REVIEW-Mark of the Dragon (Mysts of Santerrian) by Bill Morgan, M. R. Polish

Andra is a girl. Whats does that mean for her, well she knows that there has never been a woman Dragon Rider.  Tho her father is and his dragon are struck down , she now trains even harder, she will be the first woman Dragon Rider even if it kills her.  With help from other dragon riders she learns to fight , to survive.
For she must go out into the wilderness alone with many  hunting her as well as the elements she has to make this trek all by herself.  She will fight with everything she has to get the Mark of the Dragon.
Her countries enemy will do all they can to stop her from reaching her destination.  Andra will find out that she has more umph than she ever thought.

This is a FRIGGIN AWESOME BOOK.  Adults and YA will fall in love with the well rounded characters and will find themselves sitting on edge just to see what happens next.  Your emotions will be all over the place as you find yourself drawn into this story by 2 Masterful Story Tellers!!   I Highly  Highly Recomend this book.   Now I wait for book 2  impatiently!!

REVIEW-Shadow Bound - Book 4 (Crescent Bound) by Karli Rush

This is the fourth book in the Crescent Bound Series.  Parts of this story will be clearly understood if books one through three are read prior to this novel.
A Seer bound to a King by a prophesy , he will have good years, plenty of food, rule in wars....as long as not 1 drop of blood is shed by the seer.
A King who see's more to the seer than a seer but as a woman.
Alyssa was kept up tighter than a drum so that the prophesy stayed true.  But a seer wanting to be loved for who she is not what she is.
Will a war and blood be shed so that 2 people may come to love one another?

WOW, just WOW. This story was so not what I was expecting and yet it went above and beyond.
The characters are so well presented that you really come to care for all of them.
This story Shows that True Love will travel generations to reunite.
I Highly Recommend this book.

Review of The Macabre Mind of Lori R Lopez by Lori R Lopez

The Macabre Mind of Lori R Lopez
Lori R Lopez

A dark and light collection of horror tales from the morbid murky madness of author Lori R. Lopez, along with a poem, an introduction on fear, and a conclusion on why writers write . . . all previously published in anthologies, on websites, or individually as E-books . . . gathered in one spectacularly eerie volume! Horror, humor, and weirdities abound. From zombies and creatures to psychos, werewolves and Bigfoot, this is a horror collection you should not read alone!

1. Heartbeat: After the Zombie Apocalypse, civilization adapts to troubled times. Can the living and the undead co-exist in peace? A zombie defender must question his principles when a hunter becomes infected by the zombie plague and threatens the boy's mother.

2. The Wraith: A woman becomes intrigued by a brooding figure in one of her poems. She thinks she sees him everywhere she goes, an elusive presence. Is she going mad or is he really stalking her? Find out the twisted truth in an eerie tale that begins and ends with the haunting verse from which the phantom emerged.

3. Next Door: Have you ever wondered about your neighbors? A teen learns the terrible truth about the house next door in this comically chilling Halloween fright-fest.

4. Creep: What terror lurks behind the fence in an ordinary neighborhood? What manner of monster will you see if you peek through a knothole? Something ugly. Something angry. Something with a very large appetite. Take a peek, go ahead. And then run back the way you came!!! You do not want to reach the end of the fence . . .

5. Some Thing: A tongue-in-cheek tale about a man who drank the water, another man and his bazooka, and a lady with a loaded gun. Brought together in a showdown between paranoia and reality, three once-ordinary lives will never be the same. This horror fable is based on an actual environmental hazard along the Mexican border and the potential for disaster.

6. Macabre: A young woman's dream of independence is challenged when her parents depart and she must face her Night Frights. But she is never completely alone, for always the rickety windmill's presence haunts her. And what is in the house with her, playing games, chewing the furniture? Will she ever be able to outrun her fears?

7. Horrendus: A demonic entity will return at Midnight on All Hallows Eve to claim the lives of a child from each family. A young woman scoffs at the legend and invokes the monster's rage. She must face the truth and stand up to him alone to save her village.

8. Backlash: A very troubled man seeks professional help for his hang-ups, compulsions and phobias. But who needs help more, him or the doctor?

9. Fossil: Wellsby Manor has a history of bloodshed, built upon the grave of an evil entity who tormented and ate Stone Age humans then infected the soil for ages. His brutal presence inhabits the mansion, terrifying and slaughtering its occupants. Tobias Pallberry now intends to conduct a seance to contact the spirits of the dead. Those who attend must face a wild night of fright as The Bone Man awakens.

10. Chameleon: A furious woman tracks down the other girlfriends of the guy who broke her heart. A morality tale about a "Prince Charming" whose charm is spread a little thin. Some people just aren't who they seem . . .

11. The Lycaning: PARTS ONE AND TWO: This is not your traditional wolfman tale. An inventive and original take on a horror classic, THE LYCANING creates a new breed of the monster and a society transformed by a Werewolf Apocalypse. PART TWO delves deeper into the origins of character and plot. Secrets are revealed. Werewolves, humans, and were-zombies clash.

12. Unnatural: A Thin Man wanders into a world of trouble after the carnival that was his home goes bust. Adrift and alone, missing his sideshow friends, things get pretty freaky when he accepts a job for a doctor who isn't as nice as he seems. The oddities in his barn may bite!

13. Bloodpath: After striking something in the road with his truck, a man follows drops of blood through the forest to a mysterious settlement. Will he be able to save the young woman held prisoner by a primitive band of creatures with large feet?

This is a great read that keeps you turning pages until the very end. It's full of everything lots of stories that keep things interesting...lots of mystery, adventure, paranormal, & drama to keep you entertained. I really enjoyed it alot. This is my favorite book I've read by this author so far & I'm interested in reading more.

I rate this book 4 1/2 stars

Review of Swans Landing by Douglas Quinn

Swans Landing (Webb Sawyer Mystery #3)
Douglas Quinn

On the outer banks off North Carolina, Web is enjoying a quiet life. That is trying to, a little mix up with his ladies and a visit from his friend, Sunshine.

Sunshine is worried about her mother, Isabeau she is not returning phone calls and seems to be missing. Its not secret that Isabeau is a recovering meth addict, but is this a drug binge or just a vacation ? Two weeks and Sunshine is worried.

With the help of Webb and his girlfriend Nan, they are out to find where Isabeau is. Isabeau's landlord and boss simply tells them she went on vacation, but her story sounds sketchy. While in town, Isabeau is found murdered. Needing answers these 3 are set to find them.

They run into a few speed bumps along the way and Sunshine is even kidnapped. The answers they find are scary and are hard to believe.

This was a very intriguing read ! One you will want to stick to the very end :) The author did a good job of leading you to new twist and turns.

5 stars

Review of Night Tide by Michael Sherer

Blake Sanders is trying to live his life. He works two jobs, delivering papers and washing dishes. Blake just tries to get thru living life one day at a time. He is still dealing with his losing his son, being divorced and dealing with ADD.

Blake has not thought about his life in the midwest since he left college. Now, 20 years later his friend, Perry Langford, aka Wink, is now out of prison for causing an explosion and murder in a university lab. Perry is released and soon comes up missing. . . . . this is where Blake's life gets a little crazy ! ! !

Perry is seeking revenge and wants justice for all involved. He is still claiming his innocence. Not only is Perry looking for this justice so is Keely Radcliffe. Keely knows Perry spent time for a crime he did not commit. She, to is looking for justice. Keely's sister was killed in that explosion and now its time for answers.

As Keely shows up on Blake's door he gets tangled into a game of cat and mouse. Answers do get answered but the twist and turns they take to get them is scary ! Its a nail bitter and will keep you asking who, what and why ???

Its a great novel ! It is the second in a series and is a good stand alone read.

4 stars

Review of The Mistaken by Nancy Thompson

The Mistaken
Nancy Thompson

Tyler Karras was the older brother, always wanting to help his kid brother. Tyler felt he needed to be there for his brother and clean his messes up. Nick was one of those that made promises but just could not follow thru. Not with Tyler not even with himself.

Nick gets into serious trouble with the Russian Mafia and this time Tyler is putting his life on the line to bail him out. Tyler feels guilty for past issues with Nick and wants to make sure Nick is safe and turning his life around.

Tyler marries his fiance Jullian, with a baby soon on the way its time to go house hunting. When they hit a brick wall things go wrong . . . . Tyler finds himself wanting revenge, this time Nick is there to help, or at least Tyler thinks. . . . .

There is so much to say about this book ! I LOVED it ! I felt anger, sad and just depressed for Tyler and Nick. Its a fast pace book and I promise one you could not put down. This story will stay with you . . . . . .

5 thrilling stars

Dixie Lynn Dwyer Special Post (petra)

Hello Dixie Lynn Dwyer Reading Fans,

 On December 16th, The American Soldier Collection- Their Masquerade will be released on Siren Publishing.
I'm so excited about this new release and hope that my readers will enjoy the story.
Sometimes the circumstances of life, or the need to fulfill what one might think are the most important things in life, soon prove to be not so important.
Especially when those goals, those determinations even revenge itself, bring one further and further away from love.
To be so scared, so uncertain and afraid to open up ones heart and give love a chance because of pre assumptions or false ideas, could truly allow true love to slip right through ones finger tips.
This is the case for Mariah, Quentin, Deacon, Axel and L.T.
They have all lost. They all have scars of their own, fears and uncertainties about how much they can give, or even if they are capable of loving at all.
Hiding behind their own masks, a public display of courage, lies created in their minds to hide from the truth in fear of opening up their hearts, when fate steps in.
One special night. Danger lingering around them, but the power of love, affection, friendship and desire emerge in a masquerade waiting to be revealed.
Will they remove their masks? Will they open of their hearts, their hidden desires and follow a greater instinct and power?
May you enjoy the story of Their Masquerade.


Karli Rush Special post (Patches)

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Kristine Cayne special post (Patches)

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Humeira A Kazmi Special post (Petra)


“Call me Demon.”

Oh yes. Please do! And while you’re at it do check out the shimmering aqua specks in his

dreamy eyes. His firm jawline and deep voice were created to enchant all those who possess

a beating heart. And if, by some stroke of misfortune and bad taste, you are one of the strong

minded ones – like Aoife – then be prepared to lose yourself whilst you listen to his mesmeric


Think you get what I’m talking about? Well, I’m happy we’re on the same page. For every

girl out there who dreams of a handsome, mysterious man in her life who loves her to bits and

expresses that with unabashed passion, has eyes only for her and will move mountains just to

see her smile – brace yourself.

Demon is not that guy.

Yeah, you read me right. Demon couldn’t care less if you tripped over a dagger in the dark

that he’d left lying on the floor and cut yourself. What he would like to know is why in hell

were you snooping around in the dark when you don’t have night vision? Pertinent question,

I’d say. And oh – do put the dagger back in place and of course, mop the blood off his floor as

you leave. What’s that? Band Aid? I’m sorry – did you spill your brains out somewhere in the

process? Clean that up too if you did!

Too rude? Try this for etiquette.

Ask him a wrong question or disobey a direct order and those dreamy eyes with aqua

specks will turn into portals of fury that may chill your soul to the core. That deep voice,

mesmeric accent and the firm jawline will soon cease to ooze warmth once you’ve encountered

the sharp tongue and wit that controls them all. And don’t even get me started on that mark on

his chest. Touch that and be burnt to dust. Or similar.

Now, he may have a box of tissues and I swear in the name of all things pure that you’ll

need a truckload when dealing with him but may I suggest you reach out for your sense of

humor first? That’s about the only element known to work on him. He digs wits.

But goodness, what’s with the attitude? What’s his problem? You ask with a nose that’s

ruffled up to your forehead perhaps. But don’t bother to hide it – I can already feel your

interest in him. Trust me, it gets worse.

His problem is that he is the Krâl of Volttus and the Ruler of the universe of Realm by

benefit of sheer power and accession to the throne. Hence, of course, he expects to be treated

royally. Me king, you nothing. It’s really quite simple if you pay attention. Or don’t. Krâl doesn’t

really care because as long as you live in the Realm, you obey his rules.

Demon is not even his name. That’s a title given to the ruler of the kingdom of Volttus

that he so flawlessly rules. It’s a title that represents supremacy. It invokes fear in the hearts of

enemies and not necessarily warmth in the hearts of allies. Because like it or not and like you

will, the Demon Krâl could be ruthless and be answerable to no one. He rules the universe of

Realm just as well as he reigns over his kingdom of Volttus. He uses his power – or his magic if

you will – to suit his fancies alone. Be it for good or evil.

And where does this chunk of hunk get his smashing personality? From US of course! The

Authors ;)

Exactly which trait or characteristic he derives from either of us is difficult to say. IMO,

that tiny molecule of emotion that still beats in some forgotten corner of his being, he got from

Shami. It’s because of her that he still recognizes a good soul when he sees one. From me, he

gets his temper. His fearless arrogance for anything that displeases him is what reminds me

of me. But his wit and sense of humor belong to us both. And that is something to be mighty

proud of.

You’ve probably guessed by now that Demon is the male lead of Aoife & Demon: Cursed be

the Syhlain, the delectable brainchild of our succulent minds. Not that you should feast on our

brains at any point but do read the book.

There’s more to Demon than this post can say but one thing I’m dead sure of. When you

read him, you’ll eat him!

Links to follow:




J.A. Dennam Special Post (Patches)

Happy Holidays to all! I'd like to thank Julie's Book Review for inviting me to

participate in this giveaway. I'm feeling great about where things are headed. So much

has happened in the last year. The first novel in my Captive Series, TRUTH AND

HUMILITY, made it to #14 in Amazon Romantic Suspense. I acquired an agent. Won

awards. Sold more books than I possibly dreamed of. But, best of all, my readers have

given me such inspiration I can't help but want to give a little back. I'll explain how in a

First, I'd like to talk about my current work in progress. I'm hoping to release

HELL'S HILLTOP, the third installment of my Captive Series, in January 2014. In Part 1

titled CRYSTAL MAC, we get to follow our favorite secondary character...Mac. Yes! I

listened to you and granted him an important role in the grand finale. Our reluctant hero

must "babysit" a former enemy, Crystal, while she carries out an important mission to

ensure the safety of those he loves. However, her agenda seems to be a little off, geared

more toward torturing him with her feminine wiles. But, will the wild ride she takes him

on earn his affection? His respect? Or both?

Part 2, PLAN B: Fireman, Ty Ferguson, is faced with impossible challenges in

his quest to regain his friends' trust. His biggest challenge by far is Rena Hellberg, the

beautiful, unpredictable, unstable and dangerous psyche-ward escapee who holds the key

to his success. Or does she? We all know her from the first two books and aren't quite

sure what to expect. Will the pressures imposed on her prove too much for her to handle?

Or can Ty help her keep it together by "treating" her anxiety any way he can?

A lot of TRUTH AND HUMILITY fans think of this as Danny's series. She is, by

far, the most beloved female character I've written. However, I believe the honor goes to

Rena. If you think about it, she started the story off. And with HELL'S HILLTOP, she'll

end it...with her signature flare.

Now onto some other big news. As you know, reviews can be very diverse

depending on the individual tastes of the reader. Some are good, some bad. Some hurt

like a bitch, but I try not to let them discourage me. Amidst the diversity, one thing

remains pretty consistent. People love my characters. It is deeply rewarding to hear since

I put so much of my heart into them. I'm in love with each and every one, including the

baddies. They are constantly in my thoughts, experiencing incredible things long after the

stories are written.

As an Indie author, I'd like to exercise the freedoms the word "independent" offers

me. Where my passion for writing isn't muddied by rules, deadlines and boundaries. My

stories are my own. My characters are at my mercy and no one else's. I'd like to use them,

abuse them, love them, hate them, torture them and pleasure them on a regular basis.

Therefore, I'm announcing the launch of my Facebook group called "Dennam's

Character Cave." In this cave, you'll be able to enjoy your favorite characters with

complimentary vignettes by yours truly. I'll post at random, whenever the urge hits me,

with no rules or structure to limit my fancies. Sorry, kids, but there will be no room for

censorship in this cave; therefore, you must be 18 or older to join :)

Along with character vignettes, I'll post photos, updates on my full-length novels,

and hold contests geared solely toward my readers. To keep it streamline, only I will be

able to post, but all are welcome to leave comments.

I chose the Facebook platform rather than my Wordpress blog or Goodreads

because it is where I communicate most with my friends, readers and general audience.

This will be a closed group. Anyone can see it, but only members will see the posts. You

can add as many friends as you'd like. The more the merrier, but I'll need to approve them

just to ensure they are 18 or older.

The self-publishing challenges we face in such a saturated market make it difficult

for us to succeed. I've tried it all, from blog tours to release parties to giveaways to paid

ads. I still don't know what works, but somewhere along the way I've managed to gain

an incredible following. This is my way of singling you out, working for you, showing

you my appreciation and, at the same time, keeping the passion alive. As a result, I

hope to utilize the best possible marketing tool out there for an independent writer like

myself...word of mouth.

You can join "Dannam's Character Cave" by following this link:


Again, invite as many friends as you like! I write gritty, action-packed, sensual

romantic suspense. If you'd like to get to know my characters before investing $3.99 in a

book, here's your chance. Enjoy, and THANK YOU for reading!

- J. A. Dennam
 Image of J. A. Dennam

Tessa Dawn Special Feature (Patches)

The Difference between Dark Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, and Horror: Why Genre Matters.

The Difference between Dark Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, and Horror:
Why Genre Matters.
By Tessa Dawn

If one were to compare the world of fiction to a shopping mall, genre would be the large neon sign outside of a store, advertising sports, shoes, or jewelry…

Enter here.

While we might expect to find some chocolates in the jewelry store and maybe even a jersey or two in the shoe store, we would not search for a new necklace in the hat store, nor would we look for a killer pair of spiked heels in the pet store. You get the point: When classified correctly, genre lets us know what to expect when we enter the metaphorical storefront of fiction. It helps to eliminate confusion and disappointment for everyone involved: Publishers connect the “right” readers with the “right” authors, which generates revenue; readers find what they’re looking for, which breeds satisfaction; and authors receive fairer reviews by excluding unsuspecting shoppers who may otherwise wander into the wrong store, perhaps with the best intentions, only to be confused…or worse, disappointed with the type of merchandise they find.

So, where do we begin in our quest to sort through the Dark Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, and Horror genres? Perhaps with the most basic elements of fiction: setting, theme, protagonist, and point of view.

A horror book can be set anywhere, but wherever it is, something is going to go “bump in the night.” Something is going to threaten, attack, or try to harm the main character(s). In fact, the purpose of a horror book is just that—to scare the reader. It is usually in the victim’s point of view, although there are occasional exceptions to this rule; and the hero or heroine try to survive, defeat, or outlast the “monster.” The protagonist is easy to identify—he or she is the one trying to get away…and live! The antagonist is easy to identify as well; he or she (or it) is the one with the chain saw, the ax, the vial full of acid…
Readers can expect shock, gore, terror, disgust, some measure of violence, and absolute titillation. While the author may add humor, romance, suspense, or any number of additional elements to the story, the reader has signed on for a scary read.

Paranormal Romance
Like Horror, a Paranormal Romance may take place in any number of settings; however, because it is paranormal, there must be something supernatural about the story: Often, this is the inclusion of witches, warlocks, vampires, werewolves, faeries, or the like. One thing is not up for debate: two or more characters are going to engage in an intimate, romantic, or deeply emotional relationship. In fact, the purpose of a romance book is precisely that – to chronicle the relationship between primary characters. Consequently, it is the relationship that must overcome internal and external conflicts, for in a romance novel, the relationship must drive the plot. It is the center of the novel’s universe, and everything else revolves around it.

If the axis of a romance novel is relationship, then the mandate of a romance novel is HEA (to end in Happily Ever After). For this reason, readers choose the genre to feel a sense of relief, triumph, and peace in the end. The hero is typically a main character who falls in love (as is the heroine if it is a heterosexual pairing), and the romance is almost always written in the protagonist’s point of view. I say almost always in case someone invents an exception: I’ve never personally seen one. Again, the author may add humor, suspense, mystery, or even some elements of horror, but the reader has signed on to watch a relationship unfold. And in the end, it should all be A-Okay.

Dark Fantasy
Falling under the broad category of Speculative Fiction, a Dark Fantasy may also take place just about anywhere; however, the use of the term fantasy implies the fantastical element of world-building. In other words, the world itself is somehow different. Maybe it takes place beneath the sea or on another planet; maybe it takes place in post-apocalyptic or medieval times (the latter is often referred to as gothic); or maybe it takes place right here on earth. In the case of this planet, something about the world will still be different, supernatural, or fantastical. The characters may fly or use magic. Maybe they speak telepathically or wander around as zombies. Maybe they consist of vampires, werewolves, and the like; or maybe, they just adhere to a completely different set of rules or physical laws. One way or another, the world will be altered.

The other surprising yet important fact about Dark Fantasy is that it has its roots in Horror. Like Horror, Dark Fantasy will include something raw, edgy, shocking, disturbing, or cringe-worthy. Something dark.  Unlike Horror, it will often be written from the “monster’s” point of view; and by monster, I mean the vampire’s, werewolf’s, dragon’s, witch’s, etc. The protagonist may very well be capable of both good and evil; at the least, he or she contains characteristics of both or struggles with shadow impulses. The antagonist, if there is one, will be the epitome of darkness—no slightly offensive guys or gals here. These are the real deal.

While it may be frightening in places, the purpose of Dark Fantasy is not to scare the reader (or to kill off all the teenagers, townspeople, or stage extras in reverse order of importance—you get the point). It is meant to explore the shadow nature of being: to ask questions such as, what is darkness? What forms does darkness take? Why does it exist? And how do we define it, grapple with it, and overcome it? Like the best-selling book, Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James, which explores the various deviant tendencies of the main male character, Dark Fantasy explores the infinite gradations of shadow. It may vary in levels of exploration, but the reader can absolutely expect to deal with the darker aspects of life at some point. That said, Dark Fantasy, may also incorporate romance (yes, even HEA endings), suspense, humor, and many other cross-genre elements; however, if it is a light easy read from start to finish, it is not Dark Fantasy.

Urban Fantasy, for the record, maintains the fantastical elements of world-building, may include supernatural characters, and primarily takes place in an urban setting. While it can be dark, it doesn’t have to be. Often, Urban Fantasies will resemble Paranormal Romance with one important difference: their main focus is the story, life, and development of the hero or heroine—not the primary relationship between two or more characters (should such a relationship exist). As with the other genres, the conflict(s) may be internal, external, or some combination of both.

In closing, I would have to say that while these genres have a lot in common, their differences are conspicuously different. Within the genres of Horror, Paranormal Romance, and Dark Fantasy, readers may find many elements which cross over—all three could showcase a werewolf, for example. All three could make the reader laugh out loud or sit on the edge of his or her seat. However, the primary purpose of the book, where it intends to take the reader and how it will make the reader feel along the way, will vary considerably. More importantly, what the reader can expect to find, at least to some degree—a life-and-death battle against a killer, a relationship unfolding, or a dark element persisting—is not up for debate.

What is up for debate, and often a mystery, is the careless way in which bookstores or online distributors “shelve” the material, placing anything anywhere, for any reason—as if it doesn't matter. Not surprisingly, readers often get confused, and avid seekers of a particular category find themselves picking up an alternative genre. More often than not, if the back blurb was well-written and the book contains a favorite character type (say a vampire or a shape shifter), readers find something new to love; but sometimes, they find themselves bored silly (expecting much more shadow or tension), utterly confused (wondering where in the world is Xzar, and why does Sally live there with a pixie?), or shocked right out of their gourd (did that nice, handsome vampire just rip someone’s throat out?). When in doubt, it’s worth a trip to the author’s website. He or she often knows exactly what they write—and why—even if it’s wonderfully complex or, heaven forbid, cross genre. Wink-wink.

As for me, I write Dark Fantasy (The Blood Curse Vampire Series), and I include very strong elements of romance and suspense. I don’t, however, write genre Paranormal Romance or genre Horror, although I’d like to try my hand at the latter someday – perhaps Professor Plum in the library with a stake? Oh wait, that’s Mystery; and this article is done. #

Felicity Heaton Special Post (Patches)

Kissed by a Dark Prince, the first book in Felicity Heaton’s hot new paranormal romance series,

Eternal Mates, is now available in ebook and paperback. You can also download a 6 chapter sample

of the novel: http://www.felicityheaton.co.uk/kbadp

Kissed by a Dark Prince and the Eternal Mates series is set in the same world as the Vampire Erotic

Theatre series, so if you’re a fan of that series, you will love Eternal Mates. Throughout this series,

you’ll have a chance to catch up with the cast of the Vampire Erotic Theatre series and learn more

about their world.

Kissed by a Dark Prince (Eternal Mates Romance Series Book 1)

Felicity Heaton

Olivia thinks it’s her lucky night when a dangerously handsome unconscious fae ends up on her

inspection table. He’s her chance to redeem herself with her employer, the demon-hunting

organisation, Archangel. But when the tall, dark and deadly immortal warrior awakes, she gets much

more than she bargained for…

Attacked by his enemy in the elf kingdom, the last thing Prince Loren expects when he comes around

is a beautiful angel watching over him and medical technology of the mortal realm. Hazy from his

injuries, all he can focus on is the pulse ticking in her throat and the sweet allure of her blood.

One single bite reveals she is his eternal mate, triggering a bond between them that will leave him

weakened until it is completed… or broken, and pulling Olivia into the crossfire of his ancient feud.

To protect his people and his mate from the machinations of a madman, Loren must risk everything

by working with Olivia at Archangel to find a way to break the bond blossoming between them.

But will Loren be strong enough to place duty before desire and give up the one thing he has waited

millennia for and craves above all others—his eternal mate? And will Olivia be able to resist the

incredible heat that burns between them and the temptation of her dark prince’s kiss?

Kissed by a Dark Prince is available from Amazon Kindle, Kobo Books, Barnes and Noble Nook,

Apple iBooks stores and other retailers. Also available in paperback. Find the links to your

preferred retailer at: http://www.felicityheaton.co.uk/kbadp

Kissed by a Dark Prince – Excerpt

Olivia folded her arms across her chest. “Your enemy could have killed you rather than dump you

at my door. I still don’t get why you haven’t just killed him before. You’ve been at war for four

thousand years. There must have been opportunities.”

“I almost succeeded once.” He began pacing again, long strides eating up the stone floor with ease.

The man couldn’t keep still whenever he felt agitated and watching him pace only served to agitate

her. It showed off his body in far too good a light and gave her a terrible excuse to stare. “I came

close to killing Vail’s ki’ara... it would have given me a chance to capture him.”

Olivia didn’t miss that he had said capture him. Not kill him. Now she knew why they had been

fighting for so long. The prince couldn’t bring himself to kill this psychopath. Why not?

“What’s a ki’ara?” She figured it was safer than probing about his reasons for not killing his enemy.

He glanced across at her. “It is our term for our fated female... our eternal mate. You are my ki’ara.

The dark witch named Kordula is Vail’s ki’ara.”

So his enemy was another elf, and he had a fated female too, and the prince had tried to kill her.

“Do you get like a harem of them... or is it a one-time deal?” She hoped he didn’t say that each elf

only got one ki’ara, but the solemn edge to his purple eyes warned that he was going to shatter that

hope the moment he spoke.

“We have one fated female.” He looked away from her again, his head lowered now, his focus on his

knee-high black boots.

Whatever this ki’ara thing was, she had the impression that elves placed a lot of value on it and it

wasn’t something they gave up lightly. She couldn’t imagine having just one shot at true love. The

prince was five thousand years old and now he had found his ki’ara, in her, and he didn’t need to

say it aloud for her to know that he was thinking about giving her up. He didn’t act or look like a man

who was happy to have found his soul mate and was going to fight to keep her.

“What happened with Vail and his ki’ara?” Olivia said and he stopped pacing, his gaze on the floor

and his eyes widening.

He frowned and spat out what she could imagine was a vile curse.

“I am a fool. I have been looking at this all wrong.” He threw his head back and growled, his fangs

sharp and ears pointed again. “Vail will seek you out and torture you to drive me to the brink. He is

seeking revenge and desires me to suffer as he had. He will use you to hurt me.”

Olivia’s blood chilled to sub-zero temperatures and she stared at him, struggling to get past the part

about this madman torturing her.

She managed to reach the end of what he said and realised that what he had told her earlier hadn’t

been something romantic or noble at all. He had meant it literally. If someone hurt her, then he

would feel it. He would share her pain.

Olivia couldn’t comprehend that. It was too much. She couldn’t breathe as the weight of it pressed

down on her and the thought of being tortured closed her throat. Her head spun, the room viciously

turning with it.

“Calm yourself!” he bellowed, a dark commanding snarl.

No. She was damned well going to have herself a major panic attack and he could damned well deal

with it. She was sure that a panicking woman wasn’t on his list of things he enjoyed dealing with, but

he had just announced that someone was out to torture her and considering this man had beaten

the crap out of the prince, she felt her demise at his hands was somewhat inevitable.

“Female,” the prince gritted out and Olivia tried to focus on him.

He wobbled into focus and she frowned when she saw he was clutching his chest and was paler than

ever, on the verge of collapse too.

Oh my God. He didn’t only share her pain.

His knees gave out, sending him crashing to the floor, and he whipped out a vicious curse in English

this time, his handsome face contorting, revealing how much he despised what was happening to

him. Olivia rushed to him and crouched before him. He inhaled hard, his shoulders heaving with

each breath, struggling for air just as she had been a moment ago. She laid her hand on his shoulder.

He was shaking like a leaf.

Olivia ran her hand along his jaw and lifted his chin, and studied his eyes. She tilted his head towards

the light and away, monitoring the responsiveness of his pupils.

“What’s wrong?” She checked his pulse, pressing her fingers against his neck. It was fast, far quicker

than it had been when she’d had him hooked up to the machines in the lab.

She dropped her hand away.

It matched hers.

“Not used to the pace,” he ground out. He was talking about his heartbeat. Her heartbeat. She

swallowed, stunned by the reality before her.

The bond between them was so deep that it affected him physically. It linked them right down to

their hearts.


He sat back in front of her and drew in slow breaths and her eyes widened when her pulse began to

slow. He was the one making it happen.

Olivia tried to help him, seeking calm amongst the raging storm of her feelings, but it was hard. She

was in a strange environment, felt threatened and overwhelmed, and someone was out to torture

her. Just thinking about that had her pulse picking up again.

“Calm yourself.” He was back to commanding her again.

“I’m trying... it’s... I can’t... it’s too much.” Olivia’s panic spiked, her hand shaking against his face.

He looked deep into her eyes and then she was in his arms, held close to him, and they were

kneeling together on the floor.

Familiar scents swirled around her and she instantly felt more relaxed. “What did you do?”

He drew back from her and she found that he had taken her home and they were kneeling in the

middle of her small living room on the cream carpet, between the beige sofa and the TV.

The prince brushed cool fingers across her brow. “You feel better now.”

She nodded, her heart levelling out again, the soft feel of the carpet beneath her knees and the

familiar surroundings making her feel comforted and safe.

He sighed.

“I cannot remain here... and that means you cannot either... but I will not rush you,” he said in a low

voice, one laced with a solemn note.

She appreciated that because she could see how difficult this was for him. He was a man used to

issuing orders and having someone instantly obey. He was a man unused to having a weakness and

she knew that was what she was. She didn’t want this bond between them either. She wanted it

undone or broken or just gone somehow. She didn’t care how.

“Is there a way to undo it?” she whispered, afraid to hope that there was.

“It is possible it may fade if we do not complete it. I will have my men look into it and we will know

soon enough if it is possible to break the bond. If it is possible, you will be free to go.”

She didn’t like the sound of that. “And if it isn’t?”

“If it is not possible, then my only choice will be to complete the bond. Completing the bond will

restore my strength, because it will make you immortal, stronger.” He held her gaze, unflinching

as she glared at him, thinking about giving him another piece of her mind. “You must understand...

I must defeat my enemy and to do that, I need to regain my strength, whether that is through

breaking or completing our bond.”

In other words, she wasn’t getting a choice. He was just going to make that decision for her.

Kissed by a Dark Prince is available from Amazon Kindle, Kobo Books, Barnes and Noble Nook,

Apple iBooks stores and other retailers. Also available in paperback.

Find all the links and a fantastic 6 chapter downloadable sample of the book, at her website: http:/


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Kissed by a Dark Prince (Eternal Mates Romance Series Book 1)

Claimed by a Demon King – coming February 2014

About Felicity Heaton:

Felicity Heaton is a USA Today and international best-selling author writing passionate paranormal

romance books. In her books she creates detailed worlds, twisting plots, mind-blowing action,

intense emotion and heart-stopping romances with leading men that vary from dark deadly

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If you want to know more about Felicity, or want to get in touch, you can find her at the following


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Mailing List: http://www.felicityheaton.co.uk/newsletter.php
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review of Two Brothers: Origin (A Ramtalan Trilogy) By Sofia Diana Gabel

Two Brothers: Origin (A Ramtalan Trilogy) By Sofia Diana Gabel

Twin brothers Argus & Tai  Dachel raised by their aunt because their parents are dead in outskirts of Palmdale CA. Home-schooled because they are special.

Upon enrolling to local highschool, they find out just how special they really are. Part Alien and part human. They must keep their powers in check so no one finds out about them.
That in itself is going to be harder than anyone thought at 17 yrs old they just want to fit in.
Between the school bully a geek and a girl and a real Alien Hunter, fitting in was not in the cards.

This is a wonderful book.  Adult or teen will enjoy this story.  It has the old show Roswell to it and just as good as the show if not better.

I really liked the boys and the trouble they kept finding themselves in. With new powers coming forward all the time it is no wonder the higher-ups want them back.

I will be letting my teen read this book and telling her friends all about it!


Review of The Room Beyond by Stephanie Elmas

The Room Beyond
Stephanie Elmas

Serena is seeking employment from the Hartreve family as a nanny. A job she doesn't really have alot of experience with but is willing to learn. Once she arrives at 36 Marguerite Avenue she is consumed with the mystery of what happened to 34 Marguerite ?

The story is told from two different time periods. One from Serena and her experience and one from the 1800's that tells what happened at 34 Marguerite. The more Serena gets to know the family, their seems to be oddities about them. Serena spends her day with Beth, who is four, one that does not like to be around other children. Beth's world is the house and the secrets that lives in the walls of it. Serena is still trying to run from her own childhood ghostly memories, will this be the place that will protect her ?

The secrets will be relived and told, the story is one that grabs you from the first page. A well written thriller. I didn't have trouble following the interweaving of two stories and they seemed to pick right up where the other left off. I could not help but to feel the story told from the 1800's was so dark and depressing. Its one you will not want to put down !  ! 

5 stars


Mina J Moore special Post (patches)

I will be giving away A Vampire's Touch (Prequel) in preparation for Velvet Dreams, book one of The Red Velvet Trilogy.

Post Blurb:

Hello everyone!  I am excited to be releasing book one in The Red Velvet Trilogy soon.  

The History…

Born into the Vampri race, these vampires wield special gifts unique to their race. Now they face near extinction as they battle the Insurgents, rebel vampires who fell to the dark leadership of Dredge.  One of the originals, Dredge was formerly mated to Rayslin and together, created the Vampri.  The most powerful and respected of their kind, Dredge becomes ambitious and rallies a civil war which lasts decades and decimates many on the defending ranks.  Betrayed and devastated, Rayslin goes into hiding but not before creating The Legion, a group of the strongest warriors, to battle the darkness inflicted by her former mate.  

Start with Velvet Dawn, a free short introduction to the series available on Smashwords and Wattpad.  

Enjoy and good luck!

Live, Love and Read
Mina J. Moore
Author of Scorching Paranormal/Romantic Fiction with Edge...

Facebook: Words With Edge

Nickie Wells Special Post (Donna)

Donna: As you may know, I’ve included Nicky Wells in my list of favorite authors of 2013. Today, it’s my great pleasure to host three of Nicky’s main characters to find out a little bit more about this author. Please welcome the one and only Dan Hunter, rock singer and front man of UK rock band, Tuscq; Sophie Penhalligan-Jones; and Jude Shaw. Thank you all for coming!

Dan: Thanks for inviting us here, Donna. We don’t often get a chance to talk about our author, and this is a great opportunity.

Donna: So, Nicky writes books about rock stars. Where does she get her ideas?

Sophie: She’s like me. She loves rock music. She loves rock stars. She just can’t help making up stories about them.

Dan: She does a lot of research, too. She goes to rock concerts all the time, and she’s built up a nice little network of industry contacts to help her put some real teeth into her tales. You know, all that stuff about recording and touring… Nicky likes to understand how things work, so she goes all out on the research. She’s even been to a recording studio and laid down a track herself to see what it’s like.

Jude: And I hear she’s a chronic insomniac. I know for a fact that I was conceived in the middle of the night when she couldn’t sleep, and she had all these fragments of ideas going round her head.

Donna: Does she look after you well?

Dan: What do you mean?

Donna: Do you like your stories?

Sophie: Heck, yes! My goodness, what a rollercoaster she’s given me. When the story began, I kept asking myself, where is she taking me? How can she possibly make my humdrum little existence exciting to her readers? Bang came that encounter at the airport, bang, and Dan was back in my life, and bang all hell broke loose. Oh, and she let me travel. I never thought I’d see so many places in my life.

Dan: I have to admit, I had a bit of a hard time halfway through the Trilogy. It was really painful watching Sophie fall in love with another man. I had a long heart-to-heart with Nicky about this, and she begged me to have faith. So I sat back and waited and hoped for the best. But yes, I do like my story. I think I come out of it rather well.

Sophie: All the girls love you. You had a reviewer hiding in the photocopy room at her work to get to the end of the Encore!

Dan: Well, yes, there is that…

Jude: I love my story. My goodness, if Nicky hadn’t stepped in, I’d be… well, I wouldn’t be making music anymore, that’s for sure.

Donna: What is she like when she’s writing?

Sophie: Obsessed!

Dan: Distracted. As in, the phone rings, and she’ll look at it as if to say, “what the heck is that thing and where did it come from?” I truly believe she loses track of time and real life when she’s writing us. It can be quite funny, actually.

Jude: She sings! She sings all the time. You should have heard her belt out all those Christmas rock tunes while she was writing my story.

Sophie: Oh yes, she does sing. And she jiggles up and down when the plot thickens, or when she’s written a particularly good scene.

Dan: I swear she blushes when she writes the…um… well… romance scenes.

Sophie: She does not!

Dan: She does, too. That scene on the coach… she was practically glowing.

Sophie: How would you know? You were otherwise engaged!

Dan: I could feel her cheeks burn.

Sophie: I doubt that, but I tell you what. She doesn’t half cry. My goodness, she went through two packs of tissues when she wrote that scene about how I remember Steve. You know, after the fake burglary when you came round to my house, and you cuddled me, and I fell asleep and remembered? I don’t know who was more upset then, me or Nicky.

Donna: Speaking of… That was a terrible shock, that was. Does Nicky put on the bossy hat, or do you get a say in your destiny?

Sophie: She’s got it all planned out, usually, and that’s good. But I’ve had the odd occasion to object, here or there, and Nicky’s been really good about listening and making adjustments.

Jude: I’d have to agree with that. She does listen. Like my girlfriend Carrie, well, she had some concerns about taking me back just like that. She said that I needed to show a lot more regret and love. So Nicky went back and added a whole little subplot involving memories and baubles and tokens of affection. It worked out fabulously in the end, and Carrie was well chuffed.

Donna: What are Nicky’s worst habits when she’s writing?

Dan: She’s a perfectionist.

Sophie: She drinks way too much coffee. I get dizzy just thinking about the amount of caffeine going round her body.

Jude: She doesn’t eat enough chocolate, and then she gets all grumpy when her sugar levels drop.

Donna: Perfectionism, too much caffeine and too little sugar. That’s an intriguing combination. Guys, it’s been wonderful chatting with you today. I hope you can come back again sometime soon. Oh, I do have one last question. Do you know what Nicky is working on now?

Sophie: I do! She’s working on two novels concurrently, mad woman that she is. One is called “Fallen For Rock” and it tells the story of Emily, who ditched her wanna-be-rockstar boyfriend Nate because, well, frankly, she can’t stand rock. The lead singer of a famous rock band shows her the error of her ways but really, all she wants is for Nate to come back to her. Alas, it’s not as simple as that… and I won’t say any more than that for now.

Jude: And her second work-in-progress is a rather funny story about a female rock singer and the unexpected outcome of her wedding night. This novel is very much in its infancy, so I’m not allowed to share a title at this time, it’s all hush-hush!

Donna: Wow! Thank you again, and take care!

Sophie: Rock on, Donna!

Dan: Lovely meeting you, sweetheart!

Jude: Wishing you and all your readers a very happy festive season!

Sophie Penhalligan Jones and Dan Hunter are the main characters in Nicky’s Rock Star Romance Trilogy (Sophie’s Turn, Sophie’s Run, Sophie’s Encore). Jude Shaw is the hero in Nicky’s Christmas novella, Spirits of Christmas.

About Nicky Wells: Romance that Rocks Your World!

Nicky Wells is your ultimate rock chick author. Signed to US Publisher, Sapphire Star Publishing, Nicky writes Romance That Rocks Your World, featuring the rock star and the girl next door.

Nicky’s books offer glitzy, glamorous contemporary romance with a rock theme ~ imagine Bridget Jones ROCKS Notting Hill!

Born in Germany, Nicky moved to the United Kingdom in 1993 and currently lives in Lincoln. In a previous professional life, Nicky worked as a researcher and project manager for an international Human Resources research firm based in London and Washington, D.C. Like her first leading lady, Sophie, Nicky loves listening to rock music, dancing, and eating lobsters. When she’s not writing, she’s a wife, mother, occasional knitter, and regular contributor to The Midweek Drive show on Lincoln’s Siren 107.3 FM. Rock on!

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