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Accidentally Married....a Vampire?

I bought this book not knowing anything about the author. It was great! One of the best Vampire books I have read in a long time. I LOVED the character of Simi! She is absolutely hilarious! The story starts with the main male character a vampire named Niccolo. He is a general to a queen vampire and doesn't want to lead her army any more. He goes to Simi, a god like deity, and asks for her help. She tells him that he must meet his true love, marry her 3 months after meeting her, but don't have sex with her or take her blood until that 3 month mark. He is horrified that it will be a human but accepts. She doesn't tell him that he must wait 300 yr to do so. So she knocks him out and hides him. He wakes 300 yrs later to Helena and knows she is the one. The story is about the 2, there problems getting to know one another or lack there of, an up coming war between good and bad vamps,  a group of people who want to kill the queen vamp, and as like any story with Greek gods, they don't all ways tell you the complete truth. As Simi would say, "Can't mess with free will and all". The story is complex yet pretty easy to follow. A lot of fighting and lots of laughs! Very comical situations! The characters are lovable you want them to find happiness in the end, even the would be villain.  In the "HOT" factor, and you know what I mean, it is a lot of sexual tension with not a whole lot of sex. There are a couple scenes but not much and they are short. I love a good read with some hot sex, just as much as the next but the story made up for the lack there. Worth the read! I will read the rest of the series!

Hint! This was #2 in a series! OOPS!

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  1. Ok I know I read them out of order but here is book 1 in the accidentally your series.

    Accidentally in Love with ...a God?

    Emma is a 24 yr old ish girl with a series problem that she is trying to keep secret. She is hearing a voice in her head. No she doesn't have a disorder or anything. There is a god that was trapped and for some reason can communicate to Emma. Guy has watched her from a infant and is helping her through ups and downs of life. Emma caries around a ear piece for her phone, so people don't think she is crazy. They just think she is on the phone. Emma and guy have strong feelings for each other but Guy knows he can never be with a human and Emma thinks she will never meet him. Both are wrong. After a near death accident, Guy decides enough is enough. It is too dangerous for him to be in her head and he needs to break free. SO Guy persuades Emma to go to Mexico by her self, to help free him. She doesn't know if she is just nuts or if Guy is even real but she is willing to try anything to get Guy out of her head for good. The story is about Guy and Emma are all ways fighting there nature to be with one another while, fighting an evil force that is killing women all over Mexico. There is tons of action and lots of comedy in this story. Emma is very funny and takes no crap from Guy. Who has a ego the size of mountains and a body like a Greek god...literally. There is some adult scenes toward the end but mostly just LOTS of tension. Good book but I actually liked book 2 (the one I read 1st) better. Will read book 3 when it comes out!


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