Julie's 1st Post for top 10

Julie Ramsey Book Reviewer for Julies Book Review and administrator.
I am thrilled to be able to do these type of posts. So many authors have visited our site and so many have been outstanding, it was an extremely hard list to make. These particular authors I have done several reviews for on the site. Every one of the authors I put on the list I would recommend to anyone. Like the site I have a range from sci-fi, paranormal, to mystery and erotica. There are a lot more authors I have thoroughly enjoyed but these are my favorites of the year.

Ok, here we go. The top 10 authors of 2013 (no particular order)
Donna Michaels
  Donna writes the sexy cowboy type stories. I found her on amazon and fell in love with Her Fated Cowboy, part of the Harland County series.  The story is about two families that grew up together. Book 1 is Jordan and Cole’s story. Jordan a cop/restaurant manager and Cole a businessman/rancher. The two had an intense attraction growing up and have lost contact over the years. Both had been married and both marriages ended badly. So now they find each other again. Feelings still present, lust overflowing, and now both single and fighting the attraction at every point. The connection between the characters is awesome. I fell in love with their fight because you know they are meant to be together. Donna has 2 books out on the Harland series. I can honestly say I am not sure which one I liked better. I will say, reading this series will take you through the emotions. Sadness, regret, anger (usually at one of the men), love and joy. A roller-coaster series that I highly recommend.
Loraine Nelson

 Loraine Nelson, I have been talking too for a while now. She is a wonderful person as well as author. Her Thunder Creek Ranch is a wonderful series. She writes contemporary romance but the Thunder Creek Ranch series is a cowboy love story. The series starts with Zakia. She is a single mother and is being stalked. In this series the men are hot and I so want to visit this ranch. There is a huge history between the two characters and the tension along with the attraction and love is mesmerizing. Loved the series. Lorraine also just stated a new series The Hudson Creek series. I have read the novella that starts the series and I will tell you I am excited to read more. She didn’t disappoint.