Jennifer Jennings review #2

An Act Of Deceit

Sarah now has it in her blood. She is trying her hat at PI work with Carter. Carter a PI she works and meets in the 1st novella. The story opens with Sarah at a popular bar and a good looking man approaches her. Buys her a drink. Then offers to "walk her to her room". So they get into the room and he starts to take off his clothes when  Marty's (the guy with Sarah) wife comes out and confronts Marty. They are blowing up at each other and Sarah lets herself out. Her and Carter are talking about it afterwards and you find out the wife had hired them to prove her husband has been cheating. So Sarah goes back to her life. She is bored and is just on pins and needles for her next PI job. Her new secretary at the massage clinic is a man named Sam. A good friend of the family who thinks she is not taken care of by her husband Daniel. When Max shows up again her heart begins to pound but she also doesn't want to lead him on. All is back to the same old life until, she reads the paper and finds out Marty has been killed. She immediately calls Carter and they meet for coffee. Then they are approached by Marty's wife. She says they were reconciling and knows it was not a accident that the police think. She knows that he was murdered. Both Carter and Sarah doubt that it is true. But when she offers 3 grand to take the case, it makes them reconsider. So the investigation begins. Did Marty's womanizing ways make someone want to murder him? Or is there something else more to the story than what they could even imagine?

Jennifer Jennings did it again. Kept me glued to my kindle for the entire book. She may be converting me to mysteries. Sarah is a woman people can relate too. Someone looking for more in life and finds Carter's PI business. Jennifer really knows how to string you along and you think you know what happens and by the end you get surprised. As you are reading the story you get pulled into Sarah's everyday and the intrigue of finding out what happened to Marty. You will not be disappointed  reading this one. Wonderful read!

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  1. I love murder mysteries! Especially with the character being a PI. Enjoying this!

  2. Cheryl as long as you are a follower leave me your e-mail and you are entered in the drawing for the give away. winner to be announced on sat!

  3. Sounds like a good one that I would like!
    Thanks for your hard work on this site Julie!


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