Jamie's part 1 of top 10 of 2013

Jana Leigh- Denver Pack Series, The Chosen's War

 The first book starts with laying out the idea of the Werewolf council of England wanting stability in America for the werewolves. When the first Alpha trio comes together it's the beginning of a new time. They are the beginning of the change of power and the heads of the new council, now they need to find the rest of the council. All of the council will be seated by other members of Alpha ménage, but the hardest part will be finding them.

Now, there is of course a bad guy trying to form his own council, and he is looking for the same people.  The men assume that they know how to handle thing best, but one of the best parts of the series is how these women band together and mayhem that follows them around. The only thing better is the book melting adult scenes between mates when they finally find each other.


Brandy L Rivers- Others of Edenton

I admit, I don't know anything about motorcycles, but I was hooked on this series from the beginning when a bad ass chick is running her motorcycle under a magic spell that enables her avoid detection.  Fallon runs into a werewolf (literally) and proceeds to heal his butt and then save it.  Of course Brody has to fall in love with a woman as awesome as that!! It's getting her to return the feelings that is the hard part. Totally helps that he loves making her come with exquisite orgasms.

Edenton isn't like any other place you have ever read about before. Werewolves are in town, but the sheriff is an Earth fae. The owner of the bar is psychic and if a super powerful witch that also wards the tattoos she does for the werewolf  enforcers isn't enough, the new girl is a nymph that does the piercings. 


Annie Nicholas - The Vanguards

As much as I love shifter romances, this would be probably be my luck. The Omegas area group of rag tag rejects from other packs.  The girl next door is human and had taken the whole group under her wing and they are all one big happy family. That is until they are bullied by another local pack. They decide to hire a vampire to teach them to fight back. Little did they know that vampire, Daedalus, would pretty much turn their lives upside down.

Nerds become warriors and leaders through this series. There's battles, fighting, and sex, and depending on which book in the series...that could just between the main couple of the book.   Each book looks into a lead couple but also brings out more information about the group as a whole. Some things are shocking and come things a down right sexy.


Eve Langlais-Furry United Coalition, Cyborgs More than Machines, Freakn' Shifters

Eve Langlais writes several series that I follow and they all have super sexy hot steamy sex scenes. She also has a tendency to write books that make me laugh out loud. You would think a series about Cyborgs that a struggle with the treatment they have dealt with would be all grim and harsh, but the spunk of the women in the series makes you laugh and fall in love. The Freakn' series is steaming the pages with some the of the hottest love scenes around, but I really fell in love with the family togetherness of the series. Furry United Coalition series is a good time read that I smile through from beginning to end. There is wise cracking humor and action AND once again still nailing it with the adult scenes.  She actually has many more books and I find that when I have a down time I often go to her for a new series, she has MANY!




Vivian Arend- Granite Lake Wolves, Takhini Lake Wolves
Vivian Arend has two shifter series that are great series. The sex is hot in itself, but Vivian has taken two different series and woven backgrounds, pack structures, politics and local economy. She has woven a story of great depth for both series. She does like to stick more closely to wolves, but there are other shifter animals in the mix as well for story line. The Granite Lake Wolves are shorter stories and the Takhini Lake Wolves are longer stories. Either way Vivian seems to try to give you your money's worth with a great story. 



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