T.C. Archer

Sasha's Calling

Sasha is on a mission. Her home planet Magnus 3's sun is going to destroy everyone and everything she holds dear. Sasha's father is sick and needs the environment on Magnus 3. It is keeping him healthy longer. Once the evacuations happen, there is no saving him. She will lose her dad and everyone on Magnus 3 will lose their homes, and be scattered around the universe. Unless she gets some information. The Centurion's planet's sun, was very similar to Magnus 3, yet the planet is thriving....HOW? That is what Sasha has to find out. When she manages to get in and steal the info, she runs into trouble on the way out. She sees a handsome man in a nice suit and as a diversion from the police force on the planet, "the Pinkerton's", she pushes the man up against the wall and starts kissing him. She has all ways heard that Centurion's were easy and he kisses her right back. In fact the kiss makes her want to do more right there in the elevator. But just as soon as the Pinkerton's go by, fouled by the diversio, the hot man she was just kissing takes her weapon. The Omegatron not only is her weapon but also carries the information she just stole, the secret to the Centurion's protection of the planet. Sasha gets away with the info and stows aboard a ship going off planet. She finds out the ship belongs to a man named Dirk. The man she had kissed in the hallway of the planet and the one she can't seem to get out of her mind. When he finds her aboard his ship, he knows she is hiding something but he can't help but want to touch the her. He has not been able to get her out of his mind. Sasha has a theory he is wearing designer pheromones? He just knows they have great chemistry together.  They are drawn to each other in a way neither of them have ever been. But can she trust him with her secret. Sasha has been hurt before and has a hard time believing  he would do anything for her. And when they arrive at their destinations and the Pinkerton's show up and try to ambush Sasha, she knows he set her up. Yet she still can't get him out of her mind. Can Sasha get the information to the people of Magnus 3 and save her planet and is everything with Dirk what is seems?

This is a very fast pasted, action filled rush of a book. If you are looking for action both in and out of a bed room this is a book for you. Even you guys out there will love this one. Just enough tech stuff and tons of fighting scenes and some really good sex scenes. This one is for everyone. Adults only!

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