Charaine Harris--Sookie series

Dead Until Dark is book 1 in the series. Sookie is a ditsy blond who has been raised in a back water little town in Louisiana. I am not sure how old she is suppose to be at the start but she is early 20's. Sookie is special too. She can hear what everyone is thinking. Every thought that comes in she hears. Sookie also works in a bar. So she hears a lot and has to learn to filter out what people say because it tends to wig people out when you answer there thoughts. In the little town she is considered the town freak (no one but family knows she has this gift). Sookie has a close friend named Tara (like a sister), a brother (town jock, hero and horn dog), and her grandma who loves her unconditionally. In these stories vampires have just come out to the world. True Blood is a synthetic blood that the vampires can live off of. So people know they exist. The story starts with Sookie working hearing all kinds of crap from people who hate her, want her or drunk. When she looks at someone and can not hear anything from him. This is the first time it has ever happened and it is a relief to not hear every thought. So the series is about Sookie being sucked into the Vampire/supernatural world. Learning that it is not just vampires that are out there and even close friends may be hiding secrets.

The entire series is very good. Lot of action, a little sex and a ton of funny situations Sookie gets into. The 12th book in the series just came out and I haven't read the most recent one yet. I really enjoyed all of the books. Ms Harris takes you on a roller coaster ride with these characters and you love a lot of them and then love to hate others. You have to read this series in order though. Too much goes on in these books. They really are not single stories but one continuing one. There is a HBO series on the books called TRUE BLOOD.  There is a lot of sex in the series (HBO). There is sex in the books just not as much as the show. Also HBO takes some liberties with the series. 1st and 2nd are close to the books (minus 2/3 of the sex) but season 3 not so much. But HBO's version of it is fun to watch! The books are better though.

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