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Julie Ramsey
Administrator of Julies Book Review
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Donna won- Dephi Bloodline 

Jessica won-  Lost Witch of Salem


Marlena won-  Above Haldis Notch


Stacey wonThe Lapis Lazuli Throne


Christine won-  Gateway To Hell

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Rebecca Royce Book 7 Darkest Wolf

Darkest Wolf

Book 7- Not a stand alone book.
Elizabeth Willow is a Witch not just by name but truly she is a Witch!  She was been taken from her coven and be-spelled by a Bad Witch.  Now no one can look at her with being repulsed and her powers stripped.  Oh and she is the Maid aka Girl Friday for the Bad Witch's Twin Daughters.  If she try's and leave or pisses off the twins her mother and coven will be killed.  When they stop at a truck stop in New Jersey, nothing will ever be the same for Elizabeth.  She finds she can freeze people,  OOps she froze the Evil Twins!!!  She is kidnapped by a Wolf and not just any wolf a Kane wolf, they killl witchs or so she has been told.  Now he is telling her she is his mate,  AS IF.  She calls her mother and tells her she has a wolf and he is telling her all sorts of things... see if Bad Witch will take him and knowledge for trade of her coven?  Damn he can see her for herself and he is intent on making her his mate.  She is falling for him. No Way, No How!

Rex Kane is as messed up as they come, he is so different then his brothers.  Now they think he is a Traitor to his evil father. Sent on a mission, to bring back a witch to help against the war with his father.  This should be no problem!  He will prove his loyalty once and for all.  The Infamous New Jersey Diner has other ideas. He finds a mess in the kitchen,  a cook down and out 2 witches down and out and a pixie of a woman who is a witch and his Mate!  The Fates must really hate him!  He really does try to head back to the Westervelt Pack, but no one said falling in Love made you do what you are supposed to.

This was a fun book!  He couldn't stand witches and she was so cocky and she couldn't stand wolves!  A fated match, yes the fates have a sense of humor! The first half of this book takes place in a vehicle, well mostly!!  The taunts and heat are right up there to have you laughing and groaning.  These 2 fight the mating for all it is worth. Little by little they come around.  But fate is not done yet.  She is mother of all mothers and she has some twist that knock everyone for a loop even the reader.  I had a lot of fun with this book!  I look forward to more in this series, PLEASE!

stars 4

Rebecca Royce Book 6 Angel's wolf

Angel's Wolf

Angel Kane is the long lost sister to the Westervelt Pack.  She was sent to the New Orleans pack for safe keeping.  That didn't go well , so she is on the run from two of their pack who want to share her as their mate.  Her wolf wants to kick their asses!  She just wants to get away, to live her life with out all the drama.  Little does she know that walking in to truck stop in New Jersey the drama has only just begun!  She has a very cool magical abilities one that makes a person feel good all day.  The other is Dream Walking.  She starts with the waitress, who needs a lift of spirits.  Then Wham she smells the most delicious smell and her wolf perks up Mate.  She has never known what the mating ritual really is and is about to find out.  Oh no!  She wants to be on her own. She has a run in with bad witches and wakes up in a small room back in Westervelt Pack territory.  Oh Hell No!

Parker Liberty has not spoken since that horrible day 3+ years ago when he watched his father murder his mother.  He raises himself with no guidance from other wolves.  He has a good life being a dishwasher at a Truck Stop in New Jersey!  He has so many tattoos each representing a part of his life.  He refuses everything his wolf says about him being a good guy.  He is terrified that he is his fathers son and will murder any mate.  Then a smell assaults is nose and his mate is in the Truck Stop.  What's a man to do, when she barrels in to the kitchen?  Well 1 quick roll will be okay.  He is then mated, and yet both agree to go their own ways.  Till three witches change all that.  He must get her to Westervelt Pack for help or she will die.  Once there he must come to terms with his past or there will be no future.
4 stars

Book 5 Rebecca Royce Alpha Wolf

Book 5- Not a stand alone book.

Michael from the Westervelt Wolves is sent out to look for his sister that the brothers didn't remember due to magic 3+ yrs ago.  He heads to  the New Orleans Pack.  What he finds is a mess...  Not even his evil father would want anything to do with them.  His sister is on the run.  What Michael finds tho is is mate Scarlett.  She is a latent aka non wolf.  Her parents were murdered by the New Orleans Pack and she is abused by them.  Let the killing begin. No one touches Michael's mate. Now to work on healing her body and her spirit.  Slow going for this young woman. She does turn to Michael to help in the healing process in this she finds so much more then either she or Michael could have ever hoped for.

With no warning of the abuse that is talked about , this was a hard book to read. 
The story line was good, the revenge that many would love happen for them is very realistic.
Once I could get past the abuse part I really enjoyed the way Michael took the New Orleans Pack under his wings, begrudgingly! Watching Scarlett learn to trust Michael and herself was very endearing. Overall This is a wonderful book in the series.

4 stars

book 4 Rebecca Royce Wolf's Magic

Wolf's Magic

Book 4 - Not a stand alone book.

Leah St. James is locked in wolf form with no memory of her prior life.  Saved from the cages of a madman, she is now in a cage at the Westervelt Wolf Pack and all the other wolves saved are gone,  what happened to them?  Why is she the only one left?  She knows she is not a wolf so why isn't she in her body?  Who is talking in her head telling her to kill others?  She can understand the man talking to her, who is this gorgeous man that calls her "Shewolf"?  Azriel Kane is a loner even with all his brothers he preffers to be in his lab were his science makes more scense.  Yet he is hiding soemthing from everyone even himself.  Az and Leah must both learn to accept magic if they are to help the pack and save each other from the madman bent on all their deaths.

This wonderful story is about accepting things maybe Magical that can't be seen yet can be felt it.  I really enjoyed Leah and Az's story.  I guess it is true, watch out for the quiet ones!  Watching Az come to grips with his past and embracing his own magic, was a wonderful twist on this story!  Leah is just perfect for Az,  as he is to her. I really loved watching these two come into their own power together and separately.  I guess it is true we each have that other half of our souls out there!
4 Star

Rebecca Royce book 3.5 Wolf's Valentine

Wolf's Valentine

Book 3.5 - Not a stand alone book.
It's Valentines day and Jana gets a strange Valentine Card. With the word "Mate" in it.  She has been in hiding for so many years, and now she has been found.
Malcolm is a Westervelt Wolf, taking herbs to cover his scent , while trying to take down the traitors and bad guys. Who'd of thunk it,  his mate works for one of those men. After a fight he ends up on the same train as Jana.  They work through the whole curse of a male wolf killing his mate. The Age difference!  They finally mate and oh let the fun begin.

Book 4
First let me say this is not a stand alone book.
Even tho this is a short book.  I really got to know both characters.  I felt for Jana as she had memories of what she had lost and being thrust into a new world everything she had to overcome.  Malcolm was very young when the Spell on the Male Wolves happened.  They really helped each other deal with the past and yet they came together to start a new future in the Westervelt Wolf Pack.

4 Star

Rebecca Royce Book 3 Wolf Reborn

Wolf  Reborn

Faith Anderson has to save as many man made wolves as she humanly can.  She is in the right spot at the right time.  With magic heavily in the air, she finds she is a wolf shifter.  Off to Westervelt Wolves Island, she runs security for the pack.  With so no mate on this Island, she continues to live her life as a new member to the pack.

Theo Westervelt is no longer living with the pack.  He is not safe to anyone after that Demon threw acid on his face, scaring him and now taking residence in his mind.  As Theo is running for his life, he goes over a waterfall.  Faith pulls him out of the water to discover, he is her mate.  Theo refuses, because of  the demon taking residence in his mind. Faith isn't about to let a demon stop her from claiming her mate.

Book 3
First let me say this is not a stand alone book.
I really enjoyed this book!  Faith has been through hell and back. Yet she remains such a strong woman in her own right. Theo 's predicament really gets you. These 2 must not only fight the traitors to the pack and the man made wolves but demons as well. They have to work together to get a special paper back or their lives are forfeit to the demons. Page turning so fast to see what's next had me reading this as fast as I could.  Then I wanted to read it again! This is a great book in this wonderful series!

4 stars

Rebecca Royce Book 2 Summer Wolf

Summer Wolf

Summer Morrison was just another college student, until her sister and mother needed her to help lift a magical curse off the Westervelt Wolves.  She finds out her mother is a really a wolf and her sister and mate are also wolf shifters.  Does that mean she is also?  During the ritual she makes eye contact with Cullen and a voice yells mate in her head. She feels such a pull to take this man. He lets her leave and no further contact for 3 long years.  Then with horror of unimaginable proportions they are thrust together.

Cullen the bogeyman of the Westervelt Wolves is one of the oldest wolf's of this pack. He wanted to end his existences of loneliness, just as he is about to help his Prince and New Alpha by dieing he smells his mate.  Her mother has other ideas wait till she finishes college.  He unwilling agrees.  Finally they are together and both have walls and insecurity's.  They must overcome all this if they are to live.

Book 2
First let me say this is not a stand alone book.
I really enjoyed watching Cullen and Summer work through all of their issues as a team unit.  They head out for justice and what a ride, twist and turns,  page turning action and romance. I really enjoyed this book it did not let me down, lots of issues with all these characters yet not overwhelming to the book.

4 stars

Rebecca Royce book 1 Her Wolf

Her Wolf

On an Island off Maine. 30 years ago Kendrick Kane came to know a man named Claudius Brouseaux.  Claudius convinced Kencaid Kane, or maybe he convinced Claudius, that there was money to be made off shifters.  Wolves are human and animal. They think and reason like humans and possess the loyalty and instincts of wolves.  Both live within them and it is a constant battle for control, but a glorious one.  Until wolves are thirty they age as a human does, and then they stop, and do not age again until they mate. The Alpha has lots of magical abilities.

Thirty years ago, everyone went crazy. It seemed strange. The only non-wolves on the island were mates of shifters.  Claudius wanted to take the essence of the wolves in the wolves and find a way to inject it into regular humans.  He thought he could create an army of super-strong, aggressive, animal-like humans who would serve him.  Kendrick wanted his pack to let him experiment on them.  In the middle of the night, the Alpha’s wife, Mary Jo,  Kendrick Kanes mate told the wolves that her mate had lost his mind.  He’d brought in a witch…He was going to kill all the unmated females, including babies and children, and then use the witch to cast a spell that would get the men to kill their mates if they didn’t consent to the testing.   She grabbed all of the unmated women and sent them off all over the world.  When the men awoke, the wolves did not know what had happened to them.  Mary Jo was an extraordinary mystic in her own right.  She masked them with her magic so the wolves could not find them.  However, the mated women refused to leave.

The male wolves were completely changed by the spell; they could not control themselves or stop the need to kill their mates.  All but two, that is. The Alphas  brothers, did not harm their women.  They took their own lives instead.  The aunts remain alive to this day in agony, but as the only women still present in the pack—and only women can be healers—they must remain with the pack until some women return who can take over the mystical positions.  Every day for the last thirty years has been a struggle for the aunts…
every minute that they are alive, they are wishing for death, to rejoin their mates.  The other men, when they realized what happened, what they had done to the most precious thing in the world to them, their mates, they killed themselves immediately.  They commit what is called ritual suicide.  Unless there is a child to raise, in which case the parent waits to die until the child is old enough.  Then, they too, are overwhelmed with the need to leave.  Wolves simply cannot live without the other.  And those who try to resist the urge are doomed to living forever in agony…most do not try to resist.  It was gruesome and awful. 

Thirty men live on that island waiting the return of our missing girls—or at least the ability to find them, to know if they still live.     But the curse is still upon them

  Book 1

Ashlee had Neurotic daydreams among other mental issues or so the Psychologist said.  She is back living at home with her parents.  Her father set her up to volunteer at the local zoo.  She is drawn to the wolves well actually one wolf.  The lone wolf  as she calls him.  She swears she can hear him in her head.  One night she has a dream that bad men are coming for him, she races out the door in her p.j.'s, to save him.  She finds out that she is his mate and she must go with him to an Island off Maine.   Ashlee finds that she holds magic and must learn more if she is to save her mate from the 30 year old curse where he kills her then himself.

Tristan Kane is a wolf shifter, what makes that bad is betrayal,  at the highest level has left him in his wolf form.  He is a Prince of the Westervelt Wolves Pack.  And boy is he pissed, he is in a cage with real wolves, for 6 months now. One of the volunteers saves him, she is his mate.  They must return to  Westervelt Pack, to warn others of this betrayal.  What he does not count on is that once mated to Ashlee the curse is now on him.  He will do all that is in his power to save his mate.  He will fight as to live and save his mate.

I loved loved this book.  The out of the box story is so wonderful.  I am so glad to see a new twist to wolfs.  Ashlee is very like able and so believable in all that she goes through to save her self and her mate.  Tristan is a Alpha who is true to form of a True Alpha, takes charge and refuses to put others at risk.  Especially his mate, curse or no curse.  I enjoyed these 2 strong characters come into their own and as a couple.  The love can be felt to the reader.  I love it when an author can touch me like this.   I really enjoyed watching Tristan and Ashlee deal with realities of betrayal and seeing that mated love can defeat traitors.  Lots of magic and telepathy and hot male wolf shifters!
A lot of different characters and most like able and needing their own stories!  I look forward to reading many more books by Rebecca Royce!

4 Stars


Last Hours of the MUSA Event...Thanks You

Just wanted to thank the authors at Musa Publishing for visiting Julies Book Review.

Donna Del ORO
Vera Jane Cook
Eleni Konstantine
Keith Pyeatt
Stan Hampton Jr.

Thank you all, I wish you great success, I have do doubt you will achieve it. If any of  you would like reviews of your books, let me know. I would add any of your books to my TBR list. I really hope everyone else liked this event. It was my first and hopefully not my last event for Publishers. Musa you have been great and I would host another event, just let me know. To all my readers take advantage of the giveaway from Musa. There are only hours left. Each author is giving away an e-book and there are 3 gift cards up for grabs as well.

Thanks again,
Julie Ramsey
administrator of Julies Book Review

The Lapis Lazuli Throne Excerpt by Stan Hampton JR.

In an ancient, prehistoric land sometimes it's important to show respect, even when it doesn't seem important anymore...
During the Iraq War supply convoys rumbled out of Kuwait every day, bound for Baghdad. These convoys traveled on MSR Tampa, one of the most dangerous roads in the world, battling insurgent ambushes and IEDs. It is on one such convoy that an IED took out a gun truck and wounded Specialist Ken Adams. His gun truck commander took the fight to nearby insurgents, but in the aftermath he committed a disrespectful act. In the following weeks the entire gun truck crew was stalked by something unknown, and they disappeared one by one, until only Ken Adams was left, cornered in Las Vegas…


The desert was alive ... damp foul smelling sand exploded in a white flash from which snaked smoky red and yellow tentacles ... he tried to scream but the tentacles choked him ... other screams tore through the boiling smoke that stung his eyes and fouled his mouth ... he was suffocating ... he swung his arms wildly through the heavy hot air as the ground gave way beneath him ... he was being pulled into the living desert…
It was a typical mission of escorting another supply convoy of 45 white trucks, 18-wheel tractor trailers that arrived that afternoon at Convoy Support Center Navistar, the small, cluttered dusty camp a mile south of the Iraqi border manned by mobilized Army National Guard soldiers. After sunset, four HMMWV gun trucks would escort the supply convoy to Cedar, the first CSC on Main Supply Route Tampa, where they would turn the convoy over to other escorts who would take them further north. The gun truck crews would have time for a quick breakfast before they picked up an empty convoy returning to Kuwait…

Musa Event Blurbs From Stan

Musa Publishing, July 2012.

BLURB: Sharon Rogers is a young university student in Las Vegas, working part-time at a nearby donut shop. She is hard at work one morning when Patricia Renner enters the shop--and Sharon's life. Not long after meeting Patricia, she begins dreaming. Sharon turns her dreams of male and female warriors with wolves' heads into sculptures. When Sharon and her fellow art students band together to host an "art crawl" for the public, she invites Patricia to attend, hoping to seduce her. However, Sharon discovers that Patricia is intent on seducing her; not only that, Patricia is very territorial and will not permit rivals for Sharon's hand. Patricia has a secret, though, and Sharon must accept it if they are to be together forever.
EXCERPT: Sharon Rogers opened her eyes and stared at the darkness of her bedroom ceiling with the echo of the tremulous howls still ringing faintly in her ears. Many times before, she had dreamed of powerful warriors; men and women, who ran with giant wolves across moonlit steppes. With the fading of the dream she felt an unexplained pang of loss.
            As a matter of routine, Sharon woke very early; when she wasn’t a starving university student, she worked part-time at the Mom and Pop Donut Emporium not far from the university. Baking and icing trays of donuts and serving coffee was her momentary purpose in life.
            Though she had the day off, she grumbled about having such an early rising job—in spite of the Ground Zero recession with so many Las Vegans out of work—and went back to sleep. When she finally awakened, she lay naked in her large bed and stared at the whirling ceiling fan.
            It was Saturday, the first “Second Saturday” for the Maryland Parkway Salon, as the local group of university students called themselves. The students who lived in the weathered apartment buildings had spent two months planning this art crawl. For a few hours, the public could visit apartments where art work was for sale, help themselves to refreshments in the sandy lot between the buildings, and visit with the artists in their workshops at the back of the lot.
            If Second Saturday was successful, they planned to hold more art crawls every couple of months.
            But for Sharon, Second Saturday had the potential to be much more than an art show.
            First, there were the more than a dozen foot-high clay figures that she had sculpted and fired. The figures were of naked men and women with wolves’ heads—warriors armed with shields, spears, and swords. As an artist, Sharon appreciated the human male and female form, and she loved wolves. The two subjects complemented one another, reinforced by dreams she’d had. She was hoping to sell one or more of the figures.
            Second, was the boorish Rodney Boatman, a sometime-patron at the donut shop. He was a delivery driver for a local company. He hit on her frequently, never taking no for an answer. When he saw the flyer announcing Second Saturday, he had promised to show up and take her out for dinner and drinks afterward. She dreaded his possible appearance.
            Third, was Patricia Renner…

Last day of the giveaway. Check it out. 5 ebooks and 3 gift cards. Awesome prizes!! look to the right of this post!!


Musa Event #5 Interview with Stan Hampton Sr

Welcome Stan, to Julie’s Book Review.

With this interview Stan is giving away _one copy of “The Lapis Lazuli Throne.” To win check out the rafflecopter to the right of this interview.

Ok Let find out about _Stan_.

First how about you tell us here at Julies Book Review about a little about yourself?
I am a full-blood Choctaw from the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, a 58-year old divorced grandfather to 13 grandchildren, and I serve in the Army National Guard. I also deployed in 2006-2007 in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Otherwise, I am an unemployed college student studying photography (I have 25+ years experience, but no degree), though my real goal is to someday work in underwater archaeology. Along with my program of study, I am also working on an anthropology research study regarding Global War On Terrorism veterans and PTSD. For a portion of the study I have to go to South Dakota in November. I live in Las Vegas, Nevada (I call it Ground Zero of the Great Recession), and I live in Veterans Administration sponsored transitional housing for homeless veterans.

What genres do you write?
I write in the genres of horror, science fiction, fantasy (including sword & sorcery), erotica, military fiction, and contemporary fiction.

Can you tell us a little about your newest book?
My newest publication from Musa Publishing is titled “Second Saturday.” It is a story that takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada. Sharon, a young university student, is taking part in an “art walk” with other art students. For one evening they will open their apartments to the public to show their art, and hopefully make sales. Sharon is expecting Patricia, someone she knows who visits the donut shop she works at, to visit. She is also hoping to seduce Patricia if she shows—Patricia arrives but she has her own ideas about Sharon. The seducer has become the “seducee.” There is one more thing—Patricia has an ancient secret that Sharon must accept, if they are to have a future together.

Did you have any other authors that have helped you or have inspired your work?
Well, not really. I mean, for example, Robert E. Howard (Conan the Barbarian) sparked my interest in sword & sorcery, or fantasy, and “world building” of a fictional world. H.P. Lovecraft (Cthulhu Mythos) introduced the concept of mankind being little more than a nuisance to ancient creatures hidden around the world, or lurking just outside of our own space/time continuum. Their writings have influenced some of my work, but not extremely so.

Do you recall what got you into writing?
Not really. I do remember that I have always wanted to tell stories. Photography has always been a passion of mine, and I am sure that photography, combined with writing, led to my interest in photojournalism. Perhaps that combination of interests is what also fueled my interest in fiction writing.

Ok how about some fun stuff

Dogs, cats, or fish?
I have to say cats. I assume you mean which I prefer. I like cats because they are not needy, they are pretty independent, and aloof. It is like you are a visitor in their world only because they tolerate you. I admire that sort of independence, and even aloofness. Plus, having had several cats, each had their own personality. We had one named Cuddles IV (most of our cats were named Cuddles) who loved to roam the neighborhood, raping and pillaging, and terrorizing small dogs. We had another who really was a housecat; he didn’t care much for the outside. Regarding him, I learned real fast to guard the French bread when it was on the dinner table—I once saw the French bread sliding backwards to the edge of the table. When I looked, that Cuddles stared back at me. No shame, no remorse, just a steady “What?” stare. He was crouching down on the chair and had the claws of one paw sunk into the end of the French bread. He lost the tug of war for the loaf, but got his piece of bread that his claws were sunk into.

Sci-fi, fantasy, or paranormal, Romance?
(writing and reading)

Sci-fi, fantasy, or paranormal, a resounding YES! Romance? Ah, well, not really. Sort of. I’m not sure why because, next to money, romance makes the world go round. Maybe. Or maybe it is because I have not had much romance in my life, therefore I can not really relate to romance in my writing.

Favorite Book of all time? Why?
I am not sure how to answer this. A favorite book of all time? That’s an extremely difficult question. To be honest, I cannot name one. There are several that I return to, fiction and non-fiction, but there is a different reason for each.

Favorite Author of all time? Why?
I can not really answer this question either. In fiction, there is Ray Bradbury, Arthur C. Clarke, H.P. Lovecraft, and Robert E. Howard. Each brings a different perspective to their stories. Each introduces a different world, whether it is the world of Conan the Barbarian, or the Cthulhu Mythos. There is also Frederick Forsyth, an English journalist turned novelist, whose books I have always enjoyed. I like the way his books (The Day of the Jackal, The Odessa File, and The Dogs of War) resemble imaginative journalism. The details of his research resemble factual journalism woven into a fiction story—his novels have an undertone of a journalist rather than pure fiction storyteller. I find this blend very pleasing. That is about the only way to describe it. Of non-fiction writers, those who blend the story of humanity within a factual book are Cornelius Ryan (The Longest Day, The Last Battle, and A Bridge Too Far); he was Irish, and was also a journalist. He died of cancer in 1974. Finally, there’s Bernard B. Fall (Street Without Joy, Hell in a Very Small Place), French, who was a war correspondent and historian. Fall died in South Vietnam in 1967 when he stepped on a land mine while on an operation with US Marines.

Where can we find your books? What sites can we find your work on? (any social media, blogs etc.)
There is Musa Publishing <www.musapublishing.com>. 
Specifically, my page can be found at <http://musapublishing.com/index.php?main_page=index&manufacturers_id=50>.
 Except for Musa’s Penumbra magazine in which I have two stories (February and July 2012), my Musa stories “The Lapis Lazuli Throne,” “An Incident on MSR Tampa,” “Dancing in Moonlight,” “The Sentinels,” and “Second Saturday” can be found there. I also publish with Melange Books, and MuseItUp Publishing, and I have had stories published in anthologies from Dark Opus Press, Edge Science Fiction & Fantasy, and Ravenous Romance. I do not have a blog, only my Facebook page (S Hampton Sr). My website is still under construction.

It has been a pleasure meeting you  Stan. Readers don’t forget to check out the rafflecopter to the right. 5 E-books and 3 Gift Cards are up for grabs, take advantanage of the great giveaway! Thanks again!
Julie Ramsey


Review Red Dragon Five by John R Phython Jr

Review Red Dragon Five

So there are many many parallels between our current events and this story. Unstable governments working to gain control while religious groups and militias duke it out in the headlines. Aside from the back story of what is happening with the government and religion and politics all of this bring us to the point that our main character Wolf has to be sent on an off the books assignment deep undercover assignment by the woman he loves. Deep undercover spy, among elves no secret contacts...and he stuck with a crazy religious zealot that can control the weather and an even crazier woman that can turn into a dragon hell bent on destroying...well everyone. We not only follow Wolf through the his deep undercover operation but we also follow May Honeyflower as she stays behind to deal with the red tape. Ultimately though, the message is teamwork, because that is not how this story ends. After all, someone has to stay behind to bring in the calvary.

  This is  Wolf Dasher novel, but there was no difficulty reading it without not having read the previous two books. Recommended for young adults and older due to content dealing with battle, terrorism, murder, love, religion, and politics. If you can handle that and magic and elves and and really good story line, then you can read this book.

Jamie K

Musa Event Blurbs from Keith Pyeatt

Above Haldis Notch by Keith Pyeatt
A clairvoyant young mother in rural Vermont must protect family and friends from a vindictive spirit intent on destroying their lives...and their afterlives.
Jenna's grandmother stared at her with an intensity that physically jarred Jenna. "What is it?"
"Something's wrong. I felt it."
"What? Something here? At the store?"
"No. What could be so wrong at the store?" Ady's voice was harsh and loud.
Jenna looked toward the coolers and saw Eric watching, concerned. "You're scaring Eric."
"I'm scared," Ady said, her voice lowered but still intense. "I know what you want to discuss. You should have come to me right away." She closed her eyes and breathed deeply. When she looked at Jenna again, her expression was calmer, but emotion swirled behind her eyes. "A spirit contacted me. It was panicked, in pain. It had been attacked. Something was killing it, Jenna. Is that why you couldn't reach Libby's spirit? Is she..." Ady took in another great breath.
Jenna remembered her mother's plea for help. She hadn't seemed panicked, but had something happened since then? Was it already too late to help her?
"Can you understand what it would mean if a spirit died?" Ady said, her voice low and raspy. "Not just a body, but a soul. Gone. Forever dead. Can you even imagine what that means?" Tears pooled in her eyes. "My God--" Her hands fluttered to her face. "My God, Jenna."
Ady covered her face, just as she had done when Libby passed away. On that day, Jenna had gripped Ady's wrists and eased her hands down so they could hold each other and share their pain and strength. But after seeing Ady's eyes, Jenna had released her grandmother so she could hide her face again. The agony reflected there was too painful to see, too painful for Ady to bear, perhaps. For a moment, her eyes had looked like a madwoman's.
Jenna didn't try to lower Ady's hands this time. Instead, she gripped her grandmother's shoulders. "I heard mother's voice."
Ady's hands relaxed and slid down her face. "When? Today?"
"No. Three days ago."
"You didn't say anything." Ady sounded more surprised than hurt. "Three days ago. Why wouldn't you tell me? Is it bad news? What did she say?"
"It's what I wanted to talk to you about." Jenna watched Ady wipe tears off her cheeks. Her hands still trembled, but she seemed to be regaining her composure. "Mother wasn't alone. There were other voices. And I saw them, lights moving through the darkness like fireflies. Mother asked for my help."
"You saw the spirits." Ady studied her granddaughter's face as if seeing her for the first time. After several seconds, she asked, "Help with what?"
Jenna shook her head. "I'm not sure. Voices were all around me. It was disorienting. Mother's voice rang out, asking me to help. I don't know what she needs, but...she knew me." A lump formed in Jenna's throat. "She said my name."

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Musa Event #3 Eleni Konstantine Excerpt

Suddenly, the air in the warehouse lit up like a Christmas tree before being sucked into a hole of darkness, taking with it the blue swirls. It was like it crumpled in on itself.

Gateway To Hell

Then, it was dark. Daniel blinked, adjusting his eyes. The day had come and gone, but they hadn’t noticed, what with the illumination from the gateway and Zeta.

Daniel glanced at his father, and as one they rushed through the door, towards her.

“Zeta?” He touched her shoulder as he crouched next to her.

Nothing. No response. Her eyes were now closed. No light shone from them or from her. Her hair now appeared limp and lifeless, her skin pale without the rosy patches he had noticed earlier.

His heart slammed into his chest. God, don’t let her be dead.

As if reading his thoughts, Mike felt for her pulse. He nodded. “Slow, but steady.”

Daniel let out a gush of air in relief. He reached out and touched her check with the back of his hand. Her skin was silky smooth and soft but cold. She looked fragile, but she had just got rid of six Zell Demons, almost single-handily. She was bound to be wiped out.

She had proved to him she was a warrior, all right.

“We should get her back to base,” his dad said.

Daniel nodded and handed his weapons over. They didn’t say a word as Daniel lifted Zeta into his arms. She felt light, and he knew from her self-mocking earlier, she wasn’t. Right now, it was almost like she floated to him.

Could it be an aspect of the gateway? Some residual energy?

He carried her to the truck, gently placing her in the back seat, covering her with a blanket, before jumping in next to her. His dad would drive. There was no way he would be able to concentrate.
No way he could leave her alone. She’d done more than her part. It was time someone looked after her, and he had a feeling that usually didn’t happen. How did she come to be alone with no one to watch her back? The thought irked him and he wondered why. He knew of Warders that liked to work on their own.

Was it because she was a woman? No, female Warders, like his cousin, could hold their own. Was it because it was Zeta?

Daniel pushed the thoughts away as he pulled Zeta against him, making her as comfortable as he could for the half hour drive back to their base. Somehow he doubted she would recover in that time.

Dread ran over him. Would she recover at all?

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Friday & Saturday I will be posting  Rebecca Royce's werewolf series books 1-7 (+1 novella).
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Musa Event #4 Interview Keith Pyeatt

    Welcome Keith Pyeatt to Julie’s Book Review.
        With this interview, Keith is giving away one ebook copy of his paranormal thriller Above Haldis Notch. To win, check out the rafflecopter to the right of this interview.
        Ok. Lets find out about Keith.
        First how about you tell us here at Julies Book Review about a little about yourself?
I'm a mechanical engineer turned horror writer. The transition happened when I lived in the rural Northeast Kingdom of Vermont in a log cabin I designed and built on 20 acres of wooded land. I lived there ten years, and that setting and lifestyle (imagine incredible views, wood stove for heat, and a faithful dog at my feet) almost demanded I become a writer. Since bumps in the night were easy to hear in all that quiet, I began writing paranormal thrillers. 
        What genres do you write?
I call my novels "Horror with Heart" or paranormal thrillers. They tend to slide between genres, but they all have a driving paranormal element, plenty of psychological tension to go along with the physical tension, and deep characterization. Even with high concept thrillers like mine, I figure if you don't care what happens to the characters, why read?
        Can you tell us a little about your newest book?
Above Haldis Notch is a paranormal thriller, firmly set in that same rural Vermont location where I lived for a decade and where I became a writer. Jenna is a young mother who's recently lost her own mother. She's not completely surprised when her mother's spirit reaches out to her from the afterlife, but Jenna doesn't expect the pain and panic she feels during the contact. As she develops her clairvoyant skills, under the tutelage of her grandmother, neighbors begin dying in peculiar ways, and a vindictive spirit launches an attack on Jenna's family. Jenna must learn what gives the spirit power before she can stop him, and she must hurry. More than lives are at stake. The spirit intends to destroy their afterlives. 
        Did you have any other authors that have helped you or have inspired your work?
Many authors have helped me in many ways. Stephen King, Anne Rice, Tony Hillerman, Dean Koontz, F. Paul Wilson, and lately Neil Gaiman inspired me to write and/or inspire me to keep writing. I have author friends too numerous to mention who've helped me learn the craft, swap critiques with me, or give me support in a multitude of ways. 
        Do you recall what got you into writing?
Those bumps in the night I mentioned. Actually, I was a voracious novel reader for years before I began writing. One day at work, my assistant challenged me to write a short story to relieve stress. The only requirement was that the good guys had to win (that wasn't happening in real life, so why not in fiction?). She wrote a great little short story. My mind was so geared to all these novels I'd been reading, when I started writing, I couldn't stop, and I ended up writing my first horror novel. It's now safely tucked away where it can't hurt anyone, but I've written four more since then, and I'm working on another. 

        Ok how about some fun stuff
        Dogs, cats, or fish?
Dogs. I've relied on dogs for companionship my entire life, even those periods when I wasn't entertaining much human companionship. We have two rescues now. I also like cats, but they make my eyes swell shut. Fish are cool, but they tend to die if I pet them too long. 
        Sci-fi, fantasy, or paranormal, Romance?
        (writing and reading)
Paranormal. My novel Dark Knowledge straddles into the dark fantasy genre a bit, and Struck has some male/male romance in it, but I don't generally include romantic elements in my novels. I tend to read what I write. 
        Favorite Book of all time? Why?
I enjoy too many genres and have too many favorites to pick only one. It's too difficult to compare a great historical fiction novel like Pompei to a psychological thriller or a mainstream novel, so I'll limit my answer to the horror genre and say It by Stephen King is my favorite. I liked seeing the characters going up against the evil force as children and then as men. And that clown is just so creepy. 
        Favorite Author of all time? Why?
When I'm really caught up in a story, attached to the characters, and impressed by the writing, and must keep reading to see what happens, my favorite author is the person who wrote the novel that's got my full attention. It's a combination of those things I mentioned--story, characters, writing, pace, and resolution.  
        Where can we find your books? What sites can we find your work on? (any social media, blogs etc.)
My books are widely available on the internet. A good starting point is my Amazon Author Central Page: http://www.amazon.com/Keith-Pyeatt/e/B002GCOUJ2/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_1. I've summarized other purchasing options in a blog post: http://keithpyeatt.blogspot.com/2011/12/i-can-be-bought.html.
To learn more about me and my writing:
        It has been a pleasure meeting you, Keith. Readers don’t forget to check out the rafflecopter to the right. Thanks again!
        Julie Ramsey


Lorraine Nelson review of Bad Boy Blake

Bad Boy Blake

Gina is on a mission. Her mom died several years ago, but before she did she told Gina a story. A story of deceit, blackmail, corruption and what can happen when bad people get a hold of too much power in a small town. Gina's grandfather owned a factory in the small home town and for some reason 30 yrs ago, her family was driven out of town never to return again.  Until now! Gina arrives in town and starts a dance studio. She is offering lots of dance classes, some a little risky for the little town. Blake the town sheriff, sees a commotion, and a fiery redhead telling off the mayor. Blake is immediately attracted to her. After Blake gets things settled down, Gina shows him what kind of dances the mayor was objecting too.  Gina dances for Blake and loves his reaction to the dancing. There connection and attraction is strong. Gina looks at the situation as a win, win. A great looking guy, who knows the town and the people who may be able to help clear her grandfathers name. When Blake finds out what her true intentions are with the town, will he help her with her problems? The people that chased her family out of town are his own relatives? There is more going on in the little town that what anyone ever suspected.

A mystery, with a good romance. Lorraine Nelson, brings together some great characters. Gina is a girl who grew up loving her family. She will do anything for them. She knows her grandpa couldn't ever do anything that would drive their family out of town.  She has to find out what happened. Blake, who we find out had lost his wife under difficult circumstances, wants nothing more than to get to know Gina a lot better.  The book has lots of action and some scotching love scenes. It also gives you a new appreciation of kissing cousins...lol.  A good fasted paced book. Thanks for the great read.


AJ Myer Review of Something Witchy

Something Witchy

Ember is a every day young adult. 18 years old and a senor in high school and her whole life ahead of herself. She has always had a difficult home life. Her parents, were self absorbed in there books, to the point of ignoring Ember. She has always suspected they truly didn't care if she was around or not. Leaving late to school was not helping, the ticket from the cop who hated her was making things very difficult and finally forgetting her homework sealed the deal, she was having a really bad day. So when Jake approached her, she knew it was just the icing on the cake. Jake, a boy she had gone out with twice, made her sick. Not just I don't like you sick, but physically made her sick. So she knew to stay away from him. Jake wanted to date her, Ember wanted nothing to do with him and he didn't take no for an answer. So when her and her best friends decide to fool him and get Ember away, she thought it was a great idea. Having a bad day is just an understatement. Ember, trying to get away from her personal stalker, not only does not get away but then is involved in a crash. Jake's car, Embers and a mystery man. She finds out his name is Nathan, and although he should be mangled and on his death bed, he walks away for the accident. Ember is extremely attracted to Nathan, but when he kidnaps her, her feelings are a little conflicted. Nathan has his own agenda, and will do anything to get what he wants. Ember being a teenager, stubborn and didn't like being kidnapped, is going to make Nathan's job very hard. Will ember find out Nathan's true motives and why won't Jake, just take a hint, no means no!! Ember is thrown into a world of demons, witches and vampires. She has to find her place in the world and also fight for her life!

Something Witch is a fast passed ride, that will keep you going to the end. The characters are interesting and fun. Ember is the typical teen, who wants her independence but also love. As most teens, lower self esteem and can't figure out that she is beautiful. She is thrown into a world full of beings and things  the she had never known or dreamed existed. AJ Myers pulls the reader along as well and what a fun ride it is. Great book for anyone, especially the YA!! Can't wait for book 2!

Bebe Balocca Review for Carved Into Her Heart

Carved Into Her Heart

This short book starts by introducing you to a young woman named Jasmine who's fascinated by the grotesque gargoyles of Invercreutch Castle in Scotland.  When day changes over to night, she learns that there’s more to their history than meets the eye…

Jasmine has always been drawn to medieval  castles. She’s excited to come upon Scotland’s fabled Invercreutch Castle, hidden deep in Argyll Forest, during a secret hike thru the woods.  It's the place she's been searching for... a castle that's pretty much a secret as there are no photos of this castle and barely any written history.  There are three stone gargoyles atop the castle in the shapes of a dog, a snake, and an eagle, as well as an empty base where one's missing.  All were made of different materials, yet had a strange lifelike appearance. When darkness falls, the statues shift from their gargoyle forms into their human shapes. Jasmine  is terrified at first, but quickly finds that passionate pleasure awaits her at Invercreutch & that she has nothing to fear.
Through the long night that follows, Jasmine learns that her arrival is no accident & her past is very much interwoven with these gargoyles. Persuaded by the seductive embraces of the gargoyles in human form, Jasmine begins to sense her true place in the world. For the first time she doesn't feel alone and she remembers that she is an  integral part of the magical history of Invercreutch. At the end of the story Jasmine has a choice to make—does her heart belong in the bright daylight world of today or in the Argyll Forest?

This short story had me captivated from the beginning. If you're uncomfortable with sex scenes this book isn't for you, it's super erotic, but if you enjoy hot steamy romance...give this book a try. I loved the mystical characters & the old Scottish castle setting. And the story-line kept me reading til the very end.  I had to know the whole story of the gargoyles & where Jasmine fit in & what was pulling her to this mysterious place.

I rate this book 4 stars
Jennifer Wadkins

Musa Event #3 Eleni Konstantine

Welcome Eleni, to Julie’s Book Review.

With this interview Eleni  is giving away a copy of Gateway to Hell. To win check out the rafflecopter to the right of this interview.

OK Let find out about Eleni.

First how about you tell us here at Julies Book Review about a little about yourself?

I'm a Fantasy and Paranormal fiction writer, with a number of shorts published. I've loved stories ever since I can remember, and devoured anything I could get my hands on. Actually I still do. Formerly I was a librarian, and am now working part time in graphic design, as well as studying part time. I live in Adelaide, Australia, with my family and feisty American Staffy.

What genres do you write?
Fantasy and paranormal fiction, with a touch of romance. I've also done a sci fi flash fiction and wish to do more.

Can you tell us a little about your newest book?   
Gateway to Hell is a paranormal romance novella and is the first in a the Warder Tale series.
Here's the blurb:
Zeta will protect the one she loves, even if it means living in Hell.

Mastering a unique power was much safer for Zeta Kosmos with a mentor to help her along. Now that he’s disappeared, Zeta must continue alone with her calling—closing Gateways to Hell.

Daniel Richards is in the family business—Warding supernatural evil from causing havoc on humans. As such, he’s only interested in the safety of one-night stands. Until Zeta. This bad boy now wants a long, lasting relationship.

But Zeta can’t let go of her past, nor can she ignore the secret demonic threats against Daniel’s life. She’d rather fight demonic spawn and be dragged into Hell than allow anything happen to him. Can Daniel convince her to stay? Will she have to pay the ultimate price?

Did you have any other authors that have helped you or have inspired your work?Belonging to the Romance Writers of Australia, I have developed many friendships and have various support networks, which are worth their weight in gold. 

Authors who have inspired me include Roald Dahl, Judy Blume, Stephen King, Jennifer Roberson, David & Leigh Eddings, and Diana Gabaldon. I have been inspired by so many people - many of whom are not in my genre either.

Do you recall what got you into writing?
I remember making up stories in my head from a kid. There were stints in primary (grammar) and high school where I wrote, but it wasn't until university, that I decided I wanted to try my hand at it.

OK how about some fun stuff

Dogs, cats, or fish?
Dogs! Though we also have fish at home.

Sci-fi, fantasy, or paranormal, Romance?
(writing and reading)

I'm an omnivore when it comes to reading - so all of them.

To writing, I lean more toward the fantasy and the paranormal.

Favorite Book of all time? Why?
This is a hard one but if I had to choose, it'll be Cross Stitch (aka Outlander) by Diana Gabaldon. It has time travel, romance, action, adventure, mystery and is a really great read. As well as the most alluring male character in Jamie Fraser. 

Favourite series would have to be The Belgariad by David Eddings

Favorite Author of all time? Why?
OOOh, this is another doozie to answer. If I look on my bookshelf, the most books by one author are by Stephen King. So let's go with Stephen. I'm currently reading his Under the Dome.

Where can we find your books? What sites can we find your work on? (any social media, blogs etc.)
You can find me at:

Musa - http://musapublishing.com/index.php?main_page=index&manufacturers_id=154

Amazon - http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=ntt_athr_dp_sr_1?_encoding=UTF8&field-author=Eleni%20Konstantine&search-alias=digital-text

B&N - http://www.barnesandnoble.com/c/eleni-konstantine

Smashwords - https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/EleniKonstantine1

All Romance eBooks- http://www.allromanceebooks.com/storeSearch.html?searchBy=author&qString=Eleni+Konstantine

My website is - http://elenikonstantine.com

My blog is - http://eleni-konstantine.blogspot.com

Twitter - https://twitter.com/ElenisKafe

Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/EleniKonstantineAuthorPage

Google Plus- https://plus.google.com/109510689642744070789/posts

Goodreads - http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6426195.Eleni_Konstantine

It has been a pleasure meeting you Eleni. Readers don’t forget to check out the rafflecopter to the right. Thanks again!
Julie Ramsey


Thanks very much, Julie. It's been great being here.

~ Eleni

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Musa Event Come See What they are all about!!

First let me say thank you to Julie for hosting Musa Publishing and its Paranormal fiction authors. Musa strives to give their reader diversity in genres. From Regency Romance, to Sci fi to horror, there is a little something for everyone. Our Thalia imprint is for those readers who enjoy horror/fantasy/ paranormal. Things in these books aren’t always what they may first appear.

So if you have a taste for the unusual from short stories to epic novels come and see what Musa has for you.

Links to check out!

general info

for aspiring authors



Musa Publishing

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Musa Event Blurbs from Vera Jane Cook


Chapter One
Some say I am a stain on your history, a nameless statistic―a grotesque misfortune that is alluded to in your textbooks. I cannot disagree. Allow me to introduce myself as I am. Patience Annabel Horton is my given name, though I refer to myself as Annabel, never much caring to claim a virtue I do not possess. I am in spirit form for the most part, though it was not always so.

It was in the year 1692, in the village of Salem, in the state of Massachusetts, that I swung by my neck. Many of us died there, such needless, senseless tragedies.
There was evil in Salem Village in 1692, but it was not in the soul of any of those women they hanged. Poor Goodwife Nurse, now she was the saddest of the lot to be taken to the tree. No more of a witch than poor Bridget Bishop. No one was safe from the devil's fire; certainly I was not, not with my detachment, my disinterest in the other girls of my village and their silly games. You see, I knew I had powers, and it kept me apart, but I told no one my secrets. Of course, I only tell you now because it no longer matters.
But I am not here to condemn anyone for my suffering. So do not be alarmed. As you may or may not know, men who believed they were doing God's work chastised many of Salem's citizens as witches and brought us to trial. Many, like myself, were hanged. I was eighteen years old.
I will tell you what really happened in Salem Village before the century turned. You never learned the truth of it. Your history books do not contain the truth, but I will open the veil of time for you.
* * * *
Before my death, one year to be exact, a presence came to me.
"Who goes there?" I called in the dark. The form was like mist. The answer was like wind.
"Leave me, ghost," I whispered coarsely.
The wind became a breeze and caressed my lips. I knew I had been kissed and I shuddered.
"Who are you?" I asked softly. The form appeared to be that of a man.
"Yours," I thought I heard him say.
"You hold me in your arms, and yet I cannot see you." I looked around the room. I felt his movement. Once again, he came so close.
The wind was like a dance as it lifted the hair from my brow. The air around my body felt so light and sensual. I seemed touched by a gentleness. It caused my heart to pound.
"Show yourself," I commanded.
He circled the room, a tall gray mist. I was sure his hair was black, his eyes as dark as evening.

After that, I waited for him every night, and almost every night he came to me. It was not long before I fell in love with this spirit, as helplessly in love as any restless young woman can be.
These ghostly visits continued right up until my physical death. I always knew when he was near because the air would become faint with the scent of fresh rain and I would feel drugged with the fragrance that lingered in my room.
"You smell like late afternoons in summer, after a rainfall," I told him, but he did not answer. He spoke to me so seldom. It was quite by chance that I heard his whisper.
"Matthew," he said.
"Matthew is your name?" I asked.
I listened so carefully as the shutters moved and some papers on my bureau fluttered like wings.
"Matthew?" I asked again. "Oh, please speak more. Tell me where you come from?"
My illusive shadow was silent.
"Matthew. Matthew, speak to me! Show me your face. Let me see the hand that strokes me."
Suddenly, the wind returned. "I am so far," he uttered.
"Surely you must be a spirit from another time," I said.
Miraculously, the papers on my bureau flew around and around again, as if chasing each other in a playful game of tag.
I knew he could not reach me, could not fully pass beyond the barriers between us. Yet I felt him like an artist must feel his subject.
"You are tall," I said. "Your shirt has cuffs of white and I have images of your smile. Does time part us, Matthew? Are the centuries between us too vast?"
I saw a shadowy light. It shone before me and revealed a man of great height, but in a split second the light was gone, the image within, too oblique to recall.
* * * *
Soon after his first visit, I received letters. They appeared out of nowhere. I would find them all over the house, always beginning: To my wife.
"What's this?" I stammered as I held the letters in my hand.
Know that I love you and I'll come to protect you. He had written.
His notes were always signed with the letter M, for his first name.
 "Matthew," I whispered. "How is it that you can leave notes about the house and yet not show me your face?"
But my ghost was silent and could not find a way to answer me.
"Why do you sign only with the letter M? I asked. "Is Matthew really your name?"
Silence remained, as still as the night wind beyond my window.

I began to think that I had truly gone insane. Oftentimes, I doubted the presence of my ghost and I questioned Father about the mysterious letters. For surely, I thought, the sun must be too hot and had affected my brain.
"Father, I have received notes of affection. Do you know who sends them?"
Father laughed. "A neighbor's boy must surely be culprit to the bow of Cupid, daughter."
Ha! I knew better. No neighbor's boy in Salem would dare call me his wife. I frightened the boys of my village. They thought me haughty and illusive. Oh, there was a young man from Andover with the courage to court me, and I might have married him if not for my fascination with my ghostly lover, but I never got that chance.
It must be you who writes me. Mustn't it be so, Matthew?

If only I had known then that it would be centuries before I would see the face of my beloved. But in 1692, I could only cherish his words, so I made myself a wooden box and covered his letters with a beautiful purple cloth. I placed all the letters inside. I then covered the box with a square piece of coarse fabric and hid it under the tallest elm tree by Frost Fish Brook. Many afternoons that year I read the letters in the shadow of the branches. The writer's hand was full of lovely twists and loops, and the ink was black.
Had I not of died so soon I might have lived my life with my ghostly lover and never come to know him as a man of flesh. I would have assumed that some lost spirit had written the letters and had found a way to leave them inside the house. But, that innocence was not to be, and it was not fate that made it so.
It was Urbain, Urbain Grandier, and the power given him.

Remember there is a GREAT giveaway going on. 5 yes, 5 e books are being giving away. So check out the giveaway to the right of this post!! Tomorrow I have a post form MUSA for all of you aspiring authors looking to publish a book. So come check out what is to come here on Julies Book Review!! 


Musa Event interview #2 Vera Jane Cook!

Welcome Vera Jane Cook, to Julie's Book Review.

With this interview Vera Jane is giving away an ebook (in any format) copy of her novel, Annabel Horton, Lost Witch of Salem. To win check out the rafflecopter to the right of this interview.

Ok Let find out about Vera Jane Cook.

First how about you tell us here at Julies Book Review about a little about yourself? 

 I am a writer of Award Winning Women's Fiction, and the author of The Story of Sassy Sweetwater, Lies a River Deep, Dancing Backward in Paradise and Annabel Horton, Lost Witch of Salem.

I am known as Jane to family and friends, (being called by my middle name is something I share with Annabel). I was born in New York City and grew up amid the eccentricity of my southern and glamorous mother on the Upper West and Upper East Side of Manhattan. As an only child, I turned to reading novels at an early age and was deeply influenced by an eclectic group of authors. Some of my favorite authors today are Nelson DeMille, Calib Carr, Wally Lamb, Anne Rice, Sue Monk Kidd, Anita Shreve, Jodi Picoult, Alice Walker and Toni Morrison. Her favorite novels are too long to list but include The Story of Edgar Sawtelle, Cheri and The Last of Cheri, The Picture of Dorian Grey, Wuthering Heights, Look at Me, Dogs of Babel, The Bluest Eye, The Art of Racing in the Rain, Body Surfing, Lolita, The Brothers Karamazov, She's Come Undone, Tale of Two Cities, etc., etc., etc.,
Dancing Backward In Paradise, was my first published novel and it received rave reviews from Midwest book review and Armchair Interviews. It also won the Eric Hoffer Award for publishing excellence and the Indie Excellence Award for notable new fiction, 2007. Dancing Backward in Paradise will be re-released by Musa Publishing in November. The Story of Sassy Sweetwater received five stars from ForeWord Clarion Reviews. The Story of Annabel Horton, Lost Witch of Salem is my first paranormal novel and will be followed by Annabel Horton and the Black Witch of Paul and Annabel Horton and the Demon of Loudun.
I work by day for an education publishing company as an account manager and I live on the Upper West side of Manhattan with my long term partner, my Basenji/Chihuahua mix, Roxie, my Chihuahua, Peanut and two pussy cats, Sassy and Sweetie Pie.

What genres do you write?
I mostly write women's fiction, often southern fiction but I have written spec fiction as well as paranormal/fantasy with Annabel Horton, Lost Witch of Salem.

Can you tell us a little about your newest book?
From the Salem Witch trials through the nineteenth Century and beyond, Annabel Horton is pursued by the devil's disciple, Urban Grandier, the demonic priest from the incident at Loudon. She must take the bodies of those that the devil favors to protect her family. She must uncover the motive behind the illusive Ursula/Louis Bossidan, the scandalous cross-dresser who is pursuing her beautiful granddaughter, and she must learn, being one of God's most powerful witches, how to use her power. But will it be enough to save her husband from Urbain's fiery inferno? Will it be enough to save her children from demons greater than themselves?

Did you have any other authors that have helped you or have inspired your work?
 So many have inspired me beginning with whoever wrote the Epic of Gilgamesh to Nelson DeMille, Anita Shreve, Calib Carr, Oscar Wilde, Colette, Nabokov, etc. etc. etc.

Do you recall what got you into writing?
 I wrote a children's story in fourth grade and my teacher told me then I should be a writer, forty years later I listened to her.

OK how about some fun stuff

Dogs, cats, or fish?
 Love dogs and cats. Think fish are beautiful but would be hard to cuddle with.

Sci-fi, fantasy, or paranormal, Romance? 
I don't like writing romance because I tend to use the genre of spec and paranormal to question the concept of God, life after death and philosophical explanations for evil. I think I was influenced long ago by studying so much tragedy.
(writing and reading)

Favorite Book of all time? Why? 
The book I'm reading at the moment quickly becomes my favorite book of all time. But I do remember War and Peace and I do remember thinking, Wow, what a book.

Favorite Author of all time?
  I really don't have a favorite but there are some whose books I always gravitate to like Wally Lamb, Nelson DeMille, Jody Picoult, Anita Shreve, Calib Carr. I love the way Jodi researches and the stories of Anita Shreve. I adore DeMille's humor and the humanity of Wally Lamb. Calib is special because he transports me so beautifully to other times in history and was a great influence for me with Annabel when she lived in the 19th century.

Where can we find your books? What sites can we find your work on? (any social media, blogs etc.)
You can find me at:



It has been a pleasure meeting you Vera Jane. Readers don't forget to check out the rafflecopter to the right 5 ebooks up for grabs. Thanks again!
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Excerpt Donna Del Oro The Delphi Bloodline


The Delphi Bloodline

Chapter One
Pyramid Valley, Nevada
Thursday AM
Athena Butler’s eyes blinked open and she sat up.
Coming back from The Flow was always jolting. Emerging from the stream of spirits was like a water skier lurching out of the water, pulled by a strong, invisible force. The mind caught up later to the body as if it required a rough snap to break free.
Likewise, to go there was like jumping out of a plane and feeling the air rush to your face, your limbs weightless and wobbly. Most of the time, it was a joy to enter this world of unseen spirits. Athena welcomed her visits, especially at night when she found herself invariably alone.
When she was a child, she’d often emerge from The Flow with a fearful whimper and a cry. She’d wept and wanted to stay in The Flow. Now, at twenty-six, Athena had grown accustomed to her mental flights. They were no longer fear-inducing for she understood their purpose. But her exits were still mind-wrenching and she often lay in bed afterwards, disoriented.
This morning, fear clutched her heart and she could barely breathe. With a trembling hand, she reached for her phone.
Breathless, she raked her other hand through her hair and kicked her legs over the side of the bed.  Six AM, Nevada time. She punched her mother’s mobile numbers. It was nine o’clock in D.C.
“Thank God, Mama! Where are you?”
“I’m in Baltimore, near the—.”
“Mama, I had a dream about you. A Flow Dream. The spirits—they want me to warn you! Whatever you’re doing right now, get off the streets.  Go home and lock the door. Call the police!”
Her heart felt like a ticking bomb in her chest.  Athena could barely speak. But her mother knew her and understood her Flow dreams. They were seldom wrong though sometimes a little off in timing. Today, a threat was imminent. She knew it.
“Slow down, Thena. Take a deep breath and tell me slowly about your dream. I don’t doubt you but we must be able to interpret it correctly. You know how these Flow Dreams are. Sometimes the symbolism is strange and difficult to interpret.”
“Okay—just go home and lock the door. Now, Mama!”

Athena had to swallow hard and take big gulps of air in order to speak. Losing her mother was unthinkable. She’d already lost her father, and in a way, her brother.
“Where are you, Mama?”
She inhaled and counted to five. Her mother wasn’t in Georgetown, where she lived with her second husband. Athena sensed water nearby, a large body of water. Her mind jumped ahead. The body of water in her terrifying dream was vast, a bay leading to the ocean. The Baltimore harbor—of course!
“Near downtown Baltimore. I’m heading toward a section of the city where I believe a little girl’s body was hidden. The police need the evidence from that location.  They think she was hidden somewhere, killed and then a day or two later dumped into the bay. I think I’ve found the monster’s hideout.”
“I had a session with the homicide detective last night. I handled a few articles of the poor child’s clothing, what she was wearing when they found her. I got some visions so I drove up here to pinpoint the location. It’s not in a very nice part of town but I thought I’d drive around, and then call Detective Bonner when I got something.”
Athena groaned. Her mother was at it again.  Getting involved with homicide cases and trying to use her powers to bring killers to justice.
“Mama, get out of there, please! Go home—”
“I’ve had no sense of this danger, Athena, not to me personally,” her mother said. “Listen, we must talk soon. There are other dangers that I’ve seen…but don’t fret, my car doors are locked, I’m driving my big SUV. I’m in traffic, so relax.”
“Maybe you’re too focused on that homicide case,” Athena stressed. Her mother had no idea the danger she was putting herself in. First-hand experience had taught Athena that working with the cops was a dangerous business. Let them do their work and solve their own cases.
I’m done with all that.
Her mind darted back to the vision in her dream. She took a deep breath and steadied her voice.
“I saw you in your car, Mama. You stopped to get out. A black car pulled in front of you and another one—a long white one—blocked you in back. There was a woman driving the car in front and she was with men who had guns.  Someone grabbed you and carried you to the white car. I could smell salt water and then they took you away. Some place far away. And then I was in the mountains, the Sierras, searching for you.”
Athena bent over, clutching the cell phone, her lifeline to the one person she loved most in the world.  Her stomach cramped into a hard ball.
There was silence. “Mama, go home,” she repeated.
“Okay, Thena, I’m turning back toward the freeway. The harbor shops are on my left. Remember that eight-sided tower, the one with a great view of the harbor and breakwater. The octogon tower. You remember going there on your last visit here, don’t you?”
More silence followed then as an image sprang to Athena’s mind. Yes, they’d had lunch there…
Her mother gasped loudly.  A screech of brakes, metal crunching, glass breaking. Her mother cursing a blue streak in her native Italian.
“What happened, Mama? Are you all right?”
“Yes, dear. Just a stupid fender bender. Merda! Daniel’s going to throw a fit. My second one this year! I’m getting so distracted with these cases—not paying attention to what I’m doing. I swear this car pulled right in front of me, cut me off. It’s not my fault this time.”
More angry muttering followed.
“Dio, I really smashed up that rear end! Thena, I’ll call you right back as soon as I exchange insurance information with the driver. Be right back, Thena.”
“Mama, don’t get out of the—”
The line went dead.  With a cry, Athena sank to her knees on the cold, tile floor. Shivers of dread rippled through her. Her mind went numb with panic.
For God’s sake…Think! Get help!

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