something special? And when Noah, enters the picture and the sparks fly between him and Kari, can Kari choose between 2 very special guys? 

What a cool start to a series. Kari and her best friend bringing a sex shop to a small town. Kari is scared, running from a killer and known rapist. She is stilling hurting from a past relationship. Now with a old love and a new flame in her home town, a new world is opening up and giving her all kinds of new possibilities. With bondage play, spanking and more on the menu. Kari has 2 gorgeous guys vying for her attention and pleasing her in every way imaginable. But when her past comes back to haunt her...can the men she grows to love, protect Kari? What more can you ask in a book, hot sex, 2 very sexy men, and a killer on the loose.....great read!!

Winning Her Racy Heart


Review of Jackie and her Loose Talk by Jorja Lovett

Jackie and Her Loose

Jackie is ready and willing to sleep her way to the top. Jackie sleeps with celebs and then goes to the press. Her mother and herself making there money scamming the rich and famous. So when a tabloid report offers her a lot of money to get the story of Viktor TorokA wealthy man, who has been hiding from the world. Jackie can't resist the amount of money being thrown at her and with a encouraging mother, telling her to do everything to get the man the story, she heads out to find the man. Viktor scared from a bad accident and hiding from the world, is about to get a unexpected  awakening. 

Loved this short story. You have 2 flawed main characters. Jackie, who really doesn't believe in love, just working to get her next free meal and Viktor who is flawed physically and emotional. Both need help and do not know it. Together there attraction is explosive. Awesome hot sex scenes. And together they learn so much more about each other and what they truly want in life. Great short read!

Product Details

Review of Dark Matter by S.W. Ahmed

Title:Dark matter
Author: s.w. Ahmed
Marks adventure starts as a young college student.
A plain sort of guy, he's a smart man when it
comes to physics and the stars. He has a girl friend 
that he can't understand. His life has not been 
easy but he keeps trying to look forward to better
times. What he gets is an adventure that is 
unbelievable, and he gets a second chance on life.
The book takes you into a new world that is not 
to be believed but we all have dreams.  The 
things Mark is put thru is a little funny or a 
little scary, but very entertaining to read. It 
is a book you don't want to put down. You have 
to know some basic science facts understand some 
of what is going on. It's a good read!
4 1/2 stars
Any age can read it nothing xxx rated in story
Cookie: Nathan

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