Lauren Hunter Interview + A Giveaway

Please Welcome Lauren Hunter to Julie’s Book Review. Lauren is giving away one e-copy of her paranormal romance, The Coffee Shop, and one e-copy of her Regency paranormal romance, The Promise. You must check out the raffle copter to the right of this page! Come and lets meet Lauren Hunter

Hello Lauren, How are you doing?
Welcome to Julie’s Book Review. We are thrilled to have you on the site.

I'm doing great, Julie, thank you for having me. 

As I am a avid reader and I all ways wonder how did they come up with that story? Did you have any special inspiration for your books? 

They literally come out of nowhere. All these ideas as if appearing from thin air. Some would call it a muse others perhaps universal consciousness. All I know is I have more than fifty novel outlines in many different genres waiting to be written, and more adding to the pile every month. I could sit down at a computer and start typing, once upon a time, and have a detailed medieval fantasy with fairies and quests and all sorts of others things. I could use it as a children's story or as an novel depending on how I want to write it. 

As a writer do you have any authors you look up to or even any that have helped you along? Who do you follow and read when not writing books?

There are so very many writers I admire that to name one would be doing all the others an injustice, but I will try to name a few. My reading is very eclectic, I am afraid, I am all over the place. I like Stephen King, Nicholas Sparks, Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, Homer, Nietzsche, Keats, Byron, Plato...I can go on but there are too many. When I am not writing books I am promoting full time. I am hoping to take a break after a year of promoting to work on my writing again. I'd like to write several books in a row, and as I can do one a month if I can stay in the zone, it should be productive. When I write I start from the moment I awake until I can't concentrate anymore. If I were to try and read at that point I would fall immediately to sleep. I know that as writers we are supposed to read all the time. But when I am focused on writing that is all I think about and I am so excited about the project I want to do nothing else. I have all these ideas just gushing out of me and I need to get them all down. 

Do you have any advice to give to aspiring writers?

The one piece of advice that I can give is to NEVER give up. 

Of your published books out, is there a favorite? Favorite scene? Favorite Character?
Would you want to meet that character in real life?

My books are a lot like children to me. I do not have any one favourite. I write in so many different genres that each one has a very unique story or perspective. As for characters...in my mind they come to life. They become real to me, as if living somewhere that I will never visit. I don't think I would ever actually want to meet them. I would be more comfortable as an observer. Someone anonymous on a park bench watching the people walk by. 

What would that character say to your readers?

If I were to write down my characters names and close my eyes and point...Annie Maddock, the main female character in The Coffee Shop. What is it you would have her say? How she sees life? Well, she would say to enjoy what you have, find pleasure in the little things or simple things in life, like a flower, or a walk on the beach at sunset, or a cup of tea at a sidewalk cafe. Find meaning in what you do and keep your friends close. 

Can you share some of interesting bits on your new book coming out? What can we expect, sex, violence, murder, mayhem….

I have a Regency paranormal romance trilogy coming out. The first, The Promise, has already been released and is part of this blog. Regencies take place from 1811-1820 in England. They tend to be based on humour, wit and misunderstanding. They are very G-rated, and some may have only a kiss at the very end. Mine has a couple of kisses, and I try to put as much humour into the story as I can. And if I can make it unexpected, all the better. But, as I LOVE the paranormal, I have decided to incorporate it into my Regencies, so in that respect they are not the traditional Regency, but in all other respects I try to make it as accurate to the era and customs as I possibly can. 

For The Promise I have chosen reincarnation as my paranormal story-line. For Sarah's Promise I have played up the theme of regret and loss and have a ghost visit her throughout the story, only she doesn't know why things inexplicably go missing, or get moved when she glances away. And as to who it is she keeps thinking she sees in doorways and out of windows, she cannot be certain.

Do you have anything specific you would like to tell or share with your future readers and followers?

I have plans to write in a variety of romance genres, so expect to see time travel, ghost, angel, and more regency paranormal. I have a children's book I wrote a long time ago and I have done the illustrations for, but I am waiting until I have more books published first before I try to find a publisher for it.

Where can everyone find your books? What social media sites are you on besides Julie’ Book Review?

My books are available worldwide at about 16 retailers in four different formats, mobi, prc, pdf and epub. I can provide you with the links I have. And as for author links I can provide those too. 

The Coffee Shop

Buy Links:

The Promise
Buy Links: 

Author Links:

Lets do something fun!
E-reader or paperback

Paperback. I know, I know I need to embrace the new age of reading. But there is just something about the tactile experience I personally prefer, the feel of the book in my hand, the look of it as I hold it, the smell of it. I am not saying I never read digital, because of course I do, but I will always have a preference for paperback. 
I felt the same way until I got my Kindle!

Chocolate or vanilla

Chocolate. My family used to own a Baskin-Robbins store. They had over 500 flavours. So plain vanilla or chocolate after that is...well plain. But given a choice, I choose chocolate. 

Hamburger or Hot Dog

Both. It depends on my mood in the moment.

Reading fiction or non fiction
Fiction is my preference, but I do read biographies from time to time, or fact based stories. 

Favorite book of all time

Don't have one, there are far too many to choose from, I am afraid. 

Favorite author of all time

Again, I cannot give preference, I love too many.

Dogs or cats

I have owned both in my lifetime. But now I won't own a pet anymore. When my dog died it was so painful I still mourn the loss to this day. 

Lauren Hunter is giving away one e-copy of her paranormal romance, The Coffee Shop, and one e-copy of her paranormal Regency romance, The Promise. To win check out the raffle copter to the right of the page! Good luck!

Thanks Lauren and it has been a pleasure talking with you! We hope you have great success in the future.

Thank you for having me! 

Julie Ramsey


  1. What a great excerpt and interview! I am sorry about your dog, I know that is hard! Your books sound great and I look forward to read them, I have added them to my TBR list! For me I believe in fated love and that everthing happens for a reason! Hope you ladies both enjoy your day!

  2. Very sorry for your loss, I have 2 older dogs.

    Your books sound really good.

    I believe in Fated love , we all are meant to meet that one.

    Time Travel could be dangerous, i don't think it should be.


  3. Great interview and thanks for the awesome giveaway! <3

    1. Oh and I believe in fated love, time travel would be awesome though! alexeea@yahoo.com

  4. I think Time travel could be a bit difficult, has anyone ever seen "Time Travelers Wife"? No I think fated love is a much safer choice. :)


    Jhendrix323 at gmail dot com

  5. If I have to choose between those two, it'd be fated love.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    ~Marcy Rachel (aka Mooky, aka Mooksies)

  6. I think fated love has to be better than time travel, way too much can go wrong with time travel,
    Also for the record, I prefer paperbacks too, you are not on your own Lauren, I do read on my kindle, but the smell & feel of a book is something so natural, lol, Thankyou for an awesome giveaway x x

  7. I do not know what I actually believe of these outside of fiction. I do believe there is so much more out there that is possible than my puny brain could ever understand. I am concerned about time travel in that all we have been through good and bad make us who we are today and one teensy change and it could all blow up. I hopped over and checked out The Coffee Shop and it looks so good. Definitely on the wishlist :) Thank you for sharing with us today.


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