Allyson James/Jennifer Ashley

The 2 above people are the same author.

Tales of the Shareem

On a planet run by women and were sex is not needed anymore. Children are made by doctors in a dish and sex is taboo. In a gentics lab the Shareem were gentically created to provide women with ultimate pleasure. The Shareem by most, are considered less than human with no emotion and only there to provide a service that the rich and extravagant can buy.  On the planet they are aloud to live only because they are not aloud to procreate, and must succumb to 6 month check-ups, and are treated like slaves. These stories are about the Shareem who have to overcome great obstacle's and the women who fall for them. VERY STEAMY books!!! LOTS of SEX and sexual situations! But good stories and they are short and usually only .99cents on kindle! Rees, I believe this is book 1.

Dragon series

Dragons exist. They live in another dimension and live away from humans. In book 1 Dragon Heat Lisa lives with her roommate Caleb. Caleb is a dragon sent to protect Lisa. They become best friends. When Lisa's life is in danger, Caleb becomes the warrior he is meant to be. The hunk of  man that Caleb has become starts there friendship in a new direction. This series has a good story line and plot with some light humor. Nice love story and a couple of good steamy love scenes! 

Stormwalker series

Janet is a storm walker.  She can control where it rains, were lighting will strike and the power of the wind. A handy talent when you are fighting a evil demon women bent on taking you over to enter the world again. Makes it even harder when it is your mom. Mick her dragon on again off again boyfriend, protects and helps her along the way. Stormwalker is book 1. There are vampires, demons, and shape shifters in this series. Mick and Janet fight the demons and other nasties Janet's mom sends her way. These have very few sex scenes (a couple in each) but do contain some violence.

Allyson James also has several other books. Some about Gods, Goddess, space travel, aliens worlds. Most are very sexual and not for the faint of heart. All have decent stories but usually have lots of sexual content!
Here are some other titles by Allyson James...Double Trouble, Catch a Falling Star, Eland, Double Shot

Jennifer Ashley
Shifter Unbound
Shifters have come out to the public. The public has collared them all to help control them, because  they fear them. They live in run down communities and have there own laws but also love their children and families and will do anything to protect it. There are some humans who still fear them. So violence against them is common and laws against them severe. Book 1 Pride Mates starts the series with Liam the leader of an Austin community and a young pretty lawyer who is willing to help them. She learns of the secrets they have to protect and learns that loving a shifter is challenging with huge rewards. This is my favorite series by this author! A GREAT LOVE story, a little sex and the characters, you will fall in love with. By the end of book 1 you can't wait for the next.  AWESOME series!

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  1. I have read all of the shifter series so far, and loved it!!! After your review, leaning more toward checking out the dragon series. Of course, I have also been thinking about the stormwalker series, so much to read, so little time!!!

    I also recommend G A Aiken/Shelly Laurenston if you like Jennifer Ashley. Let me know what you think!!


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