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I was so excited to join Julie Ramsey's book Review team in January of 2013. Since I have joined Julie has made sure I am never without reading material ! I have read some FANTASTIC books and met some very TALENTED authors.  I have written over 70 reviews this year SO, it was hard to pick a top 10. My favorite genre is Horror, thrillers and a good mystery to mix in for good measure !  I hope this will open new book paths for you to enjoy :) Thank you Julie for your hard work that you put into this site and thank you authors for sharing your stories !
Ok so for my list :) Here is my favorites for 2013.

Carole Gill (1-4)

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Carole Gill is the master of storytelling. Carole has showed me the dark side of vampires and that they are not all shiny and sparkling. Carole's novels are so dark that you need a night light when sleeping. I not only read all four books in the The Blackstone Vampire series I devoured them. They are so well detailed an full of evil. She takes such time in her stories that many times I felt I was there watching from afar.

The first book introduces you to sweet Rose, so young and innocent. While away caring for a sick aunt Rose's whole life was turned upside, forever to be change and never to be the same. Her father kills her mother and siblings, from there Rose is taken under the wing of a doctor, a sheep in wolf's clothing ! Rose has a journey like no other and is introduced to evil at its best. We follow Rose in her many journeys thru book two and three. Book four we are introduced do sweet Dia. Dia was a baby when her mother was killed by a vampire and was given to Rose to raise.  Dia grows up happy and sets to marry. When her young husband dies, she becomes a young widow, but not for long. . . Dracula has his eye on her. She soon becomes Dracula's fourth bride.

I promise you, you will not be disappointed with this series. It is filled with vampires and demons OH MY :) I look forward to see where Carole will go next with this series !



Bill Wetterman (5)

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I was blown away when I read Bill's novel, The Fifth Step. It was a fascinating read with a lot of twist and turns. I like the way he reminded you that everyone is human, no matter if they are doctors, lawyers or even preachers and evangelist. People put them on pedestals and should not. I really enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more from Bill.

The Fifth step for AA is a big one . . . "Admitting to GOD, ourselves and another human being, the exact nature of our wrongs" Some just don't know how big till it effects their own lives.
Rev Doug Alcott had a wife, five children and a thriving ministry in Ashville, NC. While trying to deal with his brother's addiction of alcohol we see's that he has a problem. Not a problem with alcohol but with PORN. Doug soon realizes the mistake he has made, unfortunately it's a little too late and now the ones he loves is paying for his sin.

The author takes you into a cabin where 2 women are tortured, beaten and raped for 69 long days. We will see who the stronger women is and how they escape. I read this book in one sitting it was one you cannot put down. Once you start it you are caught up into Missy, Doug and Jasmine's lives. We see how the Fifth step is a big step and many of us need to take in our daily lives.






Jennifer L. Oliver (6 and 7)

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The Haedyn Chronicles are one of a kind brilliant novels :) I hope to see more in this series.

 When Lucifer fell from grace he took along Azazel. Azazel had a job - collect more souls! Turning people to the "wicked one" to live an evil and corrupt life. The story begins in 1460 telling us how Azazel started his "birthing project". He wanted to create souls that were already tainted with the evil. A well thought out plan he "thought" till his mistake became an abomination . . . . also known as The Unnamed.

Present day . . .  we read about an 8 yr old blind little girl, Haedyn, that lives in a church orphanage. They whispered behind her back and tried to hide her red eyes with glasses, but Haedyn could see things that they could not, feel things they could not. . . . . thus leading us to her meeting with Azazel   . . . .

The second book . . Haedyn's choice shows her 14 years later and taking on a job, one she was special trained for by Azazel. Haedyn has the choice to have a permanent job, one that she considers to be a human babysitter. When approached by a vampire she was asked to track and protect him forever! His name is "Lex". Lex is to be protected from everything and everyone. Just when Haedyn thought she might have an easy job, things turn. Now, she is asking herself was this a bad choice ?


Helen Smith (8 & 9)


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What a fun mystery these two novels are !  !!  I loved the 26 year old super sleuth Emily Castles.

In Brixton South London, lives Emily Castles, who is 26. She is grieving for her beloved dog Jesse, who died just a week ago. The neighbors invited her to a bonfire to celebrate Halloween. It takes place in the "party house", where  people are  dressed in "character" and they kept everyone entertained. At times Emily was not sure what was real or not real. Emily watches what she believes is an actually murder, but those around her tell her it's an act. Emily is convinced and is willing to keep looking for the clues.

Showstoppers - Emily Castle is back and once again out of work! Emily delivers a letter to Victoria, not realizing it is a "poisoned letter" and not the first one Victoria has received. Victoria believes the letters are from an old boyfriend and stems around a drama skit video they made several years ago. Emily soon finds herself working for Victoria at The Showstopper, a dance school. Her first day on the job a man is found passed out and another dead. Victoria is convinced this is based around that video ! ! Dr. Muriel is back and teams up with Emily to find the truth! When they do it's a real SHOCKER :)

Emily Castle is one character you cannot help but to fall in love with ! This is a great, down to earth cozy. It's a light read and just fun ! The author once again does a great job in her writing ! I can't wait to read more of Emily and her adventures!





Rebecca E. Grant (10)

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Another novel that blew me away this year ! ! Rebecca nailed it ! ! !

Dan Archer was a psychopath. His main goal was kidnapping women and the things hey did to them was beyond inhuman. Cody Archer was an innocent bystander, raised to only know his father's sick world. At the age of 16 he finally escapes the horrific world which his father had him trapped in. After spending 5 years in a hospital trying to recover, if there is such a thing, he is ready to get on with his life. Unfortunately his name brings nothing but trouble.

At the age of 21 he finds himself working on a ranch in Cradle Montana. Tom Tanner owns the horse ranch and the only bad thing Cody has encountered so far is Tom's daughter, Riley.  Riley goes after Cody right away, she is another psycho trying to control Cody. Cody is one step ahead of her and knows her game. Cody soon runs into Mattie Rayne. Her smile captured his heart from the start. Her father owns the Takoda bar in town and once Cody wins Jake's approval, Cody and Mattie start a relationship.

Things are rolling good till Riley decides to play some more psycho games with Cody. Then things start going bad, REAL bad. Cody's dad, Dan, escapes and Riley's mom is murdered. Did Cody live up to everyone's expectation and turn psycho like his dad ?? The events that transpire thru this novel will keep you guessing. It's one you will start and cannot put down! I loved this book! The author did a wonderful job in keeping you guessing. I could not wait to see what truth she was going to uncover next ! A MUST READ!



  1. Thank you for including me in this list, Wende! I'm delighted to see my books mentioned here. I appreciate you reading and reviewing them and I'm thrilled that they made your "Best of 2013" list. Wishing you all the best for 2014, with lots of good books and happy reading.

  2. Carole Gill is amazing, not just as an imaginative author but as a personable, friendly person. She is one of my fave authors, so I am very glad to see her recognized as she should be.


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