Review of Sara's Promise by Deanna Lynn Sletten

Sara's Promise
Sara Grafton loved her life.  She took care of 
her family and they needed her.  Her children 
meant the world to her.  Her husband was her 
soul mate.  She told him more than once 
that she would be with him forever and take care 
of their family.  And then the unthinkable 
happened.  Sara died.  William was lost.  Sara 
took care of everything.  He didn't 
even know where she took the dry cleaning. She 
had said that she would always take care of 
their family and now it was all on him.  For 
five years he took on all the challenges 
of being a single parent.  Til one day when he
 met Annie.  Annie who has eyes the exact color
 as his Sara did.  He felt drawn to her instantly.  
When he is with her he feels so comfortable after 
such a short time and he cant explain why.  There
is just something about her that makes him feel whole 
again. Annie has been having the same dreams for years. 
 Above her in the sky is beautiful color like ribbons
 that bring warmth and comfort but there is someone
 else there showing her the face of a man and his 
family and telling her that they are her destiny, her
 fate.  She doesn't believe in love and happily ever 
after so fate has no place in her life.  But when 
she meets William for the first time, she knows that 
he is the man from her dreams. She feels close to him, 
so fast and that is not like her.  Can she believe in 
love and be a part of this family that needs her as much
 as she seems to need them.  Can she accept that Sara 
has brought her to them to care for and love.
Review:  another great book.  The author did a great 
job of giving the characters such strong feelings that
 its easy to get drawn into caring for them.  Even Sara
 who you can feel throughout the book.  Annie is such 
an easy character to like and identify with.  And 
William and her story is so sweet.  But the most touching 
part of the book is the dynamic between Sara and her 
daughter, Sandy.  With Sara dead and gone, the writer 
is still able to heal the relationship between the two 
women.  I easily recommend this book 
to you all.
Theresa F
5 of 5 stars
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  1. Hi Theresa & Julie,

    Thank you so much for this lovely review of Sara's Promise and for sharing it with your readers. You made my day!


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