J.A. Dennam Special Post (Patches)

Happy Holidays to all! I'd like to thank Julie's Book Review for inviting me to

participate in this giveaway. I'm feeling great about where things are headed. So much

has happened in the last year. The first novel in my Captive Series, TRUTH AND

HUMILITY, made it to #14 in Amazon Romantic Suspense. I acquired an agent. Won

awards. Sold more books than I possibly dreamed of. But, best of all, my readers have

given me such inspiration I can't help but want to give a little back. I'll explain how in a

First, I'd like to talk about my current work in progress. I'm hoping to release

HELL'S HILLTOP, the third installment of my Captive Series, in January 2014. In Part 1

titled CRYSTAL MAC, we get to follow our favorite secondary character...Mac. Yes! I

listened to you and granted him an important role in the grand finale. Our reluctant hero

must "babysit" a former enemy, Crystal, while she carries out an important mission to

ensure the safety of those he loves. However, her agenda seems to be a little off, geared

more toward torturing him with her feminine wiles. But, will the wild ride she takes him

on earn his affection? His respect? Or both?

Part 2, PLAN B: Fireman, Ty Ferguson, is faced with impossible challenges in

his quest to regain his friends' trust. His biggest challenge by far is Rena Hellberg, the

beautiful, unpredictable, unstable and dangerous psyche-ward escapee who holds the key

to his success. Or does she? We all know her from the first two books and aren't quite

sure what to expect. Will the pressures imposed on her prove too much for her to handle?

Or can Ty help her keep it together by "treating" her anxiety any way he can?

A lot of TRUTH AND HUMILITY fans think of this as Danny's series. She is, by

far, the most beloved female character I've written. However, I believe the honor goes to

Rena. If you think about it, she started the story off. And with HELL'S HILLTOP, she'll

end it...with her signature flare.

Now onto some other big news. As you know, reviews can be very diverse

depending on the individual tastes of the reader. Some are good, some bad. Some hurt

like a bitch, but I try not to let them discourage me. Amidst the diversity, one thing

remains pretty consistent. People love my characters. It is deeply rewarding to hear since

I put so much of my heart into them. I'm in love with each and every one, including the

baddies. They are constantly in my thoughts, experiencing incredible things long after the

stories are written.

As an Indie author, I'd like to exercise the freedoms the word "independent" offers

me. Where my passion for writing isn't muddied by rules, deadlines and boundaries. My

stories are my own. My characters are at my mercy and no one else's. I'd like to use them,

abuse them, love them, hate them, torture them and pleasure them on a regular basis.

Therefore, I'm announcing the launch of my Facebook group called "Dennam's

Character Cave." In this cave, you'll be able to enjoy your favorite characters with

complimentary vignettes by yours truly. I'll post at random, whenever the urge hits me,

with no rules or structure to limit my fancies. Sorry, kids, but there will be no room for

censorship in this cave; therefore, you must be 18 or older to join :)

Along with character vignettes, I'll post photos, updates on my full-length novels,

and hold contests geared solely toward my readers. To keep it streamline, only I will be

able to post, but all are welcome to leave comments.

I chose the Facebook platform rather than my Wordpress blog or Goodreads

because it is where I communicate most with my friends, readers and general audience.

This will be a closed group. Anyone can see it, but only members will see the posts. You

can add as many friends as you'd like. The more the merrier, but I'll need to approve them

just to ensure they are 18 or older.

The self-publishing challenges we face in such a saturated market make it difficult

for us to succeed. I've tried it all, from blog tours to release parties to giveaways to paid

ads. I still don't know what works, but somewhere along the way I've managed to gain

an incredible following. This is my way of singling you out, working for you, showing

you my appreciation and, at the same time, keeping the passion alive. As a result, I

hope to utilize the best possible marketing tool out there for an independent writer like

myself...word of mouth.

You can join "Dannam's Character Cave" by following this link:


Again, invite as many friends as you like! I write gritty, action-packed, sensual

romantic suspense. If you'd like to get to know my characters before investing $3.99 in a

book, here's your chance. Enjoy, and THANK YOU for reading!

- J. A. Dennam
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