review of Between by Mary Ting


5 stars

They’d all breathed a sigh of relief when Aden was destroyed.

Little did they know what else had been sprung from hell, and awaits his turn at annihilating all that is good.

Aliah, one of the most powerful demons ever to reside in the Abyss, has friends in high places, which is not good for the denizens of the high realms, or the mortals they watch over.  He now rules the plane known as Between, from which he sends his minions to look for a certain Claudia Emerson.  He knows, as did Aden, that she holds the key to his getting back into the heavenly abode.  No, he is not penitent, nor does he want to spend his eternity in endless light.  He wants heaven for himself.

Therefore, every Claudia Emerson in the world is in danger.  The Divine Elders send watchers and venators – demon-killers – to protect every one of these girls.  And the Claudia that Aliah is after is protected by the strongest of the alkins--Michael, Davin, and Vivian, as she was in their skirmish with Aden.  But now the venators are in charge of her protection as well, most notably Austin, who had been a wild card in Claudia’s heart for awhile.  The Powers That Be still don’t know what to do with her; since she has a very powerful soul, they know that they have to keep her from all danger until they know exactly what she can do with her still-unknown powers.

Treachery, trickery, betrayal—it seems that all of the venators are past masters at these abilities.  Claudia doesn’t know who to trust.  Even Michael, her dearest love, seems to have attachments that she hadn’t known about—and that he is reluctant to explain.

But when push comes to shove, and those on the side of Good face down Aliah and his minions, everyone’s true colors show forth, and Claudia’s powers are finally revealed. 

But all at a price--one that is agonizing for almost all of those involved.

Another stellar work!  I was eagerly looking forward to reading this book, right on the heels of “Crossroads”.  It was a pleasure to return to the world Ms. Ting has conjured up.  All of her characters are so real, and every action and scene has so much passion and detail.  Not one moment is wasted, the story flows like molten gold, and it was truly satisfying to read.  I’m really impressed with the angel hierarchy idea, which includes the nephilim (half angel & half human) and the watchers (I will never look at a statue of an angel quite the same ever again).

Ms. Ting has a third book out, “Beyond”, which will have our heroes dealing with the undead—the good and the bad.  I can hardly wait to read it—not just for  that, but I hope to  have the question answered:  in memories of love, will the heart or the mind win out?

Kathy Ree

Author, Be Not Afraid, UnHoly Trinity, and Resurgence:  The Rise of Judas

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