Suzanne Wright- Feral Sins

The Phoenix Pack.  This was one I got for free and wasn't really expecting much. I was happily surprised. The story is really good with villains that you can really hate and a heroine who is in a bad situation. The sex in the story is HOT! It is pretty intense, so don't read if you don't like sex in stories because there is quite a bit! My favorite books make me laugh, cry, and cheer on the people! This one certainly did that. The story starts out with Taryn is stuck in a arranged marriage. She is a werewolf and a daughter to an alpha and a latent (unable to change). She has a horrible relationship with her father. The alpha her dad, has fixed her with a jerk who is bully. He doesn't love her and she hates him. She is a alpha female, despite her being latent, and is strong willed does not want to be dominated by anyone. The husband to be wants to break her. Her dad doesn't care because she is latent and everyone else in her pack thinks she should be grateful anyone would take her. So she has to find a way out of the situation. Trey comes to her with huge problems of his own. The two may be able to help each other if they can fool everyone to believe they are true mates. But with trying to fool everyone else...they fall for each other.

warning....VERY adult material..sex and lots of it and there are some bloody battle scenes as well.  I will look up her other work as well!


  1. Finished The Sexiest Vampire by Suzanne Wright. It was really good. There is Jared and Sam are the 2 leads. There are 3 different kinds of Vamps. Sam is a female of the kind of vamp that is suppose to be the most tame and can blend in with humans. She is "working"(forced) for here sire Victor. He is cruel, abusive and controlling. She is a very strong and powerful so everyone underestimates her. The leader of the vampire world is putting together a vamp army and is looking for recuits. She is giving a try out. Jared the Leaders heir thinks she should go home or join his consorts. She does well at the try outs and then kicks Jared's ass. The story is about Sam teaching others how to control their "gifts" and learning to love again. Jared has a ego the size of Montana and women should be at his beck and call. He has a rude awaking with Sam! I really liked how the women in Ms Wrights stories are strong and confident but still has the romance and love can sometimes be lacking. Looking forward to the 3rd book she has out!

  2. Finished From Rags. This is the 3rd book I had by this author. She doesn't disappoint!

    This one is a contemporary tail about some kids in the foster car system in Canada. Jax and Conner like each other (16 and 14yr) and Jax's older sis,Leah is jelous of the natural beauty that Jax is. Conner at 16 leaves the system never to see Jax again (so he thinks), because he thinks he will end up like his dad and abuser of women. Leah (Jax sis) before leaving Jax, lies to her about Conner loving her and that she was going out of the system to live with him. Jax, heart broken and alone, now faces all kinds of evil. 8 yr later, Jax has determined to make it on her own, even though she works at a shit bar and a VERY bad neighborhood. A agent for a modelling agency finds her and raises her to a celeb status (rags to riches). She now has $$ and can buy what she wants but is still haunted by the past! Conner having issues of his own has made it big as a race car driver, sees Jax in the celeb magazines. The story is the story of Jax and Conner and their problems (tons). The story has loss, love, friendship, hot sex, and will make you laugh and cry. Jax is a strong powerful independent women, who takes no shit from anyone. Conner, is a strong powerful man but has no idea what he truly wants! Awesome read. I am watching this author!


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