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  A werewolves series written by Vivian Arend. Book one Wolf Signs, was very good. The main girl, is strong, independent and deaf. It brings some interesting problems to story but it was refreshing to have a flawed heroine. Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with being deaf... but the main girl in most romances may have quirks but usually is the big boobed Blondie or the slim cheerleader. It was nice to see a normal person, someone who lots of people relate to, who get the HOT guy!.  The main girl goes on a trip on her own, against her brothers better judgement, into the wilderness. They usually did the trip together. She meets the HOT guy when he wonders into the campsite with his clumsy brother. This story was very cute, the characters were loving and believable. The only complaint i had was the ending came too quick. I would have liked a longer ending. But it is a shorter story and the story makes you want more. I have already bought the next 4 in the series. Book 1 was free and the others were a between $2-3 dollars. So Very entertaining and cheep! I will let you know how the others are. I am really liking these shorter stories. Quick, gets to the "good stuff" and only about 100 or so pages!

Finished all 4 that are out...looking forward to #5. Very sweet, sexy stories. Good chemistry with the characters. Love the pack itself. leaves you wanting more.  Only complaint is that they are too short. I want to know more!  But on the other hand I like that it gets to the action quick!  So Ms Arend needs to put more out quicker or longer! lol  I recommend this series! Worth the read!


  1. Wolfline is book #5. Just finished it. Keri is helping her BFF on a cruise ship. Her friend, Tessa is the ships coordinator. Keri is suppose to help trouble shoot on the all shifter cruise. Jarad is a from our Alaskan Granite Lake pack. In the start of the story Keri see's a man being chased by 2 fisherman. The man ducks onto the ship. Keri thinks this will be her 1st Trouble shooting. She finds her mate. Jared, got caught with the fisherman's sister. They want to beat him senseless. He looks and see's the all shifter cruise ship boarding...what a place to hide. Keri immediately knows, Jared is him mate but doesn't understand why he isn't even barley looking at her. Her best friend knows there is a thief on board. Can her mate be responsible?

    The story is full of situational humor. The chemistry between the 2 wolves is hot. This is book 5 for the Granite Lake pack. I liked the story and the characters but not as well as the earlier books. It was worth the read but except for the steamy scenes, doesn't get your heart pumping. Fun light read, short but worth it overall. I will continue the series!

  2. I was exploring Vivian Arend's webpage vivianarend.com and there are 2 short stories as well. First Howl and Second Howl. It is New Year's Eve, the baby's are with a sitters and the Alpha's and Omega's want to play. First Howl shows how Keil and Robyn play and celebrate. Second Howl explores The Omega's way to celebrate. They are both short (10 min each) and cute little insights to the pack and how the 2 couples interact and reconnect. They are free on her home page under Free reads. Worth the trip!

  3. Didn't know that last one came out, I'll have to check it out. Thanks Julie!


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