Lynn Viehl

Several hundred years ago medieval knights were cursed. They come home only to die after 3 days passing on there curses to there friends and families. They then rise to be what is called Vampires. Now hundreds of years later they for some reason can not turn any others but have developed there own society and hierarchy.  Michel has been mutilated by the brotherhood. A secret cult type group hiding in the church. The group wants to wipe out the vampires (darkyn). Micheal needs a surgeon, someone who can cut and fix faster than he can heal. Alexandra is the fastest and one of the best surgeon in America. These books are about the darkyn who in each book are fighting the brotherhood. There are great love stories and have lots of action. There are about 8 or 9 in the darkyn series then there is a spin off which is the Kyndred series. The Darkyn series incorporates lots of medieval lore and are good reads! The Kyndred series is a little more in depth but still each has a love story and some tragedy they have to over come. These books are ADULT. Book 1 is If Angels Burn

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