Review of Love Comes Silently By Andrew Grey

Love Comes Silently by Andrew Grey

Ken is a single father raising a daughter.  Hanna, Ken's daughter is the light of his life.  When she comes down sick after a recent move their lives are thrown for a loop.  Hanna has Leukemia.  Kens partner Mark leaves after Hanna comes home from the hospital.  Ken and Hannah are making the most of their new town and home not knowing anyone tho is hard.  Kens neighbor Patrick is fighting his own battles, after an accident leaves him with no voice.   Having once been a world famous singer he has be in a depression for 2 years now.  Also living with memories of his parents reaction to him being gay Patrick stays to himself.  Until he see's that his very handsome new neighbor at the hospital most of the time with his precious daughter. The little girl who captured his heart in their brief meeting.  Once they come home Patrick and Ken start being friends Hanna grows very attached to Patrick and his Homemade Mac & Cheese!  The sparks start very slowly for Ken and Patrick both have past the must over come.  Then Hanna becomes even sicker.  Ken and Patrick lean on each other to get through each day as it looks like Hanna may not make it this time. 

This book had me crying in the epilogue.  I knew this was going to be a rough book to read. I am so glad I read it tho.  What a fantastic story.  Hanna is such a loving child and so outgoing, that she breaks down Patrick's barriers.  A little girl helps bring love to 2 men and more love into her life.  This was tastefully written showing love for a child and new love for 2 men.  The Heartfelt writing was definitely felt through this whole book  The emotions I felt were all over the place , in a good way.  This Aurthor really knows how to put words together to make one feel so much.
I Highly Recommend This Book!

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    STARS - 4

    As if moving to a new home was not enough Ken must deal with his little girl, Hanna battling leukemia. Ken had taken Hanna to the ER for a fever, expecting it to only be the flu, the news that Dr. Helen Pierson deals is a blow to the heart. Ken is at a loss for words but doesn't give up hope. He is by Hanna's side the whole time. Once treatment is complete they set out for sunnier and happier days. Little did Ken know that he would be facing another blow to the heart, his partner Mark decides to move out and move on with his life. He loves Ken and Hanna but feels that Ken and him have grown apart. Ken put so much time and care into Hanna and Mark was not there to give him the support that he needed.

    Patrick was once a famous singer who lost his voice in a tragic accident two years ago. For a few months Patrick has taken an interest in watching the new neighbor closely. He discovers that his new neighbor has a sick little girl and has put all his time into caring for her. Over time Hanna steals Patrick's heart. Patrick does all he can for this little girl, making her every dream come true, including cooking her favorite meal of macaroni and cheese. Ken and Patrick grow close, but they wonder is there a future for them together ???

  2. I loved this book and I cried too. Indeed, this is a wonderful story about loss, love and trust to start again.
    I've read all the books by Andrew Grey and he has the peculiarity of making us shift from our 'comfort zone' to see the world from a different angle. I already thanked him for this.


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