Review of The 5th Step By Bill Wetterman


The Fifth step for AA is a big one . . . "Admitting to GOD, ourselves and another human being, the exact nature of our wrongs" Some just don't know how big till it effects their own lives.
 Mellisa DeSouza Alcott is the wife of TV evangelist Rev. Doug Alcott. She is his Pristine Princess of the "Alcott Mansion".  They have 5 children and a thriving ministry in Ashville, NC. While Doug is helping Mellisa deal with an alcoholic mother, he is trying to deal with his brother's addiction of alcohol as well. The more Al Anon meetings they attend the more he realizes his own addiction to  PORN. This is where Jasmine Cline comes into the picture. They have had a online relationship thru messages, video chats and phone calls. It was nothing physical but in Doug's eye that was okay ??
Jasmine Cline is a well known porn star in California. While taping a movie with Roy Stone, he gets a little to rough with Jasmine and she files a complaint. Ray finds himself fired and wanting revenge to the little porn star. During one of her phone calls to Doug she explains she is being followed and maybe being stalked. Doug does some researching and while attending a conference in Las Vegas, he sneaks out to attend one of her award ceremony. He spots the stalker and he is identified as Ray Stone. Unknown to Doug, Ray spotted him and knows who he is. Ray goes after Doug with blackmail but when that fails Ray takes it step further . . . kidnapping Jasmine.
Ray has this kidnapping well thought out and well planned. By the time he is ready to make his move we see that Jasmine has moved to Ashville NC and changed her name back to Jasmine Sarah Klinghoffer. Her porn life as been exchanged for a life for JESUS. She has ended her relationship with Doug and just wants him to be her pastor and friend. Jasmine finds herself working close with Missy. Not knowing that Missy has discovered Doug's little dark secret and is wanting answers. Missy goes to Jasmine's condo wanting some answers. A husband she thought she knew is now a stranger to her. While there Ray breaks in to kidnap Jasmine. . . Missy was an extra pawn. . . another way to get more money from Doug.

The author takes you into a cabin where 2 women are tortured, beaten and raped for 69 long days. We will see who the stronger women is and how they escape. I read this book in one sitting it was one you can not put down. Once you start it you are caught up into Missy, Doug and Jasmine's lives. We see how the Fifth step is a big step and many of us need to take in our daily lives.

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STAR - 5

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