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I love Christmas, I believe it is a time for tradition and loving and giving, and for family, I always cook mince pies on Christmas eve so that the house smells of oranges (family recipe :-) ) and maybe have a nip or two of sherry whilst I am rolling the pastry out. I cook a big gammon joint that day too which we then have with the turkey Christmas day, presents abound enticingly under the sparkling tree and empty stockings await Santa and his reindeer ......
Of course that's every Christmas Eve until 2012, at the end of October last year I bought myself a present - my very first e-reader - and was instantly captivated by the amount of books on offer. FREE books - WOW! And new authors, and new genres it was like having opened a door to a magical new world, and about a week before Christmas last year that magical door took me to the world of Sandrine Gasq-Dion. She writes a genre that was new to me of male/male romances. Really it's like reading girl/boy romances but without coming across whiny females (yes I'm looking at you Anastasia Grey!) and any sex scenes are ... well .. different. But the stories are good and that's what's important. In fact the stories are great and they introduce a whole cast of characters and although each book is about a new couple the old favourites are there too. And, as I'm sure you know if you have ever stumbled across a series that has been going for a while, you need to read ALL OF THE BOOKS. There were about 15 at the time. So come Christmas eve I HAD read all of the books but the tree was bare, no presents were wrapped and I swear even the oranges were looking at me accusingly ...... I had a VERY late night.
So, despite me taking it a step too far last year, Christmas has always been about books, as a child I read everything I could get my hands on and loved nothing more than a pile of books as presents. My very favourite author C.S. Lewis wrote the wonderfully Christmassy The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe (although The Horse and His Boy is my personal favourite) and I always read The Night Before Christmas to my children as they are going to bed. I would also buy a new book for my daughter as a "Christmas Eve" present in the hopes that she would go and read and let me get on with the million and one things I had forgotten to do - no it didn't work for long!
This year it will just be me and my son for Christmas dinner and he has asked Santa for two x-box games ..... this could come in handy as the Grinch that is Ms Gasq-Dion is releasing her next book on Christmas Day .... I promise I'll put the turkey in the oven before I one-click!

Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!
Of course if you feel like some grown up reading I would recommend the following festive treats:-
Too Much Christmas Spirit by Lisa Worrall (You will never looks at Egg Nog the same!) (MM)
All She Wants 4 Christmas by Jessica Lee (hot, very hot, triply hot actually!) (MFMM)
Naughty or Nice by Kari Lee Harmon (Great fun story not as erotic as the cover suggests it's just fab! (MF)
Petra xx

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