Dec Pub 43 Review of Double Dragon Seduction by Kali Willows

Double Dragon Seduction by Kali Willows

Gwen who is recently divorced for let than 6 months from a abusive relationship for over 10 years is now out on the prowl seeking some companionship with no strings attached. She seek a service that provides her with a a one night stand that consists of two lovers.  If you're going to do it why not go for the full experience,  right? She plans for the event to take place a day before her birthday and on the eve oft her ex-husbands wedding to his new wife.  Ironically they all meet up at the same hotel. Her friend Cindy accompany her to make sure that she's okay. She wants to put her abusive EX behind her and this little fling is just want she thinks she needs.

Yong and Tatsu twins and on there way to a date. They have a secret they are keeping and know that it will end with one of the 2 dying. The brother to die will die, so the other may live. But maybe there is a way to fix what is going on. The need to find the special woman who may fix the problem, has been a hard and long road and they are hoping Gwen is it. Will Gwen be able to save the twin or even accept the secret they will reveal to her? And will her EX give up Gwen as easily as she thought?

This was a hot menage. 2 men that hold a secret and need the help of a special woman. A woman who has been through hell. Her husband a abusive bastard, is finally moving on, or she thinks he has. With an EX who is still trying to put himself in the picture, in a very bad way, it makes a 1st date uncomfortable. It was a very good read. I loved the story line and felt very bad Gwen. With the help of two sexy men, she may just come out ahead.

Dec Pub 42 Heels and Hero's by Tiffany Allee

Title: Heels & Hero's
Author: Tiffany Allee
 Brenda Booth was a pharmacy manager by day 
and by night she was the super hero silencer.
Brenda never thought her powers of turning her 
hearing off were very useful.
     Justice was on the council of the super 
hero league. He called all the super hero's of 
Chicago together  to announce the appearance 
of a new super villain The Howler. The Howler 
had powers to throw out a super sonic sound blast 
when he screamed knocking anyone out. Everyone 
except the Silencer.Justice and Brenda start on 
the case. When The Howler kidnaps the major, 
Brenda steps  up to the plate to distract The Howler 
and save the major. To Brenda's dismay The 
Howler gets away but thankfully they were able 
to save the major. Justice must work 
together even harder now to bring The Howler 
to justice before he strikes again.
This was a good read it was action packed 
and the story line was good. The way Justice 
helped Brenda realize her true worth was fantastic. 
Brenda might have not been powerful but that did 
not make her the super hero she was. Brenda's need 
and want to help others and use what powers she had 
for good made her the super hero she was. This was 
a great book I give it 5 stars.
                        Heather G

Dec Pub 41 Soul Dreams by Desiree Holt

Soul Dreams
This book is about Nina Foster and Blake Massie, two people who have troublesome pasts which has made them very wary of relationships.  Tina owns a book store and Blake orders online but likes personal delivery so he can catch glimpses of Tina from an upstairs window.  The story tells of how they find their own happy ever afters.

I had some trouble categorising this book as it is slightly too sexy for a romance and not sexy enough for erotica and has a tiny smidgen of the supernatural.  The story is interesting and well written although I did feel it was the sequel to something and whilst you didn't need to have read what came before I do like to read things in order (OCD what can I say lol) All in all it is OK but contains several uses of an unfortunate word for  female genitalia, now whilst I am not a prude I really didn't feel this word belonged and it kind of put me off the whole book.

Overall I would give this 3 out of 5 stars rising to 3.5 if you are more amenable to certain words than I am!!


Dec Pub 40 Review of Heart and Soul by Tess Black

title: Heart and Soul (book 1of the solaria trilogy)
author: Tess Black
         Greer Rivers a lawyer from a prestigious 
law firm had always  been a strong, no non sense 
lawyer going places in her career. That is until 
her unexpected break up with her fiance Brad Turner. 
He had dumped her right before the wedding throwing 
her through an emotional roller coaster. Greer felt 
broken and it was taking its toll in her life and career. 
Greer's friend and assistant Amy finally got her to 
realize it was time to move on from her horrible 
experience with brad. Greer agreed and decided the best 
way to do that was to sell the engagement ring 
Brad gave her. Not able to wait another moment Greer 
set out in a horrible snow storm to sell the ring. 
Greer had not gotten to far when she got into a horrible 
car accident. As fate would have it Caelan Virian was 
waiting for his brothers return at the veil within the 
gate way dividing the earth realm and Solaria and had 
seen Greer's horrible accident. Its seemed like his soul 
was pulling him to save her realizing he could not save 
her he pulled her essence out of her body 
and returned to Solaria to heal her completely.
   I loved the magic in this book and the love that grew 
between Greer and Caelan gave me goosebumps and butterfly's. 
I give this book 4 stars it was a good read and can not 
wait to read more of Tess Black's work.
Heather G 

Dec Pub 39 Reviews Setting Boundries by Layla Chase

Setting Boundaries
by Layla Chase
Trixy Manville is a widow trying to save 
her cattle ranch.  And after a 2 year 
drought she doesn't have a lot of options 
but to make a deal with her neighbor, 
Garth Rutgers, for water in exchange for 
his choice of calves.  But he wants another 
trade, one night of hot, unforgettable sex
 for 2 weeks of water access. 
 Garth has been angry at Trixy since high 
school when she chose to be with Dave 
(her now deceased husband) over him.  
Now here is his chance for revenge.  He 
has what she needs and he is going to make 
her pay with that body of hers.  
But can he keep his buried feelings for 
her under control????
   Review:  The Trixy and Garth relationship 
is full of emotions from their past.  They both 
have regrets and hurt from that past.  But they 
both seem to have strong enough feelings towards 
each other that this deal that they are making, 
has positive feelings for both of them.  The 
only thing about this book that is remotely 
negative is that I wanted more.  More of a wrap 
up of their relationship.  This was a quick and 
easy, sexy read.
 Theresa F
4 of 5 stars
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Dec Pub 38 Review of Frost By Taryn Kincaid

Frost (Sleepy Hollow #3)

Dagney is a succubus, having lived among humans since before she could walk.  She is tired of the not so hot sex life she is living. With Valentine day fast approching she wishes she was someone that made her feel like awomen that is cherished and above all hot.  When she gets a new artist paintings in her gallery that makes all who look upon them horny she wonders at who is this artist.
Maxwell Raines, a fire-sex demon is feeling well horny.  Every woman he touches go up in fames.  Whats a demon to do?
When he learns that Dagney is a succubus he hopes he has found a bedmate.  What he gets is so much more.
This is a new author to me and so readng her work.  I really enjoyed how she made the characters seem more human with real emtions.  This bok was totally erotic and very hot. Great Plot!
5 Stars


Dec Pub 37 Review of Takeme Home, Cowboy by Krista Ames

Take Me Home, Cowboy by Krista Ames

Ally returns home for the first time in two years since her mothers death.  Her father had left a message for her to come visit.  On returning she finds the new foreman is Matt Gentry.  With is cocky attitude and southern draw Ally is drawn to him against her better judgement.  One sizzling kiss she throws caution to the wind.  Hot steamy sex yet her mind wonders what it is that he is hiding. Tragedy strikes the ranch, what secrets will come out?

This was a nice Sunday read. The tension and the sex was just right for this short story.  I really enjoyed the whole premise of this storyline. Love me some cowboys!



Review of Blood Bound by V.J. Devereaux

Blood Bound by V.J. Devereaux aka Valerie Douglas

Julian is tired of women only wanting him for his money. He and his cousin Nicholas want a special kind of woman that will accept both of them for who and what they are.
Rafaela's tired of being alone she works too much but with her job she must. She signs up to an online dating service not expecting much.
When she meets Julian the sparks fly. Will she be the woman Julian and his cousin have been looking for. Can she accept them for who and what they are? Can she handle a Triad?

This book had me from the first page.  The characters are very well developed and well rounded.  The writing style is very desricpt which just pulls the reader in.  I so wanted this book to never end. I look forward to more in this series! Hint Sasha! I highly recommend this book.


Review of Demon's Embrace by VJ Devereaux

Demon's Embrace by V.J. Devereaux AKA Valerie Douglas

Ash has come to seek information about the ethereal, or temporal, planes in order to recover the Book of Demons. He seeks help from a one Professor Miri Reynolds.
Miri spots Ash will teaching a class , hard as it is she needs to teach while being super attracted to the mysterious man standing in the shadows.  She also sees a man that won't take no for an answer and he gives her the creeps. 
Now the two must trust each other or die at the hands of a madman with more money than anyone on the planet.

This is Book 2 (The Book of Demons). Wow, action packed with lots of chemistry that the Author descriptively writes and the reader is swept away with.  The sexual scenes are awesome , warning a tail is involved! ( Fans Self)! \
I highly recommend this series!


Review of Demon's Within by Rebecca Royce


Dakota an exorcist and a preschool teacher. The last time her mother and her had exorcised a demon, her mother was killed. Now she stays away from everything, just keeping to herself and moving from place to place, changing names as she goes. Brady has tracked her down. Dakota, doesn't care, she will not help him, she is done with anything demons.

Brady, is a twin. His twin sister, has been taken over by a demon. Since they were 10 yr old, Brady has been searching for someone to help her. Now he has tracked down a woman who may be able to help her. Brady will do anything ....anything to get Dakota to help her sister.

This was a really good book. Suspense, killer sex and a girl with a past, makes for a good story. Rebecca Royce doesn't disappoint in this thriller. A fast pace thrill ride, with great characters and a demon who doesn't want to give up the girl.

Review of Into a Dream By Laurie Roma

Into a Dream

Allison has had a hard up bringing. She grew up in foster care, but worked hard in school. With no family and a choice of colleges she made some friends and became a surgeon. Allison is in her residency program, 2 more yrs and she is done. Now she has to keep up with men, who are her boss, and men who want to make her look bad. She loves her job though. After a particular grueling day, she gets hit by lightening. Talk about a life changing event. When she opens her eyes, she doesn't understand how she is alive. As she wakes up and opens her eyes, she notices she is not in the city any more. Allison runs into Tynan. Tynan is 7 ft tall, hot as in Greek god hot and Allison can't understand a word he is saying. The attraction is immediate and intense. After a scotching kiss and some close calls with dangerous rogues, Allison and Tynan end in a amazing kiss, Allison knows she is in trouble. She knows she is in even more when she finds out Tynan is one of a set of triplets princes. The men on the planet are many, and the females few. So 3 brothers to one woman and they are set on making Allison theirs. Tynan is willing to do anything to keep her and make her happy. Allison the independent woman she is loves the attention but not how the women are treated. Will Allison be the one to change this planet , can she handle 3 large domineering men? Can the men handle a little petite surgeon and the problems that follow her?

I really enjoyed this book. Fast paced and action packed...and hot!! The love scenes were amazing. I know I would have been more Leary if I had been in Allison's shoes. 3 men is a lot to take on and 3 men from this planet it just sounded painful. But I will say I had to keep my husband near by. Allison is a strong independent female that handles get put into a very difficult situation and handles it with grace. The guys, what what this THINK is best for her and love her in their own way but don't get what Allison truly needs and wants for her life till it gets thrown in there face. Great fantasy/sci-fi read with scorching hot sex scenes. This is one author I want to watch and follow. Would love to read more of this series and from this author is general.


Dec Pub 36 Review of Love Thy Neighbor's Nephew By Stephaine Williams

Love Thy Neighbor's Nephew by Stephanie Williams

Yolanda is a 40 something divorced woman bestfriends with Liz her neighbor across the street . They have been neighbors and best friends for years.  Liz's nephew Lawrence is returning home after finishing college and internships.  Now 30 Lawrence was best friends with Yolanda stepchildren.
 So when he shows up in her kitchen, built, hot, buff, sizzling.  Yolanda had to reign in her lust , this was her best friends nephew a young man she watched grow up.

Lawrence  has always had a crush on Yolanda. Back after all these years he wants her as his own.
He will make her hot  just to get her to agree to see what they have between them.

This book was a sweet romance short story.  They age difference definitely made her a Cougar.  More points to Yolanda. The writer made the sex scenes very believable and hot.  I liked this book.


Dec Pub 35 Review of Combat Barbie Heather Long

Combat Barbie
by Heather Long
  While home on leave, Mary runs into an old high school 
friend, Kyle.   He was always a nice guy and didn't 
seem to be after her just because she was a beauty queen. 
 Well, she was no beauty queen now.  She is a 
Marine.  And she loves it.
  Kyle can't believe that she is back in town.  Even for a 
visit.  He thought he might never see her after she left 
after high school.  He has always had such a crush on her 
but couldn't get up the nerve to ask her out.  So he 
sees his chance to ask her to the high school reunion and 
he isn't going to miss his opportunity this time.
   Review:  This was a really good short story.  And while 
being short, it still had plenty of story and back story 
to draw you into the characters lives.  This is part of the 
"Always a Marine" series and I am looking forward to 
reading more of the series to follow these characters and the 
other characters that we have met in this sexy, 
short romance.
Theresa F
5 of 5 stars 

Dec Pub 34 Review of Flyover by Desiree Holt

Title: Flyover
Author:Desiree Holt
 Chelsea Haller had really hit a spree of bad luck. 
Chelsea had lost her job she loved and had been 
devistated when her relationship of two years had 
ended badly. Chelsea had let her friend Laura convice 
her to contact Madame Eves dating sevice called 1 night 
stand to try and set up a date. She was very surprised 
to a get a reply setting her up on the date. The date 
was to take place in Maine in a cabin on the lake she 
   On the way to Maine for the date, Chelsea's flight was 
grounded in Boston because of a bad blizzard. She was very 
disapointed and decided to add it to her spree of bad luck 
and drown her sorrows, at the airport bar. That's were she 
met Alec Ramsey, a poliot who was also drowning his dissapointment 
at the bar. As Alec and Chelsea talked at the bar, the two 
relized they were supose to meet each other at the cabin 
in Maine. Floored by fate the two decided it might be the 
cabin by the lake but they would go up to Alec's room and 
see what happened. Had fate destined them together or would
this just be the one night stand Alec and Chelsea signed up for?
  The story showed how things turned out when its fated to happen 
and I truely loved it. Chelsea and Alec, never imagined to actual meeting 
each other at the hotel bar when the flight was grounded and I really 
 liked that little twist. The sex scences were out of this world hot!!!!!!!!
 I give this book 5 stars. I really enjoyed reading this book.
Heather G 

Review of Grind His Bones By Richard Newell smith


Colby Clark  is a Richy rich turned BAD ! Colby has a bad temper, when things doesn't go his way he uses his fist. Taking it out on women and whats worse, his dad is trying to cover it up! When word gets back to his father, George Colby Clark Sr. something needs done. They decided to frame, Hugh McGrady. Hugh made the front page with his own crime . . . . his pit bull zombie attacked and killed two Chihuahua's. This where Jack Scully returns for another page turner, thriller! While setting up Hugh they had no clue Jack was Hugh's cousin. Jack being the lawyer he is gets to the bottom of things ! More and more people start turning up dead and each one has a part to play. This novel goes to show that money can not buy everything !

What a great series ! The author has nailed these characters ! It was great to see Diane Marsh and Billy Farrell back from the first book ! I am excited to see what book 3 will be ! This is a great thriller that will keep you turning the page !

Review of Three Sisters by Helen Smith

STARS -  4

In Brixton South London, lives Emily Castles, who is 26. She is grieving for her beloved dog Jesse, who died just a week ago. The neighbors invited her to a bonfire to celebrate Halloween. It takes place in the "party house", where  people are  dressed in "character" and they kept everyone entertained. At times Emily was not sure what was real or not real. Emily watches what she believes is an actually murder, but those around her tell her its an act. Emily is convinced and is willing to keep looking for the clues.

This is a short read but one that kept you guessing. Who done it? Was that real or fake ? Was Emily really the only one to believe its real ?


Dec Pub 33 Review of Pulse by B.L. Bonita

Pulse (The Edge Series) [Kindle Edition]

B.L. Bonita

It all started with a second glance over a clipboard…

All Bradley wants is one chance with the enchanting Vera Cross. She is the reason and the answer to his nightmares. Only she can set him free from his own twisted hell. One touch, one kiss, one sigh from her foxy lips, and the hungry beast in him will give her everything she desires. But as Brad’s dreams become reality, he soon learns that Vera Cross is not at all what she seems.
I had to use what Amazon had for book description. I just couldn't come up with anything that wouldn't give anything away.
I loved this book!  The umm characters were awesome and the sex scenes incredible!
The ending blew me away. WOW.
5 Stars

Dec Pub 32 Review of Endless Affair by Angelita Gill

Endless Affair (1 Night Stand)
by Angelita Gill

Tanith is caught in jumping from one dimension to another. With only one thing on his mind is to find his love,Moira. Years after years he finds her leading a different life and he does everything he can to get her to notice him.  Moria remembers after they kiss  every time.  Only to have him dimension jump after one night.
Will they ever find a way to stay together? Or is this all they will ever have is one night as lovers.

I liked this book. Very different in the way of the portal jumps in different dimensions.  The erotica was spot on!

4 Stars

Dec Pub 31 Review of Healing Hearts by Liz Crowe‏

 Healing Hearts
This is a short book about Abby who works in a coffee shop and her mystery customer Jay, whilst she thinks that he is hot it turns out that he has a tragedy in his past that may be impossible to overcome.

This was a great read but I have to say that Jay's past is really not for the faint of heart- it was one of those moments in a book where I forget it is fiction and want to give the character a big hug as well as feeling faintly queasy!!  It is well written with Jay's reactions to trying to get his life going again being very moving and although there is a romance it seemed to take a back seat to the story.

I would give this book 4 of of 5 stars



Dec Pub 30 Review of Made for Her by Jessica E Subject

Made For Her
by Jessica E. Subject
  10 years ago, Colonel Mikayla Jones lost 
her husband, Daniel, during an attack on his 
genetics lab where he was working on a cloning 
project for the government.  Daniels research 
proved useful and now she trained clones in flight 
training.  But in her newest class she is shocked 
and outraged to have a student who looks exactly like 
Daniel.  She refuses to train him but soon he is 
at her door begging for her help in his training 
since she is the best and he only wants to learn 
from the best.  She agrees to help him and his squadron 
even though she knows that she shouldn't work so 
closely with someone she feels drawn to.  Should she 
stop before things go too far?  Should she walk 
away from him before it ruins her career and her 
emotional well being??  What will she do when she 
finds out something about herself that changes the 
way she thinks about everything in her life???
Review:  Another easy, sexy read.  It was full 
of unexpected twists and turns that had me waiting 
to see what the author would do with the characters next.  
I love that Mikayla is a strong women who stands up to her 
superiors when she feels that they are wrong.  She is a 
great character with lots of emotion and strength.
Theresa F
5 of 5 stars   

DEC PUB 29 Love Redeemed by Sorcha Mowbray‏

 Love Redeemed
This is a historical romance set in London concerning Brennan Whitling a fabric merchant who has noticed certain lady out shopping on Bond Street more than once and is keen to get to know her better.  Serena Freemont is a lady with secrets who finds resisting Brennan's advances difficult ....

I had a few issues with this book, one was that we were never given the time period where it is set although I guess the 1800's and another was there were a couple of historical words used that I had to look up although all did become clear eventually if you don't have a kindle with a "look up" facility!  Also in some ways I found the sex scenes to be to modern, and was very surprised that Brennan did not question Serena's shall we say "enthusiasm". Howeverif you are looking for a short sexy read then this does cover it.

I would give this 3 stars out of 5


Dec Pub 28 The Midnight Masquerade by Monica Corwin

The Midnight Masquerade

Hannah has tickets for the Midnight Masquerade. A party that is known as a do anything and anything can happen party. Masks and costumes stay on until midnight or at least the mask have too. Hannah is suppose to meet her friend Ben there. She arrives and can't find him. After reaching the bar, she is approached by Mr Kane, the person running the event. Also a very handsome man. Going into a secluded area with him, he makes it known what he wants. Getting nervous, she goes to the bathroom, only to return to finding him making out with another man. When the men see her the 3 end up in the secluded room together. The only question she has is where is Ben?

This is a quick short read. It has a few twists and turns and so really hot sex. MMF scenes! I have read some of Ms. Corwin's work before and she doesn't disappoint. So if you are looking for a hot short read you can read at a lunch break this is for you! Thanks for the good read!

Review of Predators Kiss By Rosanna Leo

Predator's Kiss

Gemini Island is a place where families come to have fun, relax, be one with nature and most importantly to be themselves. This is important because there are not too many places where shifters can have a safe haven. Ryland, owner of Gemini island and a bear shifter, takes pride in giving shifters a vacation spot where they can shift and do what comes natural. When he gets a message from his brother Soren, Ryland knows trouble is coming. When Soren arrives, Ryland finds out that trouble is in deed following his brother, because of his philandering ways. So in true shifter form, they shift and start to fight. Just as it is starting, they hear a woman running through the woods scared. When Lia runs through the woods and stumbles upon a grizzly and a polar bear in the woods she stops, screams and then faints. When Lia wakes, she is in a strange cabin, in a bed and 2 naked but covered, very hot males in her room....but she wonders where are the bears??  Ryland, has his hands full with the resort, danger from his brother, and Lia brings danger along with her both for herself and Ryland!

What a wonderful start to a series. Ryland is a outdoors man who has a prejudice against humans because of a past girlfriend, and has no idea what he is getting into. Lia, running from a crazed stalker, just happens to pick an island full of shifters. Soren, is just having fun messing with his brother. Mix these 3 up with shootings, stalkers, hit men, and some intense sexual tension...makes for a wonderful book.  I laughed a few times in this light hearted, fun book. The tension between Lia and Ryland is intense and does not disappoint. The ending was action packed and fitting. Loved the book, Rosanna please send me the next ones.


Review of Forgiveness by Carrie Ann Ryan


Adam Jamenson, a werewolf and the enforcer of the Redwood pack, has been through hell. Losing his mate to the enemy years ago, he had never fully forgave himself for not saving his wife and unborn child and now keeps his emotional distance from his family. Now after losing a leg, gaining a son and a new mate, he is having a hard time forgiving himself again for treating Bay the way he did. Bay, after years of running from her demon father, now has a son and a new family who love her. She knows Adam treated her badly when she first came to the Redwood pack, but she also knows that he was hurting and accepts that it was in the past and that Adam loves her and her son with all his heart. Bay is willing and has already forgiving Adam. Can Adam forgive himself?

The Redwood pack has been one of my faves for a long time. I love the Jamenson's, each and every one of them. Adam and Bay's story was so emotional. You heart can not help but break at their story. But in this novella, Bay has said the past is done and was horrible, I want to move forward with love and family. Adam wants too but he can't imagine why Bay would stay with him. He has to prove his love and prove he is a changed man. Carrie Ann did not disappoint in this short book. I loved revisiting the couple. I look forward to the next installment of the redwood series. Do not read this book unless you read the book before Enforcer's Redemption 1st. The whole series is very good and all the reviews are here on Julies Book Review.


Dec Pub 27 Review of a Marine and a Gentlemen by Heather Long

A Marine and a Gentleman by Heather Long

Brenden grew up in a small town. A loyal son, following in his families tradition, going to the Marines. His best friend Liam, who always stands by Brenden but is very much out as a gay man. Brenden hinds the fact because he doesn't think he will be accepted but protects his friend at every turn. Years later, both think back to that time. Liam, has always been attracted to his best friend but Brenden never showed any interest. Brenden went in the Marines with the don't ask don't tell. Over the years he realized he truly missed his best friend and wants to take it farther than just friendship. So with the help of 1night stand agency, they just may be able to reunite...as just friends or lovers?

What a great short story. The two men both from the same small town but with totally different outlooks and starts in life, come back together for a great reunion.  It is a story I wish were longer. I would have LOVED to have read about there past more. The guys are hot and the chemistry smoking! thanks for the great read!

Dec Pub 26 Review of Love On The Line 2 by J M Madden

Love On the Line 2
Silver Star
J M Madden
Brady Frost & Lorna McNight meet on a  six hour train ride to Florida. Their connection was immediate & strong.  When sexy co-ed Lorna calls for a rendezvous two days later, Brady's more than ready to take up where they left off. He arrives at their designated meeting place just in time to keep her from being raped.

Lorna’s first mistake was misjudging the schmuck at the bar. If Brady hadn't arrived in time to rescue her, she may never have been heard from again. Her second mistake was underestimating her desire for the mature knight in bruised armor, and her ability to keep love and sex separate. When it’s time to board the Silver Star home, will she be able to leave her heart behind? 

This is a really quick romance read with a lot of sexual content.  The characters are easy to get to know & the author's fast paced writing keeps you reading until the very end.  This is the first book I've read by this author, and I would definitely try more.
I rate this book 4 stars
Jennifer W

Dec Pub 25 Review of Island Pleasures by K T Grant

Island Pleasures
1 Night Stand Series
K T Grant

Carly Kimball, columnist for the popular magazine Chit-Chat Weekly, is going undercover as her sister to reveal the truth behind Madame Evangeline and 1 Night Stand. She’ll do anything for her tell-all article. But Carly is in for a  shock she wasn't prepared for when she comes in contact with a man from her past, Quinn Alfasi, who she shared one passionate night with back in college.

Quinn never thought he’d see Carly again after their 1 night stand in college, and now six years later she’s back. He’ll do whatever he has to in order to expose her as a liar and a fraud. But then when his best friend Woody shows an interest, Quinn can't allow her to fall for Woody’s charms even if it means he has to team up with his best friend to claim Carly as his own. 

This is a quick romance read with a lot of sexual content but also a plot that keeps you turning the pages til the very end.  I fell in love with the characters & can't help but wonder what happened to a couple of the other characters..hoping they get their stories told also. This is the first book I've read by this author, and I would definitely try more.
I rate this book 4 stars
Jennifer W 

Review of Two Up by Valerie Douglas

Two Up
by Valerie Douglas

Jesse Chamberlain, is known as the wild child of Millersburg , she is an artist  master sculptor and rides motorcycles. While out riding she gets caught up in a storm and seeks shelter, there she meets Mitch Donovan a writer with writers block.  The attraction between these two will heat up the forges all on their own!
Mitch has a serious problem a stalker who will hurt any that come near him. Is Jesse up for the challenge?

What a great romance story, with lots of suspense! This is the 4'th book in (The Millersburg Quartet) and wow does this story leave you wanting to reread it and check for any loose wires. I was on edge of seat a few times other times I was reading fantastic written love scenes, very intense and descriptive! (HOT)


Review of Dance With Me By Billie Bierer

Dance With Me
Billie Bierer

Charlie (Charlotte) Rossi's only inheritance from her estranged Uncle Mike is Run for the Roses, a stallion her deceased uncle claims is magic. Though what Charlie finds when she visits her horse is veterinarian Dr. Wade Phillips and his mesmerizing blue eyes. Within weeks, Charlie purchases a ranch in Cave Creek, Arizona, quits her advertising job, sells the New York condo, and heads west in her little BMW convertible. Roses-now heartier and some how younger looking-anxiously awaits her arrival at Wade Phillips' veterinary stables. Meanwhile, Charlie's cousin, Tony Lambini-aka the short dude from New York and the sorriest Mafia member ever-plots to steal Roses. While tailing Cousin Charlie cross country, Tony gains a hitchhiker, Chief Flying Eagle, who demands Tony take him to his reservation in Phoenix. In New Mexico, Charlie picks up Bluebird Smith, an eighteen-year-old Apache running away heading to California with her Great Dane, Tiny. Charlie's plans sound like adventure to Bluebird and she detours her life to Cave Creek and takes up residence with Charlie in her quaint-but-somewhat-cramped apartment above a barn. Once in Phoenix, Tony makes his move for Charlie's magical horse, with the "help" of the chief's nephew, Mad Coyote Joe. Charlie has more than Cousin Tony to worry about when she falls under the "spell" of cowboy and woman-chaser, Jeff Olsen. Jeff's spell includes dumping her friends and her responsibilities to Roses for dance halls and two-stepping. Charlie's fun-filled nights carry a price and her magical stallion begins to age once again. She is reminded that if she fails to choose the right man, Roses will die. And Doctor Wade Phillips decides he's had enough of Jeff Olsen.

This is a really great read with characters that keep you wondering what they're going to do. I wasn't crazy about Cousin Tony at first but he grew on me & by the end...you'll have to read it to see.  I loved the ending..This is the first book I've read by this author but I wasn't disappointed.  Can't wait to read the next book.
I rate this book 4 stars

Jennifer Wadkins


Dec Pub 24 Review of Dillions Gift by A.J. Hawthorn

Dillons Gift
by A.J. Hawthorn
   Dillon wants the chance to get to know Lisa better.  
A lot better.  So when he sees an opportunity to
make it happen, he takes his chance.  He just has to 
juggle a couple gift exchange items and get her 
to think that she owes him for embarrassing him in 
front of the whole company.  This could work.
   Lisa cant believe that she agreed to be Dillon's 
ride home from the Christmas party when all she wanted
to do was sneak out now.  She hasn't celebrated Christmas 
in years and isn't in the mood to start now. 
But she would do anything for Dillon.  Maybe he is the one.  
The one person to finally be her honest and true love. 
Review:  This was a really cute, easy read.  Dillons 
character is so very cute in the way that he just 
wants to see Lisa happy and to make her laugh.  He is 
so patient and kind.  Lisa is such a typical woman that 
she is so easily likable.  We all tend to hang onto our past 
hurts to help us guard against any future pain.  The author 
did a great job of making the characters alive that they 
could be friends from down the road.  I really enjoyed this 
book and recommend you all give it a read :)
Theresa F
5 of 5 stars

Dec Pub 23 Review of Island Bound by Kiru Taye

Island Bound
by Kiru Taye
   Joshua knows that he should never have let his 
wife walk out on their marriage three months ago after she 
said that they needed a break.  He didn't understand 
why she was doing it then and he sure doesn't understand 
the divorce papers that he just received.  But he isn't 
going to let her get out that easy.  
   Christy just wants this over with fast.  So when Joshua 
agrees to sign the divorce papers if she goes away with 
him for 2 weeks for the Christmas holiday she reluctantly 
accepts his offer.  But he seems to be doing all the 
right things to make her remember how great they have been 
together.  Can she really last 2 weeks with him with-
out her heart softening toward him??
Review:  This was a short, easy, sexy read.  I love that 
Joshua doesn't really understand the reasons that Christy 
has for wanting out of their marriage but is willing to go 
all out to save it.  It has sexy scenes and is a reminder 
to us all that love can win, as long as we are willing to 
give it a chance.
Theresa F
5 of 5 stars 

Dec Pub 22 Review of To Feel Again by Valerie Mann

To Feel Again (1 Night Stand story)
by Valerie Mann
   Leah lost her fiance a year ago and she wants 
to be able to move on past the pain.  So she uses 
Madame Evangeline's services to help her.  A one 
night stand will help her let go of the past.
   Jackson can't believe that he let Evangeline 
talk him into this crazy idea.  He would meet this 
woman and talk with her but he was not having a 
one night stand just to help her.  
Review:  Such a great short story.  These two characters 
are cute together.  But they are also a very sexy 
combination.  The author burns up the pages with 
this sexy, easy read.  I recommend this book and the 
others in the 1 Night Stand series of short sexy stories.
Theresa F
5 of 5 stars  

Review of Curse of the Tiger By Bebe Balocca

Curse of the Tiger

Loving tigers was in Faline's blood. Her father had created Kat's Crest, a sanctuary for tigers. Now with her father gone Faline is left in charge to run it. Up until now she has been just barley staying afloat. After a tornado blows through and destroys equipment and parts of the santuary, she knows Kat's Crest's days are numbered. May as well start looking for new homes for the animals. Drinking away her troubles by herself, a man approaches her and he is looking for the owner of Kat's Crest, for a job. Drunk and sad, she opens up to the man and tells him what is going on with the park.

Hunter a very wealthy man from a wealthy family, and has always had a soft spot for tigers. Traveling to Kat's Crest in the hopes for a job, he runs into Abetzi and her animals. The animals are not treated well, starved, in terrible cages, Hunter turns her into the police. Abetzi, a witch decides to take things into her own hands. Casting a spell, she changes Hunter forever.

The sparks fly between Faline and Hunter. The attraction is explosive. Hunter has a secret that most people would have a hard time accepting. Faline just wants to save her cats.  Will Faline believe the unbelievable? Can Hunter escape Abetzi? Can the love of tigers grow into even more?

This was a really good book. Who doesn't love tigers? Beautiful, graceful, dangeours, deadly and a favorite at any zoo. Kat's Crest is a really cool place. I loved the saying used, keeping the people in cages and the animals live in a nice free. I would go to that place. Faline is a strong independent woman with major money woes. But when sexy Hunter comes her way, it becomes hot! Hunter, is in a difficult situation but is learning to cope. The story line was very good, it was sexy (adults only), and you fall in love with a new kind of shifter. Great read if you love shifter books!!

Review of Often Overlooked by Cary Polkovitz

Review of Often Overlooked, Cary Polkovitz
By Akisha Clark
 3 1/2 stars
Take some time to meet Cary Polkovitz and read “Often Overlooked”. I found this book to be a refreshing break from the way-too-serious and over-the-top drama. This book was filled to the brim with delightful little stories, painting pictures of what could be. It was nice to step back into the world of simple and unique. There is no other book like this, I’m sure. I have visions of this book sitting on your coffee table, provoking fun conversations with guest for time and time to come. Not to mention this book is full of vivid pictures that not only sweeps you into the beauty of the forgotten object but allows your mind to wander and create your own tales. My personal favorite was the story of the Merry-Go-Round. While on the merry-go-round as a child I remember feeling free and timeless. This excerpt captures the essence of those priceless moments. Be sure to pick up this book so that you too can experience the beauty of what is “often overlooked” too.

Review of Borderland Bride by Samantha Holt

Borderland Bride
by Samantha Holt

   While out riding on his brothers land, Jake comes across the beautiful Isabel beaten and near death.  He brings her 
to his brothers home to heal and finds himself completely taken with her.  He longs to spend time with her and learn 
more about her.  She makes her way into his heart and gives him hope of loving again.
   Lady Isabel is running away from the dangers in her life when she discovers just how dangerous the Borderlands 
can be.  She is bruised and beaten with no voice and she can't hear above the buzzing pain in her ears.  But when a 
handsome lord rescues her and takes her to his brothers land to heal she is suddenly feeling a bit better about her 
situation and refuses to be a victim ever again.  She will keep her secrets and hope that the people hunting her will 
not find her here with her knight in shining armor.  But, will her secrets destroy what they have built? 

Review:  I enjoyed the heck out of this book.  It had me involved in the characters lives from the beginning.  I really 
enjoyed the journey the main characters have.  The author gave us interesting, strong characters.  This is such a sweet 
love story that has just enough drama to keep you from wanting to put the book down.  It was a great read and I 
recommend it to everyone.

Theresa F

5 of 5 stars


DEC PUB 21 Heart and Soul by Tess Black‏

 Heart and Soul
This book is about Greer Ives,an attorney who's career may be stalling thanks to a scumbag ex-fiancee, Greer makes an unwise trip to a nearby town and is involved in a severe car accident, Caelon Virilion witnesses the crash and finds that he is compelled to help even if he really shouldn't!

I really loved this book, the characters were well fleshed out and there were plenty of moments of humour.  The transition from our world to the paranormal was done really well and the new world once more was well described. Accordingly to the cover this book is part of a trilogy - I do hope the other 2 are about Caelon's brothers who only appear briefly but are very funny.

I would rate this book at 4.5 stars out of 5 and it only doesn't get 5/5 as I enjoyed it so much I wanted it to be longer!!


Dec Pub 20 Review of Birthday Bash by Kelli Scott

Title: Birthday Bash
Author: Kelli Scott
 Julie was At home bummed because she was 
some how on the no fly list and could not 
meet her friends in Vegas for her birthday 
bash. Julie's friend Dara decided Julie should 
not miss the fun so she sent two male strippers 
dressed as cops to Julie's house. At first Julie 
was really resistant but wasn't Dara always telling 
her to loosen up a little.
   Jared and Damien were instructed too give Julie 
a good time. This was Jared's last night on the job 
and he couldn't believe he met Julie and felt more 
than just an attraction to her.
This book was so very steamy. I can't believe what 
happened between Julie, Jared, and Damien but it was a 
good read. I give this book 4 stars.
Heather G 

Dec Pub 19 Review of Review Request - Elixxir by Deena Remiel


4.5 out of 5 stars. Great adult content with lots of mystery and action.

Callie hasn't had a glamorous life. She can't even make it through more than three dates with most guys.  It may have something to do with living in a sort of witness protection hiding from the people that killed her parents as she hid in the next room twenty years prior. Not only does she have trust issues but she has intimacy issues on top of it. So sarcasm is her weapon of choice when dealing with  the world. Unfortunately, after a rough few days on the anniversary  of losing her parents, Callie decided to take a little trip down memory lane and even though it seems harmless at the time, it's going to alter her life forever.

Brethren Warrior Nathanael doesn't hide from trouble, he finds it. He didn't plan on finding it in such an enticing package named Callie.  Yes, it's a rough start when you are coming to deliver an apology for a buddy walking away without so much as a good bye, but Callie isn't even interested in hearing about it. From the moment Nathan knocks on her door they have to run for her life. For some guys, it's all in the timing.  He never thought that telling her that he's supposed to get the Elixxir from her and return it to where it belongs  would be one of the easiest thing he would tell her.

This was a great book. It's really all about good verses evil and the two main characters learning to trust each other. They both obviously have secrets they are keeping from each other in the beginning and they have to learn to trust each other and even themselves enough to share these secrets. OF course, it totally helps that they are kicking but and taking no prisoners as they go along.  It's not a cut and dry mission and no, they don't just beat the bad guy to the Elixxir, that would be too easy.

Jamie K


Review of Acquisitions by Sorcha Mowbray

Acquisitions (The Edge Series) by Sorcha Mowbray

Shannon Pearce is an acquisitions specialist who helps businesses buy other businesses.  She is always in control.  After After closing a deal successfully, she thinks now she can fantasize about the man she has been working with.
Dalton Granger has had his own fantasizes about Shannon, now he will proposition her. Can she give up control for the weekend and be a Sub to his Dom?

This book pulls no punches , straight to what it is about and then some.
Very well written sexual scenes. Very Hot.

5 Stars

Review of Forging Zero by Sara King

Forging Zero (The Legend of ZERO) by Sara King

Meet Joe Dobbs 14 yrs old and watching an Alien invasion here on earth.  When he saves his brother from the mandatory turn over your children 5-12 he is taken instead.  Thus starts Joe's journey into hell. He will find that to stay alive he must learn what fights to pick and what fights to leave alone. He is the oldest of this group whether he likes it or not the kids look to him to save them.  He finds friends in the unlikeliness of his captors.

This book spans 6 yrs and is a page turner edge of seat book.  Sara King delivered another hit book, like she could ever write a bad book! I am looking forward to reading this series , the sci/fi is not overwhelming in tecno babble, just the right mix. I highly recommend this book.

5 Stars

Review of Pine Needles by Karli Rush

Pine Needles (The Veil Realm Series, #1).

by Karli Rush
Rayden and Selene are thrust into a World none had ever expected.  Their tiny part of the planet is changed forever starting with ravaging earthquakes, arrows flying through the air hitting and killing many.  Selene and Rayden must fight to survive this new world or die trying.  Selene is captured after a long exhausting run just as she is about to jump to her death she is grabbed by one of them. He now will make her his or she will be dinner. She must choice Life or Death and she must life with the choice she makes as devastating as it will be.

Wow! Talk about an emotional roller-coaster , all over the place emotions.  So intense,  I was holding my breathe and had to unwilling put the book down to walk around and breathe quite a few times,  also to get my emotions in check.   Only A Masterful Writer can elicit these emotions from ones readers.
Not a techno Sci/Fi yet so much more.  My favorite quote in this book " Your Breast are not sweet"!

This Book 1 of the Veil Realm Series is a Major Hit.  If you have not read Karli Rush's Books yet I urge you to start with this one.  You will not be disappointed.  This book is unlike her others as not so much on the romance as it is about,  What would you do to stay alive?  Even after reading I am going over my favorite part(s) as I could not just choice one. This book stays with the reader long after reading.
I Highly Recommend This Book!

Wishing I could give more than 5 STARS


Dec Pub 18 Review of Fools Gold by Cassandra Dean

Title:Fools Gold
The Diamond series book 10
A western escape
Author: Cassandra Dean
        Miss Pearl la Monte loved to perform on 
stage and run her saloon the Diamond. It was Christmas Eve
 and all her girls and employees were gone for the 
holidays and with the big blizzard coming in, she 
was glad for the time alone. Well that is until 
Ethan Garrett came to the saloon. Garrett was troubled and 
he needed someone to talk to. A reluctant Pearl agreed 
to listen to his problems. In doing so Garrett ended up 
stuck at the saloon because of the blizzard.
      This book was amazing it took me out west in the 
1800's and I couldn't put it down. Pearl and Garrett finally 
after four years realizing they needed each other was so sweet 
and the love scene were hot!!!!! I give this book five stars.
     Heather G

Dec Pub 17 Review of Accidental Romance by Jessica E Subject

Accidental Romance
Challenge Series
Jessica E Subject
At twenty-two, Leanne Declan has graduated from college and hopes to take over the family farm until a tragic accident changes her life forever. Unable to do the simplest everyday chores, she must depend on her family and friends as she learns to face life’s challenges. But when her fears threaten to destroy her future, can an unexpected love be strong enough to help her dreams come true?

This is a quick romance read with a plot that keeps you turning the pages til the very end.  The characters are so easy to like you end up sharing their feelings..you might even shed a few tears.. What the characters go thru is so real..it's heartbreaking.  This is the first book I've read by this author, and I would definitely try more.
I rate this book 4 stars

Jennifer Wadkins

DEC PUB 16 Falling for Water by Arlene Webb‏

 Falling Water
This book revolves around Cassi Smith who appears to have acquired a hot stalker in the form of Ray Harris, Cassi is already in a relationship if not a good one but Ray is being unusually persistent in his pursuit.  When Ray's reasoning becomes clear they find themselves stuck together in an out of town motel which is when Cassi finds herself confessing her own brand of OCD.  Things get worse from there until Cassi has to confront the worst of her fears if she wants to save Ray!

This is a great short story, the plot was really intriguing and well paced and got the balance between romance and the who dunnit it just about right.  I did have to laugh at Ray's silly stories although Cassi's attempt really had me giggling as it is totally what I would end up doing. For any people, like me, who don't know what a "prepper" is, its someone who is prepared to be self sufficient in the event of a major catastrophe however this has very little bearing on the story so don't let it put you off!

I would give this 4.5 of of 5 stars


Review of Cursed By Cate Masters

Cursed (The Vitruvian Man #1)

by Cate Masters

Bruno diCesare lives alone by necessity, not choice. Once a year during the Carnevale, ten glorious days of masked anonymity, frivolity, and intimacy, can he come out and play.
Melina Weaver works long hours at the lab leave no time for a social life. She learned the art of fire dancing to enliven her dull existence. She has come to Carnevale for a much needed vacation and to try her hand at performing her fire Dance. 
Bruno is enchanted from the minute he sees Melina and he wants her. Melina feels a very strong pull towards Bruno.  Can the two of them even have a chance with so many not wanting these two together?

I really enjoyed this book.  A lot like Phantom of the Opera, yet not. I had to read this in one setting! Such great characters and what a plot!
I highly recommended this book.


Review of Stone Cold By Eva LeNoir

Stone Cold
by Eva LeNoir

 Jared Stones spends his days training Ellen Banks. Now that she is ranked number one, he hopes to get back in the ring himself. His personal life is just the way he likes a different woman every night, he vows to never have his heart ripped out again. Then she shows up Sloane the woman who ripped his heart out and stomped all over it.  Sloane knew this was a mistake even tho her bestfriend Ellen convinced her to come for a visit.  It has been two years since she saw the man she will always love and the chemistry is still there. Will Jared give them one more chance?

This book is #2 in the series and wow it did not disappoint. The action and the characters were spot on. I loved the tension between the two. As well as the reason for it, I was voting for both to win the test of wills!
I highly recommend this series!


Review of Special Offers by M.L. Ryan

Special Offers by M.L. Ryan

Hailey Parrish  is a thirty something who lives alone with her cat and hoard of books that are quickly taking over her living space. She decides reluctantly to get a Kindle as the price is right. What she didn't count on was the Kindle is possessed as she is now. Dang the price was too low she should have known something was wrong.  Hailey meets Alex Sunderland on a run and at the local bar. He is more than handsome is is from another world and is looking for Sebastian Kess, the man who possessed the Kindle. Haily upon realizing that she is not going crazy for hearing a voice in her head , soon learns that Sebastian was a lady's man and can see everything she see's as well as taste. Haily refuses to take showers with her lights on (That scene) was hilarious! Haily is thrust into a world she had no idea was even real. With the help of Handsome Alex and Sebastian she will find that she has a very strong backbone and she will need it.

What a Fantastic Book! The whole plot was very well written the characters well rounded, the premise leaves one laughing. I did laugh in several parts of this book!
This book is a Hit with this reader and reviewer!

I Highly Recommend this Book!
5 STARS wish I could give it more!

Review of Captive Hero by Donna Michaels

Captive Hero (Time-Shift Heroes Series)
by Donna Michaels

  Captain Samantha Sheppard, Marine Corp pilot, was on a test flight when something strange happened.  She and her co-pilot, best friend, Maria are suddenly taken back in time.  Caught in the middle of an air fight they inadvertently save the life of a WWII Black Sheep pilot.  A pilot that Sam has heard many stories about from her grandfather who fought side by side with him.  To keep from affecting the future, she abducts the pilot and hides him in her secluded cabin in the Colorado wilderness.  But her captive believes that she is a German spy and refuses to believe that  he is now in a different century.   But as they grow closer and the desire between them ignites they discover that their connection is soul deep.  But her flying Ace makes a historical discovery that could change her life along with her families very existence.  The only way to fix the time line is to go back in time and sacrifice her hero. 

Review:  This was a really good book that I enjoyed from beginning to end.  Some time shift books are confusing going back and forth between the times but this was well written and was easy to follow.  Even with the rough start that these two have, their story is so romantic and sweet  Theirs is a love strong enough to transcend the past, present and the future.  Great read. 

Theresa F

5 of 5 stars


Dec Pub 15 Review of Tantric Storm by Kali Willows

Tantric Storm  by Kali Willows

Laura, a sex therapist, can give advice to her patients but has a hard time with her own sex life. A dry spell that she is ready to get out of and contacts one night stand for a date to end the dry spell. At the hotel she dives into the spa and racing that the hotel offers. Waiting for her date and racing cars, she meets a man, Declan. He is there to meet a date too. The attraction is there between them and they both almost cancel there dates to explore it.. So when they find out they are each others dates...the sparks fly. Declan has a problem and Laura may be one of the only ones to help and maybe understand how to help.

This is a romance, with a paranormal twist. 2 people, both with issues, and a huge attraction between them.. Declan has a issue that only Laura may be able to help with. They explore each other with some pretty hot sex and may even help one other in the process. Maybe lust, maybe love but maybe, the start of something new for the both of them. Good short story, worth the read!

Dec Pub 14 review of The Virgin And The Best Man by Kate Richards

The Virgin And The Best Man
by Kate Richards
   Ray is on his way to Vegas to be the best 
man for his brothers wedding.  And Karin is 
to be her cousins maid of honor.  And for 
attending to their special day, the bride and 
groom have given these two the special gift of 
Madame Evangeline's services.  A date for each of 
them set up by Evangeline herself.  But as the night 
goes on, it becomes apparent that they just might 
like to spend their time together instead of with 
some strangers that they might not feel any 
attraction to. 
Review:  I have read some of the other stories 
in the 1 Night Stand series and have very much 
enjoyed them.  And I wasn't disappointed in this 
story either.  The story of Ray and Karin is funny, 
romantic and sexy.  This is a short story so there 
isn't a lot I can say accept that it really is a great 
one.  I am sure that everyone would enjoy this book.  
SO, enjoy :)
Theresa F
5 of 5 stars  

DEC PUB 13 The Princess and the Prepper by Barbara Elsborg‏

 The Princess and the Prepper

Poor Lili, she has fled one man and found herself in a worse situation, one that could only get worse if she ended up walking down a snowing road wearing only her underwear - things got worse!  Luckily for her Grant and Shadow are nearby to rescue her.  Grant is living isolated in a cabin trying to escape memories of his past and is not sure he wants to deal with Lili's intrusion into his life.

This was highly entertaining as you find out the stories behind Lili and Grant both have rough pasts for completely different reasons, Lili has a family she would like to ignore and Grant has a family that he is ignoring and yet they find common ground and involve them selves in some nicely steamy sex!! It makes you want to be in a log cabin with a roaring log fire whilst it snows outside .....

For any people, like me, who don't know what a "prepper" is, its someone who is prepared to be self sufficient in the event of a major catastrophe however this has very little bearing on the story so don't let it put you off!

I would give this 4 out of 5 stars


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