Richards C Rogers

The Symbols at Your Door

I am quite impressed with this book. One of the reasons I say that is because the authors pacing was great. His characters relationships, as well as the story, gradually increase intensity and involvement. I will be waiting for the sequel to come out. Confirmed by the author himself, it is on the way!

Hazel is a quiet, secretive, well written teenager. Not thinking anything of it, she accepted a scholarship given to her for a summer writing camp. With everyone having horrible nightmares, Hazel knew something just wasn't right at the camp but, she tried to ignore her instincts and attempt normal interactions with other teenagers. That approach worked for a little while, until she is somehow confronted by her past she has fought to escape from. Her budding new friendships prove valuable as they end up having more in common than originally thought. We're they brought together by chance? There at camp, she ends up making great friends, allies and enemies where she had non before. At least, none that she knew of. Though her enemies knew of her and were waiting for an opportunity to strike. The heritage and practices of her ancestors became so much more relevant as she finds out more about herself and her new friends. After they leave camp they're lives are back to normal until they need each other again. Even though her friends have increased in numbers, her enemies are bigger, older, more powerful, and very dangerous killers. But, by working together they might be strong enough to take on whoever/whatever comes at them.

Cyndi F

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  1. Thank you for the thorough and thoughtful review. Such encouragement is very much appreciated!

    Richard C. Rogers


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