Rosanna Leo review of For the Love of a God

For the Love of a God

The Greek Gods still exist, even if not fully remembered. They are not just fairy tales or stories but based on truths. Eyrx, the son or Ares and Aphrodite, is a god of love. He and his cousin, Dionysus,  went through time sleeping with women, drinking and just having fun. When Eryx sees a devoted follower, a priestess of his temple, he becomes infatuated with her. He actually starts to care for her. It grows into something more than lust. Nemesis, one of Zeus's daughters has been in love with Eyrx. She is jealous of the priestess. So when Eyrx  decides to go with his cousin to a orgy, he leaves the priestess and goes for a little fun. He feels guilty and misses his little priestess and goes to meet her at his temple, only to find her long dead. Nemesis had stabbed her to death. Eyrx, heartbroken and felling guilty as hell, pushes on with his immortality. Starts to fall in love with another women, only to have Nemesis kill her as well. This happens time and again, until he realizes he can not endanger any one else.

Maia, daughter of a famous archaeologists, loves what she does. She restores artifacts for museums. She has patients, tenderness and love for her job and her favorite statue, the statue of Eyrx. She has had a little crush on him years. Due to her father, she grew up hearing all the stories and always wondered what happened to Eyrx. The new boss is coming to the museum and stirring up trouble, even threatening to move HER statue. Her dreams are of Eyrx's touch and them making love, so when she meets the new director, she doesn't know what to think because he looks just like her dream Eyrx.

I love Greek mythology. The gods always bring cool stories to any book and this one is no different. Maia is an independent women, who wants a man she believes doesn't exists. Eyrx truly wants someone to love, and both are extremely lonely. Their attraction builds to a point were neither can deny it. Nemesis can't believe Eyrx would love anyone else but her. The ultimate women bent on revenge. A great love story with danger, drama, a few laughs and tears. What would you do for the love of a god??  Great book 4 stars...adults only!


  1. Julie, thanks so much for this lovely review! I am so pleased you enjoyed Eryx and Maia's story and share my passion for the gods. Thanks so much!!


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