Jeaniene Frost

Once Burned: A Night Prince Novel

Frankie lives in a town with circus performers. Being in a circus is perfect for her. Not in a town very long, accepted by fellow freaks, and if damage is done she wouldn't be in a town long enough to trace it to her. When Frankie was a kid she was electrocuted. After waking from a coma, she has found that her mom was dead (trying to save her) and she now held a electric charge that released when she touched anyone. Marty, a vampire, also with the circus. Is Frankie's, fill in dad, best friend, and the only person that can handle touching her. If a walking electrical outlet wasn't bad enough. When her right hand touches anything she gets to see the sins of the person who has left an impression on the item. As Marty and her are training for their circus act, Frankie gets abducted. She knows they are vampires. They want her to touch some objects and tell them where the vampire who touched them is. Even though she doesn't want to help them, she is forced to. She is bombarded with the evil deeds of the man they are searching for. She sees that  he can wield fire without harming himself and is deadly in his fighting. Because she had touched one of her kidnappers, she knows they are going to kill her when they are done with her. So she decides to contact the killer from the items. He promises to not kill her and he comes to find the abductors. After being rescued, she doesn't know if she has just gone from one bad situation to another. And he may be crazy to boot. Vlad the Impaler died hundreds of years ago, didn't he....I mean the real Dracula? And with his fire abilities, Frankie's electrical charge does nothing to him. Will the fact her can touch her without harm, change the fear to attraction? Is he really the Vlad of history? And the abductors who were after Frankie, who hired them? Vlad agrees to protect her  but who will protect Frankie's heart? And will she finally learn how to control her own powers?

I have had this book for a while and finally had a chance to read it. The story was awesome. The character of Frankie has overcome huge odds and has already lost so much as the story begins. She believes she is on her own, except for maybe Marty. When Vlad enters the picture she is confused emotional and physically. She is feeling stuff she hasn't aloud herself to fell in years, due to her condition. Vlad enters with his own issues and problems. The only complaint,  would be the ending isn't the happily ever after I was hoping for.  It isn't a bad ending, so don't read to much in to it. But more of a too be continued in the next book. I guess when thinking  about it, it is more real. One book may not be enough to tell their story. I am hoping Ms Frost will send me the 2nd book to review on my blog.  Either way I can't wait to see what happens to Frankie and Vlad. This book had adult situations,(violence and sexual) so 18 and up.

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