Last of Julie's top 10 for 2013

Sam Cresent-menage-vamps

Heres where it gets scotching hot. I have read a bunch of Sam’s work but my favorites are the menage and her vamps series the Valentines. Her menage, are always hot, but the story lines are what I love. The Law Castle bad boys series is great. Makes you almost want a set of brothers for yourself.
The Valentines is about the vampires, werewolves, witches and humans and about how they are getting along. They are not. A huge war is building between the vampires and the werewolves and it is spilling over into the human populations. You follow the Valentines, the ruling family of the vampires. You see the world and how it works through the vampire family and the people contacted to it. The bad guys are really bad and the romance is hot. Great shorter read if you love Vampires. Sam I so want to review Adam..Hint HINT!!  Sam also does BDSM, shifters and more paranormal.
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Allyson James- Shareem/Shifters
Amazon's Jennifer Ashley Page
 Allyson James, was introduced to me through a friend of mine at work. She told me of the Shareem. She would pass me in the hall and tell me she wanted a level 3 Shareem. At the time I had no idea what she wanted. Now that I do, WOW, make me blush. The Shareem are men who have been genically enginered to do one thing to pleasure women. On a planet where women are the ruling class and sex has all been but abolished and taboo, Sharrem are a secret kept to women who can afford them. When the company who engineered them gets closed down from the government, the Shareem are little more that second class citizens. One step out of line and they are quick to deal a death sentence. To the government, the Shareem are what they have tried to eliminate. But there are others who will pay for their services and even a few who will love them. These stories are addictive and scorching HOT!!
   Her shifter stories are a little tamer but still are adult. They are written under her pen name Jennifer Ashley. Not sure which name is real and I believe she writes under at least one other. Her shifter stories are set (the first ones) is Austin Texas.  The world has discovered shifters and is terrified of them. Shifters are slowly going extinct because of the laws the governor themselves by are more animal than people. So humans get the idea to collar them and put them is communities of their own. So they are part of society but not really included. The collars make it so they can not be violent, or so the humans think. You get to see this community and all the quirks of the tons of characters come together, fight each other and watch as some even fall in love with humans and shifters alike. Wonderful series.
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J.R.Ward- Black Dagger BrotherHood

  Last but certainly not least, J.R. Ward. Her Black Dagger BrotherHood is one of only a few authors that I per-order as soon as I can, sometime a year in advance.  This is suppose to be a culture of vampires created by the holly Virgin Scribe.  The people live in human cities but are self governing.  The Black Dagger Brother head is lead by the king of the vampires. They protect the vampires from their enemies. In each book you answer some questions and get some more. The stories are complex, long but full of action, intrigue, suspense, romance and so much more. I have cried, laughed and cussed JR out in these books. There are several in the series and you really should read them in order. This is book 1. (newest)

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That folks is my top 10 of 2013. I hope you enjoyed my list.  There were so many awesome authors and I wish I had room to name them all. Looking forward to 2014. Who was your favorites??

Julie Ramsey

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