The Lapis Lazuli Throne Excerpt by Stan Hampton JR.

In an ancient, prehistoric land sometimes it's important to show respect, even when it doesn't seem important anymore...
During the Iraq War supply convoys rumbled out of Kuwait every day, bound for Baghdad. These convoys traveled on MSR Tampa, one of the most dangerous roads in the world, battling insurgent ambushes and IEDs. It is on one such convoy that an IED took out a gun truck and wounded Specialist Ken Adams. His gun truck commander took the fight to nearby insurgents, but in the aftermath he committed a disrespectful act. In the following weeks the entire gun truck crew was stalked by something unknown, and they disappeared one by one, until only Ken Adams was left, cornered in Las Vegas…


The desert was alive ... damp foul smelling sand exploded in a white flash from which snaked smoky red and yellow tentacles ... he tried to scream but the tentacles choked him ... other screams tore through the boiling smoke that stung his eyes and fouled his mouth ... he was suffocating ... he swung his arms wildly through the heavy hot air as the ground gave way beneath him ... he was being pulled into the living desert…
It was a typical mission of escorting another supply convoy of 45 white trucks, 18-wheel tractor trailers that arrived that afternoon at Convoy Support Center Navistar, the small, cluttered dusty camp a mile south of the Iraqi border manned by mobilized Army National Guard soldiers. After sunset, four HMMWV gun trucks would escort the supply convoy to Cedar, the first CSC on Main Supply Route Tampa, where they would turn the convoy over to other escorts who would take them further north. The gun truck crews would have time for a quick breakfast before they picked up an empty convoy returning to Kuwait…


  1. Sloane, hi, and thanks for visiting. Stan

  2. When I read the blurb I thought it was something that really happened to you. Great idea for a story, Stan.

  3. Jane,

    Hi. I only went north into Iraq three times and nothing happened. But, the paranormal and war seem to go together, just like in "The Lapis Lazuli Throne." Thanks for stopping by.


  4. Rhea,

    Lol, hi. I'm glad you liked the "tease." Thanks for stopping by.


  5. Patches, you're welcome, and thank you for visiting.



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