AJ Myer Review of Something Witchy

Something Witchy

Ember is a every day young adult. 18 years old and a senor in high school and her whole life ahead of herself. She has always had a difficult home life. Her parents, were self absorbed in there books, to the point of ignoring Ember. She has always suspected they truly didn't care if she was around or not. Leaving late to school was not helping, the ticket from the cop who hated her was making things very difficult and finally forgetting her homework sealed the deal, she was having a really bad day. So when Jake approached her, she knew it was just the icing on the cake. Jake, a boy she had gone out with twice, made her sick. Not just I don't like you sick, but physically made her sick. So she knew to stay away from him. Jake wanted to date her, Ember wanted nothing to do with him and he didn't take no for an answer. So when her and her best friends decide to fool him and get Ember away, she thought it was a great idea. Having a bad day is just an understatement. Ember, trying to get away from her personal stalker, not only does not get away but then is involved in a crash. Jake's car, Embers and a mystery man. She finds out his name is Nathan, and although he should be mangled and on his death bed, he walks away for the accident. Ember is extremely attracted to Nathan, but when he kidnaps her, her feelings are a little conflicted. Nathan has his own agenda, and will do anything to get what he wants. Ember being a teenager, stubborn and didn't like being kidnapped, is going to make Nathan's job very hard. Will ember find out Nathan's true motives and why won't Jake, just take a hint, no means no!! Ember is thrown into a world of demons, witches and vampires. She has to find her place in the world and also fight for her life!

Something Witch is a fast passed ride, that will keep you going to the end. The characters are interesting and fun. Ember is the typical teen, who wants her independence but also love. As most teens, lower self esteem and can't figure out that she is beautiful. She is thrown into a world full of beings and things  the she had never known or dreamed existed. AJ Myers pulls the reader along as well and what a fun ride it is. Great book for anyone, especially the YA!! Can't wait for book 2!


  1. I can not wait to get my hands on this book I know this will prob be one of my favs!

  2. I agree completely. AJ Myers is probably the ONLY author I've met who can write YA and I can still enjoy it... :)

  3. Sounds wonderful and I have too agree with Sara King and you. Personally, I don't think I could write YA but who knows someday... maybe. Thanks for the invite Julie, it was well worth the time.

  4. I am almost done (79%) and I love, love, love this book! I cannot wait for the next one. I have a girl crush on Ember and her snarky sense of humor!

    Happy Holidays,


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