Humeira A Kazmi Special post (Petra)


“Call me Demon.”

Oh yes. Please do! And while you’re at it do check out the shimmering aqua specks in his

dreamy eyes. His firm jawline and deep voice were created to enchant all those who possess

a beating heart. And if, by some stroke of misfortune and bad taste, you are one of the strong

minded ones – like Aoife – then be prepared to lose yourself whilst you listen to his mesmeric


Think you get what I’m talking about? Well, I’m happy we’re on the same page. For every

girl out there who dreams of a handsome, mysterious man in her life who loves her to bits and

expresses that with unabashed passion, has eyes only for her and will move mountains just to

see her smile – brace yourself.

Demon is not that guy.

Yeah, you read me right. Demon couldn’t care less if you tripped over a dagger in the dark

that he’d left lying on the floor and cut yourself. What he would like to know is why in hell

were you snooping around in the dark when you don’t have night vision? Pertinent question,

I’d say. And oh – do put the dagger back in place and of course, mop the blood off his floor as

you leave. What’s that? Band Aid? I’m sorry – did you spill your brains out somewhere in the

process? Clean that up too if you did!

Too rude? Try this for etiquette.

Ask him a wrong question or disobey a direct order and those dreamy eyes with aqua

specks will turn into portals of fury that may chill your soul to the core. That deep voice,

mesmeric accent and the firm jawline will soon cease to ooze warmth once you’ve encountered

the sharp tongue and wit that controls them all. And don’t even get me started on that mark on

his chest. Touch that and be burnt to dust. Or similar.

Now, he may have a box of tissues and I swear in the name of all things pure that you’ll

need a truckload when dealing with him but may I suggest you reach out for your sense of

humor first? That’s about the only element known to work on him. He digs wits.

But goodness, what’s with the attitude? What’s his problem? You ask with a nose that’s

ruffled up to your forehead perhaps. But don’t bother to hide it – I can already feel your

interest in him. Trust me, it gets worse.

His problem is that he is the Krâl of Volttus and the Ruler of the universe of Realm by

benefit of sheer power and accession to the throne. Hence, of course, he expects to be treated

royally. Me king, you nothing. It’s really quite simple if you pay attention. Or don’t. Krâl doesn’t

really care because as long as you live in the Realm, you obey his rules.

Demon is not even his name. That’s a title given to the ruler of the kingdom of Volttus

that he so flawlessly rules. It’s a title that represents supremacy. It invokes fear in the hearts of

enemies and not necessarily warmth in the hearts of allies. Because like it or not and like you

will, the Demon Krâl could be ruthless and be answerable to no one. He rules the universe of

Realm just as well as he reigns over his kingdom of Volttus. He uses his power – or his magic if

you will – to suit his fancies alone. Be it for good or evil.

And where does this chunk of hunk get his smashing personality? From US of course! The

Authors ;)

Exactly which trait or characteristic he derives from either of us is difficult to say. IMO,

that tiny molecule of emotion that still beats in some forgotten corner of his being, he got from

Shami. It’s because of her that he still recognizes a good soul when he sees one. From me, he

gets his temper. His fearless arrogance for anything that displeases him is what reminds me

of me. But his wit and sense of humor belong to us both. And that is something to be mighty

proud of.

You’ve probably guessed by now that Demon is the male lead of Aoife & Demon: Cursed be

the Syhlain, the delectable brainchild of our succulent minds. Not that you should feast on our

brains at any point but do read the book.

There’s more to Demon than this post can say but one thing I’m dead sure of. When you

read him, you’ll eat him!

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