Michelle Grogan

Forbidden Love

Jake is best friends with one of the biggest crime families in the city. He grew up with Johnny and now helps with his "business", both legal and illegal. Jessica, has just come home from college. Her and her farther do not have the greatest relationship but she is moving back to be close to him and to start a life on her own. Done with school for a time, she wants her own apartment with no more guards. Her farther wants her protected. Her farther has his own businesses, both legal and illegal. When Jessica convinces her father to let her get her own apartment, she is thrilled. She gets a job with Sara, Johnnies wife. Jake, being such good friends with Johnny and Sara comes to help Sara out and meets Jessica. The sparks fly. Johnny and Luis both hate the relationship and want it to stop. But how can you stop love? The love grows and Jessica, unknown to herself has become a target. Someone wants to bring down both mob families and are willing to use her to do it. The little town, just looks like a sleepy little town. With someone trying to bring down two crime families, will they stop them in time before someone is killed? Will Luis every accept Jake? "What if Love isn't enough?"

This was a good story for that person looking for a light mystery and a little romance. I would consider it almost a YA book. It does have one small sex scene but nothing terrible. Safe for 16 and up. Mild violence. Basically Forbidden Love is a Romeo & Juliet love story with mob families. It is a little predictable but I enjoyed the story. The action at the end will keep you on the edge of your seat. The ending surprised me. I wont give away any more than that.  

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