Tom Stevens letter to readers

Hello this was a letter I received from Tom Steven's. He is the teacher who has the love affair with his student in Sweetest Taboo. Let's see what he has to say.

Dear Readers of Sweetest Taboo,

I suppose many of you might have comments or even unanswered questions that you would like to ask me, given the opportunity to so so. With that said, I would like to take this brief moment in time to  at least try to partly explain "my side of the story", and what my thoughts were as to decisions I made so many years ago.

I would like to start by saying, you don't always have a choice with who you truly fall in love with. For those of you who would like to argue the point, well, all I can say is...have you really ever been in LOVE?  I am not talking infatuation, dependency, or that you have been with someone for such a long time you are "used" to them and you wouldn't know how to live without them in your life. i am taking about the type of love that you KNOW, that you FEEL in every fiber of your soul, a feeling of comfort, of being "at home" in the arms of that person, knowing if you never saw them again, you would continue to love them unconditionally with all your heart for the rest of your life? This is how I felt about Isabel, don't ask me shy...because I can not explain, it is just how it its, and how I feel.

The first time I saw Isabel from afar, I felt a connection. I don't know why I should have felt anything at all, as she was just one of the thousands of students I have seen on campus over the years. But there was something there, I know,   you may be saying "but she was only 15". I didn't look at Isabel as an "age" or anything else, I just felt a connection of some sort...it was that simple. i didn't see her again until the following year on the swim team, where as you have or will read, I got to know her quite well. I NEVER set out to seduce her; it was quite the opposite as she flirted and made relentless advances by being near me every chance she could. Eventually things happened (against my better judgment I might add) as we got to know each other, as we fell in love with each other, and as we dreamed of a life together.

I will always say that Isabel was never a "school girl", she was never a "age", and she was never anyone I pursued. She just appeared in my life at that particular moment in time, and while the relationship that developed between us was strong, it only became stronger as time went on.  To you, the reader, know that I love Isabel with all of my heart,  with all of my soul, and with every fiber of my being.  It can and will never be any other way for me. This I know.

Tom Stevens

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Eva marquez interview part 3

Back with Eva

Do you have anything specific you would like to tell or share with your future readers and followers?

Because my books deal with controversial topics, cross and intersect genres and do not fit into neat little boxes, I ask my readers to be prepared for the journey. My novels are not for  everyone, and those who are disturbed and bothered by stories that push the envelope or challenge societal norms would likely not find my literary work appealing. So in essence, this is a bit of a warning to potential readers and/or followers. I do not intend on writing for all audiences, as that is almost impossible to do.  What I can and have committed myself to doing is writing about what i know, writing about my contexts, environments and experiences and pushing these to limits to create controversial stories that inspire people to perhaps think out of the box, which is very mush what Ms Adichie and Ms Alvarez have done with their literary work. To my future readers and followers i also say thank you! For every reader and follower I have, I am that much more enthused to write and develop characters that challenge our existing comfort levels and perceptions. I would also ask any future readers or followers to contact me if they have any questions about anything I have written, or about my future work. Many of my ideas for character development and plots come from discussions I have with friends, colleagues or people I've met casually at a lounge, bar or book store!

Where can everyone find your books? Wat social media sites are you on beside Julie's Book review?

Since the book won't be officially launched until Oct 1, people can pre-order 'Sweetest Taboo' directly on the official book website: www.SweetestTabooBook.com For those who pre-order, they will receive a signed first edition copy and I am including some small surprises in the shipping envelopes as well.  I also have a blog that is updated twice a week and can be accessed here : www.SweetestTabooBook.com/blog. The blog includes chapter excerpts, Popular culture posts, as well as book reviews that I post myself.

As far as social media, I c an be found at the following

Facebook  Twitter   tumblr   pinterest  goodreads

OK Lets get to some really fun questions!

E-reader or paperback and why?

Tough one because I love both. however, because i work in the arena of global health and the environment plays such a huge role on the public health, I have opted (for in the last 2 years) to only purchase e-books for my  Kindle Touch or Ipad. but, if there's a book I absolutely  want to read and it's only available in paperback, I will buy a copy, read it and pass it on to a friend. I belong to a community book exchange program here is southern Africa, so once a month we get together and swap paperbacks and hardbacks, so I enjoy the 'recycle' aspect of our community group.

Yeah I have only had my Kindle touch since this past Christmas and don't know how I lived without it. LOL

Chocolate, Vanilla or strawberry

Definitely strawberry, always!

Hamburger or hot dog?

Are you kidding? Hamburger of course (I come form a land of 'In n Out' burger)

Reading fiction or non-fiction

I'm stuck on this one because i read both and love both. But i must say, i prefer well narrated and novel-like non-fiction, like Beautiful Forever

Favorite book of all time and why?
Half of a Yellow Sun by Ms Adichie (reason noted above in previous question)

Favorite author of all time?

Julia Alvarez

Dog or cats

Dogs, always dogs

Me too

Well Eva it has been wonderful talking with you over this past wk. I know we I just received a letter from Tom Stevens the teacher in question in Sweetest Taboo. Tomorrow Tom's letter to all of you will be posted! I wonder what he has to say?

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Lindsey Flinch Bedder

Trapper and Emmaline   (part 1:  The Great Experiment)
   Trapper and Emmaline are two college students inventing a new way to be in love.  Trapper thinks himself as a little dark when it comes to love.   He's liked the girls that he has been with in the past but no one can seem to break through to the real him.   Until he meets Emmaline.  She is a beautiful girl who seems full of fun.   As their relationship turns from friends to lovers,  Trapper wants to bring his sweet innocent Emmaline into his dark fantasies.   And even as he is suggesting some pretty crazy, kinky escapades for her she seems to be all for it.   As the weeks go by their adventures escalate until all of Manhattan becomes part of their foreplay.  They use all the people around them to play their sexual games.  As Trapper pushes her to do more and more teasing in public, she seems to be loving it.   Soon Trapper starts to feel that he is no longer in control of their game when she starts to push the limits of her sexual teasing without him.  He feels things slipping away and wonders if they will survive all the pitfalls of this new kind of relationship they have created.
 Review:   This book was an interesting read.  It is written from Trappers perspective.  It does seem, at times, that the story is more about the experiment than about the couple and their relationship.  But having said that,  I was very much interested to see what they would come up with next to push the limits of their sexual games and I was drawn into the excitement, wondering if they would be able to push further in the game.  Overall, it was a good book that made me want to read the next installment of The Great Experiment.
Theresa F.

Eva Marquez review

Sweetest Taboo

Isabel, a 15 year old High School student. She is a good student from a average immigrant family and in an average High School. She joins the swim team and meets Mr Stevens. Mr. Stevens is a young 30's something teacher. Good looking and teaches upper class men in math and photography. Liz, Isabel's best friend, has no clue why Isabel has a crush on him. He is a teacher. Even if he liked her, she can't have a relationship with him. The relationship would be more than just taboo. Will Isabel and Mr Stevens get together? Will they have a relationship that is the Sweetest Taboo?

In this review, I can't say too much, without giving away too much of the story away. This was a story I would not have read on my own but I am really glad I did. It is a book that makes you think about what is taboo and why. Although I do believe a relationship like this is wrong, what young girl doesn't have a crush on a adult figure in there life. A coach, teacher, instructor, or who ever, we all have been there, girl or boy. This is the story of that type of relationship. Sweetest Taboo, is ultimately the story of a remembered  young love and a teenager growing into adulthood.  There is a couple brief sex scenes and because of these I can't classify the story as a young adult. But, I know the readers who are going to relate to the story the most, are young adults. I would recommend 16 - 18 and up(depending on maturity), do to the subject matter. Very good story, keeps you interested through till the end. I think what surprised me the most, is as reading you really feel for the characters. So although, I don't condone this type of relationship, the characters of the story become like reading about a close friend or like Eva portrays in the beginning of the book, like reading someones secret diary. A truly TABOO situation. Really cool read!


Jeanne Oiler

Mate Calling

Alex wants a change. She has never truly had a home and is moving to a back water little town, in the hopes of starting fresh. On the way, she meets Cameron. They meet  have drinks one night stand. Cameron knows she is a were-cat and is drawn to her. Maybe she is the one him and his brothers can start a family with. He never gets to see if she is the one because she skips out on him the next morning. When Alex arrives in her new home and starts to settle in, she can't get Cameron out of her mind. When the handy men show up and rescue Alex form a broken sink, Alex realizes, she just found Cameron's home town. So Cameron, and his 2 brothers, having not seeing any were-cat shifters in over 10yrs, set to woo Alex. When Alex is out surveying for a job, Cameron finds Alex pined under a rock by her foot. After getting out of it, they smell something different, werewolves. Everyone knows that the 3 boys protect the town. Who would want to hurt Alex? When someone attempts to run Alex down, they know there are wolves in the area, who are going to try to push them out. How many wolves are there? Will the guys be able to protect the woman they are all 3 falling for? Will Alex be able to even accept a relationship with 3 men?

This was a cute, short story. Nothing too deep. Would have loved it if it would have been a full length book. I wanted to hear all about all 3 guys and more about Alex even more about the people they protect in the town. I am hoping this is just a beginning of the world Ms Oiler has created. I love the setting, small town with their were-lion protectors. Lots of potential here! Great start to hopefully a series!

Eva Marquez interview part 2

Here we are back with Eva Marquez author of Sweetest Taboo.

Do you have any advice to aspiring writers?

Undoubtedly Yes! Friends and colleagues are often stunned when they learn that I have written a full-length novel of publication quality. Many ask how a single mother working full- time demanding job and completing her doctoral dissertation can also tag on writing and published a book. What I always say is, everything is possible with dedication and (most importantly) with passion and vision. For those people who have a story in their minds that they would like to develop into the book, a story, a novella, or what -be-it, I advise them to start small and begin jotting notes on paper, or on a laptop, outline app or whatever method is most suitable. The most important component or writing, I believe, is jotting down those first thoughts about a story and then reshuffling those notes into a well-thought out outline. That is probably the hardest part, but once it's complete then a person has a concrete path to follow. Finally, anyone who perhaps thinks that they do not have the capacity or talent to write will never truly know the true talents one harbors until they try. Aspiring writers should dedicate well-crafted outlines and most importantly, they should never become discouraged by others who may think they are a bit 'nutty' for trying to write a book Many people asked me what credentials or training I had in creative writing when they learned i was writing a book, and i would respond 'none' only to find quizzical and questioning faces staring back at me. Nevertheless, I knew how to write using correct grammar and I knew how to tell a story well, so in essence, we all have the potential to become excellent writers of fiction or other genres as long as we believe in our abilities and we dedicate time to our passion for writing.

Good advice for new writers.

In your debut novel, sweetest Taboo, Is there a favorite? scene, character? Would you want to meet the character in real life?

This is such an interesting question, and a difficult one at that! I have had quite a bit of feedback on the characters from my readers, all that make me want to develop character interviews for each prominent character in the story. readers seem to want to know more, to get to the bottom of why certain characters did what they did. I suppose if I had to choose a favorite character, i would choose Liz. Although i love bot Isabel and Tom for their stead fastness during times of extreme danger, I really love the loyalty that Liz shows for her best friend Isabel. In spite of the circumstances, in spite of being questioned by police, in spite of so many pressures, Liz does not waver and comes to Isabel is one of the things I love most about this story. We often see so much rivalry among high school aged girls, and a friendship that endures even under the most intense pressures. one of my favorite scenes from the book is when Liz convinces Isabel to return to their high school. In this scene, we see Liz offering Isabel her support and her protection should any rumors or gossip ensure about Isabel's relationship with Mr Stevens. Had it not been Liz, I think Isabel would have attended the rival high school and likely never gotten back with Mr. Stevens.

What would that character say to your reader?

Well, I think many readers would ask why Liz instigated or supported Isabel's relationship with Mr Stevens, and rightly so. Liz, being as free-spirited and full of life she is, would say that Isabel really liked Mr. Stevens, had a crush on him and that Mr Stevens clearly liked her back so why not? However, I think Liz would also say that she only played match-maker because she felt Mr Stevens sincerity, and she knew in her hearts of hearts that Mr Stevens was sincerely into Isabel (as opposed to just wanting to have an affair with a student for the fun of it). Liz also Isabel's closest friend and Liz does think she knows Isabel better than anyone, so Liz would also defend her match-making position by saying her friend did not like high school guys and was really into older guys and Mr Stevens fit that bill perfectly.

Can you share some of the interesting bits on your new book coming out? What can we expect, sex, violence, murder, mayhem?

Although I did not intend on 'sweetest taboo' being part of a series or trilogy, I decided that my next literary project would embark upon the story before the story, so to speak. Readers really want to know what Isabel was thinking when she became intimate with her school coach, they want to know what Isabel was thinking when she became intimate with her school coach, they want to know how she could have gotten herself into such a mess that involved the authorities and potential prison time for Mr Stevens, the man she loved most. So what I am doing  is writing the prequel to 'Sweetest Taboo' which explores Isabel's childhood and early adolescence as an immigrant in a Los Angeles suburb. Readers can expect complex and somewhat disturbing revelations, some violence, and definitely some tears. Then of course, there is the sequel to 'Sweetest Taboo', where readers will learn about Isabel and Tom's journey after high school. The stories I weave will always include trails and tribulations, but they will also include redemption and hope.

I would love to read what happened to the two.

Do you have anything specific you would like to tell or share with your future readers and followers?

Come back again for the final part of the interview with Eva Marquez. Remember the give away is still going on. Follow the blog and post your e-mail below. Chance to win one of 2 first edition copies of 'Sweetest Taboo'.

Sweetest Taboo wk

Today Part 2 of the interview with Eva Marquez
Tomorrow review of sweetest Taboo
Thursday Part 3 of interview with Eva Marquez
Friday Special letter from Tom (a charater in Sweetest Taboo) to all of you!
Saturday announce winner of contest and notify winners

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Jill Metcalf 2 reviews

The Downing Sisters  (Spring Blossom and  Family Reunion)
Spring Blossom:  Maggie is the eldest of four sisters.  At 15 she is sure that she has met the man she wants to be with forever but he tells her she is too young but he will return in a few years to see if they might suit.  But when Hunter returns 3 yrs later, the girl who was full of life, with a pleasant and appealing nature was no longer.  In her place was an ice princess and war-monger who never wanted to leave her home.  Her father explained that there was an "accident" and she had a physical scar but the emotional scars seem to be a lot worse.  Can Hunter bring the girl he cares so much for?  He sure is going to try.
Family Reunion:  Jennifer is Maggie's youngest sister and has a bit of a wild-side.  When a friend from their childhood returns to his home after an accident in the city,  she and Maggie pay him a visit.  Only to be turned away.  Chad has no intentions of reuniting with old friends.  Jennifer is determined to get through to him that just because he is in a wheelchair, due to the accident,  he is still the same man.  But Chad doesn't feel like a man at all and tries to ignore the attraction between them.  When Chad is made the temporary guardian of a boy from the city, he enlists Jennifer's help in keeping him in line.  Jennifer is sure that if she could just teach both these males that they do indeed deserve love,  then they could be a happy family.
   These books were a great, easy read.  There was drama and mystery that link the books together without losing their individually stories.  The author kept me interested in all the aspects of the story and built a great connection between the reader and characters.  The books had me feel many different emotions throughout,  but the overall feeling shows that love can help heal the heart and hidden hurts that happen so often in life.
5 of 5 stars
Theresa F.

Eva Marquez interview part one

Julies Book review would like to introduce Eva Marquez author of Sweetest Taboo. Review will be out in a day or two and the book comes out on  OCT 1st but it is available for pre-order.

Lets ask Eva some questions and get to know the author behind Sweetest Taboo.

As I am an avid reader and I always wonder, how did they come up with the story? Do you have any special inspiration for your books?

Let me take the opportunity to introduce you to my work and the inexplicable passion I have for writing. I began formal writing when I was 13 yrs old, encouraged by my dedicated and driven middle school English teacher. At a young age, I read the book 'Flowers in the Attic' by VC Andrews and it intrigued me to the point of inspiration. It was not long before i began typing stories up on my DOS-operated computer. Even in my early teens, I focused on writing about female characters that found themselves is difficult situations while also scheming to find a way out of them.  My short stories shed light on my fascination with conflict and what lies beneath the surface, and people's struggle in finding a resolution. At sixteen I wrote my first full length novel, which was truly the beginning of my writing career.

Throughout the difference stages of formative education, i have been blessed by working with intriguing teachers, professors and mentors with helped to shape my global perspectives. I have also had the unique opportunity to travel the world, studying and volunteering in challenging corners of the globe, which has nurtured and contributed to  to my love of writing  and storytelling. Although writing skills are important, like experiences and my exposure to many different cultures and has allowed me to cultivate my literary work throughout the years.

As a writer do you have any authors look up to or even any that have helped you along? Who do you follow and read when not writing books?

There are dozens of authors I admire, but two that captivated me with there work are Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Julia Alvarez. Ms Adichie is a Nigerian born and now living in London and I think I had instant connection with work because I lived/worked in Nigeria because of my work in the communities.  Her first book Purple Hibiscus, resonated with me because of my experiences in Nigeria and her second book Half of Yellow Sun, was so expertly written and wove four amazing human and social stories that I felt absolutely in love with her pose and skill for telling complex stories Ms. Adichie writes about what she knows well, Nigeria and Nigerian culture, history and society and because she does so, her books include incredibly sincere stories. Julia Alvarez is Dominican-American who writes primary adult fiction,  although she also written YA fiction, which characterized by fantasy type stories.  My favorite all time book from Ms. Alvarez is In the Time of the Butterflies, which is a uniquely narrated book written in the perspective of four sisters growing up in the Dominican Republic under dictatorship of President Trujllop.  It's superbly narrated and the story just tells itself effortlessly, it seems. Another book I very much enjoyed was How the Garcia Girls Lost their Accent, which is a story about Dominican immigrants to New York and their journey into mainstream American life.  What these two authors have in common is that they are strong, confident and  experienced women writing fiction about natural lands, writing about their contexts and weaving extraordinary stories of strength and love in times of adversity.

WOW those are some books I may have to check on. 

Do you have any advice to give aspiring writers?

Come back for More with Eva Marquez. Remember Eva is giving away 2 first edition copies of Sweetest Taboo....Come on that is an AWESOME give away!!  You must follow or be a follower and post below with your e-mail address, to win! Good luck! Winner will be posted and notified on Sat!!


Carol Tialdi

Willow Pond

During a time when prohibition was in full swing, speakeasy's were all the rage, and gangsters ruled the big cities, Laura Austin found her entire world turned upside down following the kidnapping  of her son, Todd. Who would do this? Was it a hostile ex-employee whose wife had serious mental issues? Or could it be someone involved with her favorite aunt, Virginia Kingsley, who was one of the most well known and feared female gangster figures in New York City? in the days following the kidnapping, Laura's ex-husband, the famous yet arrogant actor Philip Austin, pays a hefty ransom to the kidnapper who then disappears along with the child. Follow Laura over the next year and a half as she experiences loss, heartache, depression, love, happiness, and even a surprising addition to her family, all the while never giving up hope that her precious Todd will someday be returned to her.

Aside from a few minor editing errors, Willow Pond was a great read. being set back in the 1920's and 1930's gave the book a whole different feeling.  Things were done differently, people acted differently, and their motives were different. This was an age without the Internet, without today's technology, and people had to rely on good old fashioned private investigating and police work. the book had numerous twists and turns and constantly kept me guessing, almost to the pint where I wanted to say, "I give up, tell me already!" I almost feel Laura may have moved on from the kidnapping a little to prematurely, to the point where the book has to remind us that she's still thinking about her son, especially during the happy moments she experiences while he is gone. This may just be the result of the times, where without the technology that we know, her hands were tied compared to what she may have been able to do if the story were taking place today. But in the end, it was a happy ending, which made all of the nail biting worth it.

Kristin D


Winner of the Jennifer Jennings contest

OK I am going to post results.

Jamie Krasnodemski wins the 3 books from Jennifer Jennings.  Jamie I hope you enjoy them, I will pass your address over to Jennifer this am.

As this was my 1st interview and contest, I am pretty happy with the results. I hope Jennifer is as well. The site had almost 800 hits from Monday to Friday evening.  I picked up a few more awesome followers! Plus I had lots of fun!

On Monday Aug 27th Eva Marquez, Sweetest Taboo! Eva is doing a contest giving away 2 signed hard copies of Sweetest Taboo and some swag! Awesome prizes!


Richards C Rogers

The Symbols at Your Door

I am quite impressed with this book. One of the reasons I say that is because the authors pacing was great. His characters relationships, as well as the story, gradually increase intensity and involvement. I will be waiting for the sequel to come out. Confirmed by the author himself, it is on the way!

Hazel is a quiet, secretive, well written teenager. Not thinking anything of it, she accepted a scholarship given to her for a summer writing camp. With everyone having horrible nightmares, Hazel knew something just wasn't right at the camp but, she tried to ignore her instincts and attempt normal interactions with other teenagers. That approach worked for a little while, until she is somehow confronted by her past she has fought to escape from. Her budding new friendships prove valuable as they end up having more in common than originally thought. We're they brought together by chance? There at camp, she ends up making great friends, allies and enemies where she had non before. At least, none that she knew of. Though her enemies knew of her and were waiting for an opportunity to strike. The heritage and practices of her ancestors became so much more relevant as she finds out more about herself and her new friends. After they leave camp they're lives are back to normal until they need each other again. Even though her friends have increased in numbers, her enemies are bigger, older, more powerful, and very dangerous killers. But, by working together they might be strong enough to take on whoever/whatever comes at them.

Cyndi F


Last chance to win and coming soon!

OK folks this is the last chance to win some great books. Jennifer Jennings has 3 great mystery  books out and is giving them all to 1 very lucky person. How do I win? 1.Follow or be a follower of the blog. 2. leave a post or comment with your e-mail (in case you win). I will right down the entries into a bag and my son will draw the name. Not too many entries so far.  These were VERY good books. All the reviews are posted, check them out and see if they interest you. If you don't win they are worth the buy. Also check out the interview I did with Jennifer, she was really fun to work with!


Eva Marquez- Sweetest Taboo. It has not been released yet. It will not be until Oct 1st. Eva is going to give away 2..that is right 2 hard copies, signed with some swag!!  Awesome prizes!! And it was a really good book. I can't wait to share it with it all.


Jennifer Jennings review #3

An Island of Illusions ( a Sarah Woods Novel)

Sarah Woods is on vacation. Daniel (her husband), got a great deal on a vacation in Hawaii. Daniel has plans for golf and Sarah just wants to relax in the sun. When Daniel slips and falls, and can't go golfing and is being a big baby about it. Sarah has to get out of the hotel and get away for a minute. When Carter shows up at pool side, she knows something is up. Sarah has been secretly working for Carter(PI). Carter explains to her that he sent Daniel a good deal for Hawaii so he could get her their to help him. She laughs it off and decides to help. Daniel is being a jerk on top of a baby and she wants nothing but to get away from him anyway. Sarah learns, Carter is helping a fellow PI in a missing child case. The family is looking for the kid and funding the operation, the police have nothing. Sarah also finds out, Max is there equipment specialist. The sparks fly, even after weeks of not seeing each other. The family thinks the mom's ex has taking the child. He disappears right after the little boy disappears. So when they come across him in the airport under a alias, the hunt begins. Sarah goes to give the ex a massage, the only thing she sees with the guy is he is a perv. The next day he shows up dead. As the mystery continues, Daniel gets more upset and decides to leave Hawaii. Sarah, already vested in the case refuses to leave. Daniel gives her a ultimatum and leaves anyway. Sarah knows the marriage is over. Maybe it will give her some time with Max? Will they find the child and figure out what is going on? Will Sarah and Max finally get together? It will keep you guessing to the end.

Jennifer does it again. Had me totally stumped until the end of the book. LOVED the interaction between Max and Sarah. Loved how it ends and am looking forward to the another novel! I am a fan! This is a book that is good for 16 and up. Some violence, mild sexual conduct (nothing explicit). Wonderful story for anyone looking for a GREAT mystery! Jennifer please keep me in mind when you write the next one!


Jennifer Jennings part 3 interview

Here we go Folks the last  Of the interview With Jennifer Jennings!  Will Post the last review for her books tomorrow.  I hope you enjoy the rest of the interview. Good luck on the contest!

Can you share some interesting bits on you new book coming out? What can we expect, sex, violence, murder, mayhem...

Yes, all of those. Sarah Woods manages to get herself in some sticky situations. She travels to Hawaii to help Carter with an abduction case. the action ramps up when a key player ends up dead.

Awesome, I can not wait to read the new book. I can't wait to see what she gets into next. I am also looking forward to seeing if Max and Sarah get any farther! I wonder is Daniel is going to find out?  Guess I will have to read and see.

Do you have anything specific you would like to tell or share with your future readers and followers?

First of all, thank you for taking an interest in my work. I truly enjoy this new journey. Second, I'm always appreciative of feedback. Please join me on facebook. I'd love to get to know my readers.

 I know you have at least one follower. Hopefully you will keep me up to date with Sarah Woods!

Where can everyone find your books? What social media sites are you on besides Julie's Book review?

My books are available at Amazon in both print and e-book  formats. I'm of Facebook, Crimespace, and Goodreads, along with other Kindle blog sites.

OK let's do something fun!

E-reader or paperback and why?

I love both. I really enjoy my Kindle because it holds so many books and has the dictionary feature. However, paperbacks are such a classic way to enjoy a story. i love to feel the pages between my fingers, and the smell of the paper and ink.

I have only had my Kindle since this post Christmas (Santa Claus was good to me last year).  Before my Kindle i swore i would never use one. After I don't know how I survived without one.

Chocolate or Vanilla

Vanilla...with chocolate sauce 

Hamburger or Hot dog

Hamburger...with Cheddar cheese

Reading fiction or non-fiction

Fiction. Primarily mysteries

Favorite book and why

Water for Elephants. It had everything: history, romance, suspense, and humor. if a book contains all those attributes, I'm instantly a fan.

I agree!!

Favorite author of all time

Oh Gosh. A tie between Robert Ludlum and John Grisham

Dogs or cats


Me too I have 3!

Jennifer Jennings is giving away a set of 3 books. To win please post below with your name and e-mail and follow Julie's Book review, to win! We will do a random drawing at the end of the week.

Thanks Jennifer and it has been a pleasure talking with you! We hope you have great success in the future.

Thank you, Julie. it has been a pleasure.

OK folks hopefully you loved the 1st interview of Julie's Book review. i know I enjoyed doing it. the winner will be notified on Saturday! Coming Monday Eva Marquez! Come and check us out!

Thanks again


Contest for Jennifer Jennings

Contest is stilling going on!! Win all 3 of  Jennifer Jennings Sarah Woods books. Follow or be a follower of the blog. Post a comment/email on any of the Jennifer Jennings posts. Winner will be notified on Saturday.


Shona Husk

Summons: A Goblin King Prequel

The Goblin King

The prequel sets everything up. Eliza a 16 yr girl. Her brother throws a college party. Eliza wants to feel special and "cool". She finds a college boy to kiss and fool around a little. Things start to get uncomfortable and she decides enough is enough, but the boy disagrees. She gets away from him but only to have him follow her through the house. She is terrified. She hides in her parents bathroom only to realize  the lock on the door is not going to hold him back. Terrified and remembering a story her mother had told her. The Goblin King when called can grant wishes but you never seem to get what you truly want. Cowering at the door and the boy now on the other side, he is going to get to her any moment. She starts to cry and wishes the Goblin King would take her away. The Goblin King comes and sees the young girl. He sees what is about to happen. For some reason he is drawn to the girl. He knows that by her calling him and the wish she has asked, he could take her back to the shadow land for himself. Instead he takes her to summer land. He takes her away to a land forever in summer, beautiful and warm. As she rests, the Goblin King has a little fun. He scares the crap out of everyone at the party.  Eliza wakes in summer land and sees a very handsome man standing before her. He explains to her not to call on him again,  he would not be able to resist her a second time. She wakes up and remembers The Goblin King as a dream, but knows he was real.

Years later, Eliza, again is in trouble. A fiancee, and a lawyer who has worked for her fathers firm. Has slowly been taking money from the firm. Eliza as his secretary, has signed everything. Eliza is doomed to a loveless, abusive marriage. After a fight, she is banged up, and has locked herself in the bathroom. She is drowning his suits in the bathtub with wine. Eliza is tired of the fighting and wants nothing more than out of the terrible situation. She remembers a dream when she was just a girl. The Goblin King, maybe he can get her out of the situation. She remembers him as kind and handsome. She doesn't understand the Goblin King is a cursed man, searching for a cure for his own curse. He is desperate and on his last leg. Eliza is a temptation, he is not sure he can resist.

The Goblin King is a great read. Read the prequel 1st (free). You will understand things a lot better. Loved Roan, the Goblin King. You really feel his plight and know he has to find away to break the curse. Eliza is a girl with a TON of bad luck. Low self confidence and doesn't understand her own self worth. She needs someone to love and to love her back, not to be owned or scared of imprisonment. The story is fast paced and has lots of action. It has adult scenes, so 18 and up.

Alan McDemott

Gray Justice

If you like action or have ever rooted for a modern day hero, Alan McDermott's, Gray Justice is the novel for you.  Tom Gray is a broken man looking for some sense of fairness and a bit of justice after a tragedy destroys his family.  Streaming his video feed on-line, Gray interrupts the lives of several young career criminals.  Threatening each of their lives and his own as well as several thousand innocent bystanders, spectators cannot force their attention from the suspenseful strategy Gray spins. Will justice as we know it prevail and Gray be stopped?Special forces, local law enforcement, the media, the Internet, and international sensationalism aren't enough to take down Gray's misguided mission.  McDermott tells a tale that takes us into the intricacies of the law and the communication challenges between multiple agencies working to stop a vigilante force from setting a legal precedent that will change lives forever.  A great read that seamlessly explains highly technical equipment, woven together with fiercely passionate characters that will stop at nothing to reach their goals.  Can't wait to learn more about Gray's team and mission in McDermott's second book in the series, Gray Resurrection.


Jennifer Jennings review #2

An Act Of Deceit

Sarah now has it in her blood. She is trying her hat at PI work with Carter. Carter a PI she works and meets in the 1st novella. The story opens with Sarah at a popular bar and a good looking man approaches her. Buys her a drink. Then offers to "walk her to her room". So they get into the room and he starts to take off his clothes when  Marty's (the guy with Sarah) wife comes out and confronts Marty. They are blowing up at each other and Sarah lets herself out. Her and Carter are talking about it afterwards and you find out the wife had hired them to prove her husband has been cheating. So Sarah goes back to her life. She is bored and is just on pins and needles for her next PI job. Her new secretary at the massage clinic is a man named Sam. A good friend of the family who thinks she is not taken care of by her husband Daniel. When Max shows up again her heart begins to pound but she also doesn't want to lead him on. All is back to the same old life until, she reads the paper and finds out Marty has been killed. She immediately calls Carter and they meet for coffee. Then they are approached by Marty's wife. She says they were reconciling and knows it was not a accident that the police think. She knows that he was murdered. Both Carter and Sarah doubt that it is true. But when she offers 3 grand to take the case, it makes them reconsider. So the investigation begins. Did Marty's womanizing ways make someone want to murder him? Or is there something else more to the story than what they could even imagine?

Jennifer Jennings did it again. Kept me glued to my kindle for the entire book. She may be converting me to mysteries. Sarah is a woman people can relate too. Someone looking for more in life and finds Carter's PI business. Jennifer really knows how to string you along and you think you know what happens and by the end you get surprised. As you are reading the story you get pulled into Sarah's everyday and the intrigue of finding out what happened to Marty. You will not be disappointed  reading this one. Wonderful read!

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Jennifer Jennings Interview part 2

Part 2 of the interview with Jennifer Jennings

As A writer do you have any authors you look up to or evan any that helped you along? Who do you follow ad read when not writing books?

Al Boudreau, a great writer/editor, has been my hero.  He also happens to be my partner. His daily support and enthusiasm have helped me through the rough days when all I wanted to do was give up. It is so important to have proper encouragement. 

 I agree having the right encouragement is very important.

I am inspired by many Indie authors and try to read their works. there are some amazingly talented writers out there yet to be discovered by the masses.

Jennifer, that was one of the reasons I started Julies Book review.  Getting these newer authors extra exposure and getting these awesome books to readers I know will love them.

Do you have any advice to give aspiring writers?

For me, It's important to read books in the genre in which I write: mysteries. I've learned so much from reading other authors works.  It's an education. I take notes whenever I'm inspired by something new. The second most important thing is to find an excellent editor. All writers need them.

Editing is very important. Of all the books I have read 70% are from new or newer authors. You can defiantly tell who has used an editor or has a good one. In fact you can have a GREAT story but if it is not edited or not edited well.  It can make the difference of having a best seller or a book that falls to the way side. So follow Jennifer's advice! Get a GREAT editor!

Of your published books out, is there a favorite? favorite scene? favorite character? would you like to meet the character in real life?

The third book in the Sarah Woods Mystery Series. An Island of Illusions, is my favorite because the story takes place in Hawaii (my second home).  One of my favorite characters is Carter, a private detective. he is a cool guy with a dry sense of humor.  I also like Max, the love interest of the main character. I wouldn't mind meeting that sexy character in real life. 

Besides Sarah, of course, mine would have to be Max.  I really hope I see much more of him in future books! LOL!!

Can you share some interesting bits on your new book coming out? What can we expect, sex, violence, murder, mayhem....

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Interview With Jennifer Jennings part one!

Please welcome Jennifer Jennings to Julie's Book Review. A review of her book Appointment with murder and An Act of Deceit will also be posted. Jennifer Is giving away a free e-book box set to one lucky winner (3 e-books). All you need to win is follow my blog and post a comment with your e-mail address.

Hello Jennifer, how are you doing?

Very well, Thank You. I'm Happy to be here.

Welcome to Julie's Book review. We are thrilled to have you on the site.

Thank you for having me.

 I am a avid reader and I always wonder how authors come up with the story. Did you have any special inspiration for your books?

I was a massage therapist for many years. Since the main character of my mysteries series is a massage therapist. I didn't have to do a lot of research. I started out with a question I had asked myself many times: what would happen if a client died on my massage table?  I took that feeling and sort of went with it to create a similar scenario. It's difficult to explain how all the details come together in my mind, but i get inspiration form every day life.

 Being a massage therapist had to be very interesting. I still am floored by the mysteries you have developed. Sarah Woods every day massage therapist, gets involved with some pretty cool mysteries. I think my favorite part of the books is the fact you truly have no clue who did it until Sarah finds out in the end. 

As a writer do you have any authors you look up to or even any that have helped you along?  Who you follow and read when not writing books?

OK folks that is all for today. Come back tomorrow to read more on Jennifer Jennings. REMEMBER to post below and follow along with the blog to win her awesome mysteries! Winner will be announced at the end of the wk!

My 1st Interview Jennifer Jennings

OK folks here it is! I am really excited to post this one today!. This is part one of 3 parts of a great interview. I will be posting something with Jennifer everyday. Jennifer is giving away all 3 of her books to one lucky person. So if you want to win...follow my blog and post below with your name and e-mail. I will post the winner Saturday and give the info to Jennifer. Good Luck! And I really do hope you all enjoy the interview and reviews!

Julie Ramsey

Jennifer Jennings review #1

An Appointment with Murder

Sara Woods, a message therapist, owns her own business, works hard and lives well.  Her husband is not very attentive and she is lonely but she still loves him and she has a teen son. She is staying late for a client. When the client gets there she is ready for him. He is in the other room getting ready when she hears a commotion up front where her secretary is. When she finds her secretary slumped on the desk, she leans over to feel for a pulse, thinking she is just messing with her. Someone comes up and hits her on the head. When the paramedics are called and arrive. Sara finds her secretary dead and no idea of why. She is found by Max, her secretaries brother, with even more questions than answers. The questions keep Sara going to try to find the killer of her employee and friend. But will Sara find the answers she seeks & will the killer ever be found?

If you want a good mystery, this is a really good story. The mystery is one to keep you guessing to the very end. Mysteries, I normally have a hard time with but i really wanted to see who the killer was and didn't figure it out till the end. The character of Sara is a smart successful women that you almost feel connected with. You are the silent companion that is along for the ride. Jennifer creates a story in which keeps you thinking and interested from pg one. The only problem I had with the novella was that I want more. We will see if Jennifer can keep up the suspense and the mystery in another novella An Act of Deceit!


Ruth Harris

Zuri  Africa. An orphan. A love story

This is a beautiful story of love, strength, and survival in Africa. it is a great read for young adults and older: due to the graphic accounts of animal poaching and attacks. This is also a fantastic read for anyone who knows the beauty of emotional connection with a animal as well, with humans. It has a sad truth of what is done to animals for profit but, also shows humanity at its best. the strength to survive and overcome a tragedy, has no boundary of species.

A poor young Rhino witnessed the horrible incident of her mother's murder and was injured herself. Luckily, she is found right away by talented operators of the park nearby that cares for orphaned wild animals. While she is badly injured from poachers, she is also severally grief stricken and heart broken by the horrific loss of her beloved mother. She is too young and will not eat for the humans. She has lost the will to survive. together, the humans slowly mend her physical injuries but, are unable to successfully help her with the severe psychological trauma she has endured. While desperately seeking a resolution, before they loose her for good; they end up trying an unconventional method. With the help of an unlikely friend she begins to recover from her emotional loss and begins to trust these humans and recover. As much as the humans help her, she is also helping the troubled humans. they have had to work hard together and build trust in each other. They form bonds they never knew existed. Especially, as evidence of poachers resurface and the rescuers are faced with preventing them.

Cyndi F


Coming on Monday!!! Chew the Fiction Fat!

Chew the fiction fat!

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On Monday the 27th Eva Marquez. Author of Sweetest Taboo. Another 3 part interview with a review and a letter for a special person to all of you! Eva is giving away 2 hard copy books signed with some swag.Winner announced on following Sat.

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Reviewers Wanted

Julie's Book Review is in need of some more reviewers. If you love to read, want some free books, and can do reviews please contact me. No it doesn't pay anything and anyone interested will do a trial one first and a short interview with me. I screen or know every reviewer on the site and I am the only one to approve a review placed on the site. If you are interested please contact me Julie Ramsey, djjramsey@hotmail.com please put reviewer in the subject line. I am looking for people who like fantasy, sci-fi, romance, and mystery. Must have kindle or kindle app.



Rebecca Royce

Alpha Wolf

Michael has just learned his sister has been hidden by a spell. Now he is looking for her. It has brought him to New Orleans. He is sitting in a bar when he smells her. His mate. He sees Scarlett and knows something is wrong. She has been beaten so badly that she can barely walk or talk. Who would beat his mate? He just wants to kill someone, whoever touched her. Michael learns that the alpha of this pack has died with no one to fill  in for him. 2 people have been fighting for alpha. 2 supposed leaders and their followers have been beating, abusing and raping their women. None of them know how to be pack. As Michael learns the extent of the New Orleans problems, he also hears that his father is also attaching his pack at home. He has to get home and help. He has to pack up his mate and leave. Just as the New Orleans pack is starting to come together, how can he leave them? And where did his sister go? Who is going to die for abusing his mate and ruining the pack? Will Michael get out of the south just to get into a life or death struggle back home?

Alpha Wolf was a book that truly shows why we all love werewolf books. Michael has to teach other wolves how to be wolves. After years and years of abuse, neglect and corruption, the pack is beyond a mess. His mate, who is believed to be latent, has been so abused, has to be nurtured back. Michael is the perfect man. He is so gentle and patient. He is also deadly against anyone that comes near Scarlet. My only complaint is I would have loved it to have been a longer story. I would have loved to see more of Michael and the New Orleans pack and I would have liked more time with him and Scarlet. Very good read...would love to read more of the series.


Jeaniene Frost

Once Burned: A Night Prince Novel

Frankie lives in a town with circus performers. Being in a circus is perfect for her. Not in a town very long, accepted by fellow freaks, and if damage is done she wouldn't be in a town long enough to trace it to her. When Frankie was a kid she was electrocuted. After waking from a coma, she has found that her mom was dead (trying to save her) and she now held a electric charge that released when she touched anyone. Marty, a vampire, also with the circus. Is Frankie's, fill in dad, best friend, and the only person that can handle touching her. If a walking electrical outlet wasn't bad enough. When her right hand touches anything she gets to see the sins of the person who has left an impression on the item. As Marty and her are training for their circus act, Frankie gets abducted. She knows they are vampires. They want her to touch some objects and tell them where the vampire who touched them is. Even though she doesn't want to help them, she is forced to. She is bombarded with the evil deeds of the man they are searching for. She sees that  he can wield fire without harming himself and is deadly in his fighting. Because she had touched one of her kidnappers, she knows they are going to kill her when they are done with her. So she decides to contact the killer from the items. He promises to not kill her and he comes to find the abductors. After being rescued, she doesn't know if she has just gone from one bad situation to another. And he may be crazy to boot. Vlad the Impaler died hundreds of years ago, didn't he....I mean the real Dracula? And with his fire abilities, Frankie's electrical charge does nothing to him. Will the fact her can touch her without harm, change the fear to attraction? Is he really the Vlad of history? And the abductors who were after Frankie, who hired them? Vlad agrees to protect her  but who will protect Frankie's heart? And will she finally learn how to control her own powers?

I have had this book for a while and finally had a chance to read it. The story was awesome. The character of Frankie has overcome huge odds and has already lost so much as the story begins. She believes she is on her own, except for maybe Marty. When Vlad enters the picture she is confused emotional and physically. She is feeling stuff she hasn't aloud herself to fell in years, due to her condition. Vlad enters with his own issues and problems. The only complaint,  would be the ending isn't the happily ever after I was hoping for.  It isn't a bad ending, so don't read to much in to it. But more of a too be continued in the next book. I guess when thinking  about it, it is more real. One book may not be enough to tell their story. I am hoping Ms Frost will send me the 2nd book to review on my blog.  Either way I can't wait to see what happens to Frankie and Vlad. This book had adult situations,(violence and sexual) so 18 and up.


Interviews and contests!

One week from today I will be posting my 1st interview. Hopefully everyone will like it as much as I had fun doing it. The books so far have been outstanding. I have been contacted by publishers and several authors for more interviews/reviews. The only spots I have left for this year are maybe 2-3 spots for my sexy Christmas week. I am looking for some erotic authors. I have a couple so far. They will be shorter interviews but each will still need a give away. If anyone is interested please contact me soon. Anyone else, my rule still applies, ANY FICTION for reviews. I am always accepting books for reviews. My time lines change do to how many reviewers I have. Any questions please contact me.

Julie Ramsey


Felicity Heaton

In Heat

Kim has been having so good dreams. Over this past year her dreams have been getting more intense. Waking up into the real world, she is lonely and unfulfilled. She is all ways thinking of her naughty nightly visits. Kim really just thinks it is her body saying she needs a boyfriend. When she goes to work and meets her demanded boss who is pretends they didn't go to school together and new each other all through school. They are both rushed into a meeting. On the way Kim drops all the paperwork all over the floor. Embarrassed and upset, she starts to pick up the papers. When someone comes up behind her and offers to help, she wants nothing to do with anyone. When she turns and see it is not her boss and that it is the most handsome man she has ever known, she forgets how to talk. She has never seen her dream mans face but she knows he is it. How can that be true? It is just a dream. Eric is a millionaire who is at the firm to get some help with a contract. He sees Kim and knows she is his mate. He also knows she is in heat. How can he be this close to her and not touch her? How can he tell her that he is a shifter without chasing her away? What is my brother doing with this contract? Eric knows he is up to something.

An erotic romance between a human women and a shape shifter. This is a sweet love story. A women who just wants to be loved & cherished and a man who just wants a family & a mate. With the brother and paranormal secrets standing in the way. This is a good easy read, not too deep and not a complicated story line. It has some fighting action and really good sex scenes. You really are rooting for Eric and Kim. The author also does a good job and hiding the brothers true intentions. Good read.


Colette L Saucier

Pulse And Prejudice
Author:  Colette L. Saucier
   Mr. Darcy has a secret that he has kept for the past 6 years.  Only 3 others know of it and he plans to keep it that way.  Upon getting to the country they have the unfortunate opportunity to meet the Bennett family.  Except the eldest (Jane) and possibly the second eldest (Elizabeth), they seem to be a loud, brash group that have yet to master the art of decorum or the rules of the ton.  And his friend, Mr. Bingley seems to be taken with Jane.  While visiting the Bingley household, Jane takes ill and is unable to travel back home.  So her sister Elizabeth comes to care for her.  During their visits to see how their daughter and sister are doing,  Mr. Darcy vows that they are beneath his friends station and he plots to break the budding relationship apart before it goes any further.  To this propose he hurries Mr. Bingley back to London.  His friend is feeling very blue since they returned and he is glad that he got him away before he was of the thinking that he might be in love with Jane.  But not long after their return, Mr. Darcy discovers that he is also missing one of the Bennett sisters, Elizabeth, very much.  He cant care for her, he has been so careful these past 6 years to keep himself apart from attachments that could never be.  So now what.....   Should he leave for the continent, where there wont be a chance he will see her again and feel the emptiness.  Or should he trust her with his secret and if she doesn't run away from him, give their feelings a chance.
  This is a historic romance with a touch of a paranormal element.  It started off a bit too close to Pride and Prejudice for me, as I did not care for Pride and Prejudice,  but then it grabbed my attention and imagination in the twists and turns of the main characters and I was quickly engrossed in the story and truly enjoying it.  The main characters offer an array of personalities that all seem to work great for the story.  This book was a nice change of pace from the typical romance with just enough of the paranormal.  Overall a really good book.
Theresa F.


J.S. Scott

The Beast Loves Curves

Ian is millionaire playboy. Until he is in an accident. He has some scaring and thinks he is ugly and no one will love him again. All the girls left him the minute he was hurt. A couple of friends have stood by him. When he sees a charity that he believes in he wants to set a website up to help raise money. Only the best will do for his website. Abbie works for a computer company and does websites on the side. She loves to do them. Her boss approaches her and says Ian wants her to create a website for him. She had just finished a beautiful one for a local charity that he really liked. She doesn't understand why he would want her for the job. Sandy, Abbie's best friend is also good friends with Ian. Sandy sees that Abbie has been crying again over her ex. Tim treated very badly do to Abbie being plus size, which didn't help with her insecurities. So Abbie takes the job. Not knowing how she was going to handle the beast, as most people call him. Ian has a reputation of being very difficult to work with. So they  meet to get a website together. Ian is immediately smitten and Abbie knows he is not a beast as they call him and doesn't see his scares as ugly. Will the two get together or will both of there insecurities prevent a love of a lifetime.

This was a cute short erotic romance between a millionaire and a plus size girl. As a plus size girl myself, this is a unmarried  girls dream. Cute millionaire comes on to me and wants me forever :).  The story really shows, we all have insecurities and things we don't like about ourselves. The trick is to over come them.  Abbie and Ian are relatable and there story is very sweet.Not a book with a deep plot or complex characters but a good make you feel good read.  The book is a erotic so for adults only. 

Michael Rose


Recommended for 13 and older. Minimal sexual content, but there is violent and adult content.

Because it is a very short story it is hard to do a review without giving too much away. While very reminiscent of Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe at a point, this is a deep space story that has a good build up and even leaves you with a good ending that I admit that I had to re-read twice to make sure I wasn't just jumping to conclusions because I'm a nurse.

FYI, this is short enough, and just enough build up, and realism, that I would even consider it for a campfire story to scare other teens and adults. After all, those are the scariest stories of them all.

    • Jamie K


Tori Scott

Blue Moon Over Texas  (Lone Star Cowboys)
Author:  Tori Scott
   Jake is not the kind of man to show his feelings.  His father taught him that showing feelings meant showing weakness.  But the woman he has wanted since high school, Carol, is always asking what he is feeling and he is always answering wrong.   He has asked her to stay in Morris Springs twice and twice she has left.  Now she is back and barely speaking to him and he cant even figure out what he did to make her so upset with him.
   Carol has loved Jake for so long she doesn't remember a time when she didn't, but he can't seem to admit he has feelings for her.  True, he had ask her to stay twice but both times she had to leave.  First for college and again to help his brother care for his daughter while he gained custody.  Why couldn't Jake understand. 
  Now Jake needs her help while he recovers from an injury and he doesn't seem very happy about it.  But Carol thinks this could be the chance to make him see that he really does have feelings for her and doesn't want her just to cook and clean and run his house but to love her and truly share his life with her.
  This is a follow up book to Blame It On Texas, by Tori Scott, and just like the first book, I really enjoyed this one too.  The author did a great job of making me feel connected to the characters and care about what was going on in their lives and their relationship.  The book was well written and easy to read and follow.  Thanks Tori, for writing us great cowboys to enjoy.
5 of 5 stars
Theresa F.


Followers wanted

Followers wanted and needed. Going to have my 1st interview either this wk or next. Got a couple of really good reviews on some AWESOME books coming. Please feel free to comment on books that sound good or that you have read. Also if you recommend a certain book, author or series,  please post below. I am all ways looking for new authors and stories. So you Authors, that want some free publicity, contact me. I have author interviews booked into Nov(special event  in NOV)!!  But looking for a special author/series  for Dec and then for 2013!



Tori Scott

Blame it on Texas (Lone Star Cowboys)
   Logan doesn't ever want to go back to his family's farm in Morris Springs, Texas.  Too many bad memories and guilty feelings.  But that is exactly what his sister is asking him to do.  Come home and help take care of their dad, who recently had a stroke.  He has a lot going on right now with his business and his ex-wife is avoiding his requests to see his daughter.  He doesn't have time for this.  His sister needs his help. So home is where he is going but he doesn't have to like it.  When his sisters friend, Megan, shows up with his daughter and  he knows things are going to change for everyone. So his sister asks her to stay for a few days.   He has never felt like a part of Morris Springs and is surprised when everyone is pleased to see him back home and how eager everyone is to help when his daughter is kidnapped.  He finally begins to understand that maybe it was him all along that didn't feel like he deserved to fit in and not the citizens of Morris Springs after all.  His feelings for Megan seem to be growing with every day she is there. But still all he seems to want is custody of his daughter and to get back to Dallas and his business.  Now back in Dallas he questions if this is really the life he wants or if he can finally go home for good. 
   This is a good book that has just the right amount of something to keep you interested in whats happening and wondering what would happen next.   The author did a great job of drawing you into the feelings of the characters so that you felt them yourself.  It was an easy read that kept me engaged the whole time.
Theresa F.


Fredrick Lee Brooke

DOING MAX VINYL  (An Annie Ogden Mystery)
Author:  Frederick Lee Brooke
  Max Vinyl thinks he has it all, he owns his own business (TSR Inc, a computer recycling company),  has many loyal employees because he is smart (or so he thinks) and hires them straight out of prison, he has a girlfriend who seems to enjoy their relationship as much as he does and he is just finishing up a huge business deal that will net him alot of money.  Suddenly his girlfriend (who is also his secretary) quits her job and breaks up with him, and Max feels like he is having bad day.  But soon his bad day turn into bad luck all around.  Is it his ex causing trouble or his new secretary?  Can his employees really be trusted or are they stealing from him?   Why does everyone seem to be mad at him?  By the time he figures it all out, it just might be too late.
This book was a little slow in getting started because it has alot of characters to introduce and explain how they fit into the plot.  But once it gets moving it will keep you reading to see what will happen next to the main character, Max.  Annie Ogden is an exciting and interesting character and I wish there was a little more about her.   Overall this was a good book that has alot of interesting characters to get into trouble and to go after Max. 
Teresa F
complimentary book given for a free review


Michelle Grogan

Forbidden Love

Jake is best friends with one of the biggest crime families in the city. He grew up with Johnny and now helps with his "business", both legal and illegal. Jessica, has just come home from college. Her and her farther do not have the greatest relationship but she is moving back to be close to him and to start a life on her own. Done with school for a time, she wants her own apartment with no more guards. Her farther wants her protected. Her farther has his own businesses, both legal and illegal. When Jessica convinces her father to let her get her own apartment, she is thrilled. She gets a job with Sara, Johnnies wife. Jake, being such good friends with Johnny and Sara comes to help Sara out and meets Jessica. The sparks fly. Johnny and Luis both hate the relationship and want it to stop. But how can you stop love? The love grows and Jessica, unknown to herself has become a target. Someone wants to bring down both mob families and are willing to use her to do it. The little town, just looks like a sleepy little town. With someone trying to bring down two crime families, will they stop them in time before someone is killed? Will Luis every accept Jake? "What if Love isn't enough?"

This was a good story for that person looking for a light mystery and a little romance. I would consider it almost a YA book. It does have one small sex scene but nothing terrible. Safe for 16 and up. Mild violence. Basically Forbidden Love is a Romeo & Juliet love story with mob families. It is a little predictable but I enjoyed the story. The action at the end will keep you on the edge of your seat. The ending surprised me. I wont give away any more than that.  

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Hello, all my followers, visitors, and guests. Welcome to Julies Book Review. This is a site dedicated to helping authors and readers alike. Readers to find new authors and stories and authors to find new readers. For authors please contact me if you are interested in low cost promotion at juliesbookreview@gmail.com. I accommodate where I can. Readers please go through and search the blog. We have been active here for a while. Hundreds on authors, stories and genres to choose from. We have everything from sci-fi, erotica, romance, contemporary, mystery and horror. And nothing gets on this site without a 3 out 5 star rating minimum. I have several reviewers that read different genres. If you are interested in reviewing for me and the site please contact me at the above email. I hope you enjoy the site. I look forward to meeting and talking with you all.

Julie Ramsey & Theresa Fehse
Along with many reviewers (which we could not do this without)