T.C. Archer

Sin Incarnate

Lorna is a average looking woman looking for love. Every guy she gets with, just wants to sleep with her and walk away. Her latest man just walked out on her. She doesn't understand that she has value, she is good enough to be loved. After this last man just leaves her after he beds her, she is fed up. What is witch craft if you can't get something you want out of it. But she must remember there is always a price. So she calls on a dark one. Aeden arrives and sees a women begging to be beautiful. She thinks that if she has beauty, she will have love. So he makes her a deal. Every 100 yrs she will come to the earth and try for love. Lorna will have 1 day to try to find someone to love her. If in 10 cycles she finds no one, she will stay with Aeden as his wife in the shade. Now, Lorna has one more chance. Walking out a door she literally bumps into 2 guys. They now have to be tested. Ryan And Jace are being set up with some one night stands. Jace is still grieving the loss of a almost love and Ryan just wants to get his friend back in the game. When Jace and Ryan bump into a beautiful women, they just assume she is one of there dates. Both men are interested and both want to have a little fun, even if Jace is a little hesitant.

A fun, a quick read and a pretty cool story line. Lorna needs to learn the value of herself and that she is deserving of love. Just because you are beautiful doesn't mean you will not get used and treated badly. It is what you portray of yourself and what you believe in yourself. In the end it is a good lesson to learn and a awesome message and told in a good story. 2 things I would have liked more of....more 3 some action...and more of Jace and Lorna at the end. saying that, there was some pretty hot sex scenes. Adults only!

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  1. Looks like this one goes to what it means to be human. Being connected lets you know you are alive; being loved lets you know it is all worth it. Who wouldn't give everything for a true love - the mindbending, toe-curling sex, passion, and longing, and the deep soul-connection that is engendered.


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