Rebecca Royce book 1 Her Wolf

Her Wolf

On an Island off Maine. 30 years ago Kendrick Kane came to know a man named Claudius Brouseaux.  Claudius convinced Kencaid Kane, or maybe he convinced Claudius, that there was money to be made off shifters.  Wolves are human and animal. They think and reason like humans and possess the loyalty and instincts of wolves.  Both live within them and it is a constant battle for control, but a glorious one.  Until wolves are thirty they age as a human does, and then they stop, and do not age again until they mate. The Alpha has lots of magical abilities.

Thirty years ago, everyone went crazy. It seemed strange. The only non-wolves on the island were mates of shifters.  Claudius wanted to take the essence of the wolves in the wolves and find a way to inject it into regular humans.  He thought he could create an army of super-strong, aggressive, animal-like humans who would serve him.  Kendrick wanted his pack to let him experiment on them.  In the middle of the night, the Alpha’s wife, Mary Jo,  Kendrick Kanes mate told the wolves that her mate had lost his mind.  He’d brought in a witch…He was going to kill all the unmated females, including babies and children, and then use the witch to cast a spell that would get the men to kill their mates if they didn’t consent to the testing.   She grabbed all of the unmated women and sent them off all over the world.  When the men awoke, the wolves did not know what had happened to them.  Mary Jo was an extraordinary mystic in her own right.  She masked them with her magic so the wolves could not find them.  However, the mated women refused to leave.

The male wolves were completely changed by the spell; they could not control themselves or stop the need to kill their mates.  All but two, that is. The Alphas  brothers, did not harm their women.  They took their own lives instead.  The aunts remain alive to this day in agony, but as the only women still present in the pack—and only women can be healers—they must remain with the pack until some women return who can take over the mystical positions.  Every day for the last thirty years has been a struggle for the aunts…
every minute that they are alive, they are wishing for death, to rejoin their mates.  The other men, when they realized what happened, what they had done to the most precious thing in the world to them, their mates, they killed themselves immediately.  They commit what is called ritual suicide.  Unless there is a child to raise, in which case the parent waits to die until the child is old enough.  Then, they too, are overwhelmed with the need to leave.  Wolves simply cannot live without the other.  And those who try to resist the urge are doomed to living forever in agony…most do not try to resist.  It was gruesome and awful. 

Thirty men live on that island waiting the return of our missing girls—or at least the ability to find them, to know if they still live.     But the curse is still upon them

  Book 1

Ashlee had Neurotic daydreams among other mental issues or so the Psychologist said.  She is back living at home with her parents.  Her father set her up to volunteer at the local zoo.  She is drawn to the wolves well actually one wolf.  The lone wolf  as she calls him.  She swears she can hear him in her head.  One night she has a dream that bad men are coming for him, she races out the door in her p.j.'s, to save him.  She finds out that she is his mate and she must go with him to an Island off Maine.   Ashlee finds that she holds magic and must learn more if she is to save her mate from the 30 year old curse where he kills her then himself.

Tristan Kane is a wolf shifter, what makes that bad is betrayal,  at the highest level has left him in his wolf form.  He is a Prince of the Westervelt Wolves Pack.  And boy is he pissed, he is in a cage with real wolves, for 6 months now. One of the volunteers saves him, she is his mate.  They must return to  Westervelt Pack, to warn others of this betrayal.  What he does not count on is that once mated to Ashlee the curse is now on him.  He will do all that is in his power to save his mate.  He will fight as to live and save his mate.

I loved loved this book.  The out of the box story is so wonderful.  I am so glad to see a new twist to wolfs.  Ashlee is very like able and so believable in all that she goes through to save her self and her mate.  Tristan is a Alpha who is true to form of a True Alpha, takes charge and refuses to put others at risk.  Especially his mate, curse or no curse.  I enjoyed these 2 strong characters come into their own and as a couple.  The love can be felt to the reader.  I love it when an author can touch me like this.   I really enjoyed watching Tristan and Ashlee deal with realities of betrayal and seeing that mated love can defeat traitors.  Lots of magic and telepathy and hot male wolf shifters!
A lot of different characters and most like able and needing their own stories!  I look forward to reading many more books by Rebecca Royce!

4 Stars

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