Amber Sweetapple

Jack and Djinn

A paranormal murder mystery!!  The story starts with a murder at the MGM Casino in Detroit. I thought this was really cool since I live within driving distance of this area. The 2 detectives come onto a burned body. It is strange because it is burned, almost cremated yet nothing  around it is burned. No signs of trauma, nothing. The author has 2 stories going together. One investigating the murder and the other leading up to the murder. They intersect in the end. Miriam is a young girl with a troubled past. Ben is her current boyfriend. Ben is abusive both physically, mentally and emotionally. Finally one day he beats her, almost to death and leaves her in a park. Jack stumbles on her and saves her. He knows she is different and is extremely attracted to her but doesn't under stand why. Jack also understands than if she stays with Ben he will kill her.  So on one hand the story continues with Ben, Miriam and Jack...leading to the murder. On the other,  the cops are trying to figure out how it happened. The author has well developed characters and you hate the villain and fall in LOVE with the hero. As the story unfolds you realize that there is more to the situation than what anyone can imagine.

Very good...ex specially if you like murder mysteries!


Dale Mayer

It's a Dog's Life

This is a romantic comedy with a twist! Ninna  is s a pretty normal average girl. Lives on her own, no boy friend and just a couple of friends. She has just gotten a new job and is thrilled but nervous because she had be unemployed for several months.  She has had a rough go but wants to get back to working. She starts her job in the animal shelter/clinic/whatever as a secratary. When getting to her job she notices the vet is cute. She also notices the large basset hound sitting in the corner.  Don't pay much attention until he starts to talk to her. No one else hears him but her. She thinks she is crazy. Ninna battles this because the hound will not leave her alone. He knows what she is thinking and answers her questions like she is just being silly and why will she not talk to him. In her neighberhood there have been a rash of robberies. Ninna doesn't know it yet but she has a stalker. Her budding crush with the vet and dealing with a talking dog ends up being quite comical.  This ended up being a very cute story. It will make you giggle, exspecially if you own pets. The hound tells her exactly what they would tell us if they could...so you can imagine.  Worth the read. I would consider this a YA type book. Or at least a PG rated book!


Maia Underwood

Surviving Passion

A post apocalyptic contemporary romance! Talk about a mouth full!

It starts with the world as we know it, has ended. Every social structure has collapsed and there is no more safe havens. Most people are out for themselves and with rape, pillage, killing for the basics. So we meet Selina. She is an attractive young female.  She has been on her own for 4 years. He mother pasted away from cancer 10yrs before and her father was murdered in front of her. Her father had been hiding Selina from would be robbers. She hasn't talked to a single person in that time. She finds a abandoned house and searches for thing she can use. Finding nothing, she goes to leave and hears voices. She knows that if she is caught, she will be raped by many and more than likely killed. So she runs!. The chase is on. They track her to a abandoned building. Selina hides but does not realize someone else is hiding in there as well. Dan is the son of a secret service man and is a trained killer. He sees Selina and knows she is dead if found. He decides to protect her from the men outside and from herself if necessary. The book is the story between the two, and the trail of the small community and survival at all costs!

Wonderful contemporary story that keeps you going from beginning to end.  Awesome read with fast paced action and with a love story.


5/24/12 current read

Surviving Passion By Maia Underwood.

I am only in the beginning about 10% in and it has already grabbed my attention. It is about a post- apocalyptic world.  No Zombies yet! lol  But I will say there has already been a huge chase scene. This dangerous world is very interesting so far. I guess we shall see! Anybody reading anything good?

Rue Volley

One Bite

This is a high pasted murder mystery. It is pretty raunchy. Lots of just sex for the fact of having sex. Starts with a prostitute getting thrown out of a car after after a job. Another guy pulls her into the alley and they start to get down to it. She turns on him, kills him then still has sex with him. Now she kills him because she is also a vampire. Hence the murder! You have 2 cops that are trailing her. The story was good but it could have had much more detail in it. It took me just a couple hours to read the entire thing. Great for a quick easy read!


Lori Dillon

Out of Ashes

If you like History, paranormal and romance you will love this book.
The book starts with 2 angels being sent to the office because of a mistake. There were suppose to be guardians of 2 people, who were suppose to fall in love, get married have babies and then get to heaven. Problem 1. she is a merchant daughter (rich) and he is a gladiator about to die. So after she intercedes with him being killed, they slowly fall in love after several visits to his slave quarters. Problem 2. they live on Pompeii in the shadow of a volcano( Mount Vesuvius 79 AD),  is about to erupt. So just as they realize that they truly love each other, they die! Depressing but it gets better. The angels have to fix it. So after a few more mistakes, they are ordered to go down to earth and make it work this time. It is now Pompeii Italy during WW2. She is a archaeologist studying the ruins of the eruption of  Mount Vesuvius . He is a American soldier sent to spy on the German soldiers just on the other side of the archaeologist site. The story itself is, about loss of family, personal identity, and the power of love. It was a truly romantic story with a unending love between two people, who where meant to be together. This book have some moderate sex scenes but nothing shocking.  A wonderful read and a author to watch!


Julie's Book Review: Rose Pressey

Julie's Book Review: Rose Pressey: How to Date a Werewolf Rylie is a young successful girl. She has a knack for getting people together, so she starts a business called Get ...

Julie's Book Review: Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

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Julie's Book Review: 5/18/12

Julie's Book Review: 5/18/12: Talked or tweeted with Lori Dillon a few days ago. I am going to review her book Out of Ashes.  I read the preface and it sounds interesting...


Talked or tweeted with Lori Dillon a few days ago. I am going to review her book Out of Ashes.  I read the preface and it sounds interesting. Love, history and paranormal...good combination. Anyone ever read anything by Lori Dillon? Has anyone read Out of Ashes?

Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Accidentally Married....a Vampire?

I bought this book not knowing anything about the author. It was great! One of the best Vampire books I have read in a long time. I LOVED the character of Simi! She is absolutely hilarious! The story starts with the main male character a vampire named Niccolo. He is a general to a queen vampire and doesn't want to lead her army any more. He goes to Simi, a god like deity, and asks for her help. She tells him that he must meet his true love, marry her 3 months after meeting her, but don't have sex with her or take her blood until that 3 month mark. He is horrified that it will be a human but accepts. She doesn't tell him that he must wait 300 yr to do so. So she knocks him out and hides him. He wakes 300 yrs later to Helena and knows she is the one. The story is about the 2, there problems getting to know one another or lack there of, an up coming war between good and bad vamps,  a group of people who want to kill the queen vamp, and as like any story with Greek gods, they don't all ways tell you the complete truth. As Simi would say, "Can't mess with free will and all". The story is complex yet pretty easy to follow. A lot of fighting and lots of laughs! Very comical situations! The characters are lovable you want them to find happiness in the end, even the would be villain.  In the "HOT" factor, and you know what I mean, it is a lot of sexual tension with not a whole lot of sex. There are a couple scenes but not much and they are short. I love a good read with some hot sex, just as much as the next but the story made up for the lack there. Worth the read! I will read the rest of the series!

Hint! This was #2 in a series! OOPS!



I currently started a new one by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff. I just started it, so I cant say to much yet but already, it has Hot Vampire, a crazy funny god like character who sees the future and knows all, and even a Mayan pyramid. I am only about 10% into it and it has already made me giggle 2 or 3 times! So the bar is high and I expect great things. I will let you know.

Rose Pressey

How to Date a Werewolf

Rylie is a young successful girl. She has a knack for getting people together, so she starts a business called Get a Mate! To match that werewolf, vampire or other paranormal with their true mate. All is well until a match falls through and she is the target of the jilted girls rage. Rylie lives with her roommate Jennifer. When Jennifer see the the new guy move in next door, she knows that Rylie needs the hook up. So with a new guy, a business that is in trouble from one bad match, someone trying to kill her, chase her and scare the hell out of her, oh and she is a werewolf and none of her friends know about it.

This is a PG book. This is the 1st I have read by this author.  How to Date a Werewolf is safe for YA. It is cute story. I found, I keep wanting to yell at the main character Rylie, to just spill the beans to her friends already.  I went to the end and by the end I was happy with it but the author left a lot of unanswered questions to a possible follow up for the next book. So let me sum up....great for YA...so-so for the adults. I think I was expecting a adult type book and got a YA book. So, definitely worth the read if you like YA.


Charaine Harris--Sookie series

Dead Until Dark is book 1 in the series. Sookie is a ditsy blond who has been raised in a back water little town in Louisiana. I am not sure how old she is suppose to be at the start but she is early 20's. Sookie is special too. She can hear what everyone is thinking. Every thought that comes in she hears. Sookie also works in a bar. So she hears a lot and has to learn to filter out what people say because it tends to wig people out when you answer there thoughts. In the little town she is considered the town freak (no one but family knows she has this gift). Sookie has a close friend named Tara (like a sister), a brother (town jock, hero and horn dog), and her grandma who loves her unconditionally. In these stories vampires have just come out to the world. True Blood is a synthetic blood that the vampires can live off of. So people know they exist. The story starts with Sookie working hearing all kinds of crap from people who hate her, want her or drunk. When she looks at someone and can not hear anything from him. This is the first time it has ever happened and it is a relief to not hear every thought. So the series is about Sookie being sucked into the Vampire/supernatural world. Learning that it is not just vampires that are out there and even close friends may be hiding secrets.

The entire series is very good. Lot of action, a little sex and a ton of funny situations Sookie gets into. The 12th book in the series just came out and I haven't read the most recent one yet. I really enjoyed all of the books. Ms Harris takes you on a roller coaster ride with these characters and you love a lot of them and then love to hate others. You have to read this series in order though. Too much goes on in these books. They really are not single stories but one continuing one. There is a HBO series on the books called TRUE BLOOD.  There is a lot of sex in the series (HBO). There is sex in the books just not as much as the show. Also HBO takes some liberties with the series. 1st and 2nd are close to the books (minus 2/3 of the sex) but season 3 not so much. But HBO's version of it is fun to watch! The books are better though.



Started a new one from a author I just recently discovered. Suzanne Wright! This is the 2nd book by the author and I am at about 35% on my kindle. Here be the sexiest Vampires is pretty good so far. the tension between the 2 main characters is pretty intense  and I LOVE the way she can kick his ass but he still wants her. I will let you know how it goes later!



Started Sparks Fly by Katie MacAlister. It is book 3 in the Baltic Light dragon series. So far it is good but don't try to read it unless you have read books 2 and 3 at least. I highly recommend the dragon series by this author though. You can look up the series here on my site. The Airsling Grey series is 1st in the dragon books. If you read them watch for Jim. He is a demon dog that is one of the funniest characters I have ever read. He makes me LOL in every book...usually every couple of chapters!


Suzanne Wright- Feral Sins

The Phoenix Pack.  This was one I got for free and wasn't really expecting much. I was happily surprised. The story is really good with villains that you can really hate and a heroine who is in a bad situation. The sex in the story is HOT! It is pretty intense, so don't read if you don't like sex in stories because there is quite a bit! My favorite books make me laugh, cry, and cheer on the people! This one certainly did that. The story starts out with Taryn is stuck in a arranged marriage. She is a werewolf and a daughter to an alpha and a latent (unable to change). She has a horrible relationship with her father. The alpha her dad, has fixed her with a jerk who is bully. He doesn't love her and she hates him. She is a alpha female, despite her being latent, and is strong willed does not want to be dominated by anyone. The husband to be wants to break her. Her dad doesn't care because she is latent and everyone else in her pack thinks she should be grateful anyone would take her. So she has to find a way out of the situation. Trey comes to her with huge problems of his own. The two may be able to help each other if they can fool everyone to believe they are true mates. But with trying to fool everyone else...they fall for each other.

warning....VERY adult material..sex and lots of it and there are some bloody battle scenes as well.  I will look up her other work as well!

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