Review of Curse of the Tiger By Bebe Balocca

Curse of the Tiger

Loving tigers was in Faline's blood. Her father had created Kat's Crest, a sanctuary for tigers. Now with her father gone Faline is left in charge to run it. Up until now she has been just barley staying afloat. After a tornado blows through and destroys equipment and parts of the santuary, she knows Kat's Crest's days are numbered. May as well start looking for new homes for the animals. Drinking away her troubles by herself, a man approaches her and he is looking for the owner of Kat's Crest, for a job. Drunk and sad, she opens up to the man and tells him what is going on with the park.

Hunter a very wealthy man from a wealthy family, and has always had a soft spot for tigers. Traveling to Kat's Crest in the hopes for a job, he runs into Abetzi and her animals. The animals are not treated well, starved, in terrible cages, Hunter turns her into the police. Abetzi, a witch decides to take things into her own hands. Casting a spell, she changes Hunter forever.

The sparks fly between Faline and Hunter. The attraction is explosive. Hunter has a secret that most people would have a hard time accepting. Faline just wants to save her cats.  Will Faline believe the unbelievable? Can Hunter escape Abetzi? Can the love of tigers grow into even more?

This was a really good book. Who doesn't love tigers? Beautiful, graceful, dangeours, deadly and a favorite at any zoo. Kat's Crest is a really cool place. I loved the saying used, keeping the people in cages and the animals live in a nice free. I would go to that place. Faline is a strong independent woman with major money woes. But when sexy Hunter comes her way, it becomes hot! Hunter, is in a difficult situation but is learning to cope. The story line was very good, it was sexy (adults only), and you fall in love with a new kind of shifter. Great read if you love shifter books!!


  1. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing The Curse of the Tiger. I had fun researching it - there's a free range tiger preserve in South Africa that inspired me. :)

    1. it was a really good book. I couldn't find it on amazon or B&N yet? if it is there send me the links if it is not send them to me when they come on and I will post the reviews.


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