T.C. Archer Review of Trouble at the Hotel Baba Ghanoush

Trouble at the Hotel Baba Ghanoush

Sometime in the future. People can take wonderful vacations. One can create ANY fantasy they desire. You can go to this outpost and a person with a mundane job can be a double agent or a secret agent can find someone to love. Fontana, is a secret agent. She has just finished a job and it did not end well. Jenny the person she was protecting died, and the bad guys got away. So her boss has told her to go take a vacation, rest up and reaffirm life, the job will be there.  Fontana is feeling guilty but knows that there is more to the death of her last assignment. So she would go to the outpost but she would also doing digging of her own. Brent, a engineer, has been traveling and working for the past year. He has come to the outpost for vacation. He wants to be a double agent. A get away from reality and a little action and adventure will not hurt either. So at the Hotel Baba Ghanoush, they can make dreams come true, even if they don't know that is what they want. So when Fontana is sitting and having a drink, a naked man runs into the bar. A very HOT naked man runs through the bar. After getting a long coat for the man, then ending up in the alley way, pressed up to him, all hot and bothered. Fontana, keeps thinking of her boss, reaffirm life and find a man, get laid. Up against a hot naked man, who is showing her he is ready and willing, is all she needs. Anonymous sex, will be great.  Brent and Fontana are both about to get the fantasies they didn't even know they wanted.

This is a very fast pasted read, and I wouldn't expect anything else form TC Archer.  I love that these books will be liked both men and women. There is comedy, fighting, tons of action and lots of awesome sex scenes. This story is no different in those regards. Fontana, is feeling guilty about a past and does need to get laid. When she meets Brent, he is in the right place, time and he needs and wants her as much as she needs him. I will say I loved the bath scene!! Will not say any more, but very cool scene. Awesome sci-fi book. Guys need to pick this one up and girls this one will make you want your husbands/boyfriends near by anyway. Adults only!!

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