Lauren Hunter Review The Coffee Shop

The Coffee Shop

Derrick had a great life. He was wealthy, good looking, a best friend, and a great place to live. So what was missing. As derrick gets in his car, his driver lets him know a truck has turned over in the road and they would have to go a different way. He decides he wants coffee. So on the alternate route he sees a local coffee shop. He opens the door and a man walks into him, spilling coffee all over himself and walks by  Derrick and almost gets hit by a car. Derrick shakes his head and looks around. A woman who is sitting by herself at the only empty seat in the shop, is smiling. He gets his coffee and introduces himself. Annie sees the man at the door. He is very handsome but knowing her taste in men he would be a jerk. So they sit and talk together and enjoy each others company. They agree to meet again and something more grows form each encounter. As there love grows, Derrick realizes what he has been missing, Annie. After what feels like months of a wonderful relationship with the woman of his dreams, Derrick wakes up. He wakes up, shocked and a little confused. It felt so real. He goes downstairs almost expecting to see Annie. After getting in the car, his driver informs his that a truck has been turned over in the road and they would have to take an alternate route. So he starts to scan the area to see if he can see the Coffee Shop. Sure enough he sees the coffee shop again. Again he walks in and sees Annie. He is in shock, how can this be happening. He does things a little different this time but he doesn't care he has meet his Annie. When he wakes again and it is what he feels is 5 months in the future and things are different, he realizes somehow he has changed his future by doing something different in his past. So he must find a why to fix his timeline, stop the tragedies that keep popping up and hopefully save the love of his life.

This was a very good book. I was a little worried at first. It starts off as a great love story. Is thought to myself, wow these 2 are really meant to be. Then he wakes up.  It is a little confusing at first but once Derrick figures it out, it is easy to follow. Talk about ups and downs and awe and oh No's!! A rollarcoaster of a book. It will make you tear up and make you think. What would you do if you knew what was going to happen in the near future? What if it was about someone you love? Could you save one life even if it costs others?  Awesome book...PG rated so it is good as a YA book.

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