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currently i am reading the next installment of Shannon K Butcher. The sentinel series is awesome! I was wondering how she was gonna get Logan involved...if you have read the stories you know who I am talking about. Please feel free to give me suggestions on who to read next. i also have lists on good reads. Please let me know who you are reading and give me any suggestions on who i should read next.  I am loving the novella's rite now.  Short sweet and to the point...get to the good stuff quick.  I like a love love story or action story too but looking for some good novella's


Vivian Arend

  A werewolves series written by Vivian Arend. Book one Wolf Signs, was very good. The main girl, is strong, independent and deaf. It brings some interesting problems to story but it was refreshing to have a flawed heroine. Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with being deaf... but the main girl in most romances may have quirks but usually is the big boobed Blondie or the slim cheerleader. It was nice to see a normal person, someone who lots of people relate to, who get the HOT guy!.  The main girl goes on a trip on her own, against her brothers better judgement, into the wilderness. They usually did the trip together. She meets the HOT guy when he wonders into the campsite with his clumsy brother. This story was very cute, the characters were loving and believable. The only complaint i had was the ending came too quick. I would have liked a longer ending. But it is a shorter story and the story makes you want more. I have already bought the next 4 in the series. Book 1 was free and the others were a between $2-3 dollars. So Very entertaining and cheep! I will let you know how the others are. I am really liking these shorter stories. Quick, gets to the "good stuff" and only about 100 or so pages!

Finished all 4 that are out...looking forward to #5. Very sweet, sexy stories. Good chemistry with the characters. Love the pack itself. leaves you wanting more.  Only complaint is that they are too short. I want to know more!  But on the other hand I like that it gets to the action quick!  So Ms Arend needs to put more out quicker or longer! lol  I recommend this series! Worth the read!


Richelle Mead

Vampire Academy

Vampires or the Moroi as they are called here, are mortal with powers of the earth. Each Vamp has his or her own powers. They must be protected against the Stingoi, the the bad vamps. The bad vamps never die but the kill to feed. There are human and vamp hybreds that are called Dhampir that go to school with the good vamps. The Dhampir are taught how to fight and protect the Moroi. The 2 main characters Rose (Dhampir) and Lissa (Moroi), is what the story is about. The trails and tribulations of the 2 girls, boys, magic, fighting and even a little romance are what is going on it the book. I will say this I have not gotten though the 1st book. The story is ok. It may have just been me. I normally will read these YA series and most are pretty good for what they are but I have read may others that I thought were better. These are fine for the young teenager but they drag too much for any one else. recommended for 12-15 yr old.

J.K Rowling

Harry Potter

A great YA series. Book 1 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, sets up the series. Harry Potter lives with his aunt and uncle who treat him like a hated servant. He lives in the cupboard under the stairs. On his 11th birthday, Harry finds that he can do things he shouldn't be able to(magic). When the mail comes, he gets the invite to go to Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry. His aunt and uncle try to hide the notices to no avail. Eventually even hiding from it doesn't help and Harry finally gets to go the school. The stories are all about friendship and the power of good against evil. Harry meets a boy named Ron and a girl named Harmonie, who become his best friends. In the wizarding world Harry is already famous for the boy who lived, from a attack against the evil Voldermort. Each story has a danger element regarding the evil wizard. There are 7 books in the series. Each book gets bigger as the series goes through. The movies out are wonderful as well. The 1st 2 movies are almost exactly like the books. As the books get bigger more of the books are left out. Harry Potter's series get a lot of bad press because of the magic part of the story. But what kid wouldn't want to be able to say a few words and make something move or the bad kid grow a pig tail? The magic just captures the kids attention, for the shock value. The true story is the fact these 3 kids love, protect and grow together in each book. The story of friendship and love over coming any obstacle. Were being nice to others and having morals is a good thing. For me the series is a wonderful storyline and I can't wait to read them with my son. Highly recommended for all ages.


Sherrilyn Kenyon

OK this author has several series. I have read a few. The 1st is Dark Hunter series. She has another called the Chronicles of Nick (YA series).

The Greek gods, cause all kinds of damage. I will try to make this short, but it is more complicated than how I am describing. Artemis and Apollo do not get a long. For reasons you can learn reading, they have both created people to fight one another. Apollo has created a people that in there early 20's lose there sole and to extend there time on earth they must take blood or someones life to extend there's. Artemis has created a group of people that fight them. All the Dark Hunter books are about 1 or more of the Dark Hunter's explaining how and why they fight for Artemis and there struggles they face. All have lots of action and have a adult romance situations in them. There is one character is all of the books Archeron.  He is basically Artemis's go to guy.  They are a lot of the Dark Hunter books out there but I will suggest that you read Archeron 1st.  It is not the 1st book in the series but it explains the character Archeron and the entire series, how it really starts and what is the issue between the 2 gods.  I read a few before Archeron and liked the series but didn't get a lot of the connections between some of the characters. Archeron is my FAVORITE book. I read the 700 pg book in 2 days. I was exhausted emotionally after reading it. I had cried like a baby, laughed, cried some more, got pissed off at the characters, and fell in love with others.  After reading that story, I totally understood the Dark Hunter and dream books. They made sense. So read Archeron 1st! Then you can work your way through the Dark Hunter and Dream Hunter books. But be for warned Archeron has a lot of violence with abuse on kids and  adults. The story is worth it, stick with it and keep the Kleenex handy!

The Chronicles of Nick

This is the YA series by Ms Kenyon. Nick is a normal kid that gets almost killed because he helps someone he doesn't know. He ends up working for Archeron and learning about the paranormal world. Werewolves, Vampires, zombies and more plague his world. Nick has to save the day and figure out what is going on. Lots of action and kinda a spin off PG version of the dark Hunter series. The series will be liked by adults as well. They do have some violence so I recommend 13 and up. book 1 is Infinity


Shannon K Butcher

This is a author I just recently discovered. She is the wife of Jim Butcher. Her series the Sentinel Wars, is great.
In  Burning Alive (book 1), Helen helps the senor citizens in the community. She decides to go to dinner with one and sees her worst nightmare. She has been having dreams that seem to come true for years. One particular dream has a handsome man watching her burn to death. So she has  a extreme fear of fire. In the diner she shes the man in her dreams. She knows she is gonna die. Drake is a sentinel, born from a ancient race and here to protect mankind from the Synestryn, demons who live off the magic is the sentinel's(and humans). The male sentinel is a fighter and can accumulate magic or energy from the environment. The problem is he can't use the energy. So the energy keeps building and building.  Their life mark, a tree on the chest were the leaves falling shows how much time their sole has until it dies. When the tree is barren of leaves there soul dies and then they become the enemy.  If the meet the women who can use there magic, the tree buds again and they together can be a force to recon with.  When Drake sees Helen for the 1st time he is drawn to her. When he touches her hand for the first time, the pain from holding all the power that accumulates over time, stops. He is in awe and can not figure out why she is afraid of him. These stories are about 3 dying races fighting a losing battle against  the demons. Each book is about one of the sentinels and a potential mate, what they have to go through, the fight against the demons, and the love that is possible. These are adult books and one of my favorite series. The twists and turns are great and the series will make you laugh, cry and cheer for the characters Ms Butcher creates a world that is very entertaining. HIGHLY recommended!

This author does have at least 2 other series, that I have not read as of yet.  It is on my to do list and when I read them I will post! 

Jim Butcher

Dresden Files

This series has been a awesome sci-fi TV program.  The series is about Harry Dresden, wizard/PI. A great series, of fast paced action. Has some adult situations. I can't say too much about these because I have only read 1 in the series and a couple novelles. I am posting hoping others will post there opinions and if they like these books. These are some of my dad;s favorite and the one I read it was extremely well done. Loved the writing and the action was intense and very entertaining. So please comment if you have read his work!

 Storm Front is book1 in the Dresden Files series but he has several series. Sorry I don't have more for you on this one...I will have my dad write one on this author soon.

Alexandra Ivy

Guardians of Eternity

Book 1 When Darkness Comes, starts off the series with Abby and Dante. Abby a women who just watched her employer die, survive an explosion and had a terrifying dream. Dante is the Guardian to the chalice. When they met, it was just desire but as things unfold, he has to protect her with his life. A plan has been set in motion were they will have to fight for more than there love...This series is about Vampires, werewolves, shifters, Jinn, and other paranormal beings protecting good and fighting evil. There are 9 in the series so far. each is about a paranormal couple, over coming challenging in just life and in protecting others while fighting evil. Lots of story and drama. The gargoyle Levet is one of the funniest characters I have read.  These are for adults. They are entertaining and worth the read.

I have only read this series by Ms Ivy.  She has a other series and other books out but this is the only series I have read by her.

Jack L Chalker

Soul Rider Book 1 Spirits of Flux and Anchor. Cassie lives in a world were there is a mysterious void (flux) around the city. Cassie discovers a secret hidden by the ruling government. Cassie's punishment is exile by being sold into slavery. This series (there are several) has lots of action but is pretty complicated story line involving magic, spirits, and mutant changelings.It tells the story of Cassie and the secrets she needs to hide from or embrace. These are adult books. There is some sexual situations.

This author has written several titles. This one is a fantasy book. I have only ever read this series. Please make comments if you have read other works from this author.


Lynn Viehl

Several hundred years ago medieval knights were cursed. They come home only to die after 3 days passing on there curses to there friends and families. They then rise to be what is called Vampires. Now hundreds of years later they for some reason can not turn any others but have developed there own society and hierarchy.  Michel has been mutilated by the brotherhood. A secret cult type group hiding in the church. The group wants to wipe out the vampires (darkyn). Micheal needs a surgeon, someone who can cut and fix faster than he can heal. Alexandra is the fastest and one of the best surgeon in America. These books are about the darkyn who in each book are fighting the brotherhood. There are great love stories and have lots of action. There are about 8 or 9 in the darkyn series then there is a spin off which is the Kyndred series. The Darkyn series incorporates lots of medieval lore and are good reads! The Kyndred series is a little more in depth but still each has a love story and some tragedy they have to over come. These books are ADULT. Book 1 is If Angels Burn

Ally Condie


Cassia is a normal 16 yr girl. She is excited to be going to her matching ceremony. She had never questioned her society, her parents, the government. Her world is structured, no surprises. She is about to find out who she will marry in the matching ceremony, were the government has matched her to the person who is suppose to be her perfect match. She knows that she will be married at 21, 2 kids, job, and will die on her 80th birthday. A normal long life that everyone has here in her society. When she is matched with her best friend (which is unheard of), she is thankful because she knows him and knows they will have a happy life together. As she looks at his profile at home, another face comes up. A face she also knows. A boy who she also has classes with. She is intrigued with the mistake. So which guy is the mistake? which boy is she suppose to be with? With the second boy, who came from outside the city, he is considered a anomaly, something different. Curiosity nags at her and she starts to talk to him. Who is the one she is truly meant for? As she talks and learns about life out side of her society, she starts to wonder, what else is the government doing to alter and control them? What is truly happening to the people outside the cit?  This book is a YA series. Book one Matched and book 2 Crossed, Book 3 is not out yet. The author makes you think, along with making a very interesting story! It is well worth the read for the YA or adult. Matched was better than Crossed but if you fall for the characters is Matched you must read Crossed. Looking forward to Ms Condie's next installment. I do not know if she has written any other works, but this is all I have read from her so far.


Rachel Caine

The Morganville Vampires

Claire is a very smart normal young adult about 16 yrs old. She just graduated early from high school and is looking forward to college. Her parents are worried she is too you for that type of environment. So instead of Harvard or another one of the Ivy schools, that she could have gone too. Her parents send her to the local small college in the heart of Texas. Claire agrees to go until she can go to a bigger school but she doesn't realize that the small town has a lot to hide. As Clair trys to get acclimated to the new school, the local bullies start on her to the point of endangering her life. She starts to notice that the small town has a secret, it is being run by vampires and she has more to worry about than the local bullies! These series are very exciting and actually a little scary. The vampires are, at least most, are the scary type. Don't expect any of them to glitter. The 1st book The Glass House, starts Clair learning about the town and finding her place in the Glass House. She meets a few friends along the way. This series has a little sexual tension but as of as far I have gotten no actually sex. There is violence, so I recommend 16 and up. I still consider this a YA series.

This author does have a couple other series out there. I have not read any of her other works but looking up the author, her other works are rated 18 yr and up. Ms Caine has a knack for suspense and the books are entertaining for adults of all ages from young to older.

Ilona Andrews

Kate Daniels series

This is a world were magic exists. There are machines, cars and electricity until the magic wave hits and all technology stops and magic rules. The problem is you never know how long each time will last, minutes, hours or days. This is the world Kate Daniels lives in. In the order of Knights of Merciful Aid, as a mercenary Kate deals with all the paranormal problems. Along with shifters, vampires, and everything else Kate's secret may be the worse of all. She must hid her secrets if she wants to live and also protect who she holds dear.  This series is full of action and mystery. The love story is sweet and no real love scenes (mild) till book 3 or 4. Magic Bites is book1.

This author does write more than this series and from what I have read from her, this series and a few shorts, she is an exciting author. I consider these books adult because of the violence but there are few sex scenes and not till later.


Eric S Nyund

Pawns Dream

This is a cool concept for a story. Roland Prichard is a guard at a 24 hr store. Sounds kinda boring but he dreams of a world with demons, monsters and war. As he is in the magically world he dreams of a urban realm of violence and machines. Now something is happening that can't be explained. A merging of the nightmare's and the daydream is waking him to a terrifying truth. the two worlds he is living in are equally real and equally deadly!  this is a single book. i have not read this author anywhere else. It is my sister's favorite book!

Dean Wesley Smith/ Kristine Kathryn Rusch

The Tenth Planet Trilogy

Archaeologists discover a strange layer of black soot in the soil in the ground. They think it is just a volcano eruption from about 2006 yrs ago. Problem is as they dig they find that about every 2006 yrs there is a new layer of blackened earth. These layer also coincide with some of the darkest times on the planet. We have about 6 monthes until we find out why or what the layers are from. Now a deep space satelite stops transmitting and another picks up a picture of a strange object out in space. they are not sure what it is, only that is orbits around the earth about every 2006 yrs. In this trilogy you follow the people of earth and try to figure out and plan for what may or may not happen. It is a exciting sci-fi book trilogy. Gets a little slow in the middle but a good read. Safe for young adults.

Allyson James/Jennifer Ashley

The 2 above people are the same author.

Tales of the Shareem

On a planet run by women and were sex is not needed anymore. Children are made by doctors in a dish and sex is taboo. In a gentics lab the Shareem were gentically created to provide women with ultimate pleasure. The Shareem by most, are considered less than human with no emotion and only there to provide a service that the rich and extravagant can buy.  On the planet they are aloud to live only because they are not aloud to procreate, and must succumb to 6 month check-ups, and are treated like slaves. These stories are about the Shareem who have to overcome great obstacle's and the women who fall for them. VERY STEAMY books!!! LOTS of SEX and sexual situations! But good stories and they are short and usually only .99cents on kindle! Rees, I believe this is book 1.

Dragon series

Dragons exist. They live in another dimension and live away from humans. In book 1 Dragon Heat Lisa lives with her roommate Caleb. Caleb is a dragon sent to protect Lisa. They become best friends. When Lisa's life is in danger, Caleb becomes the warrior he is meant to be. The hunk of  man that Caleb has become starts there friendship in a new direction. This series has a good story line and plot with some light humor. Nice love story and a couple of good steamy love scenes! 

Stormwalker series

Janet is a storm walker.  She can control where it rains, were lighting will strike and the power of the wind. A handy talent when you are fighting a evil demon women bent on taking you over to enter the world again. Makes it even harder when it is your mom. Mick her dragon on again off again boyfriend, protects and helps her along the way. Stormwalker is book 1. There are vampires, demons, and shape shifters in this series. Mick and Janet fight the demons and other nasties Janet's mom sends her way. These have very few sex scenes (a couple in each) but do contain some violence.

Allyson James also has several other books. Some about Gods, Goddess, space travel, aliens worlds. Most are very sexual and not for the faint of heart. All have decent stories but usually have lots of sexual content!
Here are some other titles by Allyson James...Double Trouble, Catch a Falling Star, Eland, Double Shot

Jennifer Ashley
Shifter Unbound
Shifters have come out to the public. The public has collared them all to help control them, because  they fear them. They live in run down communities and have there own laws but also love their children and families and will do anything to protect it. There are some humans who still fear them. So violence against them is common and laws against them severe. Book 1 Pride Mates starts the series with Liam the leader of an Austin community and a young pretty lawyer who is willing to help them. She learns of the secrets they have to protect and learns that loving a shifter is challenging with huge rewards. This is my favorite series by this author! A GREAT LOVE story, a little sex and the characters, you will fall in love with. By the end of book 1 you can't wait for the next.  AWESOME series!

L..J. Smith

Vampire Diaries

Elana is a normal teenage girl. Worries about what to wear and who is dating who. She has best friends and ex-boy friends. Then she meets Stephan(vampire) and her world is turned upside down. Tons of danger and plots, murder, mayhem, twists and turns go through this series. These are Young Adult books (pg-13). There is some violence. but nothing too awful. These books are OK. For the teenage girl they are probably awesome but to the adult not so much. I found in the books Elana is a typical teenage girl, annoying, has a huge ego and everything revolves around her. The books are entertaining. I read adult and young adult books of all kinds and these are not my favorite. I do recommend them for 14 and up.

Night World

This series is about a secret world of the paranormal. No one is too know about Night world. Vampires, werewolves, shape shifters and witches live in a society were falling in love with someone outside of the Night World is against the law. So of course you know what happens.....LOVE! Each story is of disaster, tragedy and the power of love to overcome anything. These are shorter stories and are again for young adult! Out of these 2 series the Night World ones are better. In my opinion anyway.

L.J.Smith also has a Circle Series (witches) which I have not read and probably more. I believe that all of them are young adult!

Michelle Bardsley

Broken Heart series

The town of Broken Heart is know for it;s extremely high divorce rate! Lots of broken families and tons of single parents. Then a a vampire comes to town. He is one of the most powerful in the world.  He also has a vampire disease and is trying to cure it by infected himself wit Lycan blood (werewolf). In doing so he goes crazy (for a short time) and kills 11 people. So the ruling people of the paranormal world buys out the town and turns all the victims in vampires. The 1st book I'm the Vampire, that's why.  The 1st book is a great intro to the Broken Heart series. You meet the main characters and see they are making a safe town for a paranormal community. In there series you have Vampires, werewolves, fey, demons, dragons and more! As the title is goofy so is alot of the story but there is a sweet love story in each book and very comical story line. This is a ADULT type book. So good stories all of them but not serious books. If you want some romance and good humor these are for you.

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