Shannon K Butcher

This is a author I just recently discovered. She is the wife of Jim Butcher. Her series the Sentinel Wars, is great.
In  Burning Alive (book 1), Helen helps the senor citizens in the community. She decides to go to dinner with one and sees her worst nightmare. She has been having dreams that seem to come true for years. One particular dream has a handsome man watching her burn to death. So she has  a extreme fear of fire. In the diner she shes the man in her dreams. She knows she is gonna die. Drake is a sentinel, born from a ancient race and here to protect mankind from the Synestryn, demons who live off the magic is the sentinel's(and humans). The male sentinel is a fighter and can accumulate magic or energy from the environment. The problem is he can't use the energy. So the energy keeps building and building.  Their life mark, a tree on the chest were the leaves falling shows how much time their sole has until it dies. When the tree is barren of leaves there soul dies and then they become the enemy.  If the meet the women who can use there magic, the tree buds again and they together can be a force to recon with.  When Drake sees Helen for the 1st time he is drawn to her. When he touches her hand for the first time, the pain from holding all the power that accumulates over time, stops. He is in awe and can not figure out why she is afraid of him. These stories are about 3 dying races fighting a losing battle against  the demons. Each book is about one of the sentinels and a potential mate, what they have to go through, the fight against the demons, and the love that is possible. These are adult books and one of my favorite series. The twists and turns are great and the series will make you laugh, cry and cheer for the characters Ms Butcher creates a world that is very entertaining. HIGHLY recommended!

This author does have at least 2 other series, that I have not read as of yet.  It is on my to do list and when I read them I will post! 

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  1. Just finished book 5...Logan's story. I liked it and it added a new group of people but the ending was a little weird for me. Don't get me wrong love the series and the story was good but it felt like she pulled the ending out of thin air. Looking forward to the next one. i love seeing how the other characters turn out. I keep waiiting with the Grey Lady dead when will someone end up pregnant? I also cant wait to see how the 2 girls turn out.


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