Review of Into a Dream By Laurie Roma

Into a Dream

Allison has had a hard up bringing. She grew up in foster care, but worked hard in school. With no family and a choice of colleges she made some friends and became a surgeon. Allison is in her residency program, 2 more yrs and she is done. Now she has to keep up with men, who are her boss, and men who want to make her look bad. She loves her job though. After a particular grueling day, she gets hit by lightening. Talk about a life changing event. When she opens her eyes, she doesn't understand how she is alive. As she wakes up and opens her eyes, she notices she is not in the city any more. Allison runs into Tynan. Tynan is 7 ft tall, hot as in Greek god hot and Allison can't understand a word he is saying. The attraction is immediate and intense. After a scotching kiss and some close calls with dangerous rogues, Allison and Tynan end in a amazing kiss, Allison knows she is in trouble. She knows she is in even more when she finds out Tynan is one of a set of triplets princes. The men on the planet are many, and the females few. So 3 brothers to one woman and they are set on making Allison theirs. Tynan is willing to do anything to keep her and make her happy. Allison the independent woman she is loves the attention but not how the women are treated. Will Allison be the one to change this planet , can she handle 3 large domineering men? Can the men handle a little petite surgeon and the problems that follow her?

I really enjoyed this book. Fast paced and action packed...and hot!! The love scenes were amazing. I know I would have been more Leary if I had been in Allison's shoes. 3 men is a lot to take on and 3 men from this planet it just sounded painful. But I will say I had to keep my husband near by. Allison is a strong independent female that handles get put into a very difficult situation and handles it with grace. The guys, what what this THINK is best for her and love her in their own way but don't get what Allison truly needs and wants for her life till it gets thrown in there face. Great fantasy/sci-fi read with scorching hot sex scenes. This is one author I want to watch and follow. Would love to read more of this series and from this author is general.

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